In many of the definitions there are references to "male" and "female". This has nothing to do with men and women or gender per se. What is being discussed here is the male attribute or the female attribute of the male/female principle. This teaching deals with Consciousness as being androgynous thus male/female and each aspect of this principle have attributes which figure differently in perception and expression. (see also Male/Female Principle).

Absolute: independent of any arbitrary standard. Free from restriction or limitation. In spiritual terms it is totality in expression and without exception, true in its ultimate sense. Example: The universe is infinite. This is an absolute. Infinity is complete. Constant truth, perfect and unchanging, eternal.
abstract: not confined to third dimensional expression. Non-linear. Conceived apart from any concrete realities. As students we must "abstract" things and ideas in order to better understand the metaphysical qualities of what we are actually perceiving. Pure knowledge from the "Higher realm" seems abstract by the human linear mentality. (see also Autistic Thinking)
accidents: in metaphysical terms, "there are no accidents." The appearance of an "accident" is merely denial of an unseen "cause" which has determined an affect we choose to believe we did not want. "There are no coincidences" is a phrase commonly used to describe this same understanding. However there ARE coincidences because the word coincidence should be understood if pronounced CO-inside. Events that coincide are those which happen at the same time and we call it a coincidence if they are events that project some kind of irony or similarity or a sort of "what are the odds of that..." type of reaction. But everything has meaning and "there are no accidents". This does not mean, however, that every unturned stone which has dirt under it should be perceived as a metaphor for the worldliness of all human experience. One must be attuned to Principle before they begin to declare miracles or manifestations of consciousness everywhere they go. And "irony" is how the curious human mentality perceives the unexplainable but still believes in "chaos." So also with "synchronicities." This is similar in principle but not necessarily in interpretation or reaction. Often a "synchronicity" doesn't hit us right away. Then we realize a "pattern" is emerging on some level. Sometimes people see the same number over and over again. Not uncommon. Sometimes it might be a date or the year, perhaps something that happened that year or seemingly WILL happen in that year depending on the date of course. Sometimes you will experience something, let's say meeting someone from Roswell, New Mexico and two days later you turn on the TV and you just happen to be on a station which is televising a nature program on the Rio Grande. Then a day or two after that you are stopped at a railroad crossing and you look up at the cars and you see "Santa Fe" on one of the cars whizzing by. An accident or do they just stick out in your mind because the person you met you really liked. Who knows? But as they say: "There are no accidents in the Universe."
accuse/accusation: this is a very necessary state one must be able to enter into if they desire to work with their consciousness. We often hear about how "important" our "feelings" are and yet there are so many we are not "supposed" to feel. An accusation is when you "accuse" someone of whatever is necessary to express yourself/your feelings. This isn't an excuse to "get angry". And this isn't supposed to be around anyone else. This is only between you and your thoughts, your memories, your feelings. Sometimes in therapeutic situations but only with trained guides/instructors overseeing the event. The point is not simply to let go of the tension. This will only achieve relief though sometimes that is necessary. However in this spiritual arena the point is to become fully engulfed in the feeling so that you feel it "completely" and then when you have finally exhausted all of your anger and all of the things you may have wanted to say but were not able to before, then you are ready for the next level where you can release the true reality of who you are and what is really taking place. This is the moment of the "flip". This is where you let go of the false and release the Truth you have kept bottled up inside. The splendor waiting to come forth. As in the Joseph Story where Joseph called his brother
before him and he accused them... this is the part where he realized that there was no blame but that God had brought them to this point. It was all MIND unfolding. (see also Jacob Technique, Emotions, Flip, Relief, Release, Translation)
accuse/release: is a reminder factor for the student in dealing with emotional constructs. The Jacob Technique and other PSI-chological therapies boil down to basic principles. Just as Metanoia 2000 or The Process of Translation relates to the syllogistic process, it is important to remember these two acts for dealing with self encounter situations. Accuse: getting in touch with one's emotions and accusing the one responsible for your "pain" to its fullest extent (completeness), thus exhausting all the energy your man-state self has to maintain that consciousness of negativity and then... Release: all the while maintaining the "observer self" and letting go of the man-state emotions (anger & pain: resentment & hurt) and stand up in the I AM state with a new awareness of the situation and the self and knowing that it is Mind Unfolding and that you are the I AM THAT I AM and that "of the many roles you played in life, you really are Consciousness which is not of those many roles" and it was those many roles which brought you to this point of realization. Embrace LIFE and declare: "I give you life for the death I once wished you." Remember: accuse & release. (see also Accuse/Accusation, Jacob Technique, Emotions, Flip, Relief, Release, Translation)
action & reaction: cause & affect. "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." In physics it is limited to physical activity but here it also applies to the energy of mind in back of time, space and change which functions as the formula called "Out & Back" or "Principle". The Principle of Out & Back is also the same as "what you reap, so shall you sow". Colloquially referred to as "what goes around comes around". (see also "out and back" / "cause and effect")
Adam and Eve: archetypal story relating "The tree of knowledge of good and evil" often misinterpreted as having something to do with sexuality rather than a dualistic state of consciousness. This marks the separation of an enlightened being which had a descent into a lower state of consciousness as a result of believing in duality. Sometimes called "The Fall", the moment where "original sin" traces back to according to some. (see also Pandora's Box)
affirm and deny: a combination of responses which can be beneficial if knowingness is applied to each act and not merely a reaction based on memorization. They require the "thinking process" whereby selective reasoning is brought into play as it applies to Truth and error. Affirm Truth with a sense of knowingness, perhaps walking through the "Syllogism" so that there is a knowingness, not a blind belief reaction. Deny error by realizing what error is as illusion and what the Truth really is. These two concepts should be used hand in hand with each other. (see also Affirmations, Denial)
affirmations: to affirm is to salute an idea one wishes to bring into manifestation. To constantly bring to mind and concentrate on, with hopes it will eventually out weigh previous negative programming. A mantra of sorts. Sometimes a chant. Even a short prayer. In this teaching one might repeat the syllogism several times to help focus on "truth is all there is." This can have a calming affect in stressful situations in and of itself and also because it may trigger earlier Work from within the subconscious that the mind can draw upon for action or reflection. (see also Denial)
agape: love in a Higher sense. Sometimes referred to as "the love of God for mankind."
agreement: in so-called "accidents" it must be understood that where two cars meet in an intersection, there is an agreement there on a subconscious level. This must be understood and admitted to within one's consciousness if they are to ever understand Mind. To have complete harmony in a perfect mathematical manner. Equality as in Oneness. Statements that agree correspond without conflict.
Akashic records: area of the supra-conscious, accessible through the unconscious where all ideas are filed. The infinite variety of "past, present and future". Sometimes called the Book of Life, it remains a mysterious realm. Also connected to the collective unconscious.
allness: an absolute relating Totality, Infinity, Wholeness. The first level of divine attributes one must recognize and understand.
analysis: what has been analyzed. The process by which information is sifted through and a concrete understanding has taken place based on seeing all of the levels working together. The separation (see also psychoanalysis)
aloha: Hawaiian word for hello, goodbye, love, reference to the "spirit of aloha".
androgyne: the male/female model; not a freak of nature but the perfect male/female state expressing the perfect Androgynous God. (see also Androgyny)
androgyny: the state of being both male and female equally. Hermaphrodite. Principle is androgynous: male/female (out & back). In the image and likeness of God created he them. (see also male/female principle)
angel: in theory, beings created by God to help mankind. But originally the definition was a class of spiritual beings who attend to God. Also, in medieval study of angels, they were the lowest of the nine celestial orders: seraphim, Cherubim, thrones, dominations (or dominions), virtues, powers, principalities or princedoms, archangels and then angels. An other interpretation is that an angel is a messenger of God. At one time people believed that when you died you automatically became an angel... or a demon... if you went to HELL! Literally from the Greek, Angelos means messenger, thus messenger of God. This Teaching, for the most part, assumes that angelic beings are manifestations of Spiritual intervention which has taken physical humanoid form to conform to our belief system of such things. Other theories and possibilities relate than certain alien beings might be mistaken for angels or that angels always had been virtuous alien beings. (see also Ascended Masters)
anger (sublayers of anger): an intense feeling of displeasure aroused by a real or imagined wrong. Psychologically traces back to fear. A fear reaction often turns into anger or immediately moves into anger covering up the fear factor. The range goes something like this: displeased, irritated, indignant, angry, infuriated, raging, violence. (see also Fear)
anthropomorphic god: anthropomorphism is the attributing of human qualities to God. This goes beyond simply imagining him as an old man with a long white beard. This has to do with projecting that he "thinks" like humans think and thus our interpretation of God is always tainted by our own judgment. We identify with ourselves and the other people around us and we do not understand Spiritual reality and thus our version of God is usually what we think a really smart old man might be. Even when people no longer think of God as a physical being, but rather as Spirit, our beliefs about him and his thinking can be anthropomorphic. Rather than man being created in the image and likeness of God, we create God in the images and likenesses of man, especially in how God operates and thinks and feels. (see also Anthropomorphic Man)
anthropomorphic man: this is redundant except in the sense of understand Man this way. As in the book, Man Is Dead, by Derek Lamar, the man that is dead is the anthropomorphic version.... in other words, just as the God Is Dead Movement represented the end of God as we knew God, in anthropomorphic terms, it is now the threshold of the end of Man in anthropomorphic terms. (see also Anthropomorphic God)
Anti-Christ: biblically represents a predicted individual possessed by Satan who is anti Christ and becomes a world dictator who eventually is destroyed by the forces of Light. Also, any rogue element which is operating in opposition of spiritual Truth. (see also Satan)
anxiety: distress or uneasiness caused by fear resulting from danger or misfortune. (see also Stress)
appearances: how things appear, but in this context it is your perspective which is important. In other words, be observant to your own observations as to how you interpret the appearances around you. Seeing is not necessarily believing. What you are confronted with are the appearance of something, not necessarily the reality of what really is. Our perception of a given situation.
archetype: original idea, model or pattern after which a thing is made; prototype. Original idea manifested in consciousness which becomes the key to continuous unfoldment reflecting itself. A representation of an idea. Adam and Eve are archetypes of humanity. Satan is an archetype of evil. Dracula is an archetype of evil, darkness, anti-Christ. Joan of Arc is an archetype of human endeavor related to feminism and also bravery for one's ideals. Hell is an archetype of eternal punishment. The 100th monkey is an archetype. Other Examples: Abraham, Melchizedek, Virgin Mary, Hercules, Leonard Da Vinci, Jesus, Plato, Aristotle, astronaut, Darwin, Will Rogers, John F. Kennedy (see also Aristotle)
Ariel: SupraConscious in Shakespeare's The Tempest. Also the name of a Fourth Way School in Florida started by Phez Kahlil, co-founder of The Prosperos in California with Gurdjieff student: Thane of Hawaii. (see also Caliban, Prospero)
Aristotle: Aristotle didn't invent or necessarily discover logic, metaphysics or syllogistic principles, but he played a key role in history by elaborating on these ideas in a clear and insightful enough way that they have been handed down and credit is due him for this work. (see also Archetypes)
argument: a process of reasoning; a wrestling of ideas wherein the process of logic is utilized. Important to avoid the usual type of argument which is a verbal disagreement in which anger arises. (see Axiomatic Reasoning, Axioms, Syllogism)
As Above, So Below: aphorism of Hermes. A statement saluting the Reality that what is "heavenly" is also "earthly" and that the seeming difference is merely our consciousness of it. In science there is the implicate and the explicate of the holographic universe theories and the understanding is that all is one and that there is no separation of states ultimately except for our consciousness of it. Jesus: "On earth as it is in heaven".
ascend: to lift up from earth and go to heaven. To move upward. Example: "The ascension of Christ." (see also Resurrection)
Ascended Masters: spiritual masters who have left the earth realm and "theoretically" continue to "assist" humans psychically. Generally an excuse for people to let their imagination run wild or a complete denial of their own Higher Self. Christians call these "voices" angels or demons.
ascension: to ascend is to be removed from earth to heaven. To translate. To rise up. An assumption.
asleep: sometimes what the human mind sees as death. Also the state of being totally unconscious or close to it; not unlike the world most of the time. (see also Awake, Death)
assumption: the bodily taking up into heaven. Ascension. To translate. To rise up.
Assumption, The Law of: The principle of assuming. Creating a belief system whereby a prefigured out-picturing takes place. Example: "As a man thinks in his heart, so is he." (see also The Law of Attraction, The Law of The Vacuum)
astral body: the non-physical aspect of a person expressed as energy. (see also Astral Plane, Aura)
astral plane: often referred to as the 4th dimension where "astral travel", "out-of-body experience", and "remote viewing" take place. (see also Astral Body, Aura, Out-Of-Body Experience, OB, Near Death Experience, NDE)
astral travel: the process whereby one leaves the body and as their soul or consciousness is able to travel on the astral plane. Similar to remote viewing. This teaching makes it clear that the body is in the mind, the mind is not in the body. Therefore astral traveling is in one's consciousness and they never really leave their body. (see also Remote Viewing)
Astrology: a system of interpreting the mathematical placement of the stars and their relationship to each other (knowledge of the stars) and their spiritual expression as determined by the causation of matter and thus divining the symbolic meaning of the affairs of mankind and of individuals, each with their own chart, in such a way as to view the microcosm of the macrocosm. All relationships are resulting through the "cloud" of duality and thus relegated to the category of "sense testimony" but still retain the value of utilizing their relationships as a weather map of sorts to understand, in certain ways, the realm of time, space and change, as our human state of mind interprets it. The information attained in this "science" is often used to forecast coming events but also predicts and interprets the reactions to such events as well. Technically this science would apply to any being anywhere but it would need to be based on the relationships of the heavenly bodies in any given system with a knowledge of the lives of those people as well. We deal with astrology through the relationships of our own planets, moons and sun as they represent positioning of matter in our galaxy. It isn't so much where a planet of body is but the time and sequence and how that is interpreted within this closed system of analysis. (see also Numerology)
Atheism: has more to do with being anti-religion than it does in believing in a negative, "no God". To believe that there is no God always seems to be more of a psychological outrage and a lashing out against society, authority, parents, and any part of the self trying to deal with being "told what to do". Rarely is atheism sincere on its own merits for itself. Atheism cannot exist without the attack or argument against God, whereas religion or spiritual studies can have reflection, study or worship without ever bringing up the topic of non-believers. Most atheists fear Christians getting any sort of power more than anything else. Even other religions are not attacked to any great degree by atheists. Being an atheist makes about as much sense as worshipping Satan, it is a belief system which if carried to its natural extreme elimates everything which allows for them to even exist. If there is no God, and the Universe is random and everything is an accident then Infinity, which also couldn't exist, would last about 30 seconds and it would crumple in on itself until it realized that even destruction would require existence and only God could be therefore any Beingness, which is God, could not be, thus Atheists or anyone else could not be either. (see also Religion)
Attraction, The Law of: The coming back aspect of the Out and Back Principle. We get what we put out. Example: "What I fear comes upon me." (see also The Law of Assumption, The Law of The Vacuum)
attributes: qualities or characteristics belonging to something. Important here as to understand what attributes are with regards to spirituality. Attributes of God. Attributes of Mind, Truth, Spirit. Example: an allness is an attribute of Mind. Thus Mind and Allness are interchangeable.
aura: light of the astral body, seen about the body by some people and through Kirelian photography. (see Astral Body)
Authority: the controlling power of Mind as principle. (see also Government)
autistic / autistic thinking: self-absorption, especially extreme withdrawal into fantasy. In this Teaching it is used in the term of "autistic thinking" and it relates an abstract perspective.
auto-conditioning: a form of self-hypnosis; a conditioning process for relaxation, stress relief, meditation, retrieving information from the subconscious: the unconscious. The mind of memory, inventory, storage. A myriad of levels in here. The subconscious is sometimes portrayed as one's enemy but truly it is your friend. Without it you would not be able to tie your shoes. Also it is sometimes understood as the doorway to Higher Mind, thus the reason people misunderstand about "getting the conscious mind out of the way." One needs the conscious mind as well in accomplishing spiritual work. (see also Hypnosis)
automaton: the walking dead, a robot, a mechanical person: someone who functions based on unconscious programming and constantly in a sleep state. This applies for those limited moments of mechanicalness as well. When you react to a given situation rather than respond to it you are being mechanical. (see also Mechanical, Reaction, Response, Sleep)
awake: not asleep. To be conscious in the fullest sense. The state the conscious is in control, not the unconscious. Complete "aliveness". Gurdjieff said: "Man is asleep." This relates to reacting rather than responding to life. To be asleep means to be an automaton, a robot, a zombie. To be awake means to be lucid, aware, perceptive, observant, in tune. (see also Asleep, Death, Sleep )
awareness: being aware, a state of perceiving. What we have come to realize, this is our awareness. What we believe and have faith in whether factual, true or otherwise is our awareness. Our consciousness, on an individual level expressing what and how much of infinite possibilities we have become aware of. One's particular mind site, as in "that's their awareness." Also: to be cognizant, to have knowledge. (see also Belief System, Consciousness)
Axiom: self-evident truth. A universally accepted rule or principle. Example: 2 + 2 = 4. Something all minds can agree upon. Symbols and words which are seen as absolutes become axioms and their results in use are axiomatic.
axiomatic: being based on self-evident truth. Axiomatic thinking is a state of mind which operates according to "principle".
axis shift: Sometimes called a Polar or Pole shift. This is often paralleled with a major "shift" in consciousness and is predicted to happen sometime around the 21st century to possibly 2050 A.D. The out of balance which supposedly exists reflects our tilted mentality and as our consciousness changes there will be an automatic realignment in our "world" reflecting that change in consciousness. It has been predicted that there will be major disasters as a result of "earth changes" especially with a pole shift. Everything from entire cities being toppled to islands sinking, chunks of land masses dropping off into the ocean, super winds, earthquakes in diverse places, etc. All culminating in a "new heaven and a new earth". This has been predicted by several major religions around the world as well as psychics and indiginous peoples such as American Indians, Polynesians and Aborigines. (see also Earth Changes)
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Baptism: a cleansing process whether symbolic or literal. To be immersed in the emotion and stepping out changed. Water is symbolic of emotion and fire is symbolic of spirit. "I baptize you in water but the one who follows me will baptize with fire." ~ John the Baptist
baraka: an energy or state of mind which emanates from one engaged in Teaching, Being, Thinking... a healing force which has its affect directly upon the consciousness of others. Transmission of enlightenment to people at a time when collectively a change toward Higher consciousness can take place. Also referred to by G. I. Gurdjieff as "hanblezoin". The drawing upon one's spiritual resources and literally affecting others, as in prayer, be it changes of consciousness thus often changes in the external as well. It is an acceptance of the Oneness of Mind wherein those who fall under your purview are changed, usually forever. Metanoia: "change of the heart." Often experienced in Closed Class. (see also Holy Spirit, Spirit)
beast: Unprincipled thinking in the extreme; a little bit in all of us, sometimes a lot. (see also Anti-Christ, Caliban, Demons, Devil, Devils, Lucifer, the Mark of the Beast: 666, Possessed, Rogue Mind, Satan)
Beelzebub: the chief devil: Satan from Milton's Paradise Lost portrayed as one of the fallen angels next to Satan. Gurdjieff used this name for one of his books: Beelzebub's Tales To My Grandson (see also Demons, Devil, Lucifer, Satan)
Beelzebub's Tales To My Grandson: all serious followers of Gurdjieff's teaching have been found to study this book. This is Gurdjieff's pinnacle book. Of this series Gurdjieff said, "I had decided with the contents of the first series of books to achieve the destruction, in the consciousness and feelings of people, of deep-rooted convictions which in my opinion are false and quite contradictory to reality." (see also G.I. Gurdjieff, Fourth Way)
behaviorism: relating to behavior on a collective or individual level. Attitudes imprinted in the behavior of individuals. Changes resulting from the impressions made upon one by external factors. Stimulus and response.
Beingness: the state of being, essence of existence, Life, Being, related to "I AMness".
belief or belief system: our "reality box" as Bill Jenkins of Open Mind used to say on KABC radio long before Art Bell began his Dreamland theme. Also "pushing the envelope" fits in here as it relates to going beyond the ordinary boundaries of thinking. The belief system is the mindset which makes up how we think. All of the rules and beliefs and traditions and habits which make up our consciousness. Our ideas, loyalties, character makeup, thoughts, feelings, etc. The system of thinking we have created for individual survival. It is the explicate of the implicate/explicate Looking Glass Universe of David Bohm and others. (see also Awareness, Consciousness Explicate, Looking Glass Universe)
Birth/Death cycles: birth and death are concepts which are deeply rooted in the mind of Man. They are based on duality. Principle, which is out and back, reflects back what our belief systems are therefore even our belief in death is painted on the canvas of life in such a way as to appear to really exist. However the illusion we are holographically projected into still continues and the concept of reincarnation is one way in which the Truth of Infinity continues to express the ongoingness of Life. Infinity being Truth does not allow for birth or death for in Truth there is no beginning and there is no ending. The appearance of death expresses the ongoingness of Life and of change whereas the appearance of birth expresses the ongoingness of Life and of renewal. (see also Duality, Reincarnation)
blessing: the calling upon Truth is a blessing; a manifestation of Higher Mind through a metanoia.
blocks: constructs, walls, areas of thinking that prevent True Reality from coming through and providing much needed solutions. (see also Constructs)
Bible (The Holy Bible): book of documents relating inspirations of individuals that collectively express a Higher influence which must be understood in a Higher sense to be worth the honor sought after by religious groups. It is a spiritual obligation for those in the Work to read and understand this book. It should not be society's pressure but one's own desire to raise their consciousness. The Bible is a testament to today's metaphysics and deserves its place of honor among much of our spiritual literature. It is not, however, the absolute word of God anymore than any other book of spiritual insight. The word of God comes from the inner understanding one works to achieve.
body: a manifestation of the symbolic nature of Mind representing the current realization of the self. The body is our interpretation of our self as perceived through our state of consciousness (duality). However our body is in our mind, our mind is not in our body. Our brain is perceived separate from everything else but connected to us because through our consciousness of duality this is the filtering system which is operating and coloring our world even though all there is, is MIND and we are experiences our thoughts. We do not really have a physical form but each aspect of our body represents certain attributes of Mind and the function that they are within mind and connected to each other just as in Oneness we are interconnected. The hand symbolizes "keeping in touch", "reaching out", "arming oneself (defending the self, security of the self", "grasping consciousness", "pointing out things", "handling things" all of which can be understood on an abstract level and in Truth there is only the abstract level. The skin symbolizes "being in touch with our environment", "contact", "protection", etc. The eyes symbolize "vision", "seeing", "windows to the soul", etc. (see also Astral Body, Mind, Symbology)
bonding: a process of trust with people or animals or even concepts. A change which facilitates a reciprocol empathy for one another creating a connection, a bond, like between the parent and child. Often the bonding is tighter between the mother and the child because of their inate ability to nurture but also because of the time they spend with their offspring. (see also Oneness, Ontogenetic, Phylogenetic)
born again (literal translation is born from above): a spiritual process whereby one lets go of human thinking (duality) thereby made anew. A major change in consciousness creating a new person; dying to the old self; a rebirth, waking up. Sometimes experienced in bits and pieces and sometimes and massive change or metanoia of the entire self. A revealing of our True Self as we die to our old erroneous self to varying degrees or in full.
