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Famous Quotes

"One must begin to realize that life, or the appearances of life, are expressions of an Ultimate Consciousness. This is where you are drawn because this is from where you have emerged. But everything in the Absolute sense of Reality correlates to attributes of what that Reality is. We perceive many things but rarely do we see things as they are in their pristine state of expression. Usually, based on the duality we filter that reality through, we perceive chopped up projections that are expressed whole and complete to begin with but we perceive them in our veiled consciousness in a fragmented state." ~ Dr. Derek Lamar (Lessons In Destiny: Holographic Mind, 2008)

"We are currently at a threshold. As the emergence of the 21st century mind advances, the more we need to prepare our consciousness for the inevitable arrival of this new thinking. This new thinking is the natural flow of consciousness as it moves from one level to the next higher one, not unlike jumping up another octave in music." ~ Dr. Derek Lamar (Man Is Dead, 1998)

"I was tormented by my own personal demons but I found that my needs were always met. The voice which said: "What did I do?" combined with a sense that "there was something wrong with me", left me forever walking around the chair of life keeping me busy but never really confronting exactly what was haunting me. I finally began doing "The Work". This involved looking at myself and at my ideas. Sometimes this was personal, sometimes impersonal. In Fourth Way you learn that you do your "Work" where you are. You will find that what you need to deal with is right there in front of you at that moment if you are ready to face it." ~ Dr. Derek Lamar (Mystical Journey: Eyes Wide Open, 2005)

"The knowingness of Truth being all brings into focus the realization of Infinity. Once Infinity has been placed on the table as Reality one must know that time, in the human sense, no longer has validity. And once time is seen from this new perspective you come to understand there is no past or future. Only the present. What the present is, is right now. Nowness. This nowness relates to the “I AM” as well. In your mind, in your consciousness, you attain the nowingness of “I AM” not the “I was” or “I will be,” or even the “I could have been.” It is a matter of Beingness. Being is eternally ongoing. And this is your True Identity. You are eternally ongoing." ~ Dr. Derek Lamar (The I AM Connection: Nowness, 2002)

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