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"The spirit of truth is the meaning, the significance of truth. that which is, that which is so --- in contradistinction to that which is not so --- such is the common, inevitable meaning ascribed to the word truth. Not what may be so, not what seems so, but what is so in the final analysis; not what is so relatively, but what is so absolutely... Because there cannot be anything besides what is; having found out what is, we must cancel what is not, leaving what is, or truth, to be all there is or can be. There can be no such thing as what is not. What is, is all, and must be all." ~ George Edwin Burnell (Axioms: The Book of Health and Science of Truth, 1897)

"No matter what men may think, say, or do, they all agree in meaning that
truth is 'that which is,' falsity is "that which is not." They are not "invited" to think
this way, they are "compelled" to so think. Now there cannot be anything besides
that which is, therefore of necessity we must say that "truth is all" there is or can be." ~ George Edwin Burnell (Axioms: The Book of Health and Science of Truth, 1897)

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