"He that's not being born is busy dying." ~ Bob Dylan
brain: the organ within the body we attribute our thinking to, however mind is not from the brain, the brain is in the body and the body is in the mind. The brain is symbolic of the nature of thinking and it reflects our consciousness as we know it up to that point. (see also Left Brain, Right Brain)
brain storming session: an event where people get together and unleash ideas which come to them regarding a particular topic in order to come up with as many options to pursue for the purposes of opening up and going beyond the intellect to receive intuitive information. One person can do this on their own however the energy level is usually higher and more intense with a group. Ground rules is usually the understanding that no one criticizes anybody else or their ideas. The success or failure of this often depends on the group trust. (see also Bonding)
breakthrough: a breakthrough is a major change, metanoia, whereby blocks have been broken down or dissolved and light takes place of the darkness. Knowledge replaces ignorance. Awareness arrives in place of sleep. Clarity supersedes confusion. A breakthrough is the removing of a barrier to progress.
Brownian motion (Brownian movement): discontinuous motion of small particles with liquid or gas caused by molecules of same medium.
brown study: absorbed in serious and deep thought. Example: He never even heard the door slam he was so lost in a brown study.
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Caliban: (from Shakespeare's Tempest) symbolizes the subconscious/rogue mind / aspects which are sometimes interpreted as "dark". (see also Ariel, Prospero)
carnal: expresses physicality, human thinking, duality.
Catch-22: from the movie of the same name, this relates a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" situation. Very psychological and spiritual... you will fun into it often.
cathartic/catharsis: the purging of a group's emotions through a work of art, or a presentation of some kind. An event which facilitates the releasing or letting go of emotions which results in a change or a stress reducer. A movie which is emotional, one might say that "it was very cathtic" or that one expeienced a "cartharsis" while viewing it.
cause & effect: natural law which reflects the Higher principle of "out and back". For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. (see "out and back" / "action and reaction")
centered (grounded): often this specifically relates to a balance which is centered in the abdomen and centrally located within the human body. This often accompanies teaching in martial arts and other Eastern yoga exercises and disciplines. However, here we are relating to the idea of centered and grounded in terms of states of consciousness and not specifically the human body, though one might very well lead to the other. This state of being centered relates to have a state of consciousness which is balanced. This has nothing to do with a life of all things being equal or all things in moderation. This has to do with your state of consciousness being balanced. When one is open to their "I AM" (Self) then they are not being pulled in several directions at once. They are operating within an orderly spiritual life which is not constantly at conflict with itself. This however is from doing one's Work and not from will power or disciplining oneself in terms of their daily schedule.
chakras: 7 areas of energy centers in the body, each symbolic areas of consciousness that unfold into one another leading to enlightenment.
change: to make different the form, content, nature, future course of something. To convert or transform. To become modified or altered. Passing from one place to another. The outcome of anything in anyway being different than what it was, even older. To be affected by time, space and change. In ultimate Reality, according to this Teaching, Truth is changeless and the infinite variety of ideas do not change either. Everything is the ONE MIND which is the same yesterday, today and forever. The appearance of change to the mind of the human is a perception of discovering or observing the unfoldment of mind. Just as you see numbers go from 1 to 100 in a manner such as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, etc., it seems that the numbers change but we know that those numbers already existed in the abstract and what we are perceiving is our observation through our filtering system of the unfoldment of mathematics as we understand it. (see also Metanoia, Mutation)
chela: the spiritual student. (levels of study in ascending order: 1. student 2. pupil 3. chela)
Christ: the anointed. Title given to one who was anointed by God. Traditionally related as Jesus of Nazareth and commonly referred to as the Messiah: prophetic role of the one to "save" the Jews. However the salvation was misunderstood in terms of human politically salvation when in fact Jesus arrived offering spiritual salvation through changes in consciousness and this was rejected. (see Christ, Yeshua, Yehoshua)
change: the illusion of difference as a result of time. Ultimately the on-goingness of unfoldment as we expand and perceive a little more of the perfect complete order that already is. (see also Finished Kingdom)
Christ: the anointed one. The realized state of God in man. Oneness with Divine Mind. (see also Jesus, Yeshua, Yehoshua)
Christ Consciousness: traditionally represents having the same state of consciousness as Christ, also referred to as that prophetic time of history when the return of the Messiah would come and bring about a new age (Millennium) wherein prophecy states (Isaiah): "I will put my laws into their minds and write them on their hearts... I will forgive their iniquities and never call their sins to mind."
classical physics: physics which is pre-twentieth century.
closed class: this relates a class where "Teaching" is taking place and the effects of live teaching with regards to consciousness and how the collective of the group will interact with the subconscious of the Teacher and the result will be a customized event which is orchestrated by MIND itself. The success or failure of this is dependent on several factors: the filtering system of the Teacher and the individuals within the group. (see also Baraka)
clear thinking: to be awake, to think axiomatically. (see also Abstract, Straight Thinking)
cliches: phrases and puns which can indicate symbols and constructs often useful in discovering a deeper meaning not understood immediately by the conscious mind. Sometimes called Freudian slips, but usually more obscure. One of my favorites was: "well, my out is finally coming back and my back is going out." or "I'd like to counsel my canceling appointment." A cliche example might be: "This job is killing me."
code: a formula of sorts which must be deciphered in order to discover what is really be expressed whether it be in spiritual writings or in sifting through our consciousness. This Teaching conveys a principle which expresses itself mathematically and holographically and thus everything has meaning and the above is the below and the implicate is the explicate and in this Oneness it can be discovered a tapestry of meaning which has always been thre to discover. (see also Formula)
co-dependency: a situation which psychologically reveals the interactions between personalities which manipulate each others weaknesses and how they survive at their own comfortable level often at the expense of the other. Usually very self-destructive and self-defeating and very inhibiting as to personal growth. (see also Psychology)
Cogito Ergo Sum (I Think Therefore I Am): Rene Descartes' revelation of realizing one's consciousness of being determines the reality of existence and thus ultimately one discovers the beginnings of their beingness. The beginning of understanding their divinity. Also connected in all paths to the "I AM". (Fr. "Je pense donc je suis.")
coincidence: see Accidents
collective unconscious: often related to Carl Jung's research. The collective unconscious symbolizes the "mind" of the masses. It is the unconscious of all of consciousness as we know it in terms of "mankind". The oneness of the hidden parts of our thinking. We have movement on the psychic level collectively as well as individually. Example: the collective unconscious of America brought on the Space program and opened the doors for a new age of self realization.
computer: the computer mind is much like the workings of mind itself. Learn and understand how a computer works, and you will realize how simple and complex we all are. Man has created technology in his image. (see also Syllogism, Syllogistic Thinking, Straight Thinking). The computer most likely will be remembered as the most important invention of the 20th century both for technology and spirituality.
conclusion: important stage of the logic process. The third step in Decartes 1. I Think 2. (I must exist in order to think) 3. Therefore I AM. Also in the syllogism where a conclusion is formed: 1. major premise 2. minor premise 3. conclusion. (see Syllogism). In symbolic psychology a conclusion is the Oneness of mind wherein total acceptance or agreement with an idea as it is planted firmly within the subconscious. This is where one's belief system incorporates an idea in to their consciousness as if it were true whether it is or not. This is the importance of forming conclusions and to do so only with proven Truth and not beliefs. This is our "revelation", our "realization". This is an idea we accept and call it true and once accepted it becomes a memory which has an outpicturing potential. (see also Syllogism)
condemnation: this is judgment in the negative sense. To condemn is to believe negative thoughts as true and to disregard the truth behind the appearance. The concept of "damning" comes out of this.
condition: the state of affairs at a given moment. Also we condition ourselves, we program ourselves. We create a state of existence through programing like with the computer. (see also Belief Systems, Computer, Program)
conditioning: manipulation, brainwashing, programmed. When a person's consciousness is formatted to react rather than respond. Sleep-state.
confess (or confession): to admit our beliefs, thoughts, feelings and/or behavior to ourselves so that we may face the error and let go of it by seeing it as error. Allow truth full reign. Ultimately the "truth" we confess will be the Absolute Truth. (see also Metanoia, Repent)
conflict: a result of duality where agreement appears impossible.
confrontation: a necessary "discomfort" when getting at the truth is essential, and it always is. We must face our thoughts and reactions and those we perceive outside ourselves. The beginning of taking responsibility for our consciousness. (see also Reflection)
conscious: aware of one's own existence, their own thoughts and their surroundings. (see also Consciousness, Subconscious, Unconscious)
Consciousness: the state of being conscious. The mind, all thoughts and feelings collectively. Relates as mind or as MIND when capitalized as in Cosmic Consciousness. Used in this teaching as a reminder that all things are thoughts and that everything is your consciousness and also your consciousness of it. (see also Divine Mind, Mind, Thinking)
construct: blocks, areas of thinking that prevent True Reality from coming through and providing much needed solutions. A block which prevents Truth from being made known to its highest potential. Ideas that are "constructed" in such a way that they dam up the free flow of natural unfoldment. Example: a person in poverty has a construct about money. (see also Blocks)
convergence: various meanings as it pertains to mathematics, science, etc., but in terms of Consciousness expansion it relates a merging or coming together of various peoples and ideas as they pertain to an ultimate destiny or goal on a Consciousness expansion level. Very much in keeping with certain areas of thinking in New Age circles as it might pertain to the Aquarian Age or some sort of Christ Consciousness where ideas and change come together to form a more complete understanding of the "New Model" of manifested consciousness.
convert: to change, to move from one state of consciousness to another. (see also change, metanoia, repent)
Cosmic: pertaining to the Cosmos: the world or universe regarded as an orderly, harmonious system.
Cosmic Consciousness: relates a state of mind where a realization has achieve a state of enlightenment. This knowing of Reality is Cosmic Conciousness. It might have been but a glimpse or an ongoing experience but the result for whatever time it occurs it is the same. Usually this experience is written on one's soul forever and a change occurs wherein the participant is never the same. Usually this experience relates pretty much what this Teaching is about: a sense of Oneness with all that is. A feeling of well being or harmony, peace. Also a sense of I AMness(see also Cosmic, Consciousness)
Cosmic intention: also sometimes referred to as Universal intention, this relates the unfoldment that is destined to take place. Even though there are different ways to turn, ultimately there is a Divine Order to things and it is always operating behind the scenes working to make Truth known to itself. (see also Destiny)
Cosmic Law: universal law. Term used to relate a real but non-religious law.
conscience: a part of our mind often based on an imposed morality which has formed conclusions about what is right and right and concepts of good, bad, shame, dirty, sick, crazy, ugly, etc., all negative programming to cause one to act in a certain "accepted" manner.
conscious: aware of one's own existence, thoughts, surroundings. Also that part of the mind which is aware: the conscious mind. (see Mind, Subconscious, Supraconscious, Unconscious)
constructs: beliefs formed into conclusions acting as constructed ideas which are patterns; usually self-defeating sometimes self-destructive.
Corridors of Consciousness™: these are doorways or connections from one state of understanding to another. As the Truth student progresses he or she will begin to accumulate pockets or clusters of areas of thinking which are resolved or refiled. Eventually these clusters will connect to other areas and they will work in the opposite way that a block or a construct does. It is almost like passing the bucket of water through a brigade of volunteers to help put out a fire when there is no way to get the hoses there. Something may come up you need to deal with, in terms of seeing the Truth of it, and yet you are making little headway. So you jump to another area in order that an awareness of Truth be opened within you and this often clears the way for your "straight thinking" to become unblocked. This isn't so much a conscious effort as much as it is a natural response to Mind even on its less than completely clear state as it operates within you. It is similar to the 100th monkey except that it is dealing just with you. It perhaps could be understood in terms of nerve endings or chakras or even unlocking a crashed file or getting data off of a damaged disk. Imagine for a moment that areas of consciousness have been cleared up but something in between is still unresolved. When that one area becomes resolved suddenly a connection is made throughout a system of linking areas of consciousness and truly a metanoia occurs. However, in many ways there is a quantum leap type affect where one area can reach another area without already being joined. This leap becomes a corridor of consciousness. (also a class by Derek Lamar at Q.M.I. Quantum Metaphysics Institute relating this information and how one can make these links themselves.)
counseling: advice, opinion or instruction used in working with others to aid in their personal growth, usually psychologically and/or spiritually reasoned. Pastoral counseling or metaphysical tutoring or Fourth Way guidance are spiritual disciplines to reach the student and help draw from them an understanding of themselves with the ultimate goal of realizing their True Self. Traditional counseling based on psychiatry or psychology is based on brain functions as opposed to the spiritual concept of "Mind" and it deals with aberrant behavior and a malfunctioning physical organ preventing the patient from thinking "normally". Spiritual counseling salutes the wellness of the individual and operates on the premise that the only Mind is "God Mind" which is to be acknowledged as preexistant and will operate once the blocks are discovered and let go.
counselor: the counselor or mentor or esoteric therapist, minister, is one who realizes that in back of time, space and change there is a Fundamental Reality and that must be held up as a backdrop to where one is heading in their process of healing their consciousness. Also, the problems must be recognized as illusions and also the direct result of one's own thinking and state of consciousness. Everything is an outpicturing of our consciousness on some level and "there are no accidents" in the Universe. So, at some point the client must recognize personal responsibility for the outpicturing of their own consciousness and what they experience as their own "world" that must be dealt with. The "mirror" is a concept that also must be faced and incorporated into one's approach to their own awareness and the world they interact in.
creativity: one's ability to unfold a manifestation out of the infinite variety. In this teaching one cannot create, one can only discovery that which already is within their Self as Mind. However this ongoing Mind is ultimate infinite creative force and the source of all life, all creation.
cross: martyrdom and suffering in the traditional sense it is not. The cross symbolizes the Truth, the I AM consciousness as we stand arms outstretched to the Universe in the body language of simultaneous giving and accepting. It is on this cross of Truth we lay our beliefs. What remains afterwards is Truth and what is false returns to nothingness and the resurrection of Reality is the result. (see also Crucifixion, Resurrection)
Crucifixion: symbolic of life over death and of the life which replaces death when one dies to error, letting go of illusion and allowing Truth to express itself as you. We must die to our erroneous beliefs and allow Truth to have its way with us. (see also Death, Resurrection)
curse: the calling upon error is a curse; a block or construct due to belief in duality. (see also Blessing)
cycles: cycles are patterns, habits, repeated levels, stages in ongoing fashion. Often this refers to patterns that unresolved or unchanged will repeat after a fashion. Often looking for patterns can help a student discover constructs within him or her self.
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Dead Man Rocking: a news story commented on in the book Man Is Dead: "A story which surfaced that I call "Dead Man Rocking" involved a deceased individual who was found in his apartment in Germany in November of 1998. Apparently he had a debit arrangement at the bank and all of his bills were automatically paid. He was 42 years of age and disabled. It wasn't until his cash flow ran out that someone decided to check in on him. Seems his neighbors had no idea anything was wrong. When they got inside his apartment he was found dead, newspaper in his hands open to the weekly TV listings, Christmas lights flashing and the television still on, sitting there in his rocking chair... a skeleton. Seems he had been there since Christmas of 1993... and there he sat there like that for five years. The man was dead all that time and no one knew it. It is like a relationship that is over and you realize that there never had been one. Accept it. Denial has been going on long enough. The point is to let it go. We must let go of our belief systems. We must let go of the various fears that hold us to our form. It is mandatory that we do not look back. © Copyright Derek Lamar 1999, MAN IS DEAD The Emergence Of 21st Century Mind. (see also Death, Man Is Dead)
death: this Teaching considers death an illusion. Death is a doorway between one expression of life and another. It often represents change. It is symbolic of the end of one pattern just as birth is symbolic of the beginning of a new pattern. Often associated with the letting go of "error" and the refiling of "Truth" sometimes called spiritual death, born again, or born from above. (see also Born Again, Crucifixion, Dead Man Rocking, Man Is Dead, Resurrection, Sleep)
demons: best described as "evil spirits". If man is spirit, then all that he does is a result of spirit, therefore "evil spirits" relate the "spirit" of error which results when Truth is not focused on. A person possessed of demons is filled with many "selves" in a schizophrenic sense which are self-destructive and dangerous to the person they inhabit. Technically they need to be incorporated into the self so that Oneness be restored, wholeness recognized so that the person involved is no longer in a dualistic or multiple personality state. Just as we need to recognize our ONE SELF in the Absolute sense, we also need to recognize the wholeness of our individuated self. We express our infinite variety as humans but all expressions of our SELF must also be reflective of the ultimate attributes: allness, wholeness, perfect, harmonious, etc. (see also Beast, Devil)
demonstration: (see Treatment)
denial: In a psychological sense, it is often used as "a state of denial" whereby someone is remotely cognizant of something that is not right but they continue to walk around the issue as if it doesn't exist. But to deny in a metaphysical sense is to reject an idea which is not based in truth. To deny an idea or appearance, one wishes to reverse the out-picturing and create a vacuum for that which is being affirmed. Unfortunately most denials are affirmations in themselves, giving credence to the existence of what is being rejected. In other words "to deny" is often strengthening the belief in what you are denying thus giving it credibility. It is better to affirm the Truth than to deny error. Once Truth is realized the error is no longer there to deny. (see also Affirmations)
dependency: (see also Co-Dependency)
Descartes, Rene: French philosopher and mathematician (1596-1650) known especially for his revelation of Cogito Ergo Sum (Je Pense Donc Je Suis) "I think therefore I am." (see also I AM, I AM THAT I AM)
Destiny: a preordained future. Believed to be for some, while others think everyone has a destiny. The idea of ultimate goal. Each of us has a potential destiny working together with a potential collective destiny. Fulfilling this concept is sometimes referred to as "doing the will of the Father". A future where one plays an important role for others as well as for themselves and ultimately for God. We have two possibilities: 1. to be ignorant of Truth 2. to know Truth. Each to varying degrees. The more Truth one knows the more important they are to themselves and to others. God does not judge this. That would be anthropomorphic. MIND knows itself completely and our role of unfoldment is always perfect for MIND where there is no time, space and change. Our sense of frustration only comes into play as a result of time, space and change thus only through human (duality) consciousness does failure really exist. (see also Cosmic intention, Dharma, Divinity, Fate, Free Will,, Kismet)
devil: the voice within that tempts us to do what another part of us says is "wrong". (see also Beast, Demons)
dharma: literally, religious law and also fidelity to religious law. Loosely used to mean virtue. Also meant as expressing true nature, essential quality or character. Sanskrit for custom, decree, rooted to "he holds". Most likely religious in definition meaning "he (God) holds (controls, governs, has you in his hands). Commonly in the West as seen as the opposite of Karma, thus Karma and Dharma, but this is misleading. The two do not represent good and bad in Western terms. Dharma also expresses a type of "doing" in the "doing the will of the Father" sense whereby the nature of God is expressed. It brings its own reward for Karma and sets the soul free as "Work" for past mistakes as well as being true to God, or one's self. Basically between Dharma and Karma what you have is "doing" and "happening". What you "do" will determine what will "happen" to you. Similar to the Western concepts of "blessings" and "curses". But Dharma, like doing "good works" in the Catholic church ultimately means nothing except social respect unless one "does" as a result of changes in consciousness. And Karma is not a curse or a punishment but must be seen impersonally as merely the "mirror" which reflects where you are at in terms of states of consciousness. You do not have to "do" anything to redeem yourself, nor do you need to pay penance, but rather you must "let go" of self-defeating states of consciousness and allow Truth to have its way with you. (see also Blessing, Curse, Karma, Work)
Dictionary: a book containing definitions and roots of words. The Bible and the dictionary are two of the singly most important books you have to use. The dictionary is a must for these classes. A competent college edition is sufficient. A large library size dictionary is good for advanced work but any dictionary for ongoing daily work which becomes so large it gets in the way of the work itself is not an asset but a liability and can interfere with the spontaneity often needed in tracking words quickly. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words, but a word is worth a thousand pictures.
discipline: a system instruction and exercise designed to attain specific goals through a consistent conduct making progress possible. The alternative, a lack of discipline, rarely accomplishes any goals. Root derivation comes from "disciple". A disciple is a student, follower or adherent of another or a system of thought. "To grasp."
disease: the manifestation of constructs not resolved. Issues which have created blocks in consciousness and the body reacts in a manner that reveals a deeper problem that has been denied by the person in question. Probably a pattern which has been ignored and because it is a block and hinders progress we have something else created which could be seen as the opposite of progress. Deterioration is a good example of the opposite of progress and this is what disease is. Dis-ease or not-harmony makes it easier to understand that balance and order within the heart and mind of an individual can be healing by not interfering with perfect health, whereas, the disruption of the natural flow will create the opposite by blocking the light of Truth. A shadow occurs and this shadows is seen and blocking out the light. We humanly view this as disease.
demonstration: a demonstration, or treatment, healing, manifestation are various terms which mean the result of spiritual activity similar to prayer.
divine; divinity: proceeding from God, sacred, devoted to God, heavenly, celestial (Example: the divine kingdom). A quality which is everpresent but not always seen. Our destiny is to reveal our divinity. Divinity is the presence of the divine attribute of God, truth. our True Self. (see also Destiny, Dharma)
divination: to portend, to perceive by intuition, foretell, predict, foresee, forecast, discern, understand; also divining rod used to find water, metals, etc.
Divine Mind: one of many terms for God (more closely used in mind science circles).
DNA: deoxyribonucleic acid. Found chiefly in the nucleus of cells. The cellular memory within consciousness. (See genome, QMA)
double-minded: to be pulled in different directions, usually in two opposing ways. (see Duality)
dreams: thoughts within the mind, usually during sleep, which relate things going on in the subconscious mind, sometimes intuitive: many inventions and solutions to problems have come out of the examination of dreams. Thoughts and feelings both seen from an unconscious state before the conscious mind intellectualizes them. Ongoing inner stories that rise to the surface in the basic form of pictures and symbols as the unconscious stores and interprets them. (see also DreamScape, Lucid Dreaming, Subconscious)
Duality: double minded. In this teaching it is the human equation of thinking based on believing in both good and evil, both truth and error, opposites which conflict rather than compliment. Also "good and evil" are often seen as conflicting forces eternally creating a world of chaos. Sometimes referred to in class as "two-ness" as opposed to the reality of Oneness. (see also Principle).
