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Dr. Derek Lamar: Author, Lecturer, Teacher

There is a "Process" which can be used to make change and this change accomplishes the "within and without" of Life. It is axiomatic, it is psychological, it is esoteric and it is the way to "change your mind and change your world." The element of "Quantum" brings this ancient Teaching into the 21st Century and presents this material in an accessible manner which allows to student to change within more rapidly and accomplish their "Unfoldment" as their "Self" is realized and addressed.

Areas of Instruction include and touch upon the following:
Metaphysics • Ontology • Fourth Way Instruction • Quantum Metaphysics
Psychology • Eastern & Western Philosophy • Sufism • Huna • Comparative Religion
Metaphysical Bible • Logic • Transactional Analysis • Meditation • Esoteric Prayer
Order of Melchizedek • Ancient Schools • "I AM" Movement •
Creative Thinking • Androgyny • Bio-Rhythms • New Thought History, etc.

Gurdjieff had a student... who had a student...
Books by Dr. Derek Lamar & others
Man Is Dead Emergence of The 21st Century Mind
Gurdjieff, Fourth Way & Esoteric Teaching
The I AM Connection Journey Through The Template of Infinity
Quantum Metaphysics Consciousness Manifesto by Dr. Derek Lamar

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