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Meditation... and Prayer
There are some with belief systems that do not believe that the concepts of meditation and prayer are compatible. Not only are they compatible but they are the same thing. Unless... you believe that a prayer is asking God for something and meditation is merely a relaxation technique. But we must expand our awareness of what all of this means.
Some do not believe in prayer at all, but they will accept meditation to relieve stress.
Hanging by a prayer. He hasn't got a prayer. The Lord's Prayer. In a state of prayer. Prayer beads, prayer shawl, saying grace, amen.
Listening to the still small voice.
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There is no still small voice actually. The point being, if a metaphor is needed God is yelling and we are deaf. Most people believe that prayer is talking to God. It is mostly habit and saving face... we learned it from preachers. They can never shut up. So we talk to prove to anyone who might see us, like watching someone on the telephone, that there is actually a conversation between two people. But we believe that it is important to get something off of our chest. Like with the therapist who just listens.
"A strong prayer life, my friend, is an element of the Consuming Flame. Prayer itself is not petitioning or beseeching. True prayer is an acknowledgment of the Divine. It is a period spent in knowing the Allness of God..." - Eloi Sun © 1936 Honolulu, Hawaii
With Fourth Way humor it would be told that we need to pray without ceasing, until we are so exhausted that we finally let go and listen. Mankind is just about pulling up to that gate now.
Prayer is a state where the answer to the question arrives. In order to understand prayer, first you need to understand Reality. Reality is like a hologram where you can pinch off a piece and the whole exists whereas with a photograph you can cut off a section of the negative and you will only get a portion of the picture. This could also be compared to obtaining a cell from a sheep's ear and cloning an entire sheep from the information contained within the DNA found there. Hello Dolly!
That said, Reality is a sort of Schrodinger's Cat with all possibilities contained therein; but contained in an absolute sense. Reality is truth and truth is the answer to all things therefore prayer is engaged in to obtain realization of the truth and the answer will make you free. If you're sick and you pray, we'll assume for more than courage, you are seeking a healing.
The Reality is wholeness and perfection. Once you realize this truth, disease can no longer exist and perfect health is expressed... or interpreted by some as a healing. Depending on the human filtering system, which is crucial here, answers are colored with different crayons, in different sizes, and arrive at different times. Not because of the SOURCE but because of our inability to achieve total oneness with the absolute answer in most cases. Truth is PERFECT, COMPLETE and NOW. However, some people have prayed for dental healings needing a couple and received one tooth repaired with an amalgam, silver or gold filling and it took place in a few minutes. The absolute answer is the realization of "perfect teeth now." But because of our filtering systems cluttered with tons of baggage, we often see an array of creative manifestations... or no answer at all.
"Ole 'a malie wahi, ka maka ho 'omaka i nana."
In a quiet place, the eye begins to see.
Meditation, as prayer, is to set a state of mind which is open to the Higher Realm allowing our consciousness to lift itself up. This also requires the letting go of erroneous states of mind to whatever degree we are capable.
To be open and receive this realm totally would be the total acceptance of the Self. This is what this study is about... even if we must do it a step at a time. But there is an accumulative effect as well which at a point allows for a leap in consciousness. It is in preparation of that point in time that A.R.T. is working. The more there are working to that end, there is an exponential effect similar to the Ken Keyes story: The Hundredth Monkey.
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