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Earth: our planet Terra, third planet from the sun, the world. Represents symbolically "our world" in terms of our consciousness. This is "where we are at". It is true individually as well as collectively. The space program symbolizes a breakthrough in consciousness for mankind because man's bondage to the earth, or his world, which meaning collectively human consciousness, thus leaving the planet is a liberating event which symbolizes much in the way of consciousness. The gravity of the earth reflects the "pull" our human consciousness has on us, sometimes referred to as "earthbound." Also remember duality is the attribute (in a negative sense) of human consciousness. Reality as perceived from the human perspective: "Earth is the edited version of Heaven." ~ Derek Lamar (see also Maya, Substance, World)
East: Eastern thoughts relate the religious ideas of the Oriental mind (Asian). The West, the Occidental, relates philosophies of the "new world". East is symbolic of female and West is male. Left and right as well, we can see the yin and yang of male/female beliefs and feelings of the world which is basically divided into the East and the West. The East has been looked upon as barbaric or emotional whereas the West is civilized or reasoning, mental, intellectual. Even in the United States, the East Coast is our more conservative roots whereas the West Coast has a very New Age philosophy that is liberal where "anything goes." (see Cross, West, Yin Yang)
ego: this is the human personality. Often attacked and battered about us as something we need to get rid of, more often then not we need to clarify it. Jesus said that he came, not to destroy the law but to fulfill it. We need to expand our personality, not get rid of it. (see also the Id, Libido, Phylogenetic, Survival Dynamics)
Egypt: symbolic of bondage, we can see the oppressiveness of the materialistic consciousness here as we battle to be free of human Pharaohs. "Let my people go" expresses our need to free our thoughts of the human mind which confines and release the power of Oneness through the Supra-Conscious Mind.
electromagnetism: gravity and accelerations; weak nuclear, strong nuclear.
emotions: the feeling aspect of consciousness. Symbolically thought of as coming from the heart, and the subconscious. All feelings trace back to Love and or the blocking of Love. With love comes its cousins of Joy, Happiness, Security, Confidence and the lack of these or the blocking of these creates shadow feelings such as fear, insecurity, anxiety, pain, heartbreak, anger, hate, etc. (see also Heart, Intellect, Subconscious, Unconscious)
empathy: the ability to understand another person's state of mind or emotion. In therapeutic use the term is to convey a difference between "sympathy" and "empathy". "Sympathy" is when you identify with someone else's emotion and react to it from your own perspective rather than to "empathize" through you understanding but not identify with it. The point to this is to be able to help the client, in a therapeutic sense so that the focus is on what they are going through and not your own reactions. Otherwise you are of no help and your interpreation of their experience is at question. Also, your sense of objectivity is gone and you are not able to make use of your Objective Self where a real healing energy can begin. (see also Identify, Sympathy)
empty chair technique: psychological/spiritual technique whereby the participant literally or symbolically sits across from an empty chair and in his or her mind deals with another person they are have issues with by way of a dialogue. Both portions of the dialogue is acted out by the participant and all interaction is spontaneous thus allowing the individual to see his thoughts, his version of their thoughts and ultimately bringing it all back into the inner realm of his or her self and a recognition that ultimately it is all occurring within the mind. It is all thought.
energy: the ability to move matter. Matter is consciousness therefore the ability to express consciousness is the power that seems to be at the center of everyone's problems and blessings. (see also Baraka, Holy Spirit)
enfolded: to wrap up, envelope, to surround as if with folds.
enlightenment: the discovery of one's divinity. (see also Divinity)
Enoch: the first person represented in the Bible as having "translated" (going to heaven without experiencing natural death).(see also Translation)
entropy: a measure of the amount of energy unavailable for work during a natural process. Measure of randomness. Measure of the frequency with which an event occurs within a system. You can't get something from nothing. (see ex nihilo nihilo fit)
Epiphany: an appearance or manifestation, especially of a diety or spiritual being. Often used to describe a spiritual experience that brought about change, like a Gestault. (see also Gestault)
ergo: therefore, in consequence of, accordingly, consequently, introducing a statement resulting from. Ergo from the Latin as in Cogito Ergo Sum (I Think Therefore I Am); Je Pense Donc Je Suis in French. "Donc" = therefore. (see also therefore)
error: lie, incorrect, not true. "That which is not so." The falsity which is sometimes called: bad, evil, sin. Ultimately the absence of Truth. (see also Truth)
escape: is to avoid facing the self and avoid dealing with Truth. Being that Man is asleep, it is clear that most of his activities are actually forms of escape. There is opportunity to discover things about the "self" in most activities but be objective and look around you and ask yourself: "Are these people discovering themselves or are they finding ways to use up time in order to avoid having to look at things which are about their self?" (see also Search)
esoteric: understood or intended for the select few who are ready for this special knowledge or the elite who have interest. Secret, hidden, within, internal. (see also Exoteric)
esoteric Christianity: is the hidden side to the teachings of Jesus. A mystery of sorts only because it is deeper than most people have wanted to go. It requires a hard look at the self and a deeper realization of God. (see also Fourth Way, Mysticism)
Esoteric Counseling: is a system of counseling which focuses on the reality of the presence of Higher Mind and how Mind Unfolding is always at work and that our process is to remove the blocks rooted in man-state consciousness and that Reality would reveal itself simply by no longer being blocked and other elements of intuition, realization, awareness would be increased. Also is the total acceptance of the Oneness of Mind and the connectedness of our reality in a way that every aspect of both Reality and our illusion connected with our state of consciousness at any given step in the process of understanding.
Esoteric Teaching:
is a system of instruction which develops the consciousness in order to facilitate change. A process of unlearning by seeing the hidden nature of Reality.(see alsoFourth Way, Gurdjieff, Fourth Way & Esoteric Teaching, Mysticism)
ESP (extra sensory perception): psychic ability beyond the senses via the mind. Intuition, telepathy, clairvoyance.
essence: the basic or necessary constituent of a thing and its intrinsic nature.
evil: contraversial and avoided by most due to the morality society has put on it in the past, the concept of evil is misused and misunderstood. However, evil can be understood as that type of error which is so self consuming and self serving that it destroys everything in its path. It generally occurs when there is a single minded goal based in duality which is consumed by selfishness. It is very self-destructive as well as dangerous to others who due to their own sense of victimization fall prey by getting in its path. (see also Error, Rogue Mind, Sin)
evolution: Darwin's theory of the origin of the species. The continuous adaption of species or organisms by integrating agencies of selections within the environment through various forms of mutation.
ex nihilo nihil fit (Latin): nothing is created from nothing.
exorcism (to exorcise): a ceremony to free a person or place of evil spirits of malignant influences.
exoteric: suitable or acceptable to the general public. Open, without, external, mass consciousness, homogenized, boiled down to the lowest common denominator. (see also Esoteric)
expansion: understand this in light of the concept of change. To expand is to unfold that which already is; the change is an illusion. (see also Change, Finished Kingdom)
explicate: is the manifestation or the reflection of the same concept of the implicate which is from the idea realm of the holographic universe. Similar to Hermes' "As above, so below." (see also Implicate)
expression: the act of expressing or setting forth in words or action or some creative medium. Conveying the idea or essence of something. To show, manifest or reveal. (see also Symbolic or Symbolizes)
extrapolation: to look at the past and the present and determine what the course of events will bring about for the future. Man-state predictions based on facts and figures at hand, percentage and statistics, not dealing with the psychic realm of Higher Mind or collective unconscious. (see also Pert, Prediction, Threat)
extrinsic: outward, external, "non-essential" information. (see also Intrinsic)
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Facts: information that is not necessarily Truth, but factual in the human sense. It is true in a relative sense but not in an absolute sense. A fact is exoteric, extrinsic. The world's truth or truth as the world sees it, just as the earth is heaven as the world sees it. I cut my hand might be a fact, but in Truth, wholeness is all there is and to believe that you can "cut your hand" is to believe that you can do something harmful to the self. Facts may not be the Truth in the absolute sense but neither are they lies. In a corresponding unfoldment one must unfold by first letting go of the lies, then letting go of the facts. If one is obsessive about factual information, they are still closer to the Truth than one who is immersed in lies. But one who is immersed in lies might very well break down and see the Truth sooner than one who is anal about facts. It is sometimes harder for one to see that facts are not the Truth than it is for someone else to see that lies are not the Truth. (see also Faith, Illusion, Maya, Truth)
"Fair Witness":
a term which originated in Robert Heinlein's book, A Stranger In A Strange Land, and refers to one with an objective consciousness which can view their environment, i.e. consciousness, and mentally record what took place without bias or prejudice in order to act objectively and be able to present their observation accurately. Ultimately this ability is to bring about the healing of consciousness by accurately knowing the facts in order that the threshold to Truth be made mor accessible. Much of our "Work" is in the process of determining what it is we are actually perceiving. Often the only thing which prevents "Truth" from manifesting is our awareness of what it actually occuring. Otherwise we must wade through layers and layers of the onion skin of our perceived reality in order to finally remove the "human veil" of consciousness which prevents us from accurately knowing Truth. (see also Objective, Oberserver)
faith: often belief without proof, but initially the idea is a knowing beyond the world's limited understanding, a knowing of Truth beyond facts. "Only faith can guarantee the blessings that we hope for, or prove the existence of the realities that at present remain unseen." ~Hebrews 11:1, KJV: "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."
fakir: the role of mind over matter with regards to the physical body. Commonly expressed as the man on the bed of nails. (see also Fourth Way)
Fall: a result of "original sin". The "eating" or accepting of the concepts of good and evil: duality. Collective karma.
false: that which is not so. It is a lie. It is not true. (see also Error, Truth)
fate: ultimate agency by which the order of things are prescribed. That which is inevitably predetermined; destiny. However one's "fate" ultimately is the discovering of oneself. We are all on the same path, that of realizing who we are. This process varies in terms of speed and lifetimes but the end result is always the same. However, in this teaching, the intention is for acceleration since the alternative is postponing the inevitable which only means have to deal with chaos in our lives instead of order. (see also Destiny, Intention, Judgment, Karma, Kismet)
faultlet: the small faults we are willing to admit in order to avoid seeing the large constructs they in effect hide. It is our way of being "honest" in a limited fashion to cover up the trail to more threatening issues. Example: "Sure I lose my temper every once in awhile, everybody does." The truth here is that he beats his wife and children on a regular basis. But the implication is that if he is willing to expose his faults, his humanness, then what he says can be trusted because after all, he was being honest.
fear attracts: is a statement based on beliefs and especially beliefs with a lot of emotional investment. "What you fears comes upon you" is based on "you get back what you put out". (see also Belief System, Never Say Never)
fear/survival dynamics: phylogenetic information that has on-going effects regardless of whether they are needed or not. Man has basically conquered the environment yet the inner urge to subdue his surroundings continues. The need to populate the earth to satisfy inner needs based on "fear/survival continues as well. Violence and aggressive behavior and outlets such as some competitive sports are evidence also to this. As long as the phylogenetic urges exist within the race history collective unconscious it is a responsible act to have such things as competitive sports. All competition is not bad. Competition is often good. Also the elimination of these types of sport activities will not reduce the need for an outlet of this energy. In fact the opposite is true, if there is no outlet there will be problems. However, humanity does have unconscious urges to "divide and conquer", even in the midst of abundance simply because there are urges which never seem to be satisfied by those in certain positions of authority be it politics or business, even entertainment and recreation. (see also Phylogenetic, Sensuality, Sexuality, )
female: a human being of the sex that conceives and bears young. Pertaining to or characteristic of this sex: female. A person of the female sex: woman or girl. Any animal of corresponding sex, either bearing living young or producing eggs. This teaching conveys that the female attributes which may or not be limited to the female species express aspects of the male/female consciousness and in Truth are already fulfilled in the essence of one's True nature which is androgynous. (see also Androgyny, Male, Male/Female)
Fifth Dimension: One Dimension is the distance between two point; the Second Dimension is similar to a piece of paper (height and width); physical earth realm is the Third Dimension; the psychic realm of consciousness is the Fourth Dimension; the Fifth Dimension is the spiritual realm of absolutes, awareness as I AM; the Sixth Dimension is the command realm of heavenly manifestation; the Seventh Dimension is the realm of Absolute Beingness.
film: an example of creativity which reflects our consciousness. We live in a movie and the script is written by us. A therapeutic approach to life is to view what you are perceiving as if it were a movie. It is another way of identifying your consciousness as a dream. (see also Dreams)
filter / filtering system: a filtering system relates to our consciousness and its ability to identify information based on what it requires to know. This prohibits the mind from perceiving Reality as it really is because we are not wired to know reality without opening ourselves up to what Reality really is. The definition of filter is "to remove by action of a filter." The process of a filter and its function is to selectively choose what goes through it and what does not; like a water filter or a lens or filter on a camera; or a filter on a cigarette. But the mind uses filters in order to perceive sense testimony based on fear/survival dynamics and this limits our ability to perceive our surroundings and our self beyond a certain point. It is a way to put limits on our perception. As we clear up our consciousness through "Work" (tools, techniques, meditation, prayer, yoga, tai chi, etc.) we expand our ability to perceive what we call reality.
Finished Kingdom, The: this phrase coined by Lillian DeWaters expresses the concept of Truth in its mathematical sense similar to the multiplication table akin to the Shrodinger's Cat concept except based on Life not on death. It is the understanding of Truth and the infinite variety of existence where everything already is, was and will be in a frozen idea form of possibilities; a matrix of answers for every question; solutions for every problem.
First Cause: God. In terms of cause and effect, the first cause would be whatever everything traces back to and we call that God.
flip: slang "in-term" for accomplishing the turning around of one's awareness from human perspective to divine perspective. Revelation, enlightenment. But in conjunction with therapeutic techniques which engage one's emotions and expends them to their fullest in order to let go of them completely and then step outside of that "self" into the "I AM" self and acknowledge realization of the Truth. Example: "I give you life for the death I once wished you." (see also Release)
fluid: changing readily, not fixed or stable.
Fly Effort: doing a small task for the task's sake and not for the importance it gives you. Dealing with the principle in simple terms rather than complex efforts intended to impress others. Learning to handle something in a reasonable amount rather than biting off more than you can chew. The purpose is for learning and achievement not in brownie points. Also it has its holographic applications. If you understand the elemental principle of a project, you can expand upon it later and still succeed. Gurdjieff: "And above all, in order to do what is difficult, one must first learn to do what is easy. One cannot begin with the most difficult."
Formless Force: Consciousness as the Super Spiritual Energy which is the intelligence in all, through all, over all and as all. (see also God)
formula: a rule or principle, a mixture or recipe, a mixture of ingedients which "form" a product or a principle. In this Teaching, Principle (Out and Back), when dissected and understood can be seen as the formula for Reality. It becomes the "Golden Thread" which weaves throughout all spiritual teachings and forms the fabric of the Universe in its existence and its expression. (see also Abstract, Code)
Fourth Way: The "Way" talked about by G.I. Gurdjieff and his students based on the idea of wholeness which is beyond the three other ways considered "classic paths" at the time Gurdjieff taught: (1) the fakir: control over the physical body (2) the monk: acceptance of self-discipline (3) the yogi: acquiring knowledge (4) The Fourth Way is all three together in order that one be in the world but not of it. Wherever you are is the place you need to be to know the Truth you seek. The yogi is symbolic of the mind, the fakir is symbolic of the body and the monk is symbolic of the soul therefore this translates as "mind", "body" and "soul". Thus putting the three together creates a complete force which accelerates the learning process. (see also Gurdjieff)
fragmentation: when your consciousness is chopped up in pieces, memories dislocated from other key memories.
free will: the concept that man can accept or reject God as his own choice. We have the will to see the Truth or not to see it, but this doesn't change the Truth. Ultimately all of this is only appearance since Mind knowing itself is all that is taking place. There is one will and it is FREE to BE. To know Truth is to do the "will of the Father". (see also Destiny, Dharma)
function before form: the concept that a concept is the Reality of all that is. The idea of "light" exists just like a mathematical concept. In an Absolute sense, "Light" is the attribute of Truth which expresses Knowing. This knowing as "light" once ignited by the infinite variety which also is truth explodes with possibilities as Mind. These ideas can be chosen and manifested as all ideas can and often do thus there is "function before form" as seen in this metaphysical interpretation. In the world of science, "function" is the essence which goes hand in hand with "necessity is the mother of invention" thus reflecting this same understanding used daily on our planet. What we "need" has its complimentary counterpart in consciousness since "need" is only half of the whole "truth". "Need" and "supply" work together as one whole concept... supply and demand (need). Thus each aspect, when separate, cry out for fulfillment, as ideas. Just as the cryptic remark by Jesus when he was scolded for not stopping the crowds from hailing him the Messiah as he entered Jerusalem, he responded "I tell you, if these keep silence the stones will cry out." (Luke 19:40) This is also the Law of the Vacuum in action. (see also Law of the Vacuum, Law of Assumption, Principle)
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Gaea: ancient Greek goddess of the earth. The concept of "Gaea" is that the earth is a living being and that everything which happens on the earth (including the blame on mankind) that is out of balance, "Gaea" will in reaction cleanse the earth in whatever way is necessary to achieve that order including ridding itself of mankind. This Teaching states that there is wholeness in all things and that the earth holographically reflects its own ability to maintain balance.
Garbage in, garbage out: computer term meaning that what you put into the equipment determines the output of your equipment. You get back what you put out mirrors this. "You are what you eat." "As a man thinketh." "For every action there is an equal opposite reaction." "As above, so below." "As within, so without." (see also Computer, Out & Back, Principle)
Gehenna: (see Hell)
genome: The human genome is our DNA "blueprint,". It is the chemical code that instructs our cells to produce the proteins that give us our physical attributes, and also contribute to many less tangible features, like behavior, learning and predisposition to physical disease. (see also DNA, QMA)
Gestalt / Gestalt psychology: doctrine or theory that psychological or physiological phenomena occur through "gestalts" functioning separately or interrelatedly rather than through the summation of individual elements as sensations or reflexes. A gestalt is a unified whole, a configuration, an organized field or a pattern. Example: one has a "gestalt", as it is often referred to, when a certain number of pieces fall into place in one's consciousness and a bell or light goes off and a change occurs providing a breakthrough in a given area. (see also Breakthrough)
ghosts (spirits, poltergeist, spook): often thought to be an actual person who has died and just hasn't moved on to heaven or hell. An event, usually involving people, happens at a given location which acts like a taperecorder and projects elements of the past in a tape-loop fashion often in a haphazard manner. Sometimes a physical item will also retain "menories" of an incident and continue to project an element of that event which often can be picked up by intuitives or untrained individuals. A physical location or an object can appear to be "possessed" and generally this is due to the vibrations which eminate due to a tramatic incident which, again, has become recorded by the object like a tape recorder tapes a sound. Often referred to as "haunted". (see also Possessed)
Gestalt: (see also Breakthrough)
G.I. (Georges Ivanovitch) Gurdjieff: early 20th century mystic who left Russia as the Russian revolution began in 1917 and moved across Europe with a small band of followers until he ended up outside of Paris, France in a town called Fontainebleau where he started a school. Gurdjieff was of unknown extraction though it is theorized that he was Armenian and Greek. His birthdate, 1866(?) in Alexandropol, Armenia, and he died in 1949 in Paris, France. Many people studied under Gurdjieff, some of great renown(Frank Lloyd Wright, P.D. Ouspensky, J.D. Bennett, A. R. Orage, Mrs. Enrico Caruso, Kenneth Walker, Jane Heap, Kathryn Hume Katherine Mansfield, Rom Landau, and even more studied his teachings. His teaching is a combination of Sufism and Esoteric Christianity with a dash of this and that which he molded into his own philosophy which he called Fourth Way. (see also Fourth Way)
Give-For Technique, the: This technique is a play on the word "forgive" and reverses it to be "give for" rendering the term into a tool whereby you "give for a new awareness" rather than holding onto a previous state of consciousness. You forgive by giving for a new state of consciousness. I forgive you by realizing that whatever the incident was that I was playing a role which at the time was not aware of the Reality of my I AM state and that all of what happened was a process of mind unfolding bringing me now to this new realization of myself as I AM.
glossalalia: Glossalalia is from Greek glossa, tongue, and it refers to speaking in tongues, ecstatic utterances. A most interesting and most abused phenomenon in the modern Christianity. It is believed to be evidence of the Holy Ghost. Many strayed from an earlier belief confirmed by the Pentecostal doctrine and insisting that the speaking in tongues is essential to any true baptism. By their one burning desire to enter into the same supernatural experience which is described in Acts, tongues became the only door through which they experienced anything supernatural. Churches have thus entered into in confusion and tongues became the most divisive influence in the modern church. From the Azusa Street Mission experiences, whole congregations rose up into popularity based on what has become, for some, a lot of charlatanism and ego trips for others. Yet nothing has changed in the consciousness of the individuals involved. It is much like a drug experience or the ecstatic hysteria found in the "snake churches" in the South of the United States. (see also Speaking In Tongues)
GOD: Creator, Mind, Infinite Mind, Formless Force, I AM THAT I AM, God State, Divine Mind, Consciousness, SupraConsciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, Higher Mind, Intelligence, First Cause, The Finished Kingdom, Truth, and that sort of thing. Some other more traditional names are: Allah, Jehovah Yahweh, YHWH, El, El Shadaii, Lord, Supreme Being, Ruler of the Universe, Deity, Father, Logos, Supreme Ruler of the World, Adonai, Elohim. (see also Absolute, Principle, Truth)
God-State: the highest level, in terms of perceiving the wholeness of Infinity, of God. The realm of God. The condition and being of that which is the complete Truth. One of three aspects: man-state, son-of-God state and God-state. I AM THAT I AM revelation. (see also Finished Kingdom, God, Godhead, Truth, )
Godhead: the personalities of the One God as they form and reveal the multi-faceted infinite variety of the Supreme Being that is ALL. Common reference to this is the Trinity: the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Personality forms the complete nature, condition and essential being of God. (see also God, God-State, I AM THAT I AM, YHWH, )
gospel (Good News): the proclamation of Jesus (Yeshua) that "the kingdom of heaven is within" (as opposed to outside you). Not the story about Jesus, but actually the proclamation that Absolute Reality is inside of YOU.
government: the rule by which the state, community is governed. The establishment of order and the exercise thereof as control. Symbolically we are governed by the axioms and our ability to cognize those axioms. We get back what we put out therefore the controlling factors in our lives are best described as Mind Unfolding. To more we achieve inner control the less problems or conflicts we will have outside of ourselves with regards to external control or "authority". (see also Authority)
government: understand its symbolic level; government represents "authority" and the governing factors within consciousness thus it reflects the collective unconscious and how it "operates" its allocated sphere of influence. Thus government reflects to you just what you have within your consciousness that is "controlling" your life and the "authority" within you which you salute as being the "principle" which defines your activities and thoughts and feelings.
