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"In back of time, space and change there is a fundamental reality."
~ Thane Walker (Thane of Hawaii: 1909-1989)

"The entire universe functions under law and order. There are rules and regulations that apply to everything. Everyday science is proving that nothing happens by chance. There are laws, rules and regulations that apply to everything. Modern education indicates that success depends upon the knowledge of these laws and rules." ~ Thane of Hawaii

"Realize that in the subjective realm, all minds are one - related - not separated by the restrictions and limitations of the third dimensional plane. Realize the universality of mind. Relax, sit quietly and strive for the realization of Universal Mind in you. Realize the harmony and interrelation of the conscious and subconscious mind. Realize the interrelation of the conscious and subconscious minds to the body and its voluntary and involuntary aspects." ~ Thane of Hawaii

So it is clear -- such a work as the Instruction (Teaching) must be supported by the recipients (students) -- not by the teacher "making bread". No student, and this particularly applies to the Absolute Scientist and Translator, who is predicated that God is all, has learned the slightest degree of Truth until he sees that he, and he alone, must be the Hand of God that makes the bread that Instruction shall be put forth in the land. ~ Thane of Hawaii (aka Thane Walker, aka Kenneth Walker, aka Eloi-Sun, aka Rev. Wayne Walker) Not So Secret Doctrine, Beverly Hills, 1971

"Many people write and say: 'But you have arrived at a point of light and you must not desecrate this light.' 'The hell you say! If taking this message and putting it in terms that businessmen, and shop girls, office clerks, railroad engineers, whores and convicts understand is desecrating it, then I will take it out and walk all over it... and do a good job too! And those of my friends who do not want to go with me can go take their seats with the scribes and Pharisees... and how have you been lately?" "I have written all of this because of the great spiritual revival that is coming and I am ready to go with it. I am going to go all the way because that is my place and my duty. I thought I would tell you so you would know where I had gone, if someday you looked at the particular little nitch you have given me and you find I am not there."
"Do not misunderstand me and think that I regret passing into this more impersonal way of living, for I have already tasted its freedom and I know that it is that which I have sought for many years. I must go on into the impersonal life. It calls me and I must lay down the bondage of limitation. To stay here is to freeze, to crystallize, to become static."
"My flaming spirit must be given to the flame, all else is consumed. Knowing this I still find that my ongoing is not the casting off of a garment, but that it is a skin that I am tearing with my own hands. The impersonal is upon me. Ready am I to come in with eagerness waiting for the spirit to catch my wings and lift me along."
"The search for the truth and the way to pass it on to others, that they may then pass it on to others." ~ Thane of Hawaii (Journey of An Inner Space Pioneer)

Our mental training should consist first in bringing to our attention the most positive words we are capable of understanding, as being a part of our relationship with the Infinite. In the first lesson of the Science of Supply we are told to fill all the vacant places around us with the presence of God. This is done by the training I have mentioned. Thus life can be changed from a dreary routine of tasks to be done, to a game that calls for alertness, that we may not miss a trick. we find ... (the) charging (of) the I Am or the Indwelling Mind to bring forth or establish certain things. This method has many good points, but in the hands of a novice in Truth it arrives at a place of being nothing on earth but mental or auto-suggestion. This eventually brings on a state somewhat akin to self-mesmerism. One of the first things to be remembered by one taking up this study is: Of myself I can do nothing. The Father indwelling, He doeth the works! ~ Eloi-Sun aka Thane Walker (Old Wine In New Bottles, Honolulu, HI 1936)

In my integrity, beloved, wherein I see as God I see you on life's shining path, your feet with glory shod. I see you free and unafraid above the clouds of doubt. I want to believe in you... It makes no difference what you say or do for in your soul I see a plan --- The pattern of the Heaven-man. I'm the Saviour when I see perfection only in thee. While others knock or pull you down I upon you never frown. But behold to that above your par, the Heaven-man you really are. For when I see you truly great I wipe illusion from your slat and help you see with me the vision clear that sets you free. For you are That, the Perfect One, God's beloved only Son. So, stand erect and believe in YOU for you really are the Saviour, too. ~ Eloi-Sun aka Thane Walker

