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Q.M.I. Recipient of Divinity In Action Award "Q.M.I. has been selected by the Editors and Advisory Board of to receive their Divinity in Action Award for taking an active role in anchoring spiritual awareness and assisting humanity in its efforts to consciously evolve."

Spirit And Sky Enlightenment Award 2005
QM21 has been awarded the "Spirit And Sky Best Spiritual Site 2005" for having a very relevant, on-topic site which contributes to making the internet a better place. Q.M.I. has earned this exclusive, high-end distinction for living up to the strict guidelines set by Spirit And Sky. You can find Q.M.I. listed here at Spirit And Sky or click on the award logo and it will take you to their home page. publishes online.  Entire contents of this web site © copyright 1998 - 2006 Dr. Derek Lamar / Q.M.I. Quantum Metaphysics Institute. All rights reserved. For more information contact Q.M.I. Send Us Your E-Mail:
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