grace: the state of perfect forgiveness and unmerited favor through the acceptance of God. No need to "do" anything except receive God, or Jesus, or similar divine personality whose reputation and role is rooted in forgiveness. No outward deeds needed yet no inward work expected either, merely the acceptance of God... ultimately this acceptance is understood a complete or Oneness even if but for a moment... a mustard seeds worth of time, faith, realization. The common religious expression is "saved by grace" which implies that all one has to do is "believe in Jesus" but this does not translate in an actual metanoia unless this belief is an inner acceptance which ignites one's own divinity. (see also Dharma, Karma and the Law)
guides: the idea of guides, or spirit guides, angels, individualized aspects of consciousness from "the other side" are not necessarily what they seem. It is the belief in this teaching, with slight and few exceptions, that most "beings" are human interpretations of Higher thoughts. It has been historically understood that often during moments of spiritual manifestation (?) consciousness was perceived in terms that the viewer could interpret based on their own state of consciousness. Example: Jacob wrestled with God. This is the common interpretation of the event and yet it also reads that Jacob wrestled with an angel. Having God appear in an anthropomorphic form in order to interact with results from "our" state of consciousness. We perceive what we need to perceive in the manner which best is understood by us. The Transfiguration where Jesus, Elijah and Moses appear on the hill as witnesses by the disciples is another misunderstood example. (see also Angels, Ascended Masters)
Gurdjieff, G.I. (Georges Ivanovitch): often called a Russian mystic, Gurdjieff actually was possibly a mixture or portions of Greek, Armenian, Turkish. He was born in approximately 1866. After his famous "meetings with remarkable men" he ended up in Russia where he gained a following just prior to the revolution. In 1914 he left Russia and went to Constantinople, then in 1920 to Berlin. 1921-1922 he moved on to Paris where he soon acquired the funds to purchased a 14th century property in Fontainbleau called the Chateau de Prieure (Pree oh REE). He had many famous students of the day such as P.D. Ouspensky, A. R. Orage, J.G. Bennett, Frank Lloyd Wright and his wife , Mrs. Enrico Caruso, Kenneth Walker, Jane Heap, Kathryn Hume, Rom Landau, Alice B. Toklas, Gertrude Stein, Lincoln Kursten and many others. Gurdjieff put together a philosophy called Fourth Way which dealt with the individual in mind, body and soul through psychological and spiritual studies which dealt with the inner self mirroring the outer self. It was and is an East/West approach with Sufi influences including his group and their famous "dances" which became one of the better known "exercises" which reached out to the public at large. Gurdjieff himself said that basically Fourth Way was esoteric Christianity. Gurdjieff died in Paris in 1949. Some of Gurdjieff's themes were: man is asleep and must wake up, man is mechanical, the student needs the teacher, student/teacher relationship, sly man approach, prove everything to yourself, do not blindly believe, self observation, mystical power of Baraka, that this Teaching isn't for everyone. Q.M.I. is a Fourth Way School. (see also Fourth Way)
Guru: an intellectual or spiritual guide, teacher; wise leader. (see also Master, Teacher)
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Habit patterns: cycles created by setting ideas in motion. On-going expression that often is seen in the negative sense but is in and of itself positive when coupled with Truth. Example: the negative version could be substance abuse; the positive would be tying your shoes or typing. (see Blocks, Conclusions, Constructs, Out-picturing)
half-truths: not the whole truth. Aspects of Principle left incomplete or fulfilled erroneously with other incomplete aspects of Principle. Expansion, not denial, necessary to release the whole truth. All error is actually incomplete Truth, truth is all here is therefore everything is truth but often one is not seeing the "whole picture" therefore only half is perceived. Example: "need" might be perceived as a lie since Truth is all fulfilled therefore there is no need, however, need, as in a requirement is half of the Principle of supply and demand, thus the need (or demand) is fulfilled when the whole Truth of Supply and Demand is recognized. Thus "need" is a half-truth. You cannot have a "complete lie" because completeness is Truth, thus again, even in the words, we can see the symbology being revealed. (see also Error, Truth)
hall of mirrors: a Fourth Way term expressing a school or life itself and the reflection of oneself as seen in all that is. In relationships, in circumstances, patterns, etc. Maintaining an objective attitude and using self-observation to be aware that all given situations are reflecting your state of consciousness: your beliefs, attitude, emotions, patterns, habits. (see also Mirror, Reflection)
hats: the concept of wearing many hats, playing many roles or characters or selves. We "wear" many "hats", often we do not even observe when we change them or confuse them with others. However being in the "awake state" can allow one to operate as Gurdjieff's "sly man" when he or she can walk in these objective role of being "in the moment." (see also Roles)
Hanbledzoin: energy of a spiritual quality which Gurdjieff drew upon for the purposes of healing. The same as Baraka and the Holy Spirit. (see also Baraka, Holy Spirit, Spirit)
Hawaii: (see also Aloha, Hula, Huna, Kahuna, Kahuna Priest)
healing: the appearance of disease changing into perfect health. In Reality "perfect health" is revealed. Healing is symbolic of the change in consciousness, expansion of awareness. The healing of the mind through the "change" of awareness necessary to release the Truth of perfect health.
health: pertains to the condition of one's body or mind. This Teaching relates that health is determined by consciousness and all disease or accidents are an outpicturing of one's thinking, of one's mind both on the human state of consciousness level combined with one's true identity as I AM.
heart: symbolic for feelings and can be substituted wit the term "unconscious" or "subconscious". Example: Matthew 12:34 "For a man's words flow out of what fills his heart." or "For a man's words flow out of what fills his unconscious. (see also Intellect)
heaven: symbol for True Reality most times. The exception is a secondary meaning that is biblical. For example: Mark 13:31 "Heaven and Earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away." This relates the area of consciousness where conclusions that have been formed reap a manifestation on the earth level. The earth level is where we perceive what we have sown. The earth level literally is what our consciousness actually perceives of Reality. We get what we put out and this is negative or positive. "God is no respecter of persons" as it were. Principle operates regardless of individual point of view. The "word" is absolute and changeless, it is Truth, but heaven and earth represent unfoldment seen as "change" and that is not absolute. (see also Body)
Hell: the word used by Jesus was Gehenna. Gehenna was a place where Moloch burned children as sacrifices. Eventually this area of town was considered so tainted that it could only be used for a trash dump which ironically burned all of the time. This was the symbolism Jesus used for the eternal burning of consciousness. It wasn't a hell inside of the earth but a place of torment within our mind because of our problems and until we experienced changes in consciousness we would seethe or burn inside, simmer, all examples of inner turmoil which would continue forever unless some metanoia occurred. This fiery state of consciousness burns until we are totally consumed when we refuse to let go of self-defeating dualistic concepts. Hell also symbolizes that same area of consciousness of those same problems that we must face in order to let go of them before it does have a chance to consume us. "To dream the impossible dream... to march through hell for a heavenly cause."
Helplessness: the infant experiences this state of consciousness, sometimes referred to as primal pain of the baby.
hidden variables: unconscious beliefs which though one is not consciously aware of them, they can change and alter the course of one's conscious intention regardless of what they believe, what they think they think and regardless of how much hard work they put into an endeavor.
hermaphroditism: anomalous condition in humans and animals where both male and female reproductive organs and secondary sexual characteristics are present in the same individual. (see also Androgyny, Androgyne, Sexuality, Transgender, Transsexual)
Hide and Seek: A Fourth Way Teacher cares more about what you hide than in what you seek. (see also Fourth Way, Gurdjieff, Sly man)
Higher Mind: another term for God. (see also Divine Mind, God, I AM, I AM THAT I AM, Infinite Mind, Self, Truth)
holistic: new age term for "holy" or non-orthodox spiritual healing ideas and therapy. An off-shoot of Wholistic. (see also Wholistic)
hologram: a technology of creating a "photograph" and projecting it via lasers creating a three dimensional image. (see also Holographic)
holographic: pertains to the hologram process
Holy Spirit: often misunderstood simply because the Truth of the Godhead is so severely represented amidst confusion. Remember, Oneness is Reality and the Trinity has always been expressed as One. The Holy Spirit, Comforter, Advocate, expresses the spirit of God. Sometimes seen as energy, it relates that which brings about the manifestation of Truth: healing power, divine knowledge, prophecy, psychic phenomenon, our Higher Self, etc. (see also Baraka, Energy, Formless Force)
human: individuated consciousness but more precisely, the individuation in state of duality. This is the self as it knows itself at this point through the filtering system of duality. (see also Body, Man-State)
heterophobic: (see also Homophobic): fear of heterosexuals and the heterosexual lifestyle.
heterosexuality (straight): sexual orientation based on male/female relationships.
homophobic: fear of homosexuals and the homosexual lifestyle. (see also Heterophobic)
homosexuality (gay or lesbian): sexual orientation based on male/male or female/female relationships
hula: Hawaiian dance which originally was considered sacred and was used in religious rituals. Hula, which was considered vulgar and lewd by the missionaries was prohibited for a time, but was revived by King David Kalakaua (known as The Merry Monarch). The hula "...has some surprises for you. It has a power beyond the martial arts. the lower, basic forms of the martial arts such as karate oppose energy, battling it head-on in an effort to control it. Higher forms, even Jujitsu, seek to redirect energy by bypassing it or turning it back on itself in an effort to gain control. The hula, however, goes a step further. The dancer seeks initially neither to control nor direct energy. The hula teaches that when the energy of the life-force flows uninterrupted from the feet up through the hips (another key) and with joy out through the fingertips, the dancer is in a perfect state of grace with all life." ~ Pila of Hawaii (see also Aloha, Hawaii, Huna, Kahuna, Kahuna Priest)
Humanism: a state of consciousness that is an outgrowth of duality. This is based on the concept that "man is the measure of all things". Total denial that there are absolutes. Man-state awareness is "I want what I want when I want it". This is certainly a half-truth type out-picturing. It is a result of the need to rebel against traditional religion which has prevented man the discovery of his divinity, but to turn around and deny divinity itself is self-defeating as well. "Secular Humanism" is the rallying phrase in religious circles and to them it is the philosophy of Satan himself, however one must remain objective in understanding what is really represented here. Humanism, especially in psychology created a lot of breakthrough thinking which religion had kept inside of a locked box because of the social pressures which existed at a certain point. However, Humanistic Psychology today now has no concept of the Divine Self and as a result there is no understanding of the spiritual relationship between man and his world and thus the boundaries, as represented by the understanding of Truth, have been eliminated and there isn't any belief system left to hold onto which has any measure of raising one's consciousness. It has deteriorated into merely political/business and the healing level is minimal. Most illnesses are diagnosed through the use of a grab bag of political correctness and trickled down into a lifestyler's handbook for happiness.
huna: the sacred Hawaiian religion of the ancient Hawaiian kept alive around the world by a few devotees. Now gaining in interest among various spiritually mind peoples. Sometimes referred to as huna magic or kahuna magic. (see also Aloha, Hawaii, Hula, Kahuna, Kahuna Priest)
hurt: the pain we feel leaves us "hurting". It communicates the "separateness" between ourself and the Oneness which makes ongoing harmony present in our life. Harmony is the natural innate feeling and hurt expresses itself when that is interupted by emotional injury. (see also Subconscious, Unconscious)
hypnosis: a technique rendering artificial sleep leaving the person open to suggestions. (see also Hypnotherapy)
hypnotherapy: The practice of treatment through hypnosis (see also Hypnosis)
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I AM: (Understand that the famous quote of Rene Descartes, "I think therefore I am" follows the same form as the syllogistic process. There is the invisible or unspoken side to axioms and mathematics which needs to be understood, especially in understanding certain formulas such as the syllogism. 1. Major Premise: "I think" 2. Minor Premise:   ?      3. Conclusion: "therefore I am." The unspoken minor premise would be: "to think is to exist" or "you must exist in order to think". Therefore you have: "I think, to think is to exist, therefore I am." And when you are working through this remember the part about: "even if I think I don't exist, I have to exist in order to think that." This can either be a man-state level or a God-state level. The human consciousness sees this "I am" in a state of separateness. "I am" regardless of anything else. The God State consciousness says I AM THAT I AM, or I AM because of everything else I am for I AM ALL. Also, "Even before Abraham, I am" (see also I AM THAT I AM)
I AM Connection (Journey Into The Template Of Infinity) by Derek Lamar: a book outlining a process of inner unfoldment through words guiding the reader into the mystical realm of the I AM. See book page of I AM Connection. (also see Man Is Dead, Gurdjieff, Fourth Way & Esoteric Teaching)
I AM THAT I AM: the Moses' revelation seen as Yahweh (YHWH): the Tetragrammaton. This is "Cause" that results from itself. Ultimate "cause and effect". The eternal male/female principle. The beingness of Oneness; the One Being. Fully translated and understood in its completeness: "I AM - I WAS - I WILL BE because I AM - I WAS - I WILL BE the power to be eternally I." (see also Yahweh)
Id: the part of the psyche that is the source of instinctive energy. Its impulses are modified by the ego and the superego: the source of the libido. (see also Ego, Superego)
identify: to emotionally feel kinship with someone or something based on one's own unconscious memories. To associate in feeling, interest or action. To associate oneself with another person or group of persons by identification. (see also Empathy, Sympathy).
identity: the persona of who you believe yourself to be.
individuation: a result of "infinite variety". Oneness seen in its panoramic reality of ordered unfoldment. Another "half-truth" dilemma. The individuation is seemingly appearing as separate from everything else but as infinite variety what we have here is Mind expressing itself and its infinite personality within mind. When the individuation thinks that it is separate from itself as MIND then duality sets in and everything becomes colored by this thinking as a result. (see also Infinite One, Infinite Variety)
illusion: something that deceives by producing a false impression. Often acquainted with metaphysical interpretation of the world of reality not being what it seems. Often thought of in terms of "not being real", a mirage of sorts. (see also Maya, Materiality)
imagery: the process of forming mental images and concentrating on them in order to use "mind over matter" and create or manifest. (see also visualization)
implicate: the idea realm of the holographic universe whereas the explicate is the manifestation or the reflection of the same idea. Similar to Hermes' "As above, so below." (see also Explicate)
innate: existing in one from birth. Inherent in the character of something.
incense: an aromatic gum or other substance producing a sweet odor when burned. Often used in religious ceremonies and meditation. Popular today in aroma therapies. Often a meditative state of mind becomes linked with the memories of the odor of incense that one is familiar with and as a result it assists the meditator in achieving that state more quickly and more easily over time.
Infinite One: The complete truth, as it were. Oneness and yet infinite, single and yet plural. Oneness but in its Infinity. Oneness not as a single numeral meaning a small amount, and not infinite meaning a whole-lot-of-several, but rather Infinite One. This pulls together the extremes of the principle of "Out and Back". "One symbolizes beginning and Infinity symbolizes "The End" as in the total amount, thus the beginning and the end, Alpha and Omega, the first and the last can be seen in this realization of Infinite One. It is very Zen-like. Like statements you read in Zen studies you might find something similar to "Life is so vast and yet so compact." (see also Individuation, Infinite Variety, Zen, Zen-like)
infinite variety: the truth of infinity and the infinity of truth expresses its unlimitedness in this manner. Whether it be careers, energy, sources, people, food; the truth that is everpresent expresses its individuality in this form of unfoldment. (see also Individuation, Infinite One, )
infinity: literally not ending. It covers all limits expressed in physicality: time, distance, quantity.
initiate: the student who begins study into esoteric teachings. The root meaning of the word is "beginning".
initiation: the procedure or formal rites one has to pass through to achieve the status of the so-called esoteric elite. Usually more ceremony than substance. (see also Path)
inner: that which is inside, usually pertaining to within one's self, one's heart, one's consciousness. That which is within as opposed to that which is without. (see also Esoteric, Exoteric, Explicate, Extrinsic, Implicate, Intrinsic, Outer)
instructor: one who furnishes knowledge by training as opposed to Teaching which is not confined to a class originated or prepared by someone else. (see also School, Teacher)
insulation: the "stuff" we put between ourselves and things we are not comfortable being close to. Example: We insultate ourselves from other people, from ideas, from our memories, etc. We build walls inside and we also fill ourselves up with "busy stuff" designed to create a diversion from all that creates anxiety in us. Sometimes we even use anxiety to act as insulation to go between us and out and out panic. It varies to the degree we are in fear of dealing with consciousness.
intellect: the thinking/reasoning aspect of mind. The conscious intellectual approach. Symbolized by the brain as is emotion symbolized by the heart with regards to the feeling found in the unconscious. We find maleness expressed here, whereas female is expressed as emotion. (see also Heart)
intelligence: the presence of mind in all things. Example: there is obvious intelligence at work in nature.
intention: pre-existing purpose. Often capitalized to express Higher Mind's purpose. Example: Cosmic Intention is waiting to awaken within us all.
interpenetrate: inseparable interconnectedness
interference: the distorting or inhibiting effect of previously learned behavior on subsequent learning. (see also Imprinted, Memory, Ontogenetic, Phylogenetic)
intrinsic: inherently within, the very nature of something. Essential, innate, natural, inward. (see also Extrinsic)
intuition: a hunch, a feeling, a psychic impression whereby you know something otherwise impossible. Information independent of the reasoning process. Related as a "feeling", it expresses femaleness and generally attributed to women... i.e., "female intuition", or "women's intuition". (see also Right Brain)
intuitive: psychic, receiving facts or truth independent of any reasoning process. (see also Psychic)
isomorphic: "as above so below" - Hermes. Dictionary definition is: different in ancestry but having the same form or appearance.
I Thou / I it: the two approaches to your world available to you. One, "I Thou", expresses "the Father and I are One" whereby you realize all you see is your awareness. The second, "I it", is that state of duality where everything you see is outside you and working against you. Take your choice. (see also Divinity)
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Joseph Release, The: a technique where Joseph's consciousness, as one of the twelve children of Jacob (creative forces) parallels the understanding of Jacob's Ladder. All of Jacob's children symbolize aspects of his own consciousness and he discovers spiritual liberation through the Joseph state and the coat of many colors representing the infinity of Mind. Joseph which means "increaser" symbolizes the expansion of consciousness through the intuitive psychic role that Joseph plays as God speaks through Joseph to Jacob and ends up bringing him freedom in the midst of Egypt. Jacob means "supplanter" because of the relationship between Jacob and Esau which represent states of consciousness whereby Isaac won out in consciousness, again through his creative forces, his children, and what we see there was Jacob, Isaac's higher nature gain control over the more earthly carnal man-state consciousness symbolized by Esau. Jacob wrestled with God and this technique is one where one can wrestle within their own consciousness to open up to their I AM (God). (see also classes, Forgiveness, Give-For Technique, Joseph Technique, Method, Prayer, The Process, Release, Technique, Translation)
Jehovah: (see Yahweh)
Jesus : literally Yeshua and the name comes originally from Yehoshuah. The same name Joshua comes from as well. Yeshua comes from the Hebrew Yahweh (Jehovah) and translated according to tradition would be "Ya= He is" and "shua= saves". Thus He saves or He is salvation. The "He" however was a misunderstanding from the beginning since the spiritual understanding is, was and always will be clearly "I AM THAT I AM". There Yeshua translates as "I AM salvation" or "Salvation as a result of I AM". Thus Jesus symbolizes the eternal I AM Principle made manifest and the acceptance of this understanding brings us salvation. (see also Yehoshua)
Jihad: a struggle, not a Holy War. This is to be understood as truly meaning an "inner struggle" and those extremists who believe in it as an outward struggle or war have perverted its spiritual meaning for their own selfish motives. This is an example of how easily turning the inward into the outward, the esoteric into the exoteric can twist the understanding to suit the human self rather than the I AM spiritually aware being.
Joseph Technique, The: (see Jacob Technique, The)
judgment: in the positive sense, judgment is the ability to discern. The negative aspect of judgment is when we make up our minds about someone or something that we believe is outside ourselves and then we conclude falseness to be the Absolute Truth. This is what condemnation is. Positively we "see" based on an ability to discern and with an awareness of Oneness. Also we realize that what we see is not necessarily the whole truth, but what is being expressed at a certain point in time whether it be seen individually or collectively. Judgment in regards to Judgment Day expresses the idea of the end of the age where collectively all of consciousness undergoes a facing of itself and a separation of the false ideas from the Truth. This is also on-going on an individual and collective level as well. (see also Resurrection)
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Kahuna: often characterized as the "big kahuna" which comes from the Kahuna Priest or "medicine man". Also the actual religion usually referred to as Huna. Kahuna magic and Huna magic. Huna is the remnants of an even more ancient religion which predates civilization and stretches back to before Atlantis and back to Lamuria (Mu). The ancients maintained a very sophisticated spiritual society which ended along with all history of that era. The post Lamurian society continued and their Huna is a dim reflection of those times. (see also Aloha, Hawaii, Hula, Huna, Kahuna Priest)
Kahuna Priest: the educated and aware Huna Master. (see also Aloha, Hawaii, Hula, Huna, Kahuna)
karma: the law of cause and effect and yet the emphasis seems to be on the work necessary to escape "bad karma". The belief is in doing good deeds to counteract the past mistakes one has made. This is a man-state approach of observing "The Law" and approaching God on the external level rather than internal. (see also Dharma)
key memory: this is the original memory where a conclusion was made which created a habit pattern. The root to the weed, as it were.
keys to the kingdom: Peter's recognition of Jesus as the Christ symbolizes the recognition of "God in man". Realization of the Oneness of God brings with it the understanding of principle: out and back. "Whatever you loose on shall be considered bound in heaven." (see also Heaven)
kingdoms: animal, vegetable and mineral relate different states of consciousness. Animals symbolize consciousness depending on the animal: subconscious, conscious, and supraconscious. Vegetables symbolize ongoing growth in consciousness along with ideas and knowledge. Minerals symbolize substance in an earthly state and relate more phylogenetic information as it relates to human consciousness.
