Journey Into

The Template of Infinity

by Dr. Derek Lamar


"I AM Connection has 10 chapters

Chapter One I AM (Cogito Ergo Sum. Rene Descartes) I Think Therefore I Am."You need a beginning that traces what might be termed an unfoldment of discovery to something substantial. Something which isn't just more belief you convince yourself is true, but rather revealed to you in a way that can become a knowing deep within you. And you do this by determining what is so in what you call your reality."

Chapter Two I AM THAT I AM. "In this realization of a Universe of Being, we must understand as the I AM we are not just incorporating the self into the SELF. We are not symbolically entering into the realm of Being. We can see not only do we exist but existence in its fullest sense is Truth. For what is is Truth itself. This is Reality. It isn't a change as much as it is a realization. We do not enter into the SELF we realize we are the SELF the I AM"

Chapter Three AXIOMATIC THINKING "The grand mystical mirror which reflects to you is all you are. This too you must sort out over time but for now you must know you exist, you are mind, you are truth and you are all there is. You can hear an inner voice speak to you and it says: I will take you to the center of your soul and out the top of God's head. You're the I AM that I AM. You are the mystery of the ages. You are the mathematical table. You are the boundless stars stretching across the sky. You were never born and you will never die. You are the great I AM."

Chapter Four NOWNESS. "What most of us experience in our lives is not our real life but a dream state which we choose to believe is really happening rather than realizing our I AM self and knowing the Truth. You know the Truth and the Truth will make you free. This isn't new information. But perhaps the realization of what was really meant by truth and what making you free really means, is from an entirely different perspective."

Chapter Five THE MISSING LINK of the I AM MATRIX. "The I AM CONNECTION is like pulling the switch and having every light go on in the city in the state in the country all over the world until all of your world is one ball of light.", "You must say to yourself I AM Consciousness Conscious of Consciousness and feel the Oneness of Love course through your Being."

Chapter Six THE HEART and SOUL of SPIRIT. "Discover the elements within an esoteric teaching. For a man's words flow out of what fills his heart. This is simple enough and most people understand this with its surface statement. But there is more yet to discover.", "It is important to always realize that the heart represents the sub-conscious mind. And in doing so one reads: For a man's words flow out of what fills his sub-conscious."

Chapter Seven THE HEALING EFFECT of the I AM. "We do not change our world, or our body in our world, what we change is our consciousness. As we change our consciousness our world changes because our world is our consciousness. It is our consciousness of it."

Chapter Eight I AM DIALOGUE. "I AM awake. There is no darkness in me for I am all light. There are no shadows for nothing stands between me and myself. There is no conflict because there is nothing separate from me and I am in complete agreement with myself. There is no pain because I am infinite pleasure and there is nothing that can separate me from the pleasure I am. I am infinite therefore I am all there is. There is nothing that can make me feel incomplete for I am whole. I am allness. I am Oneness. I am all unto myself expressing myself out and back to myself. I am infinitely unfolding all I am to myself."

Chapter Nine I AM MEDITATION. "I drink the water I am and I am filled with life. I thirst for the Truth I AM and I am quenched. I eat of the food of the land and it is very good. I am the food. I hunger for the Truth I AM and I am nourished."

Chapter Ten THE PRIESTHOOD of MELCHIZEDEK. "According to the dictionary a translation is the act of removing to heaven without natural death. This is the pinnacle of spiritual work where there is a complete Cosmic realization of the I AM.", "And as you pass each other on your respective paths you will salute them in your Higher Self and say Namaste. The God in me salutes the God in you. Or for our purposes here, the I AM in me salutes the I AM in you."

Man Is Dead  ~  Gurdjieff, Fourth Way & Esoteric Teaching

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