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Immediately available are 4 cassette tapes/ also available in CD format. Each tape is $8.95 plus $2.00 shipping & handling.
CD's are $9.95 plus $2.00 shipping & handling. You can purchase the set in a BONUS PAK for only $29.95 plus $4.50 shipping & handling for CD's or $27.95 plus $5.80 shipping & handling.
SAVE on shipping with combined orders of 2 items or more. See Order Form.

Tape / CD 2001: "The Work" (This lesson relates what one needs to do to expand consciousness. "The Work" was a term used by Gurdjieff and his students that related specifically to what one does to promote necessary change within themselves.)

Tape / CD 2002: "Derek Lamar Speaks About Ontology" (Ontology: the Science of Being is dealt with here in an easy to understand manner. A must for anyone looking for the formula which explains our Universe.

Tape / CD 2003: "Gurdjieff Had A Student Who Had A Student" (The Fourth Way is a discipline of seeking Truth which has taken the Eastern sources, mixed them with Western logic and created a wholistic path which proves itself each step of the way. It is a journey of knowing beyond faith.)

Tape / CD 2004: "Derek Lamar Speaks About Metaphysics" (Metaphysical studies encompass a different way of viewing the world. Discover for yourself the meaning beyond the ages which only chosen ones discovered in ancient stories of journeys deep into the mystic night.)

Class notes are not available separate from class however if you need to replace notes please contact us and we will let you know the charge which will be minimal.

Private tutoring and counseling is available; please call or email regarding consultation.

The Q.M.I. Newsletter: "OVERVIEW" offering subscriptions at the introductory offer of $48.00 a year or a six month trial subscription for $30.00. (is currently available only online) The newsletter is packed with instructive information and is very "teaching" intensive. We do not fill it with a lot of fluff just to stretch pages. At Q.M.I. we believe that there just isn't enough time for insignificant material such as new age gossip, psychic love notes or absent crystal healing.


Also available in the print media is the booklet titled:


"Understanding One's Path"

Always A New Beginning

Available currently for $4.95 plus $2.50 shipping & handling

(additional gift packs to Q.M.I. customers including 6 copies for only $19.95 plus $8.80 shipping & handling)

New cassettes will continually become available and you will hear about them first on this web site.

They will also be listed in the newsletter.


Shipping SAVINGS: Combination Orders above add $1 per tape or CD or book beyond initial shipping and handlnig charges.

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