kismet: fate, destiny. Turkish word which traces back to "divide". This probably had to do with future inheritance and the possessions being divided amongst the sons. Also related as "one's lot". Commonly expressed at " was meant to be". (see also Destiny, Fate, Intention, Karma)
kismet: (see also Fate, Karma)
Kunda: a class dealing with kundalini Male/Female energies in a class accompanied by a dramatic meditation. Metanoia 2000 (The Process) required to attend this class along with interview)
kundalini: Eastern yoga exercises designed to release sexual energies by building up the energies within the soma and then releasing them to travel up the spine through the chakras culminating in an explosion of euphoria within consciousness as the participant experiences Oneness with the Godhead. (see also Chakras)
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Lamar, Derek: Teacher, Lecturer, and Author on various metaphysical topics such as Quantum Metaphysics, Fourth Way Instruction and Ontology. Author of several books such as Gurdjieff, Fourth Way & Esoteric Teaching, The I AM Connection, Man Is Dead. Sometimes referred to as metaphysicist, Fourth Way Master, metaphysician, ontologist, mystic. Derek has been researching and teaching since 1967. Studied under a student of G.I. Gurdjieff: Fourth Way Master, Thane of Hawaii, for seven years. Also a composer, Derek is attuned to the music of life and realizes the abstract as well as the concrete. His statement "Life is a joke and that is a very serious thing to discover" rings at the heart of his Teaching. He is warm, funny, loving, insightful and a joy to be around. His classes are magnificent. Like Gurdjieff students have said he has the ability to look through your human personna and straight into your Soul. (see also Gurdjieff, Fourth Way & Esoteric Teaching, The I AM Connection, Man Is Dead, Gurdjieff Had A Student Who Had A Student, Books: Gurdjieff, I AM, Man)
Laws: rules or principles based on Truth which operate absolutely and can be accessed and used individually or collectively. (see also The Law of Assumption, The Law of the Vacuum, The Law of Attraction)
Law, the: the Mosaic Law means specifically the principles and laws handed down by Moses. But in a general sense the Law relates the consciousness that believes that outward acts can bring about salvation, or favor from God. In this sense also it reflects that misunderstanding that adhering to "rules" has spiritual meaning when in actuality all that it accomplishes is a social order like all laws. Jesus said: "I have not come to destroy the Law but to fulfill it." This means the next and final step in this process. First there is no law. Then there is an exoteric or outward (intellectual) understanding of the Law. Then there is an esoteric or inward (in our consciousness with knowingness) of the Law thus fulfilling it, completing it. (see also Karma, Grace)
Attraction, The Law of: The coming back aspect of the Out and Back Principle. We get what we put out. Example: "What I fear comes upon me." (see also The Law of Assumption, The Law of The Vacuum)
Law of Assumption, the: The principle of assuming. Creating a belief system whereby a prefigured out-picturing takes place. Example: "As a man thinks in his heart, so is he." (see also The Law of Attraction, The Law of The Vacuum)
Law of the Vacuum, the: "the world abhors a vacuum." This statement tells the whole story. The Law of the Vacuum states that what is empty shall be filled. "Let there be light and there is light." Give and it shall be given unto you." If you need money, give money. Empty yourself and be filled. You get what you put out therefore demand Truth by letting go of error and be filled with Truth. Create a vacuum and watch it fill up. This goes hand in hand with the Law of Assumption. Know that your prayer is answered already. Sometimes called "stepping out on faith" by the Christian community. (see also Principle, Law of Assumption, Vacuum)
"learned behavior": learned behavior is mechanical mannerisms, activity, and constructs of psychological patterns that were observed as a child, or as an adult, but which were not consciously thought out and simply became a pattern of "sleep-state" behavior based on repeating what someone else did. I.E., how you treat children simply based on a parents manner or how you react to situations based on what you saw done as a child (or adult). This includes emotional reactions as well and complex rationalizations taken on through interacting with others, often parents or adults as a child. We think we are consciously acting a certain way but actually we are exhibiting behavior based on imitating or "cooperating" with others engaged in said behavior. This could be how we take care of young children, how we deal with strangers, how we take care care of our house, how we react to criticism, how we interpret problems and solve them, etc. (see also "survival dynamics.")
symbolizes the female side. (see also East, Female, Male/Female, Principle)
left brain: relates the more structured, academic, reasoning part of the brain. Male attributes because the left side of the brain governs the right side of the body. (see also Brain, Intellect, Mobius, Right Brain, )
libido: all of the instinctual energies and desires that are derived from the id. The sexual instinct. (see also Id)
lies: that which is not so. (see also Truth, Sense Testimony)
life: the ongoing Beingness of Infinite Mind in all, of all, as all.
light: the reality and concept of "knowing" as in "seeing" which ultimately is mind aware of Self. Also darkness which represents "not knowing" or ignorance (to ignore that which is). Also the polarity of light in terms of the duality of light. This can be seen in "polarization" meaning there is the spectrum of Light and the differing rays represent varying properties. The birth of an idea is represented by the "light bulb" which symbolizes the birth of an idea. Light understood as revelation or illumined or enlightened. Light which is "not heavy" as in "physical matter" which is the consciousness of duality manifested in form. Obstruction of light creates shadows which also symbolize ghost like consciousness or darkness and unknowing or the death of ideas. A shadow also draws one to the light, it becomes an indicator of "reality" just as all sense testimony can direct one toward the Absolute Truth.
linear: arranged in a line, very structured. From A to B to C to D. A straight path, in the human sense. (see also Non-Linear)
locality: either here or there. (see also Non-Locality)
logic: a particular manner of reasoning whereby conclusions can be made based on appropriate information. The Western World leans to Aristotle and his approach of the mathematical understanding. The Western teachings tied to eastern truth can and is very effective. Judeo-Christian basically is an Eastern religious perspective but because of Western philosophy the religious aspects have changed into conforming more to a linear non-zen-like approach. Jesus was very zen-like and non-linear but with the advent of Western civilization it has become skewed. (see Aristotle, Axiomatic Thinking, Syllogism, Syllogistic Thinking)
Logos: the Word. "In the beginning was the word." The understanding of God as Oneness tied to consciousness tied to Beingness tied to Communication. The Word is the One divine idea that is all ideas: Truth. "It is by faith that we understand that the world was created by one word from God, so that no apparent cause can account for the things we see." -(Heb. 11:3) (see also Word Tracking, Holographic)
looking glass theory (Looking Glass Universe): is a new scientific theory based David Bohm's implicate and explicate which theorizes that our version of reality is the reflection of a deeper more extensive absolute reality. A realization in the looking glass theory is that Man has forever been dividing up reality to understand the parts rather than trying to understand reality by cognizing the Whole. "Under the explicate realm of separate things and events is an implicate realm of undivided wholeness." ~ David Bohm (see also Explicate, Holographic, Implicate)
love: a feeling of affection. A passionate and sexual affection for another person which brings on a feeling of fulfillment, Oneness. There are three kinds of love basically. (1) a feeling of affection for that which you wish to possess but don't. (2) a feeling of affection for that which is the harmony with the desired human condition you are in, reflecting approval. (3) a feeling of joy in the realization of Oneness with Truth. Agape fits in this third definition: impersonal love, as it were. Love based on the Allness of Truth, Oneness with Reality, realization of Self. Love is the true natural state of Being; anything short of this is Reality blocked.
Lucid Dreaming: happens when you are sleeping and suddenly become conscious during a dream. Through experimentation and/or training you can become capable at changing the dream as it unfolds or even resolving states of consciousness by interpreting the dream and letting go of fears or misconceptions. Also this undertakes an even better perspective for remembering your dreams for later work and analysis. (see also Astral Travel)
Lucifer: (see also Demons, The Devil, Satan)
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Macro: this term relates the larger, overall outpicturing; the "bigger picture" as it were. Often used in the compound words of Macrocosm / Microcosm. In the holographic sense one reflects the other, one mirrors the other. Loosely connected to the "as above, so below" with respect to one being the same as the other. The Macro and the Micro are not the same being that one is large and the other is a reduced version but the essence is the same. The Macrocosm would relate to the world or the universe whereas the Microcosm would relate to the atom. Also Man is the epitomy of the universe. Thus Man is the microcosm of the macrocosm.
Major Premise: (see Syllogism)
male: of or belonging to the sex that begets young by fertilizing the female. Pertaining to or characteristic of this sex: masculine. A person of the male sex: man or boy. This teaching conveys that the male attributes which may or not be limited to the male species express aspects of the male/female consciousness and in Truth are already fulfilled in the essence of one's True nature which is androgynous. (see also Androgyny, Female, Male/Female, )
Male/Female: principle understood in its ultimate creative sense. giving and receiving, Out and Back, sperm and egg, seed and harvest, sow and reap. Oneness understood in the on-goingness of its infinity. (see also Androgyny, Female, Male)
Man: mankind. The expression of God as infinite variety. Man is not negative except when we identify with that as our reality separate from Consciousness, God... and then: duality.
mandalic reason: paradoxes arising out of absolutes.
Man Is Dead (The Emergence Of 21st Century Mind): by Derek Lamar. Book whose treatise covers the "death of man" as an anthropomorphic being. Covers God is Dead movement, includes turn of the centuries prophecies as well as many ancient predictions for "end times". Deals with the "new man" which is to replace homo sapien through the emergence of 21st century mind: a straight thinking in the abstract wherein the boundaries of old mindsets dissolve allowing Truth to come forth rather than the multitude of half-truths and illusion we live with today. (see Derek Lamar, Gurdjieff, Fourth Way & Esoteric Teaching, The I AM Connection, Man Is Dead)
man-state: the human mentality, duality, separateness. The "I AM" from a separateness point of view where only the self from an individual consciousness is realized. Necessary, but incomplete. (see also God State, Son-of-God State)
manifestation: the form that takes place as a result of an idea. In Truth, it is the idea itself, seen through the duality of the human condition along with a recognition of the infinite variety. (see also Appearance, Substance)
Mark of the Beast: (see also Six Six Six)
Master: one who has "mastered" the teaching he espouses. A man eminently skilled in something, as an occupation, art or science. Character of a master: showing mastery over his subject. (see also Derek Lamar, G.I. Gurdjieff, Thane of Hawaii)
materiality (matter): dimensional reality of the human state. The world from a separateness point of view. Solid, opaque. Sometimes called Maya. (see also Substance, Manifestation)
mathematical, mathematical thinking: a thinking wherein everything connects as consciousness and patterns play out based on this thinking including seeming unrelated pockets. It is holographic. (see also Axioms, Axiomatic Thinking, Holographic)
matrix: like the ocean which is our symbol of creation: from it did all life issue forth, also is any template-like idea or thing which represents the formative part, or a master copy, as it were, or the essence from which everything evolves.
maya: (see materiality)
mechanical/mechanicalness: to be robotic, to react rather than respond. To let your body and your base consciousness tell you what to do rather than you tell your body what to do. Rather than mind over matter, we operate as matter over mind. (see also Automaton, Reaction, Response, Phylogenetic)
meditation: "Be still and know I AM God." Any discipline where one can go beyond himself to ultimately discover Truth.
Melchizedek (Order of, or priest of): Christ-type figure represents the I AM Principle. No beginning, no end, no parents, faith of Abraham who tithed to him, hoping for the complete realization of the promise: God in Man realized. Jesus, as the "I AM Principle said: "Even before Abraham, I AM." This priesthood is one which has no earthly Temple or organized initiation but is one in which each individual who enters this Priesthood internally "knows" that he or she is a member of the Order of Melchizedek. It is an ancient order of Truth Priests who enter into the I AM state of consciousness. (sometimes referred to as O.M., Order of Melchizedek)
memory: information in the subconscious/unconscious mind. Feelings and thoughts filed into the subconscious mind. No one forgets anything, they simply find it difficult to retrieve information. Some memories are clearer than others depending on the clarity of the consciousness of a given individual. (see also Recall, Retrieve, Subconscious, Unconscious)
mentation: act of using Mind. Thinking. Not reactive thinking, but responsive thinking and cognitive thinking.
mentor: an adviser, a wise and trusted counselor. (see also Instructor Guru, Master, Teacher)
metamorphosis: a complete change of form, structure or substance, as transformation by magic or witchcraft. Any complete change in appearance, character, circumstance. A mutation, transmutation. (see also Metanoia, Mutation, Proto Mutant)
Metaphysically Correct: is a state of mind where certain New Age ideas are used to keep the "path" comfortable and not confrontational. This tends to keep diversity of thought at issue within esoteric circles. It has its own criteria for belief which sometimes appears to be opposite of certain religious beliefs. The agenda of this mindset is usually one which sets the individual free from having to face themselves in any way in order to avoid uncomfortable feelings. Concepts such as "Do not judge", "Feeling is more important than thinking", "Everyone's Truth is different", "there is no good and bad", "there are no absolutes", "nothingness is reality", "everyone can learn on their own without a teacher". All of the above examples require real understanding to begin to see what their true meaning is. But on the surface these rules of metaphysical behavior tend to prevent one's expansion of consciousness by creating walls between ideas when what should be encouraged is the understanding of all points of view. (see also P.C. Politically Correct)
metaphysics: beyond physics, in back of physics. Best described as the study of that fundamental reality behind time, space and change. A spiritual approach to the world and its appearances. (see also Ontology)
metanoia: the word in the Greek that has been translated as repent in the Bible. It means a change of consciousness, a change of heart, a changed mind. The ultimate understanding is the expansion from man's thoughts to God's thoughts. (see also Repent)
Metanoia Matrix: Foundational class of Q.M.I. (see classes)
method: any particular approach, therapy, tool for change, manner of alteration or expansion. (see also Discipline, Path, Tools)
Micro: (see Macro)
Millennium: Christian term for the New Age based on the thousand years of peace prophesied to take place at the Second Coming of Christ. Symbolic of Christ Consciousness where realization of God within takes place collectively. A collective metanoia. (see also New Age)
mind/MIND: the center of thinking, intelligence, consciousness, when thinking is Higher Mind, it is capitalized. Mind in the highest sense includes beingness, allness, not just thoughts as we know them. (see also Consciousness)
Minor Premise: (see Syllogism)
mirror: that which presents a reflection. A looking glass or a glass were terms which are archaic for mirrors, as in I Corinthians 13:12: "For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as I also I am known." Rendered more easily in today's vernacular it translates as "Now we are seeing a dim reflection in a mirror but then we shall be seeing face to face. The knowledge that I have now is imperfect; but then I shall know as fully as I am known." Which is to say: We perceive a hazy reflection but later we will be looking one on one, what we know now is incomplete but later I will know as completely as MIND knows. The mirror reflects and it is used to see what cannot be easily seen directly with our own eyes. In many ways you could say that a mirror allows us to take a God's eye view by letting us step outside of ourselves even if only for ocular vision. The concept of the mirror is also one which sees the opposite for the reflection is reversed. It is the same as flopping the negative for a photo and reversing the picture. Not from negative to positive but from left to right. In this example if a picture has writing anywhere in the viewing area it would be backwards. But you could take a mirror and read it. Similar to ambulances now with the writing of "AMBULANCE" written backwards on the front so as you see it in your rear view mirror you can easily read it. The backwards writing is reversed with your mirrored putting it back into a forwards rendition. In this teaching the mirror represents the reflection which appears in our world through the holographic nature of Principle wherein the attributes of Truth can be discovered in all things for everything is Truth. But also, even sense testimony is reflected in your world for that same principle, Out and Back: you get back what you put out, will mirror in your world what you believe in your "heart", in your subconscious. Change your world view and your world will change. Change your consciousness and the world which is outpictured according to your mindset will mutate as well. You cannot change your world, you can only change your consciousness of it.
miracles: an event in the physical world that surpasses all known human or natural powers and is ascribed to a divine or supernatural cause. Miracles are often perceived as "the impossible" but actually the miracle is that we believe in things all around us which are illusion. The miracle is actually more natural than the sense testimony we perceive because the miracle is a manifestation of Truth while the sense testimony is often illusion and sometimes out and out error. (see also Metanoia)
mirror: is the reflection process that exists on the Universal Principle that "you get back what you put out." In this manner, we must understand that what we experience in life is our consciousness and therefore all "problems" come from our thinking and that in order to resolve an issue one must recognize that only by making changes in their consciousness can the mirror itself change and reflect a new state of awareness.
missing the mark: in the Greek this is an archery term translated as sin in the Bible. To make a direct hit, bullseye, Oneness is revealed directly, anything less is missing the mark... error, sin, 2+2=5. (see Evil, Error)
Mobius: a "Mobius Strip" is a continuous one-sided surface which is created by twisting one end of a rectangular strip through 180º about the longitudinal axis of that strip and then attached to the other end. This creates a one sided figure eight making both sides of what might be a ribbon accessible in theory and in application without changing "surfaces". This represents infinity as in the figure 8 but also the yin yang as in out and back or above and below because there are two separate surfaces which have become interconnected and thus one. Named after 19th century mathematician: A.F. Mobius (1790-1868). This is not unlike thinking of space as curved or as coming back in on itself in terms of multidimensional use. Take a piece of paper and put a dot on one side and then put a dot on the other side. You can get these two points to meet without drawing any lines. Simply bend the page over itself until the dot on one side meets the dot on the other. Voilè! No distance. (see also Infinity)
monk: the role of discipline and self-sacrifice. Commonly pictured as the hermit, or the recluse, the one who takes themselves out of the world. (see also Fourth Way)
morphogenesis: the structural evolution or development of forms of life, or of an organism or part.
movie: (see film)
multiple personality disorder: a psychological condition where the psyche of an individual is fragmented and the appearances are of a person possessed: filled with multiple beings who interact or not as autonomous characters, sometimes benign and sometimes destructive. Usually a result of a traumatic childhood wherein for survival an individual protects their identity in bits and pieces. The solution is the integration of personalities into one whole being. All of us experience this to a certain extent but without the walls. We have the "person" who dotes on their children and then become another person shopping and someone else when they are talking to a lover and someone else when they are confronted by a stranger.
mutation: in the human, negative sense this means distorted, but in a spiritual way, just as abstract can relate a reality of thinking, mutation can symbolize the "abnormal" person, the extra-ordinary being who is the transformed manifestation, the new creature, the superman, the mutated self, change as in the revealed reality. (see also Change, Proto Mutant)
mysteries: often capitalized as "The Mysteries" and this relates to unknown factors commonly discussed by Man but seemingly without answers. Things which puzzle us and are not just unknown but have a seeming quality which makes it incapable of knowing. Thus it is myersterious and when these mysterious unknowns become collective we often refer to them as "The Mysteries". Sometimes the phrase "...these are the mysteries" will accompany this discussion. (see also Mysticism)
mysticism: the beliefs, ideas or mode of thought of mystics. A doctrine of an immediate spiritual intuition of truths which are believed to transcend ordinary understanding. Sometimes thought of as intimate Oneness through the soul with MIND, God, the Infinite by way of contemplation and love. (see also Mysteries)
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Natural: the human existence, commonly a Christian term often stated: "in the natural" meaning "In the world and of it."
Natural Law: physical laws and principles that are a result of Truth but they are not absolute in the sense of being completely understood. Reflections of the amount of principle we see from the human, dualistic point of view.
near death experience (NDE): often associated with out of body experiences with the exception that it is instituted by way of the actual death process. Often in death experiences which happen during surgery where a person is dead temporarily and either returns to life or is brought back to life through recovery methods. During this experience the participant observes themselves and the room from an out of body perspective usually from an above viewing position looking down on everything going on. (see also Out of Body Experience [OBE])
"never say never": is a phrase meaning that "nevers" are based usually on fear and thus "fear attracts". In other words, "what you fear comes upon you" because you believe in it so strongly. As soon as someone says "I'll never do that again", you can usually watch with amusement or sometimes disbelief. I know... don't judge. (see also Belief System, Fear Attracts)
New Age: the era predicted by many religions and new age groups. An era of peace and harmony and Oneness with God. It was called the New Age by new thought groups in the late 1800's. Sometimes called the Millennium, Age of Kali Yuga, Second Coming etc.(see also Millennium)
New Man: is a recognition of the buried self which is crying out to be revealed. (see also I AM, Mutation)
nihilism: philosophy of total rejection of established institutions and laws. Extreme skepticism with regard to morality and value statements. Absolute and total destructiveness toward the world at large and oneself. The principles of Russian revolutionary group during the late 1800's who used terrorism and assassination as a means to an end. Nihilistic: nothing; a thing of no value.
nirvana: Buddhism explains that "nirvana" is a state of peace or bliss which can be entered into at death or perhaps even during one's lifetime. The word "nirvana" means "to extinguish" like that of extinguishing the flame of a candle. This is not meaning the end but rather moving on to another state of existence.
non-linear: not a straight line, more abstract, an order that cannot be followed by the human mind, structured. ( see also Linear)
non-locality: both here and there. (see also Locality)
normal: the standard by which we claim the way things should be, the way people should appear. A relative term understood by almost everyone and rejected by just as many since we continue making conclusions on our own relative norms which do not necessarily agree with anyone else's. An example of this is homosexuality. Some people say that it is not normal. And yet we know that 4% to 10% (figures vary) of the human population is homosexual. It could be said that it is normal for 4% to 10% of the population to be homosexual. It might be said that it is not normal for a person to have red hair because most people do not have red hair naturally.
nowness: the state of "no time". The realization that the future is an extension of the now just as the past is the path to the now and that everything happens in the "now" whether it was or will be its only importance is seen from the now.
numbers: all have meaning, the study of them is called numerology. Each can have both negative and positive aspects just like astrological signs. One symbolizes God, Oneness. The human interpretation is alone, loneliness, at the bottom, the beginning, or the desperate need to be first. Two symbolizes the out and back of principle, male/female as well as duality in the negative: belief in good and evil, faith in conflict. Three is a power number, such as the Trinity, the ultimate in human power is three sixes (666) the human Trinity, etc. (see also Numerology)
numerology: a system of knowledge which focuses on the symbolism of numbers by themselves and in combinations with other numbers. Similar to astrology. Based on the understanding that everything has meaning and that there are no accidents. Everything is mathematical and Infinity is an important absolute which expresses the ultimate variety that Truth is. A lot of numerology is like the daily horoscope. You have to wade through it and study it thoroughly to glean any meaningful and useful knowledge from it. (see also Numbers, Occult)
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Objective: to step outside yourself and view without personal feelings or prejudice. An external approach to viewing. (see also Observer, Subjective)
observer: the one who is being objective. (see also Objective, Observer self, Fair Witness)
observer self: the "self" within one who has the ability to step outside of the subjective state and objectively observe one's own actions and reactions as well as those of those people. It is straight thinking as opposed to interpreting based on preconceived ideas that the human self agrees with based on a consciousness of duality. (see also Objective, Observer, Fair Witness)
obverse: the other side as opposed to the concept of opposite. "The other side of the coin." Example: No man is immortal. The obverse: Man is mortal. The positive and negative way of saying the same thing. (see also Opposites)
Occidental: Western man (see also West)
occult: beyond the range of ordinary knowledge; mysterious, secret. Disclosed only to the initiated. Hidden from one's ordinary view. Astrology and other alleged sciences such as magic, numerology, witchcraft, voodoo, etc. This teaching refers to the occult as anything similar to astrology and witchcraft whose science is based on their own unfounded science which is used to affect or interpret the earth realm through some sort of supernatural mind power. This might include witchcraft, voodoo, huna, wicca, Satanism, fortune telling, etc. As opposed to a mind science which deals with what appears as supernatural as being more directly into contact with True Reality through Consciousness. Usually it puts something between the individual and God and allows for a supernatural connection through some sort of ritual or incantation or theory or initiation etc., as opposed to simply "waking up" to the existence of the SELF as Infinite power of Mind, God or I AM or Divine Mind, or Higher Mind or Higher Self. This Teaching occasionally deals with the occult but from an Ontological perspective and generally will treat the information as sense testimony which must be analyzed through the use of the axioms.
