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Ontology sounds complicated but "The Study of Being" sounds too simple. However, the science of being is a process by which Reality can be realized. The realization of this Reality... True Reality solves all problems. How is this possible? This is the simple part! In True Reality there are no problems. Only in our make-believe world where human conflicts keep us bouncing from one corner of the arena to the next can they be found. Beingness is that acute awareness of Truth... Truth is what is. This is where Divine revelations and psychological breakthroughs bring us phrases like:


"Cogito Ergo Sum"

I Think Therefore I Am - Rene Descartes
(Je Pense Donc Je Suis)
Ontology is the Science of Being. Being is that which IS. What is, is what is so... soness is Truth. In other words, not just spirituality but Truth. Too often people think there is Truth to spirituality, but that physicality is a lie, or politely called "illusion."
In fact, everything is Consciousness and what is, is Beingness, therefore Ontology has a wholistic approach to the search for the meaning of reality. This reality is behind appearances, thus once again, the Truth:
the essence of that which is. It has been said that behind time, space and change there is a fundamental reality. In realizing this this you will say to yourself:
"...of the many roles I play in life these are not my real self,
what I am is consciousness which is not of the many roles I play."
All Ontology is metaphysics but all metaphysics is not Ontology. The study of Beingness includes the "I Am That I Am" realization. Ultimate Cause & Effect through which principle, often seen as Out & Back, male/female, relates axiomatic revelations that can lift perception out of the human state of duality to the Oneness of the Infinite Beingness which governs all that is. To be or not to be is not the question. To be and be aware of it is.
To "wake up" is the goal. To be truly conscious is the target we aim to hit. Straight thinking in the abstract is the manner in which we wrestle with reality.
There are an enormous amount of tools and techniques available for the march on this seemingly long and winding road. Q.M.I. Overview is an Ontological newsletter that is bridging the gap between the seeker and the opportunity for class instruction. Even as this newsletter is being prepared, the idea, the seed, has been planted and set into motion to bring about a "Virtual School". This will continue the unfolding of a teaching which is so desperately needed at this point in time. As you read the newsletter an agreement within consciousness occurs which helps to promote this eventuality. The answer is already at hand and as it is, merely waiting for recognition of this reality.
The teaching is not another fad self-help organization, yet its appeal is in hopes for the massive waking up of consciousness that seems inevitable soon on this threshold of change.
Cross the bridge that joins the Oriental and the Occidental. The East and the West. The male to the female so that the two become one. Then Psychology & Spirituality can embrace in a way that no therapy has been privileged to explore. On earth as it is in heaven. As above, so below. In the world but not of it.
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