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~ Instruction in the Esoteric Process of Unlearning ~ In Pursuit of Spiritual and Psychological Realities ~

In Pursuit of Mind

Universal Intention (All Day Class) A "qualitative analysis" of the Universe by which life's INTENTION is examined and understood in order that one can utilize Cosmic Forces to unfold life as it should be. This class will bring you a vision of the future that is accessible now. Learn who is the "New Being" and how this new unfoldment has brought you here. Discover where you are going. Find out how denial of this reality can affect you. Become aware of the "Intention" operating in the background which can work in your favor. Discover the workings of the Universe and how they play a distinct and direct role in your life and how you can take advantage of these positive influences by letting them work for you. Learn how Rene Descartes' "Cogito Ergo Sum," I think therefore I AM, goes beyond the intellect and catapults you into a Higher State of consciousness. This class is an operational handbook for the "quantum leap" into a space-age philosophy. A connecting of the dots between you and the Universe. Discover the meaning of Life and your role in it. This Rosetta Stone of the future will aid you in deciphering your role as the "New Being."

Quantum Metaphysics Seminar (Q.M.S.) (All Day Class) This seminar class is packed with discoveries in nuclear physics, quantum mechanics and advancements in technology as it pertains to life in the 21st century. These breakthroughs are explored and reveal how the consciousness of humankind is changed. Venture beyond the obsolete religious paths and outdated spiritual concepts of the past as a new way of thinking makes its presence known. The discovery that our new world is more "Abstract Consciousness" than it is cerebral cortex prepares the individual for a lifelong discovery of the self and the future. The adaptation of the human self to the divine template is mirrored in the many discoveries discussed in this class as it reviews concepts such as the holographic universe, looking glass theories, paradigms and paradoxes, and David Bohm's work. along with other great minds of the 20th and 21st centuries. Humankind's quest to conquer space is also reviewed in light of new scientific discoveries and the development of a new spiritual understanding. Quantum Metaphysics is a version of Advanced Ontology that correlates the insight of the future and the fabric of reality which attests to the miracles of Mind. "I cannot believe that there is anywhere a human being who does not naturally try to reach out, out beyond himself, straining at the chrysalis that is the earthborn concept. Not so much a struggle to rise above personal limitations as a drive to reach something better than himself. Any fellow who pauses to think about it must see how utterly futile life would be if there were no more to it than he finds in his own finite shell. Who has not cried out, in moments of desperation, to the super-human?" ~ Arthur Corey

Syllogism Prime (The Process of Spiritual Reasoning) (All Day Class) This class opens up an incredible view on spiritual logic and reasoning and reveals the symbolic meanings of many spiritual and esoteric archetypes which have been used but often misunderstood in metaphysical and religious circles for generations. In the discovery process of this material comes a Gestalt through which the curtains are thrown back and the light comes on as it pertains to real understanding of consciousness and the process of enlightenment. In many ways this class will be your "metaphysical Rosetta Stone" and will allow you to decipher the codes and secret meanings to ideas and the symbolic nature to life itself. This class is a microscope on Consciousness, words, symbols, thinking, and the metaphysical psychological which ushers in a Quantum view to 21st century esoteric research. (see Showcase page)

Metanoia 21 (Two Day Class) "Discovering the Matrix of Consciousness." The Principle of Translation. A technique that takes you to the very core of your Being. 5 steps that "translate" your world into Reality. Discover the language of Consciousness and remove blocks that have held you back for years. Become adept at refiling within consciousness and actually make changes which will affect the world you live in. Leave behind meaningless mumbo jumbo and uncover the esoteric science which allows you to untie the knots within your thinking that will release the powers of Mind resulting in the altering of your life forever. Dive into the abstract with a new type of lucid consciousness. This technique relates a system of thought which unleashes the Divine Authority within each of us. It is a discipline which helps the "healer" or "change maker" reach an Absolute understanding without being sidetracked by the subconscious mind with short circuits and diversions. Learn the ability to "Think" by viewing reality through "Spiritual Objectivity." Discover the realm of axioms and how "axiomatic thinking" will bring solutions to problems as you move up an octave to understand a Higher Level of esoteric logic. Sometimes referred to as "Scientific Prayer," learn how this process can actually obtain what it is you seek in your life and your world. (see Showcase page)

Metanoia Matrix Revisited (All Day Class) A review of The Metanoia Matrix necessary after the student has had time to work with the technique of Translating appearances and discovering the Absolute. This class moves along with the studies of the student to better answer questions which arrive at varying stages of development. A question and answer period exists within the framework of this class as well as the usual workshop which will also be made available.

