Finally a class that goes straight to the core of your being... enabling you to translate what appears to be happening in your life into circumstances where YOU ARE IN CONTROL!


Metanoia 21...
Discovering The Matrix of Consciousness
Cross the threshold and enter the area where creative fulfillment, problem solving, and complete realization of self worth can be utilized. Tap this power within you through 5 STEPS that can be used for all areas of development. Enter the arena of CHANGE where the expansion of consciousness releases a power that has long been the secret to:

Prosperity ~ Healing ~ Psychic Development
Quantum Change ~ Paradigm Shifting

This is your moment! When the student is ready, the truth suddenly appears.

The Principle of Translation
(continuing interactive workshops available at no extra charge)

by Dr. Derek Lamar
Taught in the "Oral Tradition"

This class will enable you to make the leap from physics to metaphysics, from psychology to spirituality. No more mindless affirmations that depend on blind faith; instead, a technique that proves itself as it removes the blocks that have kept you on hold! This class goes beyond the concept of "scientific prayer." It enables the user of this technique to change their consciousness as well as changing events happening in their life. In fact, you learn how to change things happening in your world by altering your consciousness. Now you can finally make it happen. Reach into the fabric of consciousness and refile the thought patterns of the Quantum DNA holding into place the implicate and explicate of your Universal experience. Take the shadows of crooked thinking and turn them into a straight line of Light. Let that Light reveal your True Identity in the process. Peel back illusion to reveal Reality.
"Change your thoughts and you change your world." - Norman Vincent Peale
"Ekahi 'a'ole hiki 'imi a loa'a hou 'ainas nele nalo nanaina o ka kahakai."    One cannot discover new lands without losing sight of the shore. ~ Hawaiian proverb
"You are releasing an invisible power that has to come out here like that. Now that thing will fall into the dust and be gone but the Matrix of what it stands for will never be destroyed and can be reproduced a million, million, million times if you want to. And when you get the Matrix, when you see that, the Matrix then, you will perform, you will do that automatically. I don't care what it is." ~ Walter C. Lanyon

Free Introductory Lecture

Presented by Q.M.I. Quantum Metaphysics Institute (A Fourth Way School)


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