Sometimes "something more" begins by asking...

1. Do you believe that there is an antidote to ignorance?

2. Do you believe that there is a purpose about your life you do not yet understand?

3. Do you believe the earth realm is an illusion or a misunderstanding of Reality?

4. Can you admit ignorance if that is the only door to realization?

5. Can you remember a time when you didn't exist?

6. Can you let go of fear long enough to realize love?

7. Do you believe that we could all share the same divinity?

8. If there was a God, or some Absolute template, could there be anything else?

Beyond Our Galaxy and into the
Consciousness of...
...21st Century Mind...

It isn't who we are that is coming to an end.

It is who we were!

Rise to the New Era... by expanding your Consciousness...

By stepping forward to receive your real potential...
Celebrate... the time is NOW!

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