Word Tracking (All Day Class) An adjunct to The Metanoia Matrix, this class teaches you the importance of understanding the true meanings of words and how they affect your daily life. In order to make leaps or changes in consciousness it is necessary to know the meanings of the words we use. Thoughts are things, and things are thoughts. All of these thoughts trace back to words and mental pictures and concepts. A picture is worth a thousand words and "a word is worth a thousand pictures." Learn about the original concept of the Logos (in the beginning was the word, big bang) and how this applies to our use of language on a daily basis. It has been said that everything traces back to Truth, and this is true of language as well.

In Search of the Heart

The Joseph Release (Two Day Class) "Healing for the Heart and Soul." Psychology through the eyes of God. Spirituality through the eyes of man. Make those hidden emotions work for you. Use existing stress to create the necessary energy which can unleash a power that lifts you to heights beyond the control of others. Learn how to release the Real You and discover it in others. Psychotherapeutic systems of the 20th Century and their basic rudimentary concepts give way to this 21st Century approach to opening one's Mind and Heart. Now you can journey within consciousness and set yourself free of negative emotions, troubling memories, past problems, self-defeating habit patterns and self-destructive behavior. Find out how to use this technique in a multitude of ways and see the evidence of it as a natural healing within Consciousness which has always been there. Learn several techniques based on the same Principle: Give/For, The Joseph Technique, Accuse & Release. Discover the Essence of your Being and become One with it. This is a restoration of Wholeness. Quiet that noise within which prevents you from knowing who you really are. Release the Hidden Truth of you and others in your world. This is to the emotions what the Metanoia Matrix is to the mind. You will learn how to deal with feelings and how to refile information so that it doesn't control you as a memory but rather aids you in the raising of your consciousness. (See showcase page)

Jacob's Ladder (Part II of The Joseph Release) (All Day Class) A continuation of the process of The Joseph Release and how to better adapt that technique to the lifestyle of a serious Truth Student. This is an Advanced view of "The Work" as it applies to this aspect of the restoration of consciousness. It is a healing process of the mind, body and soul. Discover the initiation process of an ancient ritual which can be found in nature and in MIND. Walk the path of the mystic as you step in the fire of the mind and do not get burned. Begin to experience joy instead of sorrow, excitement instead of boredom, happiness instead of sadness, curiosity instead of fear, confidence instead of insecurity, gladness instead of regret, love instead of rejection.

Self Observation Therapy (One Day Class) These "Self Encounter" tools add to the technique learned in The Joseph Release. But the material also operates independently by allowing the sincere Truth Student / Fourth Way Student to interact with the "self" in ways which can promote change and positive growth. This procedure accelerates the process of uncovering self-defeating attitudes and habit patterns. This discipline will aid you in becoming consciously aware of the constant hiding you feel you are doing in your life with regards to emotions, patterns, relationships, work habits, creative blocks and anything which may be holding you back from completely fulfilling the "You" which is anxious to be revealed. Step out of the shadows and into the Light.

PSI-chology 21 (Spiritual Psychology) (All Day Class) The process of psychotherapy takes many forms. This class demonstrates the multitude of approaches in the counseling field and how the practitioner needs to truly understand that "education" and "esoteric instruction" mean "to draw out from within." This requires the development of the practitioner as the focal point of the process. One must always acknowledge that their role is to learn about themselves and in doing so others might discover themselves as well. The difference between Spiritual Psychology and traditional Psychology is that the focus is dealing with MIND as Consciousness, ultimately linked to the ONE MIND which is True Reality, as opposed to the thinking processes of the human brain and attempts to medicate or cure by learning normal behaviors. Spiritual Psychology encompasses the three main elements of Mind: 1. Thinking, 2. Feeling, and 3. Being. An understanding of these and their ability to facilitate the complete integration of these areas of consciousness is part of the healing process in Spiritual Psychology.