Oneness: state of wholeness, no division, no duality, complete unto itself.
ongoingness: the state of being which is infinitely expressed sometimes in terms of motion and never stagnant or static.
ontogenetic: sometimes referred to as "Ontogenetic information": this is information acquired since birth. Formed by environmental interaction. (see also Phylogenetic)
ontology: the science or study of beingness. Truth is, therefore Truth is being and being is Truth.
opaque: (see Substance)
opposites: this relates closely to principle and can be confusing. Hot and cold are opposites but love and hate are not. Hate is the obverse of love. Opposites are extremes of the same One Truth. Hot and cold are the extremes of the infinite variety of temperature. Love and hate are not extremes in a fulfilling sense. They are extremes in a conflicting sense. Extremes of duality instead of the extremes of principle. (see also Obverse)
Order of Melchizedek: (see Melchizedek)
oriental: Eastern Man. (see also East)
Original Sin: relates the first conclusion which was made on error instead of Truth. Adam and Eve ate of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. This is the acceptance of duality, through which the human dilemma unfolds as a result of this original act. Collectively a key memory of sorts. (see also Error, Key Memory, Missing the Mark, )
out and back: the principle of sowing and reaping, giving and receiving, (annoyingly referred to in colloquialistic circles as: what goes around comes around). Based on MIND as ongoing infinite Life expressing itself to itself thus out and back to itself infinitely. (see also Principle)
out of body experiences (OBE): merely an illusion since all is consciousness and there is no "physical body" to leave. A state of consciousness where one leaves behind "physical" thinking and moves into another level of perception. More often than not it is people's imagination, but not always. (see also Astral Body, Astral Plane, Near Death Experience [NDE])
outpicturing: the physical manifestation or outward appearance as a result of our consciousness. The getting back of what we put out. Example: If you have a day where everyone you run into is angry, it is a pattern that reflects something going on inside of you.... you would call this an outpicturing. (see also Hall of Mirrors, Mirror, Reflection)
outer: the opposite of inner. Often used in conjunction with Principle as it relates the Out and Back or Inner and Outer. This represents also the without as paired with within. In symbolic terms "outer" is the male of outer and inner or Out of out and back. That which is the manifestation of the idea is the "outer" as in the "outer world". (see also Inner, Within, Without)
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Pain: bodily suffering or distress as due to injury or illness. Mental or emotional suffering or torment. A feeling that we reject and call it disharmony whether real or imagined. A hurt on the physical level resulting from a hurt on the emotional level. The observer self must look upon a physical pain and see if they can discover an emotional pain which has been transferred to the body. (see also Suffering)
Pandora's Box: represents that state of consciousness of duality from which all "evil" emerges. This consciousness is a divisive mindset that separates all thought into opposing aspects which multiply in effect exponentially like cells dividing and multiplying. This state of consciousness is a life all its own and once it is in effect it must be rooted out by a metanoia in order that one regain their ability to think straight once again. This is the same archetype which also represents the Adam and Eve story. (see also Adam and Eve)
paradigm: a pattern, a template, model, ideal, standard, paragon. (see also Paradigm Shift)
paradigm shift: an example; pattern which suddenly alters to an uncorresponding theme. Similar in nature to the idea of a quantum leap.
paradox: a statement or proposition which appears to be contradictory or unrealistic but which in fact holds a certain amount of truth which provides a connectivity of thought. This term is often used in conjunction with research related to paradigm shifts, quantum theory, etc. Also resembles the seemingly unanswerable mysteries of Zen concepts and also David Bohm's work with waves and particles as it pertains to quantum theory and his defining work with the implicate and the explicate. (see also paradigm shift, implicate, explicate, quantum theory, Zen, quantum leap)
parallel universe: theory that there are other planes happening at the same time, perhaps superimposed upon this universe. In Absolute terms there is a Reality which is in back of time, space and change here in what appears as our universe. It, however, is not a separate universe, but the Reality of this universe.
paranormal: psychic phenomena, experiences or happenings beyond the everyday occurrence. (see also Psychic, Occult)
path: the long and winding road which seems almost straight in retrospect from a spiritual point of view as you realize the on-going journey of the self. This is the "initiation" and only you are on yours. (see also Initiation)
parapsychology: The study of the evidence for psychological phenomena, such as telepathy, clairvoyance, and psychokinesis, that are inexplicable by science. (see also PSI)
Path: a path, true, is whatever road you are on... and yes, all paths ultimately lead to the knowing of the self, however, there is a path which becomes what is called a "conscious path" and that Path is one which accelerates the growth process, it is a conscious choice of change rather than the slower process which is often seemingly random. In reality nothing is random except that often we avoid things in life due to our constructs and thus miss out on the necessary changes we should be going through simply because of ego fears. In this teacher each person is encouraged to find their Path which might be this Teaching or some other teaching. But being on a Path is one which you choose to change rather than life itself forcing you to change when it seems you least expect it.
pattern: a series which at some point begins to repeat and continues to do so
Pavlovian: named for Ivan Petrovich Pavlov, Russian physiologist, his experiments and research had to do with behavior and how animals and people can be "brainwashed" or have their behavior altered, patterns changed, by repetition of new behavior combined with rewards and punishments as the motivating factors of change. Pavlov is famous for his work on a dog and often the phrase "Pavlov's dog" comes up in this study as it relates to behaviorism. It has taken on the air of a shadowy practice in the use of the term "Pavlovian techniques" not unlike the use of the word Draconian meaning rigorous or severe named after Draco, Greek statesman 7th century B.C.
payment: "People do not value a thing if they do not pay for it." ~ G.I. Gurdjieff. Payment is an important part of the learning process, we value money thus if we give money for something it takes on the value we give it and more. If we are not willing to pay, we are not willing to "work" for change in our life. This premise also goes hand in hand with "You get back what you put out." Thus giving is manditory to achieve receiving. This is principle. (see also Principle)
P.C.: Political Correctness. A state of exoteric thinking which prohibits free thought by not only implying any alternative way of thinking is "different" but now it is judged as wrong and you are wrong for thinking in this manner. Very devisive and intrusive. A subtle tool of those who would control groups of people with sound bytes and propaganda. (see also Metaphysically Correct)
perception: faculty of apprehending by means of the senses or of the mind; cognition; awareness; understanding. It is immediate or intuitive recognition. An awareness that is derived from the sensory processes while a stimulus is present. (see also Awareness
pert: a military term for planning in a backward chronology. Instead of deciding a projects will take 18 days, one decides what the deadline is and figures appropriately how to accomplish that task by working it backwards up to the present. Example: If I have a book due in 30 days, I would estimate how many pages a day I would have to write in order that I meet that deadline. Sometimes this way things get done more efficiently and on time.
phobia: (see also Fear)
photon: a quantum of electromagnetic radiation, usually considered an elementary particle that is its own antiparticle. It has zero rest mass and charge, with a spin of one. A unit of measurement for the retinal response to light.
phylogenetic: pertains to information ingrained within the individual at birth which comes from past experiences. Information already imprinted within us at by the moment of conception. Phylogeny is the evolution or development of a kind or type of animal or plant; racial history. Fear/survival dynamics arise right out of this physical memory. Instinct, sexuality, hunger, fear of fire, etc. Also past lives information and today there is evidence of body part knowledge which is seeping into one's consciousness through the physical connection with a donor part even though that information may be ontogenetic. (see also Fear/Survival Dynamics, Ontogenetic)
pleasure: feelings we accept and call harmonious whether real or imagined. Pleasure can keep us from moving forward just as pain can hold us back. both can serve the same ends negatively or positively. "Obverse" can be seen here. Example: "The idea of going there hurts" and "It is pleasurable saying here". (see also Pain)
poltergeist (ghost, spirit, spook): (see Ghost)
possessed: originally thought a person could be possessed by a demon. This is a condition which appears almost as if something so foreign is operating within the consciousness of someone else that it is actually another entity rather than a "self" which is so rooted in self-destructive behavior that it appears to be a personality all of its own which surfaces on occasion and in some cases completely takes over the personality. A physical location or an object can appear to be "possessed" as well, and generally this is due to the vibrations which eminate due to a tramatic incident which has become recorded by the object like a tape recorder tapes a sound. (see also Ghost)
prayer: literally means to ask. Spiritually prayer means "the search for self." Any method that accomplishes the discovery of the self is prayer. Constant discovery of self is constant prayer. (see also Demonstration, Translation, Treatment)
prediction: a determined outcome to an event that has not yet happened whether psychic or intellectually determined through the analysis of facts, cycles and figures. (see also Psychic, Self-fulfilling Prophecy)
premonition: an intuitive anticipation of a future event, a forewarning. (see also Prediction, Psychic)
Priesthood of Melchizedek: (see Melchizedek)
primal: very basic primitive emotions, usually dealing with Phylogenetic material. Often associated with "Primal Scream" made famous by Arthur Janov. (see also Carthic/Chatharsis, Phylogenetic)
Principle: a basic law, theory or axiom that if followed, certain results will be accomplished accordingly. It implies absoluteness. "Out and Back" is the specific principle used in these classes and is understood in a multitude of ways: male/female, yin and yang, sowing and reaping, etc. (see also Axiom, Axiomatic Thinking, Code, Formula)
Process, The (of Translation) Metanoia 2000: a class which enables the student to actually "translate" his world into spiritual empowerment. Also called Metanoia Matrix. (See also Metanoia Matrix)
program: as in computers, we program ourselves with information and acts accordingly usually with a sense of "whether we like it or not" and change becomes necessary to us usually only when we feel things are "out of control". This is when we begin to desire to change the "data". The axiom here would be "It hurts more to stay the same than it does to change." A balance shifts whereby change is interpreted as a positive impulse rather than a negative decision. (see also Analyze, Compute, Key Memory)
projection: interpreting something simply based on one's own belief system or psychological quirk or problem. Example: thinking that all women only want your money might come from a man who once married a women he thought was a "gold digger." Thus now his preconceived attitude toward women is that they are users. This is his projection. "Projecting" what he believes ahead of anything he yet might need to actually form a conclusion based on untarnished psychological investigation.
prophecy: a foretelling or prediction of things to come. Sometimes through intuition or psychic abilities, sometimes astrology, sometimes a hunch, and sometimes through a predictability based on observing of events or behavior. (see also Occult, Psychic)
prophecy, self-fulfilling: akin to "what you fear comes upon you." Often a person believes something is going to happen so strongly that they actually bring it about or are attracted to those circumstances or creates circumstances in their life for those events to happen based on their belief system. (see also Occult, Prediction, Prophecy, Psychic)
Prophets: this comes after "The Law" and relates the Biblical aspect of predicting the coming salvation of the messiah which should be understood as "the realization of God in Man".
proselytize: to attempt to convert people from their current belief to yours. This is generally a turn-off to people and by those who realize this, it is condemned. So much so however, it has left little opportunity for people to realize the value of "spreading the word". The real question then is in the approach of communication, not communicating itself. This Teaching believes in "spreading the word" however it must be done by creating opportunities for the hopefully interested party to ask questions. It should be up to them to draw information out of you. Once you go beyond what they "want to know" it becomes invasive and possibly turns them off to what you may call "Truth". Better to leave things wanting and let them pick it up at a later date. Also the presentation of lectures or entertainment programs which they can be invited to or even tape groups. Do not ever give anyone the opportunity for believing that you are trying to force your ideas down their throat. However you must maintain your right to share your opinion as well. However it is more important for others to have Truth available to them than it is for your own personal gratification of dispensing what you think you know. Too often people get a vicarious confirmation that they are "right" about what they believe by getting others to accept their opinion in the matter. This is to be discouraged. This is often a very personal matter and one does not want to "spook the locals" or injure the consciousness of another by creating a wall for what they might otherwise have accepted eventually on their terms under their own circumstances. (see also the Word)
proselytizing: the attempt at changing another's religious or spiritual beliefs through sharing their own. Often attempted in what most people consider an annoying memorized manner and also from an "I am right and you are wrong" approach. Or from the "We have the only way" attitude. A capital crime in some Mid-East (Islamic) countries. (see also Proselytize)
Prospero: character from Shakespeare's The Tempest representing the conscious mind. (see also Ariel, Caliban)
proto-mutant: similar to other generations which have intuited a change in the human make-up as it relates to the dropping off of certain fear/survival dynamics within the phylogenetic information. A new generation, theorized, that was born post 1958, significance being the breakthrough in consciousness which was necessary for "man" to be free of the gravity of the earth (consciousness) thus the space program. Also Edgar Cayce predicted children with "almond eyes" being born in what would have been the future, we have the "Indigo Children", we have young people wrestling with transgender problems and all sorts of seemingly disconnected situations which many have resulted from information being absent in their cellular make-up. It was once touted that proto-mutants were the answer to mankind's future however rather than our salvation it is an indicator of change and we must help them so that they might be able to help humanity. It is the crossing of a threshold we are witnessing and history is in the making and unmaking. (see also Mutation)
PSI: Shortening and altering of parapsychological. Parapsychological phenomena or abilities considered as a group. (see also PSI, PSI-choanalysis, Parapsychology, PSI-chotherapy)
PSI~chology: a science of study related to MIND as opposed to the brain which psychology deals with as the minds of human beings and animals. The approach of Psi-cology is the understanding that all is MIND and that who you are is Infinite and not the perception of a humanoid separate from other things in the world. (see also PSI, PSI-choanalysis, PSI-chotherapy)
PSI-chotherapy: the science or method of aiding the search for Self as it relates to MIND and the True Self as opposed to psychotherapy which deals with mental problems as related to the human brain. (see also PSI, PSI-choanalysis, PSI-chology, )
PSI-choanalysis: deals with the three aspects of MIND: 1. Conscious 2. Subconscious 3. Supra-conscious. A wholistic approach based on the Absolute understanding of straight thinking in the abstract. (see also PSI, PSI-chology, PSI-chotherapy)
psyche: human soul, spirit or mind. The mental or psychological structure of a person, especially as the motivating force. (see also Mind, MIND,)
psychic: pertaining to the mind in areas beyond accepted knowledge and phenomena. True psychic data is a result of energy or thinking from beyond the individual (human). (see Akashic Records, Baraka, Hanbledzoin, Holy Spirit)
psychic realm: is the dimension of consciousness where one can access information related to the psychic phenomena. This realm is not confined to our time and space but it does deal with time and space and change as well as manifestation. Sometimes referred to as the Askashic Records, collective unconscious, supra-conscious, Oversoul, astral realm, Higher Mind, some location related to the supernatural and outside of ordinary normal physiological processes. (see also Parapsychology)
psychoanalysis: the psychological process of working through memories and analyzing their symbolic and literal meaning and facing many fears and angers thus letting go of the control they often have on an individual. A systematic structure of theories which deal with the relationship of one's conscious and subconscious of the human brain and its mental processes for the purpose of treating psychoneuroses. It has been said that the unexamined life is not worth living and that the unlived life is not worth examining. (see also PSI-choanalysis, PSI-chology, psychotic, psychology)
psycho babble: meaningless words which are ambiguous that relate, usually, feel good therapies often found in new thought or new age groups. This term is also used by spiritual detractors who think everything related to the Self beyond self indulgence is a lot of bogus involvement and any "jargon" is pscyho babble. But terms like "dependency", "transference", "codependency", "compulsive behavior", "depression", "bi-polar disorder" would also be termed psycho babble by the same people if they thought that they came out of an alternative healing practice. However one must be objective and keep an open mind but also maintain skepticism with all "mind" groups and disciplines whether they be traditional or alternative.
psychology: the science of the mind or of mental states and processes as it relates to the brain. The science of the human and animal behavior. (see also PSI, PSI-choanalysis, PSI-chology, PSI-chotherapy, Psychoanalysis, Psychotherapy)
psychosomatic: sickness that is mental or even though physical, results from the mind. Ontology teaches that everything is 100% mind therefore "disease" is 100% mental as well. However, there are illnesses which are simply illusions within the individual mind and there are illnesses which are within the collective unconscious. There are different levels of illness: (1) believing we are sick when we are not, (2) bringing on a physical illness due to mental causes (3) contracting a physical illness. The mind is involved in all of these situations because if we were thinking straight we would not get sick, however some illnesses are psychosomatic according to the medical community while others are considered physical ailments. Treatment however might remain the same as far as the mind is concerned. Realization of Truth remains the same whether you think you are sick or whether or not you believe you are sick. In ontology you cannot "know" you are sick because sickness is considered an illusion. Psycho = mind or mental process. Somatic = of the body. (see Demonstration, Fasting, Healing, Prayer, Treatment, Translation)
psychotic: a person with a psychosis: a severe form of mental disorder or disease which affects the overall personality. (see also Psychology)
pupil: In the Fourth Way line of study there are three roles of students. 1. student 2. pupil 3. chela. The student could come to a lecture or a class a couple times a year whereas the pupil is a serious dedicated student doing the "Work" all of the time, and the chela is the dedicated pupil who is in direct contact with The Teacher. (see also Chela, Guru, Mentor, Student, Teacher)
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QMA Code: Quantum Metaphysics Application code which is the fundamental principle and formula which reveals the nature of the universe in its spiritual existence. This code is the link between all manifestions and ideas in their ontological perspective. "In back of time, space and change there is a fundamental reality" and the QMA code is the building block of esoteric reality. It reveals the holographic nature of the universe and demystifies the Zen-like nature of spiritual reality by allowing the student to discover the Oneness of the Universe and the Infinite Variety which expresses the multitude of attributes which express the MIND which "thinks" all of this up. The implicate and the explicate in consciousness terms. (see also DNA, genome)
Quantum Leap; discontinuous jump: in a metaphysical sense, the quantum leap is the letting go of one concept which creates the vacuum in consciousness to receive another. It is the letting go of the "i am" and the accepting of the "I AM." In the letting go state, the state of "I AM not" one "steps out on a limb" away from the safety of the trunk of the tree to reach out into knowledge that can only be understood by that Higher state of consciousness of the "I AM". (see also I AM, I AM THAT I AM, Quantum Metaphysics)
Quantum Metaphysics: the study of metaphysics in a wholistic sense recognizing that changes in consciousness require a quantum leap and that the subatomic level of the third dimension is part of the ontological process of mind, matter and creation as are all dimensions. (see also Quantum Leap)
quantum theory: co-evolution: theory based Planck's radiation law, and changes of energy in atoms and molecules only occur in specific limited quantities, each an integral multiple of a fundamental quantity, or quantum. (see also Quantum Leap, Quantum Metaphysics,)
quarks: any of three types of elemental particles which some physicists believe form the basis of all matter in the entire universe. (see also Materiality, Substance, Universe)
Quickening, The: theory based on predictions, prophecies and the observances of changes in the world around us. The term, popularized by late night talk show host Art Bell, has been referenced to here and there over the years including the Bible where it reads: "quickened by the spirit" bringing back life. In Romans 4:17 it reads that of God: "who brings the dead to life and calls into being that which does not exist." It has also been taught that the "end of times" or "judgment day" the "dead shall rise". Thus we see that at the time of the Quickening it is the Millennium, loosely interpreted. Also we can read of this time that "if time was not shortened, no one would survive" (Matthew 24:22). In addition to all of this is the actual sense that time is moving faster, that an accelleration is taking place. Thus, time being shortened, or quickened. This is covered in much more detail in the book Man Is Dead by Derek Lamar and in The Quickening by Art Bell. (see Man Is Dead. Link to Art Bell.)
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Rationalization: a psychological reference to the subconscious or conscious justification of a belief which protects one from seeing the facts or truth which one is in denial about. Mental anguish or pain often needs a detour from seeing or feeling the painful thoughts or experiences buried within one's consciousness.