As to knowing your students in advance of their arrival: "Many people have had or possess this 'psychic' ability of recognition but it is not sufficient in itself. Equally important, the guru must be capable of transmitting 'his great light to light the pupil's little seed of light.' This he must do with the most 'extraordinary inspiration' that defies, or, at times, ignores all the usual teaching practices. Seldom does the pupil come to the guru in 'accepted ways' and the guru must maintain, as a part of 'his business,' a constant alertness in the most unexpected places, so he will perceive, and, unconsciously on the part of the pupil, awaken the desire to aspire. ~ Thane Walker (The Teacher Whispers, compiled by Norma Keller)
Our mental training should consist first in bringing to our attention the most positive words we are capable of understanding, as being a part of our relationship with the infinite. ~ Eloi-Sun (Old Wine In New Bottles, 1936, Honolulu)

"This is neither the time nor the place to go into a full discussion of what this reveals. On the surface it would seem that for one to be balanced one must find the Center. I had neared the center of my particular phase of evolution at that time. I was suddenly enabled to see how the various degrees of Masonry and other Hermetic Brotherhoods were really represented by every day experiences. This gave me my first glimpse of the Great White Lodge. Words cannot express the enthralling beauty of that moment. All bandage, limitation, error and karma disappeared and for a fleeting moment of time I saw the unity which lies in the midst of diversity. This vision has been with me many times since but only as the faintest of realities. I used to fret because I was not able to keep that vision, until one day my master told me, 'If you had the full vision you would not be the mediator that we recognize you as being. As it is now, you have enough of the faint glimpse to give you hope, and still enough of that other to give you compassion and the ability to speak the language that is understood.' So the Order of Melchizedek was revealed in my mind as it has been revealed to countless others." ~ Eloi Sun (Old Wine In New Bottles, Honolulu, Hawaii U.S.A. 1940)

"The Order of Melchizedek has been presented to you simply and without fanfare, so much so that you may not be aware of the reality that it portends. The earth is in a time of cosmic transition. The separation of the wheat from the chaff has started while many people are to assist in this separation, some through constructive and others in destructive ways, our mission in the O.M. (Order of Melchizedek) is to become missionaries in every sense of the word. This means the following of high vision. It requires courageous living. It requires the speaking of Truth. We should never seek to preach but rather to teach constantly by precept and action, supplying the message of words when needed or apparently desired." ~ Eloi~Sun (Old Wine In New Bottles, Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.A. 1936, 1940)

"I then arranged with Mrs. D. to go together to Long Beach, where we attended a lecture by W. W. (meaning Wayne Walker, aka Kenneth Walker, aka Thane Walker during his Eloi-Sun period in 1936) Friday p.m. at the Masonic Temple. Mrs. D. immediately introduced me to Irene Love and I promptly delivered your greetings, evoking pleasurable surprise. W.W. (Thane) wears a golden robe with a St. Andrews cross suspended from a chain about his neck. There are three women, robed in yellow & white and blue & white respectively, with capes: Ada Page, who introduced the priest and makes other announcements with dignity, Irene Love who meets people at the door and late takes up a free will offering (which is then blessed by Ada Page that the money may carry the influence of the spirit wherever it may go), and a coloured woman who intones AUM 3 times during meditation and who attends to the striking of a small bell. The atmosphere is one of sincere devotion, love and holiness. ~ a secret letter from Max Schneider to Aleister Crowley, January 6, 1936

The Prince Is Receiving A New Anointing: Great balls of deep blue light surrounded His body and threw off shafts of white light. A curved banner of luminous white material appeared over His head with the word, "MELCHIZEDEK", in large letters of blue light, like a neon sign. Under this word were characters in an ancient language only understood as it was interpreted. A voice said, "BEHOLD YOUR KING OF PEACE AND POWER". ~ Omar dictated to Ada Page (Secret Manuscript concerning Eloi-Sun October 29, 1935 as Prince Iole Eloi Sun, Kulkuthma Ray.)

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