Gurdjieff, Fourth Way & Esoteric Teaching

by Dr. Derek Lamar

What Gurdjieff called The Fourth Way is also what he was referring to when he would use the term "esoteric" teaching , and it is based on doing the "work." It is based on changing consciousness. This book is a journey back through time to a period before the Truths being developed by the early Christians had a chance to become the legalistic hodgepodge of religious verbacide that we see in many of today's churches. Discover the connection between Gurdjieff's Fourth Way and the Bible and see how this viewpoint is as radical a departure from the world's usual approach as it was 2,000 years ago. It isn't just radical because it is different. It is radical because it is the last thing Man is willing to do: FACE HIMSELF!

A different view of the cycle of the uncovering of the self. Dr. Derek Lamar as a Fourth Way Teacher has lived this uncovering by doing the "work." This monumental work brings to light the connections between all truth teachings . A must read for any student of TRUTH and those on the path of "doing their work." Historical, insightful and filled with esoteric lessons, this combination puts the experience of Fourth Way into a written form for the first time.

Gurdjieff, Fourth Way and Esoteric Teaching's Table of Contents

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