Razor edged path, Razor's edge: refers to the "straight and narrow" in a spiritual pursuit. Often misunderstood, it actually means that when one is on the "Path" they are led by God, Truth, Consciousness, Mind, I AM, etc., and that any waver from that is off the path. A mathematical understanding would be 2 + 2 = 4 is correct and right on target, whereas 2+2=5 or 2+2=6 or 2+2=365 are all "missing the mark". It is the difference between being pulled this way or that by your human desires and habits (ontogenetic and phylogenetic) versus "letting Truth have its way with you" (I AM). "O Wake up! Seek the Truth! Rise above ignorance! Search out the best teachers, and through them find the Truth. But beware! 'The path is narrow,' the sages warn, 'Sharp as a razor's edge.'" ~ Katha Upanishad, The Upanishads. Jesus said: "Enter by the narrow gate, since the road that leads to perdition is wide and spacious, and many take it; but it is a narrow gate and a hard road that leads to life, and only few find it." Jesus also said: "Come to me, all you who labor and are overburdened, and I will give you rest. Shoulder my yoke and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. Yes, my yoke is easy and my burden light." This very zen-like approach with seemingly two different paths are actually the same path. The razor's edge is a fine line which also does not allow for the dangers many people experience daily by giving in to their phylogenetic impulses. When you take a wilderness hike and as you walk on the path do you find yourself drawn toward the edge, resulting in your actually flinging yourself off the mountain and down into the ravine? No, obviously not. But in everyday human existence humans give in to self-destructive and self-defeating habit patterns constantly. This makes one's life very difficult indeed. The only difference in being on the path and not being on the path is that there is a conscious awareness of the self and the need for change through self-observation. The result is doing work on the self rather than in being in denial. This results in accellerated spiritual growth which sets one free. Everyone is on their own path but the one where there is self-observation and changes results in liberation rather than in constant chaos and pain. But there does seem to be more internal pain on occasion when one is consciously aware of the workings of the machine, however, they have control. The rest of humanity feels pain and is out of control. Do not enter this path lightly. You cannot turn back and those who try are usually more unhappy for it. You are better off not to know about this path than to get on it and do nothing. (see also Path)
reaction/react "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." In a psychological and metaphysical sense this relates to how we deal with situations which occur around us. When events happen we usually have a reaction to that action in a physics sense. But our reaction needs to be more of a response rather than a reaction. The difference is that a reaction is an involuntary triggering based on existing constructs within one's consciousness which act in a certain manner according to situations rather than being awake and making a conscious decision as to how the response should be based on straight thinking. In a self-observing sense remember to constantly be on your guard and ask yourself: "Am I reacting or am I responding?" Example: "Honey, could you take out the trash for me?" And rather than responding one might react and say "No take it out yourself" or "I don't want to." Or they might say yes but refuse to do it and pretend that they forgot. All of this might be based on problems with parents as a child and resentment and the only way to get back or get even is for it to become a problem. Sometimes this is the only way people can "react" to anything in their lives and they become totally anti-social and end up getting arrested because they have "authority issues". (see Action and Reaction and Retrieve, Relive, React, Release, Refile)
reading: (performed by a reader) is a intuitive interpretation of information whether it be Tarot cards, tea leaves, crystal balls, palm reading or jelly beans, etc. The medium doesn't matter, it is a matter of focus, or non-focus, wherein the reader can eliminate distractions in order to receive psychic information or spiritual insight as it pertains to the client. see also Akashic Records, PSI, Psychic)
Reality: not the "normal" version. Reality is what is REAL. What is REAL is TRUTH. Reality is the Finished Kingdom. Difference distinguished usually by "so-called reality" and "True Reality". Society considers what we collectively agree upon as reality while spiritual study determines what is real based on an understanding of self evident Truth. (see also Finished Kingdom)
realization: this is the conclusion that is formed after deciding what is true and what is false. Reality is affirmed, illusion is denied, and realization occurs. (see also Conclusion, Syllogism and the 5 R's of realization under Retrieve)
reason: generally related to the intellect, and yet reason based on Truth opens the consciousness to Higher understanding, paving the way like John The Baptist in the wilderness, preparing the scene for Truth. To reason syllogistically brings on a "metanoia". (see also Aristotle, Axiomatic Thinking, Logic, Metanoia, Syllogistic Thinking)
recall: the ability to bring up, recognize, acknowledge, or retrieve information (memory) from the subconscious. (see also Memory, Subconscious, Unconscious)
red herring: something intended to divert your attention from the real problem or matters at hand. A type of misleading clue. A faultlet can also provide the necessary diversion at times. (see also Faultlet)
refile: to change the form of data within the unconscious so the out-picturing is altered as a result. Ultimately it is Truth which should be filed, error removed. This can also be seen, often more accurately, as the expansion of consciousness where the whole truth is filed rather than the previous tunnel vision. Not to destroy the Law but to fulfill it. (see also Retrieve, Relive, React, Release, Refile)
reflection: is that which we see of ourselves out-pictured in others, mirroring our inner beliefs. (see also Beliefs, Belief System, Confrontation, Mirror, Observe, Observer, Out-picturing, Self-Observation)
reincarnation: is the continuation of the individuated self through the birth/death process wherein one can appear to die and yet it remains an illusion and that life is ongoing. Death is but the doorway, the threshold, change, marking the leaving of one room and the entering of another in order to conform with a state of consciousness of duality. In Truth there is no death and thus no birth for life has no beginning and no ending and Reality is the Eternal Now. (see also Birth/Death)
rejection: a victim role where one feels rejected by some or all and their world operates based on that construct attracting and/or creating situations which parallel that belief system. The mindset of being rejected continues and adds to itself until the individual succombs under its pressure or has a breakthrough in consciousness. (see also Attraction)
relativity: the state of everything being relative to everything else and not subject to any Higher authority or Absolute. (see also Absolute, Objective, Subjective)
release: can be understood and used in two different ways even though they are the same in a rather obscure way. To release means to let go. This is where both concepts are the same. One thing we must let go of are the old ideas that we are holding onto that are in our way. The other thing we must do is release that which we have been holding back. The use in these classes is the latter. We must "release" Truth that has been blocked by erroneous concepts. We must unleash the power of Reality. The term"relief" needs to be understood in this context. "Relief" is but a temporary solution to "discomfort". "Release" is "realization", "revelation". (see also Relief and Retrieve, Relive, React, Release, Refile)
relief: the temporary solution to discomfort. Often a sort of red herring in itself. That means sometimes we divert from any real solution by continually "letting off steam". The build-up of stress, tension, even pain, is sometimes necessary for the breakthrough in consciousness. When we "let off steam", we abort the natural process that is already taking place. To keep taking aspirin to relieve the pain of headaches only puts off the confrontation whereby we would be forced to face our pain more directly. (see also Release)
religion: a set of beliefs regarding the cause, nature and purpose of the universe. Usually this includes a Deity or deities and involves devotional and ritual observances. Included is often a moral code of conduct of humans. This teaching refers to religion as the protector of many spiritual ideas which though not yet understood by the masses, it remains an important transition between "lost" and "found". Oftentimes it is necessary to discard religion with a sense of dissatisfaction in order for one's consciousness to reach out beyond the self to their Higher reality. But religion remains the guardian of many ideas which once liberated in spirituality the "awakened" student on the Path is now free to discovery the deeper meaning to ideas which heretofore have merely been suspended in blind belief or disbelief. (see also Atheism, Spirituality)
relive: to undergo the past remembrances of an emotional moment or activity and relive it in the now. (see also Retrieve, Relive, React, Release, Refile)
reminder factor: is a word, a statement, an action at the time of a psychological or spiritual moment which serves the observer self in "remembering" so as to be aware of certain situations or patterns for the purpose of doing one's "work". Gurdjieff used the word "Davolna!" which was Russian for stop when he wanted the dancers to stop. The stop was to be instantaneous and without regard to position or situation; when they were to stop, they stopped. This was a discipline which was aided by an unusual word. In this case: Davolna! Incense and music can often act as reminder factors. They instantly prepare the conscious and the unconsious when used over time in meditation or prayer. They immediately set a mood and this reminder factor saves time and work by introducing a mood or state of mind more quickly. (see also Archetypes)
remote viewing: a less occult portrayal of astral travel. One which relates the process as moving through the mind and interpreting events in a rigid almost mathematical intellectual interpretation; one which never ascertains times or dates or addresses or numbers. The stuff of what is necessary to actually confirm the reliability of such a "science". (see also Astral Travel, Out of Body Experience (OBE), Near Death Experience (NDE)
repent: the word that is translated from the Greek: metanoia. Tradition grinds up the real meaning into one that means feeling sorry for past actions. A sense of remorse based on guilt and moralistic concepts. Realize the true meaning of repent in the accuracy of metanoia: a change of mind, consciousness. (see also Metanoia)
response: is the important role of being conscious whereas the unconscious merely reacts based on previous conditioning based on past experiences and fear/survival dynamics. (see also Reaction)
resurrection: more than the finale to the crucifixion. Complete life, not the sleep walking most of humanity does. Oneness with God where Truth is fully realized. I AM state. Realization of the Mind of Christ: I AM the Resurrection. Day of Resurrection is the prophesied New Age, Millennium where collectively this takes place but as Jesus announced to Martha, that event is ongoing in the state of the perfect Now: the Finished Kingdom. The resurrection is any time you realize it. (see also Crucifixion)
retrieve: is a term related to obtaining necessary data within one's consciousness.
retrieve - re-live - re-act - release - re-file (the 5 "R's" of realization) (see also Retrieve, Relive, React, Release, Refile)
revelation: to reveal that which is in Reality. To realize that which is revealed. (see also Realization)
right: symbolizes the male side of principle. (see also East, Male, Male/Female, Principle)
right brain: relates the more intuitive, creative, unstructured, non-linear part of the brain. Female attributes which seems contradictory until one realizes that the right side of the brain governs the left side of the body. (see also East, Left, Left Brain, Male/Female, Mobius, Principle)
Rogue Mind: the state of consciousness in one's unconscious or within the collective unconscious which works to survive in its own sense of reality which is the protection of the ego and thus by appearances the enemy of spiritual thinking. This is because spiritual thinking or Truth is seen as the "enemy" of the ego because it is interpreted as "death" by the ego when in fact it is merely the coming together of the many selves which make up the One Mind. It is often seen as evil and felt as evil but it too is but a self which is deluded and it has been allowed to take control of one's consciousness and can be self-defeating and self-destructive. (see also Evil, Satan)
roles: a part or character to be played by an actor. The proper or customary function of a person or thing. The role of the self needs to be observed and expanded upon and sometimes given up. This teaching uses the phrase: "Of the many roles I play in life what I am is consciousness which is not of the many roles I play." Human beings are always "playing" a role because they are pretending that they are separate from God. They actually believe this and thus they are like actors and actresses who are so out of touch with their own identity that they sometimes snap and take on the role that they are playing or rehearsing, especially very dramatic ones, and they become out of touch with reality. We do this with our roles as human beings where we take the roles so seriously that we lose touch with the ultimate role we are as Consciousness. The human role would be to take the lower case "i am" in terms of our world view where we state that "i am" this, that or the other rather than realizing that as Consciousness "I AM THAT I AM". (see also Consciousness, I AM, I AM THAT I AM, Hats)
roots: symbolic for the key ideas where first conclusions are made which result in habit patterns and also cycles of self-defeating unfoldment. (see also Key Memory)
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Sabbath: day of rest, the seventh day, finished kingdom, I AM THAT I AM. The completed state there is no work. This relates the realization of all is done. This completeness is the I AM God-State. (see also Finished Kingdom, I AM, I AM THAT I AM)
salvation: the true understanding of being saved must be understood in the Nowness of Beingness. In Reality you cannot be lost, yet to be saved is to be protected from the illusion of error. (see also I AM, I AM THAT I AM, Jesus, Yeshua, Yehoshua)
science: a branch of knowledge or study that deals with collective facts or truths that are systematically arranged and show the operation of general laws. (see also Axiom, Axiomatic Thinking, Science of Mind)
Satan: the concept of a fallen angel who controls everything which is opposite of God. In terms of Principle this would be impossible. God exists thus the opposite would be to "not exist" therefore applying Principle even to a concept such as this does resolve the issue and reveals the true answer: there is no Satan. But the idea that there is this opposite nature to God was created to give one something to focus on which represented that which is "not true" in terms of Truth, in order to help people see that God was not responsible for things which were considered "negative". Thus God could begin to be seen in terms of Truth and Love rather than evil or judgmental or jealous, etc. Jesus even said to Peter, "Get behind me Satan, you are an obstacle in my path, because the way you think is not God's way but man's." So we see here that even Jesus did not see Satan as having a "state of mind" but rather Satan represents "human thinking." Jesus, as a Truth Teacher, made it clear in his parables that "error" or "evil" comes from within one's own consciousness and not from outside influences. (see also Beelzebub, Demons, Devil, Lucifer)
school: is a location of learning, however in esoteric terminology "School" becomes synonymous with the state of consciousness where life is a learning process. Example: Life is a school and every experience reflects things and events which one must observe and understand and discover how it relates to the self. Also "School" becomes synonymous with any particular place of esoteric learning one is involved in. (see also Instructor / Teacher)
Science: a branch of knowledge or study which deals with facts or truths that are systematically put together showing the operation of certain general laws. Knowledge of the material or physical world. Systemized knowledge of any kind. Any skill reflecting a precise application of facts or principles and their operation.
Science of Mind: the religion / and or organization founded by Ernest Holmes which believes in Truth, Oneness and God as First Cause. The expansion of the work begun by Mary Baker Eddy with Christian Science and her book Science and Health and Key To The Scriptures taking the next step into refining the concept of the Absolute. Similarly Unity was started by Charles and Myrtle Filmore along with Emilie Cady and her book Lessons In Truth. An incredible amount of books sprung out of both Science of Mind, aka Religious Science and Unity and no metaphysical study would be complete without reading some of them. (see also Religion, and the Q.M.I. Reading List as soon as it is available)
scientific prayer: any form of prayer which has principles based on spiritual laws enabling the participant success in their link between their self and "SELF". Standard prayer is usually the beseeching of the praying person to God with requests for things, changes or forgiveness. Scientific prayer is the realization that one is open and listening to their Higher Self for answers to their questions and the acceptance that all needs are already fulfilled. Jesus taught scientific prayer but religious teachings obscured their meaning and accessibility. (see also Discipline, Meditation, Path, Prayer)
script: this is the established pattern and story associated with a role to be played out. We write "scripts" for other people based on our own states of consciousness. We get back what we put out therefore what we put out as mindsets we will attract those situations which comply or we will interpret all situations based on those scripts or we will seek out those situations and find ourselves mysteriously there. (see also Role, Hats)
search: is to seek answers, ultimately the self. "To find the self one finds God, and to find God one finds self." ~ Derek Lamar (see also Escape)
self: this is who we think we are, who we believe we are and "SELF" is who we can know we are. (see also I AM, I AM THAT I AM)
self-encounter: a discipline and process whereby one confronts his or herself for the purpose of personal "growth", "expansion of consciousness", "realization" and/or "Enlightenment". (see also Meditation, Method, Path, Prayer, Technique, Tools)
self-fulfilling prophecy: an idea that comes to someone and unconsciously they set out to make it come true. A fine line between a psychic prediction and an out-picturing. Often it is being aware of the idea that brings it about. Ultimately what ever you get you have put out regardless.
self-observation: the discipline and ability to observe one's self in order to further spiritual growth by facing the erroneousness being expressed by one's consciousness, actions, reactions, etc. (see also Tools, etc.)
self remembering: Gurdjieff's Fourth Way term for self awareness of one's own mechanicalness. Self observation by realizing the sense testimony about one's self. This is not seeing the Truth, but rather the facts about which we believe ourself to be. This is the cognition of the mechanical self. "Be present at every breath. Do not let thy attention wander for the duration of a single breath. Remember thyself always and in all situations." ~ Sufi saying (see Self Observation above)
senses: (see also Sense Testimony)
sense testimony: perception obtained through the five sense which we use to sum up what we believe, think, feel, etc. This is what we need to hold up to the axioms, what we must "lay on the cross."
sensuality: the understanding of sensations in a gratifying way. However, the use here is in understanding a more aware approach to sexuality. Beyond the mere animal instinct based on fear/survival phylogenetic information, to a gentle loving approach where you entertain a sense of sensuality in your relationship, beyond the genital level of consciousness. Not limited to a procreative drive. (see also Fear/Survival Dynamics, Sexuality)
separateness: division as a result of a state of duality based on the belief of both good and evil. This results in a belief in separateness. This separateness corrupts the awareness of the reality of Oneness and produces separateness from God. (see also Duality, Oneness)
seventh day: seven being symbolic of completion, we see in this an understanding of complete awareness. The sixth sense is the psychic realm, an extension of the physical senses, but the seventh sense relates a spiritual channel whereby absolute Truth enters into the consciousness. (see also Finished Kingdom, Sabbath)
seventh sense: I AM consciousness. A Higher state beyond the human psychic realm. The human psychic realm gives information which flows through the human collective whereas the seventh sense is Oneness with a Higher power of realization. The sixth sense generally is the receiving of more sense testimony whereas the seventh sense is the letting go of sense testimony. (see also Sixth Sense)
sexuality: physically speaking, the lowest level of creativity and can be a red herring of sorts. The collective agreement of pleasure in the area of sexuality places it in a realm all its own and most see no need to expand their awareness of it. More positions, maybe, but seldom a higher understanding. Sexuality is the creative power revealed in the Male/Female principle expressing Oneness. This exists in everything but we usually experience it only in the sex act. And our experience is generally limited to physical sensations. See the sex act for what it is and realize this in everything you perceive. When this is done, the sex act itself becomes a spiritual act where the spiritual energy and power is tapped and unbelievable revelations and out-picturings can occur: creating a new heaven and a new earth.
shock: a shock, in the Fourth Way sense, is a moment when one is faced with having to confront themselves on some level even if only their fear. Done in such a manner by a Fourth Way Master as to create a situation where the friction of the moment burns into them and often causes a change in consciousness. Jesus said to Peter: "Get behind me Satan. Your ways are man's ways not God's way." This was a "shock" to Peter. (see also Reminder Factor)
short circuit: a perversion in thinking, perhaps caused by a red herring, a "mistake" in mental calculations, where refiling is incomplete or erroneous. Often barely detectable, yet like with computers, as the brain operates, its effect can have negative possibilities. Often discovered in "treatments", "demonstrations", or "translations" which are written out and within the "arguing" process there is a slip in the straight thinking required to achieve a complete and sound conclusion. (see also Argument, Conclusion, Demonstrations, Translations, Treatments)
sin: (see Missing the Mark, Evil, Error)
Six Six Six 666: (see also the Mark of the Beast)
sixth sense: the psychic realm, or dimension, where the senses are extended to a mental level rather than a physical level and awareness of the world is expanded. (see also Psychic, Seventh Sense)
skeptical: To not be naive. To not accept the reality of something too quickly. To question the validity or authenticity of something purporting to be factual or true. You should be skeptical; just do not use your skepticism to prevent yourself from seeing the Truth.
sleep: the state of not being awake. True awakeness is being fully conscious which requires the mind to be open to MIND and their "I AM" self.
slyman, sly approach: this is the manner in which one can confront themselves (or others as a Fourth Way Teacher) in creative ways which are able to bypass the observance of the conscious mind. In the case of the self, it is a manner one confronts his or herself by stepping outside of their subjective self and be the observer self and interacting through observation or actual dialogue. Gurdjieff was able to get the entire group of students to empathize with Mars. Madison by chastising her to such an extent that their sympathies for her were greater than their rejection of her as a fellow student. Jesus said to his disciples: "Remember I AM sending you out like sheep among wolves; so be cunning as serpents and yet as harmless as doves." ~ Matthew 10:16 (see also Fourth Way, Gurdjieff, Self Encounter)
solid: (see Substance)
soma: a term for body with less baggage. Soma as in Psychosomatic.
son-of-God-State: this is the "in between" state that is often confusing, misleading and mysterious. This is not to be confused with Jesus. Jesus taught that "The Father and I are One", as well as "I am of myself nothing". These statements are teaching statements and are not to be separated without understanding. The God-State is Oneness with the Father. The Son-of-God-State is the realization state that fits between man and God, it is the gate, the doorway to the kingdom of heaven. This is why Jesus said, "You can't go to the Father except through me."
          man-state              i am
          son-of-God-state    AM NOT
          God-state              I AM THAT I AM
Complete realization is in understanding all three. Man must be lifted to the Higher state seeing that his Man-State, individuated self is an illusion and is nothing therefore the middle gateway is nothing itself except a state of consciousness. If you get stuck here, as we often do in metaphysical study we begin to think we are nothing, deserve nothing and then wonder why we can't have answers to prayer.
          First there is a mountain
          Then there is no mountain
          Then there is.                                (see Syllogism, Man-State, God-State)
soul: this is the part of man which continues after "death" thus it should be understood as the real self of individuated expression. (see also Astral Body)
sounding board: a person who can bounce back what you are saying can act as a "sounding board." This would be one who is trained in "listening" and recognize certain key points in a conversation that apply to important aspects and deeper nuances to what the overall issue might be that is being dealt with in a conversation. It could also be the recognition of body language, voice changes, eye reflexes, body movement, things said, things avoided, triggering with topics or memories, etc. The most important and valuable contribution to therapy is listening. Then giving back honest information that can assist the client in making changes that result in the opening up their Self, Higher Consciousness and realization of the Self, the I AM and Truth within and without.
space time continuum: curvature of space
speed of light (speed of thought): 186,000 miles per second is theorized that this speed breaks the time barrier. It is theorized also that this is the speed of thought. Probably this being the line of timeless that would make some sense however this isn't something measureable but only theorized. The light from Alpha Centauri takes 4 years to reach earth because it is "4 light years" away. The light from earth's sun takes 8 minutes. When we are looking at stars in the skies we are actually looking into the past. If you were on Alpha Centauri looking at the earth through an incredible telescope which could make out cars on the freeways, all of the new cars would be from four years ago.
Spirit: a common New Age term for the spiritual reality of MIND, God. A non-dimensional or multi-dimensional focus on the ongoing "activity" of MIND, God. (see also Holy Spirit)
spiritual / spirituality: the non-dimensional, non-physical understanding. This sounds separate from the physical but in Ontology you learn that the physical is spiritual already and it is only a matter of your point of view. Duality causes us to limit our perception and see only a portion of Reality. (see also Duality, Metaphysics, Oneness, Ontology, Separateness)
statement of being: first step of translating is to expand on the Syllogism whereby you make a "statement of being", realizing what is, as a prelude to further analysis. This becomes a template revealed, a cross upon which we hang our sense testimony. (see also Cross, , Sense Testimony, Template)
states of consciousness: belief systems, mindsets, awarenesses, points of view, pockets of constructs, blocked thinking, all possibilities, merely that "states of consciousness" reflect different inputs and outputs among different people. (see also Consciousness)
Stockhausen Syndrome: due to stress and isolation the victim begins to identify with his or her captor. This is a peculiar variation on bonding actually, and could even slightly describe childhood. I am being slightly facetious here but think about it. Contrary to outside reality you begin to accept everything going on around you as normal and acceptible and normal.
stop (Davolna!): Gurdjieff did what he called "STOP exercises." Davolna is the Russian word he used with the dancers on stage when he was telling them to stop.
stop exercises: the stop exercises are for letting go. The process is to learn control, similar to mind over matter but also mind over mind. (see also Fasting, Fourth Way, Prayer, Meditation)
straight thinking: to think clearly based on Absolute Truth, the axioms, basing conclusions on Reality and seeing from a Oneness point of view. Sometimes called "straight thinking in the abstract. (see also Abstract, Clear Thinking)
stress: the tension that we feel when there appears to be a conflict of ideas. Ultimately it is the energy that takes us from "here to there". The build up of pressure causes us to make change ultimately, forces us to face ourselves and our ideas in order to make a decision. We are all responsible for bringing the conflicting ideas together because we are ready for change. Stress can be used for positive change, its elimination is not necessary nor advisable entirely. Simply face it immediately and the pain passes. It is the denial that hurts. (see also Anxiety)
structure: to structure is to pre-determine an outcome rather than allowing infinite possibilities full reign in answering your needs perfectly. The human mind limits potential by structuring. This happens in the man-state.
student: the state of mind of being a dedicated studier... we are all students... or as Lillian DeWaters says "There are no students." This means that in Reality we know all things. But the "we are all students" means that we are all short of complete knowledge therefore we are always learning about ourselves. In the Fourth Way line of study there are three roles of students. 1. student 2. pupil 3. chela. The student could come to a lecture or a class a couple times a year whereas the pupil is a serious dedicated student doing the "Work" all of the time, and the chela is the dedicated pupil who is in direct contact with The Teacher. (see also Chela, Pupil, Mentor, Teacher)
subconscious: (see Unconscious)
subjective: to identify with something outside yourself as if it is not outside yourself. This isn't to say there can be anything outside yourself, however to identify is to claim it to be true. Example: to sympathize is to be subjective, to empathize is to be objective. (see also Objective)
sublimation: the act of repressing inner urges (sexual or other biological urges) and expressing that energy through alternative mediums. (see also Transference)
substance: materiality. Sub = under; stance = standing. Therefore "understanding" is being stated here. This doesn't mean that materiality should be our understanding, this is conveying to us that materiality is a result of our understanding of what Reality is. No matter how we see Reality, materiality will be our understanding of it. Because of our understanding we see Spirit in a limited way thus turning it into physicality. Physicality is not untrue, merely limited in definition by our consciousness. Substance is sold and opaque in the material understanding based on separateness. Solid means you can't pass through and opaque means your view is stopped or obscured. Oneness allows for a fluid realization where you pass from one place to the next and transparent where your vision is on-going and complete. And yet there is Truth to all of these aspects. Solid is like a firm foundation and secure just as opaque provides you the ability to see what is there, not to keep on going through it. Sold and opaque is "male" whereas fluid and transparent is "female". (see also Materiality, Out-picturing)
suffering: is the pain we feel, but usually mechanically without any real thought or pursuit of the cause internally. Gurdjieff said: "The last thing a man is willing to give up is his suffering." In a vision to John in a cave, written in some Apocrypha, Jesus said: "What they say I suffered, I suffered not, what I did suffer they say I suffered not." Gurdjieff also said: "Only conscious suffering is of value." To consciously "suffer" is to be willing to enter our own pain in order to rise above it by facing it and letting it go to make room for Truth to operate fully.
superego: the part of the psyche which functions similarly to the conscience in its mediating between the learned ideals or values and the drives of the id. (see also Ego, Id)
SupraConsciousness: Higher Mind, Divine Mind. (see also God)
survival dynamics: phylogenetic information causing the human role to react to situations based on instinct and race history information. Basic formatting for survival which gets in the way on later levels of human interaction and in spiritual development. All things that are used for survival can sometimes get in the way of spiritual understanding because they reflect duality and thus separateness. This information moved to aid the man-state sense of self but later can be a block or a hinderance. All beliefs must ultimately be examined in the Light of Truth. They cannot be discarded "intellectually" otherwise their "security mode" will be gone but your Higher Understanding will not be in effect. (see also Learned Behavior, Phylogenetic)
syllogism: the use of a Major Premise, a Minor Premise and a Conclusion. This is the way the mind works naturally. The syllogism used in these classes simply referred to as The Syllogism is show next. (see also Syllogism)
Syllogism: The Syllogism, capitalized refers to one specific version of the syllogism as it relates to Absolute Truth:
                    Truth is that which is so
                    That which is not truth is not so,
                    Therefore truth is all there is.
