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   1. Science of Being - A Presentation of the Absolute




about the author

     Very little can be found of a biographical nature of Frances Wade Gott. She dedicated her book, Science of Being, to Annie Rix Militz (who studied under Emma Curtis Hopkins) and May Andrews Wiggin. Gott says of them: "This 'Science of Being' is dedicated as a token of loving gratitude and esteem for the help and inspiration they have been to me in the path of Divine Expression." I personally believe that Frances Wade Gott probably studied under George Edwin Burnell who also studied under Emma Curtis Hopkins based on the material found within this book. Certain phrases which can be found in this book reveal a theme of thought particular to a handful of metaphysicians during these years: "Absolute Truth", "Statement of Being", the use of mathematics in understanding the "logic" found within this type of "Science of Being" which is also know as "Ontology", "Axiomatic Reasoning", "Consciousness", "Principle" and "Principle of Being", "2 + 2 = 4", "God is all there is and besides which there is nothing", and "the Principle of Being" and "drawing conclusions".

The Science of Being is a relatively small book which is packed full of teaching. It is not to be understood and perceived simply upon one reading. It must be understood that like the formula of 2 + 2 = 4 there is a complex sophistication within the simplicity of Truth. The seemingly simple or understated teaching drills right to the core of metaphysics and reveals a teaching which reveals the true essence of that which was taught by Jesus of Nazareth. This teaching, which later became better understood as Ontology by Lillian DeWaters, Carl O. Johnson, Alexander Keene, and Thane Walker, reveals Principle as a force which operates within an Infinite Universe and is at the center of each of us as our own reality operating as Principle, Spirit, Mind, or Being revealing that nothing is separate but rather "all is One".

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