Walter C. Lanyon
Miscellaneous Books and Articles
with additional teaching and instruction and metaphysical interpretation.

Lanyon writings...

   1. And It Was Told Of A Certain Potter

   2. Abd Allah, Teacher, Healer

   3. Embers

   4. Royal Diadem

   5. It Is Wonderful

   6. Your Heritage

   7. Leaves Of The Tree

   8. It Is Wonderful

   8. Miscellaneous articles by Walter C. Lanyon



about the author

     Walter Clemow Lanyon was an author of incredible insight and had the good fortune for himself and others to produce an enormous amout of literature teaching metaphysical insights and spiritual unfoldment. It is often said that Lanyon was a Christian writer but this is misunderstood. This implies that Lanyon was a religious writer which he certainly was not. He was never interested in the workings of any church or the beliefs they promoted or prosyletized. Like Mary Baker Eddy, Emma Curtis Hopkins, George Edwin Burnell, Mary Lamoreaux Burnell, William Walters, Frances Wade Gott, Annie Rix Militz, Ernest Holmes, Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, Emilie Cady and others, Lanyon taught a Western metaphysical tradition which honors Jesus as the "Master" who as a man became enlightened and taught a Truth which is in back of time, space and change.

Walter C. Lanyon was born in 1887 and died in 1967. He was born in the United States but became an Englishman through upbringing and training as he was educated in the England, France and the United States. He spent the greater part of his life traveling the world teaching his brand of metaphysics which is the cornerstone to New Age thinking and spiritual insight which we know today. His understanding as conveyed through his teaching and books carries its message straight into the 21st century with its ontological insight and bridge of transmitting the Quantum Metaphysics taught by Q.M.I. in the manner of its day but not losing a beat in the formulas which reveal the Allness and Oneness of God and the nature of the Beingness which we call the Universe.

Despite Lanyon's desire to convey the "impersonal" aspect of this spiritual journey, Lanyon himself, was not absent of character and individuality which contributed to the loving and caring expression that was his life and teaching. Ethel Dickey, long time secretary, student and friend, knew Walter and recognize his talent and integrity and performed with great success the assistance needed to help propel this teaching and keep it alive long after Walter's passing in 1967.


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