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The teaching found in this section specifically expresses itself in the written word. It is the way one's thoughts or the unfoldment of Mind can help to bring about an understanding of Reality and aid the student in a better understanding of themselves and encourage change. There has been an attempt to give a wide and varied approach to ideas and allow the range to be extensive. In the end it is hoped that the pieces will connect and the reader will discover how everything works together for the expression of Consciousness and the healing that often appears in the process of that understanding.

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 Books by Derek Lamar & other authors on this site including Walter C. Lanyon, Frances Wade Gott,
Ben Gilberti, H.W., M., Rev. Mary Ritley H.W.,M. , Pila of Hawaii, Ken Keyes, Carl O. Johnson, Suzanne Deakins, H.W.,M., Michael Zonta, H.W.,M., Heather Williams, H.W.,M.

Newspaper Columns...

Lessons In Destiny from Wellness Times and by Dr. Derek Lamar
and "Since You Asked..." Richard Kula's column:
[newspaper columns published in Bakersfield, California]
Mystical Journey from The Blackboard by Dr. Derek Lamar
[newspaper column published in Bakersfield, California]
The Blackboard Music and Misc. Articles (specifically Rosa Parks) by Dr. Derek Lamar

Newsletter articles...
Newsletter packed with articles such as:
Infinity Oneness Consciousness I AM GOD A Letter From Moses The 100th Monkey The Practical LotusSexuality Axiomatic ThinkingPrincess Diana DreamsDisease As Consciousness God In A Box HulaKahuna Magic Spiritual Hula
Contributing Authors: Ken Keyes, Jr., Ben Gilberti, H.W., M., Robert W. Miller, Suzanne Deakins, Ph. D., Richard Kula, Dr. Derek Lamar, Carl O. Johnson, Richard Hartnett, Walter C. Lanyon, Lillian De Waters, Frances Wade Gott and others who have dedicated their lives to bringing forth a deeper spiritual understanding.

Quotes by Dr. Derek Lamar and many other renowned writers, teachers, mystics...
Quote of the Day Quotes, News, Dialogues in Transition...

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Study Material...
Glossary for class instruction and the defining of terms to bring esoteric ideas together.

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