Axioms To The Highest Power Pt. I
Axioms To The Highest Power Pt. II
Axioms To The Highest Power Pt. III
Beyond Psychology
Bible As A Metaphysical Tool
Dying To Live Forever
Funeral Of The Messiah
Gurdjieff Had A Student Who Had A Student
Hologram Baby
Human Xerox Copy, The
Hundredth Student, The
Keys To The Kingdom
Krishnamurti Moved A Stone
Law Of Assumption Revealed
Law Of The Vacuum Revealed
Looking Glass Universe, The
Make Stress Work For You!
Man's Search For Self
Meetings With Remarkable Ideas
Metaphysics & The Bible
New Age Activism
New Messiah, The

Pandora's Box
Procession Of The Crown
Relief vs Release
Resonance Of Consciousness, The
Survive The Coming Chaos ...............................
Stress Can Work For You
Temptation In The Wilderness
"The Work"
There Are No Accidents
Truth: A Dinosaur In Modern Times
As in the list of classes, these lectures are not all currently available on CD. They have been given in the past and are presented here to give the reader an insight into the curriculum of Q.M.I. Some, if not all, however, will be made available in the future and also will be presented in a live forum at some future date.

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