by Dr. Derek Lamar

Consciousness is more than just "thinking" or being aware of the mind... Consciousness is the Intelligence of Beingness itself. It is the substance of all that is. Beingness is not just "what is" but rather the EXISTENCE and ongoingness of an INFINITE UNIVERSE as MIND but not limited to MIND as thinking or even as Consciousness but extended infinitely to Beingness. All is MIND and therefore Consciousness. But we also understand this as BEINGNESS because it is not MIND or CONSCIOUSNESS in the sense of how we imagine or project human thinking to be. This is a realm of Being that is Absolute Knowingness. Not Knowingness of facts and figures and why's and how's but as the Infinite Formula of the ONENESS which is in back of time, space and change. The all inclusive realm of that which IS. The arena of the I AM. Close your eyes for a moment and imagine that all that you are thinking is your mind. Now imagine that all that is is in your mind. Now imagine that all that is is your thinking and that YOU are CONSCIOUSNESS exclusively and that all that you perceive is your awareness of it. Your awareness of it is the only substance there is....

You may not yet fully consciously realize your total awareness of it but at that point you will rise to the knowingness that you are all Consciousness and all is MIND. You will realize that your mind is not in your body but that your body is in your mind.

You will understand that all that you perceive is not outside your body but within your mind and then you will realize that all that you perceive ultimately originated from the same mind you call MIND and that MIND is you.

You will then know I AM THAT I AM.

The above three pieces of artwork on canvas are
on "virtual loan" from the David Lehigh Collection.
Clockwise: Euclid IV, Umpqua VI & Copernicus I
You can see these pieces and others at


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