Second Level Advanced Ontology (Quantum Metaphysics)

Axiomatic Reasoning (All Day Class) This class chronicles and unfolds much research as it relates to the "syllogistic process" and connects the dots relating the practical applications and the symbolic shadows that reveal the imprints of spiritual logic as it exists in the Cosmos, in nature, in the body, in the mind, and in our dimensional existence. The purpose of this class is to enlighten the ontological student as to the process of this material and how it relates to his or her own "Work" and to liberate those who think that "Truth" or "Esoteric Knowledge" was invented by a person or a group. All natural techniques and principles exist in the framework of reality and as we develop we unfold the nature of ourselves in the tools we discover that bring Light into our lives.

Mind, Body & Soul Symposium (All Day Class) Discover the "behaviorism" which appears to control the "machine" of the Self. Understand the contradictions of opposites in the world. Develop a useful and realistic understanding of love and hate. Often feelings of "rejection" cause pain and a fear of separation which creates a mental state of duality. This acts to leave the individual incomplete in all areas of life. Utilize the "unlearning process" by pin-pointing areas of emotional conflicts. Learn to deal with the "ego" and find out what it really means. Engage in "therapeutic education" so that there is a changing of consciousness rather than simply the altering of the external landscape. Learn about the Law of Assumption and the Law of the Vacuum. Learn the practice of "Observation" and the "Objective Self" so that you can understand that as Consciousness we are constantly gathering information in the pursuit of bettering ourselves and our environment. We do this in the "Hall of Mirrors" perspective knowing that all is within our consciousness.

Lucid Androgyny (All Day Class) Examine the "Out & Back" principle. Understand the Male/Female aspect and how it operates within and without you. Learn how imbalance effects your life and how to cognize this mystery to bring about harmony and say good-bye to conflicts resulting from duality. This is a breaking of the taboos and the demystifying of the myths as one raises their consciousness to a new level. One of the greatest breakthroughs of the 21st Century will be the widespread use and understanding of Androgyny, Male/Female, Yin/Yang, As Above So Below, Within and Without; all concepts which when understood can unleash a power of Consciousness that will change life as we know it. Discover your True Nature: "In the beginning male and female created he them." Become a conduit for the ancient life force energy which is directly linked to all healing practices throughout mysticism. Learn what concepts such as "The dime in your pocket desires to be found as much as you desire to find it" means and how this zen-like perspective actually enhances your abilities to move about more freely in your new world.

~ Kunda ~ (Two Day Class) Our ever expanding mind has questions and new directions to go at different times in different ways. Metanoia Matrix is required before taking this class. Metanoia Matrix gives valuable training and important information which will clarify what would seem contradictory and inappropriate in the confines of this class. Here, in KUNDA, the student is taken beyond the mysterious and the magnificent into the realm of Mt. Olympus itself: playground of the gods. Sexuality is discussed and its esoteric role in spiritual understanding. The Androgyny of the Divinity of each individual is examined. The "Speaking of the WORD, the LOGOS, is directly related to the techniques and exercises revealed in this class. The instruction given in this class is material which completes the "Matrix" and brings your consciousness full circle with regards to the potential of the power of mind through total access and understanding. Sexuality is far beyond the human interest of personal gratification, it is ultimately the natural state of the Godhead Mind which is infinity interacting with itself. Includes a meditation: The Fire Walk of Your Mind. "Let there be light, and there is light." Let the "Mystery" be revealed within you.

Quantum Metaphysical Expansion Projects

O.S.I.S. ~ Outer Space / Inner Space (Two Day Class) This controversial class enables the student to begin to focus on life through the eyes of the mystic in order to interact with the Universe through the fluidity of consciousness which we call space. The premise of this class is that we will never be able to break the bounds of gravity unless we break the constraints of human thinking. This requires a 180º turn releasing a new vision which will honestly deal with "what is out there" within us. The concept of "CONTACT" must begin with the understanding that we are reaching a Higher Self within, which is already emerging, and must be nurtured through love and discipline. The Space Being is an Androgyne and this Androgyne of Higher Consciousness must be able to put the puzzle pieces together to form a bond between who we are and who we were and who we will be. The Prime Directive is to acknowledge all life as a reflection of our own inner self. The "Alien Mind" has more to do with who we really are than who we think "they" are. But this alien thinking also has to do with a new perspective which will be necessary for the collective unconscious as it relates to a "new energy" and a "new matter." You will learn what it really means "to be a stranger in a strange land." This attaining of a new consciousness could be likened to initiating a new operating system on a computer. This "Higher Consciousness" is necessary to become compatible to a Universal Mindset. Archetypes of planetary realities and artistic expression will be explored and the class will move beyond a "Universe of Accidents" into the realm of "Interconnected Quantum Flux." [Before 2050 A.D. the material in this class will be prerequisite to all NASA employees.] [osis: a suffix occurring in loan words from Greek, where it denotes action, process, state, condition]

