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Esoteric Education: Classes, Lectures, Seminars, Events, Private Sessions, Tutoring, Counseling,

The entire Q.M.I. web site is a form of on-line teaching but this section specifically relates to the curiculum of Q.M.I., it's classes and information about ongoing study groups and events, etc. Remember that the Hall of Mirrors is a series of sections explaining the Path which is represented here in this study, as well as the Q.M.I. Newsletter, OVERVIEW, which is packed with study articles containing information on everything from the Hula to Infinity. This section of the contents lists actual classes which are available on an ongoing basis in a live format as well as those which have occurred in the past.

Classes   Lectures   Glossary
Foundational Seminars  Metanoia MatrixThe Joseph Release
Private Sessions, Tutoring and Counseling (available by appointment)
Tape Groups (usually in private homes available in the future)
Internet Classes and Tape Groups (most likely sometime in the future.)*

* Here is a current lecture given by Dr. Derek Lamar on June 17, 2012 for The Prosperos, a private Fourth Way School :
                      "The Razor Edged Path"

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* Also included here is a lecture given by Dr. Derek Lamar in

April of 1985 at The Thomas Institute of Metaphysics:
                       "Keys To The Kingdom"

Also two semesters of Metaphysical Bible Classes were given at The Thomas Institute of Metaphysics

during 1985 of The Metaphysical Bible Seminars. First Semester and Second Semester.

A new series titled
"Lessons In Destiny" will be presented in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2013.