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Hall of Mirrors Discover the Path of an Ancient Secret School

There is a reason for a school. Some people insist on learning on their own. But as Gurdjieff used to say, it takes one who has been there and learned to help others "wake up." This isn't about learning the alphabet or how to fill out a job application. This is about MIND UNFOLDING and working in the "Live" medium where esoteric work is living ideas of change and mentation. Class material is presented in a way that aids the student in seeing the material in ways that do not duplicate ideas you have already encountered. It is about the "changing of consciousness."

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Ontology: Science of Being
Psychology: How the Mind Really Works
Quantum Metaphysics: A Brave New World

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 Fourth Way Instruction
 Gurdjieff Had A Student Who Had A Student: Derek Lamar
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"...a tradition of esoteric teaching rooted in modern and ancient knowledge."

When The Student Is Ready
The Oral Tradition: Baraka
Meditation & Prayer Fasting
Discover the Path of an Ancient School  ~  Priesthood of Melchizedek  ~  The "I AM Movement"
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"Truth School"
"In Pursuit of Psychological & Spiritual Realities"

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