The Search For Meaning (All Day class) Based on Viktor E. Frankl's contributions to the expansion of consciousness. "Man's Search For Meaning" and "The Unconscious God" play pivotal roles in the conquest of ideas and personal ambition in the vacuum of nothingness we sometimes find ourselves facing. Pass through this emptiness as the sun rises again on Life as Life itself rises within you. An Ontological and Gurdjieffian metaphysical exercise, the experience of "waking up" in this class is a must for all Truth Students. Meaning in life is the enemy of depression. Reconnect with a sense of direction which motivates you as well as draws you toward your goals.

Principle & Symbology Workshop (All Day Class) Symbology is derived from a natural system of the outpicturing of thoughts and feelings and is directly connected to the Principle of Oneness which is the fundamental Reality in back of time, space and change. Discover how this works to form ideas which become myths in our lives and our culture and how this operates as the screenplay for the movie we call life. What we observe on a daily basis is more dream than it is reality, and this class can help you begin to decode the script which seems to run independent of you. The truth is you have been connected all of the time, but only in knowing this will you be able to successfully engage these layers of thought patterns that hold you back. What seems like an endless tape loop does not have to trap you or prevent you from moving forward. Confront the human concept of "physicality" and begin to recognize the fluidness of reality. You will learn the symbolic projection of mind and how our physical form (the human body) appears to us as it does and how the process of consciousness creates a reflection of Mind which seems so substantial, so solid, so external from our inner reality. Reach deep into the well of infinite variety and watch the painting appear before you as clarity of thought coalesces before your very eyes.

Soma-Conscious (All Day Class) "Healing Power Understood." Discover the body and how the mind controls the out-picturing of disease. Realize perfect health when Truth is released. Look at the body and the mind in ways you've never imagined. Symbology of the body and disease is explored. The use of this class can lead you to a healthier spirituality and physicality as well. The phrase "every little movement has a meaning all its own" applies well to the concepts discussed here. The understanding of the holographic nature of consciousness will help you connect the dots as it pertains to the emotional conflicts and how they translate as disease. The body is a projection of one's consciousness, learning about it will increase all levels of ability in its utilization as a tool of the mind. Learn to know that "the body is in your mind, your mind is not in your body."

Threshold Therapy (All Day Class) This class is based on the theory that humankind is approaching a demarcation point on the calendar with regards to a shift in Consciousness. It is known around the world by different names: the Quickening, the Millennium, the New Age, Judgment Day, Ressurrection Day, the Age of Krita. It is Dr. Lamar's belief that everyone is not going to be "enlightened" by the time of these changes however there are certain things people need to understand in order for their consciousness to be prepared for this event. Consider it a sort of Cosmic briefing. Like the concept of Alvin Toffler's Future Shock, there are changes which are around the corner which could put individuals into an emotional shock. The "New Age" will be a sweeping change of consciousness which will be received by people differently. Often madness can be a reaction when there is an increase in "Higher" influence and this is because the consciousness has not been prepared for new ideas and it reacts in an extreme manner. For others it is received more harmoniously and there is a flow in their lives which is able to take it in stride. This class will deal with those new concepts which need to be understood in a spiritual sense to facilitate this collective change.

Personal Development Adjuncts

Dreamscape (10 week course; each class 2 hours) This class deals with dreams on an on-going basis with group participation on a voluntary basis. Find out how to keep track of your dreams, how to analyze them, learn symbols, and find out how to become conscious during your dream state allowing your "Self" more power and creativity. This process of "Lucid Dreaming" is a must for anyone who sleeps and dreams. You will find that you can break habit patterns and attract desires as you fulfill your dreams. Sleeping no longer has to be a passive encounter. (Dreams)

Psychic Relief (All Day class) Find out about the truths and the myths about the psychic realm. Find out about your role in it and what you can do to develop your own inner powers. Break the myth behind these mysterious elements of consciousness. We all have psychic abilities but they can be enhanced and increased to a much greater degree when they are finally understood. All areas of the Paranormal are discussed here and their origins and applications are viewed in light of the essence from which they emerge. This class is not instruction in these fields but rather the understanding of them and how they are connected to the "Golden Thread" of understanding within the esoteric field. Learn how our 6th sense is actually the extension of our other senses in our consciousness. Much like moving up an octave in music and in energy.