The conclusion that Truth is all there is becomes a foundation by which you build upon in terms of consciousness. Truth being all tells you that Allness is True therefore Oneness is Reality. Allness also tells you that Infinity is Reality and so on. The is the beginning basis for a "statement of being". (see also Axiomatic Thinking, Axioms, Mathematical Thinking, Straight Thinking In The Abstract, Syllogism, Syllogistic Thinking or Reasoning)
Syllogistic Thinking or Reasoning: is to use Truth as your basis of reasoning and form conclusions that are axiomatic. (see also Computer, Rene Descartes, Straight Thinking, Syllogism, )
symbols / symbolic / symbolism: discovering what the hidden meaning may be is more than poetic or artistic license. All that we see is thought and all thought traces back to the pure expression of consciousness. At different levels we can perceive what meanings exist beyond the obvious. Light symbolizes knowing, consciousness, wisdom, insight whereas darkness the absence of light, symbolizing ignorance. When the light goes on, as we say, we wake up, we become aware. To become aware is to realize Reality. To fall asleep is to turn off to Truth thus fall into error, ignorance, and so on. Even in cartoons we symbolize the "getting of an idea" with the drawing of a light bulb going on over their head. (see also Word Tracking)
symbolic: every thought is symbolic, reflective, expresses Truth and our interpretation of it through a consciousness of duality alters our viewpoint and we lose that connection in our thinking whereas if we work to trace back the logistical roots as it pertains to Truth we will change our consciousness and thus change our world since our world is our consciousness of it. (see also Expression, Mirror, Reflection, Symbols)
sympathy: the emotional reaction where one "feels" for another person based on their own inner emotional experiences. It comes from the state of identification. (See also Identify, Empathy).
synapses: the area of contact between the axon (appendage of neuron transmitting impulses away from the cell) of one neuron and the dendrite (branching process of a neuron conducting impulses toward cell) or cell body of another neuron, across which nerve impulses are transmitted in one direction only. (see also Quantum physics)
synchronicity: see Accidents
synergy: the end product of a system is a total value of size or worth which is greater than the sum of its parts. (from the Greek (syn-ergo) meaning working together.) From an ontological perspective the whole is the fundamental reality in back of time, space and change therefore the "parts" actually lose value in the application of dualistic perception. This then would create the appearance of the sum being greater than the parts. The "Whole" will always express the True Value being that wholeness in this ontological process is based on wholeness as Truth. The use of the term "synergistic" in a negative situation, such as the affects of disease showing combinations of negative factors increasing the detrimental effect confuses the meaning of "working together" when actually there is a "working against" the wholeness of the body in that sense. Synergy should be use in reference to actual positive effects and not as indifferent analysis.
synthesis: (see also Analysis)
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Tai Chi Chuan: a Chinese exercise which is a pattern of slow movements which become a form of meditation as well as exercise. It develops inner and outer strength and can also be used to teach self-defense. It is connected to Taoism as well. Lao Tzu is the father of Taoism. "Taoism and Confucianism have to be seen side-by-side as two distinct responses to the social, political and philosophical conditions of life two and a half millennia ago in China. Whereas Confucianism is greatly concerned with social relations, conduct and human society, Taoism has a much more individualistic and mystical character, greatly influenced by nature. In Lao Tzu's view things were said to create "unnatural" action (wei) by shaping desires (yu). The process of learning the names (ming) used in the doctrines helped one to make distinctions between good and evil, beautiful and ugly, high and low, and "being" (yu) and "non- being" (wu), thereby shaping desires. To abandon knowledge was to abandon names, distinctions, tastes and desires. Thus spontaneous behavior (wu-wei) resulted. The Taoist philosophy can perhaps best be summed up in a quote from Chuang Tzu: "To regard the fundamental as the essence, to regard things as coarse, to regard accumulation as deficiency, and to dwell quietly alone with the spiritual and the intelligent -- herein lie the techniques of Tao of the ancients." (see website on Tai Chi.) It could be said that Tai Chi is a very Fourth Way exercise. (see also Auto Conditioning, Meditation, One Minute Exercise)

TaiJitu: a symbol appearing in both the Roman and Chinese cultures. However the Celtic, Etruscan and Roman use predated the Chinese by 700 years and was referred to as "The Supreme Ultimate," but today are commonly referred to as a Yin Yang symbol. The Romans used this symbol on a banner or an emblem on their shields. (see also Yin Yang.) and also Wikipedia Taijitu.

takyons (tachyons): The production of takyons (the original Greek spelling) is a result of precise processes of using pulsing EMF and controlled atmospheric vacuum heat treatments with regards to components forming the Unified Field Devices, magnetic annealing and precipitation hardening treatments of specific alloys (also these are used in the aircraft industry). Without critical processes and parameters relative to the construction of these devices, without a way to produce unified field processes and takyonic radiation of specific frequencies and hyperspatial components. These are designed to counteract a lot of the psychoactive and mind altering electromagnetic environment. Takyons can only exist in a Unified Field, and/or a Bio-Field, otherwise, as Einstein expounded, no real-mass particles or signals can travel faster than the speed of light (186,000 miles per second). Only with unified field takyons (not Tachyons), is there a protective field against these frequencies. Wikipedia: "Today, in the framework of quantum field theory, tachyons are best understood as signifying an instability of the system and treated using tachyon condensation, rather than as real faster-than-light particles, and such instabilities are described by tachyonic fields."
teacher / Teacher: a person who instructs or teaches. When capitalized it relates the Teacher who is acting as a disseminator of Truth. In other words one refers to "the Teacher" who is distributing the "Teaching" and this relates to live closed classes (see also School)
technique: (see also Discipline, Formula, Method, Tools)
template / Template: a pattern, like a plastic cut-out stencil for drawing. In the upper case version it is the perfect fixed mold that is, was and always will be in Reality. "Behind time, space and change there is a fundamental Reality". Despite what we may perceive at any given moment our Template, our True Self, that which we have as our roots exists and is always there to discover, fall back on, rely on, depend on. Our Template of Reality is holographic and the attributes of Truth, God, Infinite Mind are the same identifying marks of our consciousness like DNA is to the human body. (see also Archetypes, Finished Kingdom, Word Tracking)
testimonial: generally a written or verbal statement to others of the change, mutation or miracle that has taken place. Often excess emphasis is placed on the error rather than the "miracle". The negative side to this is the affirmation of the negative, implying a Reality to it. Sometimes examples are needed but more often than not they become ego boosters for individuals who have that as their only forum of expression. But there is a place for examples of changes in consciousness and manifestations of psychological changes and spiritual manifestations as tools for teaching others who may not have had their own experiences. Some who believe that it is wrong to do testimonials believe that it spreads sense testimony rather than affirming Truth. However, to be wholistically sound, we must be willing to view sense testimony without being drawn in by it, but rather see in back of it to recognize the Truth that has always been there. (see web page on Testimonials)
testimony: (see Sense Testimony)
therefore: the forming of conclusions with the word "therefore" or "ergo" or "thus" are an important aspect of consciousness changing and also of construct building as well. But it is the fundamental element of thinking which must be understood because forming conclusions is essential for building a new state of awareness as well as "unbuilding" or "unlearning" which requires a refiling of the previous conclusions which were misplaced within one's consciousness. Biblically speaking, the first conclusion was the "swallowing" of the apple. When you read the account of Adam and Eve in the Bible you will see that there wasn't just a tasting of the apple but there was an eating of the fruit. In order to eat one must swallow. Keep in mind the cliche "swallowed it hook, line and sinker." Swallowing is the process whereby one accepts and believes something to be true. In this story we see that Adam ate of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, thus duality. Prior to this Adam only had a consciousness which believed in Oneness. After forming the conclusion that there was both good and evil Adam became split into two because of this duality which now was the reigning state of consciousness. Thus we see that the perfect androgynous being was now both a male and a female rather than male/female as was in the beginning. The story has been reworked and put together in a peculiar manner somewhat confusing the symbology but we can see the interaction between Eve (Adam's unconscious) and Adam (conscious mind) as Adam is tempted to believe in both good and evil and he succombs. As a result of this his "side" is removed (left side symbolizing female) and he becomes male losing his divine androgynous nature and his female side separates and becomes his reflection in life as in consciousness. As above, so below not unlike the implicate and the explicate of David Bohm's Looking Glass Universe. (see also Reason, Syllogism)
tongues: or speaking in tongues. Mostly found in Pentecostal circles and some fundamentalist groups but sorely misunderstood. Popularized in the early 20th century in Los Angeles in what is historically referred to as the Azusa Street revival. Connections here with the popularity of this movement can be seen in such people as Kathryn Kuhlman and her ministries. The name Pentecostal derives from the Day of Pentecost in the New Testament which was not the common evidence of gibberish but rather people were speaking in "foreign languages" (tongues) and everyone heard the spiritual messages in their own tongue. Thus the "word of God" was spoken in a foreign language and others could interpret it. But it has become popular because many people have found a knack for using this tongue talking as a real crowd pleaser but it little more than charlatanism. However no one wants to discount it because it keeps the faith alive. (also called Glossalalia)
Thane of Hawaii [1909-1989] (aka Donald Wayne Walker, aka Rev. Wayne Walker, aka Eloi-Sun aka Prince Iole Eloi Sun, Kulkuthma Ray, aka Kenneth Walker, aka Thane Walker, aka Thane aka Thane of Hawaii) Student of G.I. Gurdjieff, called "Teacher of Teachers" by Ernest Holmes, Thane eclectically merged many teachings through several classes and lectures which he made available around the United States and through his Fourth Way School, The Prosperos, which was headquartered in Santa Monica, California. Many students have gone on to teach and work with other various groups of study taking Thane's priceless insight with them. (see also Lamar and Derek Lamar)
thoughts (thinking): the product of mental activity, that which one thinks. A single act of thinking, idea or notion. Consideration or reflection. (see also Brain, Conscious, Consciousness, Mind, Reason, Subconscious, Supraconscious, Unconscious)
threat: when we perceive things outside ourselves, predictions take on the personality of threats. Threats are predictions of a sort. If you get to the bus stop late, the bus will leave without you. You know this is a prediction but if you get to the stop as the bus pulls away, you may react emotionally and interpret it as a threat. You might take it personally. A threat is personal and a prediction is impersonal even if it is about you. (see also Prediction)
three dimensional: (3-D): (see Earth, Materiality, World)
tools: implements for the purpose of making certain work easier or possible. A common definition relates tools to working with one's hands. Using a hand in work expresses "being in touch" and also "grasping the situation" thus tools begin this process by allowing the individual to go beyond him or herself. Spiritual growth is a natural process, however, in this Teaching, it is understood that one can accelerate that process through inner work by way of tools and techniques. Whatever aids one in this quest is taking responsibility for the urgency of expressing and knowing Truth. (see also Work)
transference: In psychoanalysis, the process where emotions and desires originally associated with one person, as a parent or sibling, are unconsciously shifted often the analyst, or another person. (see also Psychoanalysis)
transgender: Appearing as, wishing to be considered as, or having had surgery to be a member the opposite sex. (see also Transsexual)
Transitional Therapy: is based on a perspective that relates the theory that mankind is coming to a threshold and thus making a transition from one state of consciousness to another. This leap requires changes in consciousness in order to facilitate the process of transition. (see also the Quickening)
transsexual: one who wishes society to consider them as a member of the opposite sex. One who has had a sex change. (see also Transgender)
transvestite: a man who enjoys or compulsively is obsessed with wearing women's clothes. Usually the man is homosexual but not always. Sometimes female impersonators are transvestites but not always. Sometimes called "cross dressing". The term "transvestite" usually refers to males but females also "cross dress" however, it is not as noticeable due to the sexism on this planet. In other words, looking like a woman is unconsciously demeaning whereas looking like a man is commended. This construct still exists today. Girls can be Tomboys but boys who act like girls are ridiculed and attacked verbally and sometimes physically; sometimes even by their own family. Slang: drag queen, drag show, in drag. (see also Transsexual, Transgender)
translate: the act of translating (see Translation)
translation: Enoch in the Bible was translated. The dictionary defines translation as conveying or removing to heaven without natural death. When we translate, when we hold up sense testimony to the axioms we perceive Reality on a heaven level and we don't have to die to get there. This is a born again experience every time we die to false beliefs and release Truth in their place. This death is not natural death and we move into the kingdom of heaven in the process. It is here we experience a "metanoia". (see also Born Again, Metanoia, )
transparent: (see Substance)
trauma: (see also Blocks, Constructs)
treasure mapping: (see Visualization)
treatment: a treatment is a form of prayer. Commonly called such by Christian Science, however many metaphysicians of the early part of the 20th century used the term. Sometimes called "absent treatment" if the person you were praying for somewhere else. Literally, treatment means treating a situation or sense testimony to a good dose of Truth. There is One Mind therefore the clarification of Truth in "your" consciousness will out-picture itself in "your world". This is what intercessory prayer really is. In Truth there can be no one "outside" your consciousness because in True Reality there is One Mind. This is a "demonstration" of what God made visible. (see also Demonstration, Prayer, Translation)
trigger: to push someone's button, or the button which is pushed within us which causes us to react rather than respond. (see also Reaction)
Trinity: the Father, Son and Holy Spirit represents the Christian version of the Godhead: God's fullness, personality, yet the threeness symbolizes the power of creativity. Also this can be seen as the Mind, Body & Soul aspects. These aspects also reveal the power of the crucifixion and resurrection. The transformation of consciousness (Mind) as the Body (physicality) is placed on the Cross (Truth) and perfect spirit (Soul) is released to reveal that which always will be. (see also Numbers, Symbolism)
truth / Truth: is that which is so (see also Everything)
tulkas: (see Tulpas below)
tulpas: (this is a limited attempt at desribing what Tibetan Buddhist believe) the Tibetans distinguish between tulkus and tulpas. They believe that the tulkus are men and women, living normal lives like our own, albeit still supernatural manifestations as in "phantom bodies" and accounts for the mystical succession of Dalai Lamas,whereas tulpas are more or less ephemeral creations which may take various forms: man, animal, tree, rock, etc., at the command of the magician who created them, and act like the being whose forms they may have. These tulpas coexist with their creator and can be seen with him simultaneously. In some cases they may survive him, or, during his life, free themselves from his domination and attain a certain degree of independence. The tulku, however, is in the form of a lasting energy directed by an individual with the object of continuing a specific type of activity after his death. The tulku does not coexist simultaneously with his ancestor. The art of creating tulpas, imaginary forms which are a sort of robots which they control as they wish, but which, sometimes, manage to acquire some kind of autonomous personality similar to a sophisticated ghost but visually in real terms.
tunnel vision: seeing only part of the picture, only a portion of the whole, leaving conclusions to be made on half-truths resulting in the expression of error. (see also Error, Half-Truths)
two-ness: principle is two-ness, out and back, but ultimately it is always Oneness because one aspect cannot be separated from the other in Reality. You cannot touch without something being touched. You cannot give without there being a receiving. This is principle, this is Oneness. So two-ness, basically, relates duality and yet we can see now the misperception of the appearance of the two-ness of principle could bring about duality. (see also Duality, Oneness, Separateness)
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Unconscious: the part of the mind where information is stored. Sometimes called the subconscious, we often think of it as almost an enemy and yet it is an essential tool. Symbolic of female as the conscious symbolizes the male and the supraconscious symbolizes androgyny, or Male/Female. (see also Conscious, Heart, Subconscious, Supraconscious)
unfoldment: a way to express the appearance of change. Truth is changeless therefore what appears as change is a revealing of that which already is. The unfoldment expresses the Divine order already everpresent in Truth as well. (see also Change, Mutation)
Unified Field Theory (Grand Unification Theory): A physical theory where there is the combination of the treatment of two or more types of fields deducing formerly unrecognized interrelationships, especially a theory unifying nuclear, electromagnetic, and gravitational force theories.
Universal Law: cosmic law. Absolutes which govern our world, our universe and ourselves. (see also Axioms, Principle)
unlearning process: the peeling back of adverse education. The process by which one can rid themselves of false information by recognizing the Truth and allowing the error to drop off. The letting go of lies and the acceptance of Truth. A systematic unlearning through which one undoes the conclusions formerly made and recreate that moment again whereby the acceptance of accurate information occurs. Similar to "if I had my life to live over again." The process of letting go of false information. Similar to the peeling of an onion. A refiling rather than filling up with more stuff. Opening the windows to infinity rather than decorating with new curtains. (see also Give-For Technique)
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Vacuum: a vacuum is an unfilled area. (see Law of the Vacuum, the)
Vacuum, the Law of the: "the world abhors a vacuum." This statement tells the whole story. The Law of the Vacuum states that what is empty shall be filled. "Let there be light and there is light." Give and it shall be given unto you." If you need money, give money. Empty yourself and be filled. You get what you put out therefore demand Truth by letting go of error and be filled with Truth. Create a vacuum and watch it fill up. This goes hand in hand with the Law of Assumption. Know that your prayer is answered already. Sometimes called "stepping out on faith" by the Christian community. (see also Law of Assumption, Principle, Vacuum)
vibration: a resonation as a result of movement. Sometimes related as movement to the molecular level. In new age circles often it relates multi-dimensional movement or octaves of resonation which might affect changes in our world or our perception of the world. A supernatural emanation that is sensed by or revealed to those attuned to the occult. Sometimes relates feelings one has from another person, place or even situation.
visualization: the approach of obtaining what you want by focusing either on picture or in your mind the image of it, and believing that you are going to get it or that you have it already. Based on the principle of "you get what you put out", "believe in your heart and you shall have it" or "say to this mountain; move from here to there". However, this can usually be done with money as well and we often approach our needs in prayer as a substitute for money asking a God "outside" of us to do our bidding. This is structuring the outcome from a limited human point of view. To translate is to see the Truth and let go of error and allow the everpresent answer that already is be made manifest even "more" perfect than we can foresee ourselves. Sometimes referred to as Treasure mapping. (see also Structure)
vortex: a whirling mass of water, air, fire like a whirlpool or whirlwind.
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Wake up: is what man must do since "Man is asleep." Mankind is stuck in a state of mechanicalness where very little is conscious. We have a conscious mind but most of the time we are "re-thinking, reacting, and remembering" and very little is actually in the now but rather echoes of past actions and reactions. This state of mechanicalness is what is seen as the "machine" we operate as in our sleep-state. (see Automaton, Escape, Search)
West: Western thoughts relate to the religious ideas of the occidental mind as well as the philosophical ideas of the west and the technologies which have arisen out of it. The East, the "oriental" mind, or "Asian", relates philosophies of the "old world" and beyond to the "cradle of civilization" or birthplace roots. West is symbolic of Male and East is Female from where birth or beginnings point to. West is the same as right just as East is the same as left. Yin Yang is also right and left, male and female, west and east, correspondingly. The cross is the West's symbol of Wholeness with both a left and a right, an above and a below. Sometimes spiritually seen as an equal cross within a circle which translates more accurately than the traditional cross with a longer lower stem accentuating a lower consciousness. (see also Cross, East, Occidental, Oriental, Yin Yang)
Wholeness: the state of being complete. Lacking nothing. Taking all elements in existence into consideration. Entire, full, total without exception and contrary to bias or prejudice.
Wholistic: the application of wholeness. Often used in spiritual circles meaning (see also Holistic)
wilderness: a desert or empty, sparse area of consciousness that needs to be fulfilled. An area that will grow if only it is cultivated properly. To grow in the wilderness symbolizes the expansion of consciousness. "A voice crying in the wilderness." (see also Baptist, John the)
within: in or into the interior or inner part; inside, internal. (see also Without, Yin Yang)
without: out or absence; outside, external. (see also Within, Yin Yang)
"Work", The: term for changing, being on the Path and doing what needs to be done to reveal one's Reality to oneself. (see Symbolism, Template)
Word, the: (see Logos)
word tracking (word-a-bout): a process by which you track words back to their original meanings until they lead to Truth itself. All comes from Truth therefore all traces back. The discovery of the roots that reveal Truth in and of itself is often therapeutic. The derivation of words is extremely insightful.
wrestle: is what one does on the spiritual path as they grapple with their consciousness until they are able to let go of error or negative emotions and release the inner Truth into expression. Jacob "wrestled" with God until he received a blessing. On the surface this seems peculiar. However the wrestling is not with an external God but with the self within. The interaction is with the I AM self wrestling with the human duality until the I AM remains in control and the man-state consciousness becomes under control. This is the receiving of the "blessing" spoken of in the Jacob story. Think of wrestling rather than fighting. Though we understand symbolically that there is a "spiritual battle", wrestling more accurately focuses on the "hands on" approach. This "hands on" relates "grasping" and being in "contact" (at one with) ideas in order that one might let go of error and restore Truth to its rightful position in consciousness. (see also Egypt)
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Xenophobia: the fear of foreigners.
Yahweh (YHWH): the revelation of Moses: I AM THAT I AM can be found throughout the Old Testament of the Bible if properly translated. Realizing the I AM THAT I AM of Yahweh changes many obscure passages. (see also I AM, I AM THAT I AM, Jesus)
Yehoshua or Yeshua (Joshua... same derivation as the name of Jesus): salvation; literally "the salvation of Ya" or the salvation of Yahweh. Yahweh being I AM THAT I AM therefore what we have here is "salvation of the I AM". In the Exodus story where Moses leads the people to the promised land, he represents the "intellect" whereas Joshua (same name as Jesus, Yeshua, Yehoshua) means "salvation" thus we see an archetype story where the intellect is left behind for a Higher state of consciousness to issue forth and lead into a Higher state of consciousness just like John the Baptist who is arrested (held in place), loses his head (intellect is dropped off) and then Jesus enters the picture with his revelations and changes in consciousness. (see also I AM, I AM THAT I AM, Jesus, Yahweh)
Yin Yang: the oriental version of the Male/Female principle of "light & darkness" personifying the belief in good and evil in a dualistic sense. Symbolized by the circle that is divided in curved halves, one dark, one light, each with a corresponding opposite colored dot in the larger portion of the tear drop shape. Yin represents the Male aspect and Yang represents the Female aspect.
Yogi: the man who seeks knowledge as a method of freeing himself, often seen as the guru. (see also Fakir, Fourth Way, Monk)
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Zen: A Mahayana Buddhism school asserts enlightenment can be attained through meditation, self-contemplation, and intuition rather than through faith and devotion and that is practiced mainly in China, Korea, Vietnam and Japan. Also called Zen Buddhism.
zen-like: Anything seemingly contradictory on the surface and yet expressing some complimentary or agreeing type qualities. A type of irony which mystifies and causes deep contemplation to understand. (see also Zen)
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