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by Derek Lamar


The Order of Melchizedek


The Priesthood of Melchizedek is really not something you can teach. It just is. I was reluctant to even put this information on the web site simply because it tends to throw things into a quasi-religious or surreptitious occult frame of reference which is not what I intend for it to be seen as. Perception, being what it is, in a world which seems to care more about how it is perceived rather than what it represents, I opted to include a statement regarding Melchizedek here in hopes that I could put into words something which is very abstract.
Ultimately the Priesthood of Melchizedek has as much to do with the student and the learning, or unlearning, as it does the teacher and the teaching. It has everything to do with the nature of the material and the importance to its dissemination and understanding. A few people will take class without giving any of this a thought, but even so, the consciousness of the individual student is directly linked to the same mind that is the mind of the Melchizedek Priest. And it is in this understanding that makes this all the more powerful and more meaningful than simply taking a seminar on the weekend like it were a crafts class.

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Melchizedek (Order of, or priest of): Christ-type figure represents the I AM Principle. No beginning, no end, no parents, faith of Abraham who tithed to him, hoping for the complete realization of the promise: God in Man realized. Jesus, as the "I AM Principle said: "Even before Abraham, I AM." This priesthood is one which has no earthly Temple or organized initiation but is one in which each individual who enters this Priesthood internally "knows" that he or she is a member of the Order of Melchizedek. It is an ancient order of Truth Priests who enter into the I AM state of consciousness. (sometimes referred to as O.M., Order of Melchizedek)

The Student


As a student you will undergo changes more radically than the average person on the street who is simply being changed by life itself. But this is the minimal of what you have in store for you. This is being said to the student who doesn't even engage in actual "work" on themselves but simply a student who attends classes and is exposed to the material. They might not even be listening carefully to everything which is being presented.
The fact that they are attending class at all is a testament to something, even if only on a subconscious level. Do not kid yourself, even someone who is attending class with their "friend" or doing it to please their spouse is aware on some level that changes are occurring as a result of the information that they are being presented with.
Being in class can even have its affect on you if you happen to fall asleep. It has been said, years ago when I studied in a Fourth Way school, that sometimes, it was better if someone fell asleep, because then their resistance was gone and they might actually absorb more. But I don't really encourage students to come to class and go to sleep. And if you understand Fourth Way instruction and "payment" you won't be wasting your money by taking a nap when you can actually benefit greatly from listening intently and working through the material as it is being presented to you and allow for a refiling to take place as a result of the "unlearning process".
Beyond that, the student who listens well will accelerate their learning intensely and will benefit like in no other manner. All the good deeds in the world will not come close to actually changing on the inside and thus changing mankind forever. This is why class is called "closed class". The group within class become their own "collective unconscious" and it is through this consciousness the class flows. It is a sort of Consciousness Bio-sphere. This makes the material more personal in presentation and explains why each person in class feels that the material is being given specifically to them... because as a result of this mystical experience... it is.
When you make a change, a real change, you will change not just your consciousness but the collective unconscious as well and this change is the equivalent of intercessory prayer. It is metanoia, it is translation, it is mutation, it is transformation, it is the destiny of the path of Melchizedek.

The Priesthood of Melchizedek (O.M.) The Order of Melchizedek


It was stated that Jesus Christ would be a priest forever, after the order of Melchizedek (Psalms 110:4 and Hebrews 5:6) It was stated in Psalms that the Messiah was king and priest. Remember that the Messiah, especially as represented by Jesus (Yehoshuah/Yeshua) is the recognition of the I AM state of consciousness. This is the Christ Consciousness and is a further unfoldment of Moses who had his revelation of I AM THAT I AM. But Moses did not enter into the "Promised Land" thus it was necessary for Jesus to come to (not destroy the Law) but to fulfill it by recognizing that "even before Abraham, I AM".
In Psalms 110 it reads: "Yahweh (I AM THAT I AM) has sworn an oath which he never will retract, 'You are a priest of the order of Melchizedek, and for ever.'"
It also states that God says: "Sit at my right hand and I will make your enemies a footstool for you." To be at the right hand of God is to be in the command center as it were, the ability to speak the word. Enemies symbolize thoughts and emotions which are in patterns within you that are working against you, thus, it is through dealing with these constructs, that one gains control over the self. Making the enemies a footstool, feet symbolic of understanding, one gains control, through this understanding of I AM, over their thoughts and emotions which have in the past worked against oneself. Thus liberation.
Hebrews 5 through 10 deals with a new Priesthood higher than the Mosaic Law as a result of this realization of the I AM and this understanding is beyond the religious law handed down by Moses. It is made clear that this King of Peace, and remember a king is simply one leading the people, and to lead people you must create a path for them to follow, and thus the path of the I AM is the path of Melchizedek. It clarifies that the Priest of Melchizedek is of righteousness and has no father, no mother or any ancestry to claim tradition or loyalty to and his life had no beginning and no ending. He is like the Son of God and he remains a priest forever.
Upon the arrival of Yeshua (Jesus), a priest who does not arrive by virtue of a law about physical descent but by the power of indestructible life. This is the mantle of the I AM state of consciousness. It is now and it is forever. "In your minds (consciousness) you must be the same as Christ Jesus (I AM)." (Philippians 2:5)
You personally may not aspire to claim your heritage as a member of the Order of Melchizedek. But this state of "mind", the I AM Consciousness, is who you are. The fact that you are even drawn to read these words indicates that on some level you already have an awareness of this Beingness welling up within you to be known and expressed. But understand, with this role comes the responsibility of loving everyone you meet. You do not have to like the way they are, you do not have to approve of their path or their lifestyle, but you must love them. As the I AM consciousness you must recognize that all you perceive is your consciousness because you are all there is. You are all there is now and forever.
The purpose of this school, this Teaching, is to make available to anyone the opportunity to discover his or herself. The Teaching you will find on this website and with Q.M.I., Quantum Metaphysics Institute, is of the Order of Melchizedek and in taking any of these classes or reading any of this information you will have been in the presence of the I AM Mind. This is the light which shines in darkness that brings clarity to the Self which may have before seemed so far away. One enters the Order of Melchizedek upon their own awareness of their self. There is no "temple made with hands" which bestows this upon one who enters this Priesthood. Only you will know this at that time. Do not assume this for yourself until you are really there because it is a real level to aspire to and one which is its own reward. It is important for you and for those whose paths you touch and who merge with yours.
Welcome to the Light. We stand together in this light until we realize that we are One and the shadows we see no longer fall upon our landscape. I AM THAT I AM.
"When the student is ready, the teacher appears."



If these words whispered to your soul, rang a bell in the distance, yelled at you to listen, or reminded you of something you once knew but had forgotten, if you feel at ease with this Teaching based on what you have unfolded within your mind here at this moment... welcome home. Please contact Derek Lamar for an interview. Students are being accepted on an ongoing basis. Contact Q.M.I. regarding your experience here or for any other information at
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