Instruments of Discovery (All Day Class) How to unlock the mind and realize its full potential. Learn the therapeutic potential as you gain confidence and control over the mind and body in ways you've only fantasized about. This is a prerequisite for all remote viewer training, astral projection and any out of body experimentation as well as for counselors, spiritual therapists and other psychotherapists. Invaluable tools for self discovery. Auto-Conditioning, Self-Hypnosis, Empty Chair Technique, Walking Around The Chair, Self Observation, The One Minute exercise, Breathing and Fasting exercises, role playing, psychodramas, improv, The Sly Man Technique, Meditation and Prayer.

Mentation Lab (All Day Class) A class on meditation. What meditation is and how it relates to prayer, demonstrations, treatment, etc. in the metaphysical sense. How one decides what works best for them. Examples of meditations. Take the mystery out of the mystery and return the simplicity to the level of the mystic. Learn the many levels of meditation and how all activities can become forms of meditation when one understands the meaning of this process. Get in touch with the understanding of the "Stillness," relax, and enjoy it!

Weekly Classes (2 hours)

Lessons In Ontology (10 week course; each class 2 hours) This is an on-going series that unfolds the idea of Ontology. Science of Being ventures into all areas of life because Oneness, Complete, Beingness, is the fundamental reality behind all that is. This includes all realms whether they appear spiritual or physical. Class Titles.

Fourth Way Today (10 week course; each class 2 hours) A Fourth Way series dealing with the student on the path. What to look for on this journey, what is the "Work", and how to achieve success in this discipline. How others fit in and what does it do for you? Find out that you never have been alone, no matter how lonely it may have felt. Class Titles.

Metaphysical Bible Seminars ( 2 Ten week courses; each class 2 hours) An Ontological approach to the Bible revealing the on-going "I AM THAT I AM" theme, principle, and how to realize Ecclesiastes 1:9: "There's nothing new under the sun." To recognize Truth knows no generation but that the Golden Thread can be found in ancient and modern writings. Class Titles.
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Lessons In Destiny (10 week course; each class 2 hours) An ongoing series developing an understanding of Intention and Creativity in its practical and esoteric applications in everyday life. Discover the spiritual essence in that which seems common and essential and realize the common and essential elements to that which has always seemed supernatural and spiritual. Discover the artist of everyday life within you and begin to realize the relationship between the dancer and the dance. Class Titles.

True Discipleship ("The Work") (10 week course; each class 2 hours) A Fourth Way series dealing with "The Work" as it pertains to the "Path" of a Fourth Way student but also as it pertains to "work" as it mirrors other paths and how each tend to strive to reveal the Inner Nature of the student and bringing forth the innate Divinity which has seemed to remain dormant within the individual until their moment of awakening. Being a "Divinity Student" is not a process in teaching others but a experience of discovering your "Divinity" within yourself.

Special Events (2 hours)

Meditations (2 1/2 hours) All meditations include the heavy use of music, relaxation, and dialogue. Each meditation is preceded by a one hour or so class designed to prepare the student's consciousness as well as the special but simple relaxation preliminaries.

Event Theatre (Usually 2 hours) "An Evening With Gurdjieff" and "GOD in a Box" are two of Q.M.I.'s basic theatrical events. Audience participation is voluntary. Opportunities for improvisational theatre will become ongoing as well and classes in areas of these arts will eventually become available. This is theatrical therapy: a sort of performance reality. Part script, part spontaneity: a living food for thought. In the tradition of the ancient Greek plays which entertained and enlightened their audiences. Also available at some unspecified time in the future will, hopefully, be the musical productions of "The 11 Wonders of the World".

Workshops available and necessary for many of the preceding classes. All are on-going in depth study classes which include question and answer periods. As always, all student participation on a voluntary basis. All workshops which follow a specific class are free of charge to those who attended the pertaining class and to others with permission from the instructor.

*Some of the above classes are not all currently available but are representative of the curriculum of Q.M.I. It is important to understand that this teaching is an unfoldment and it presents itself by intellectual planning and intuitive influence in order that it remain alive.

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