Change in Consciousness...

The Spiritual Nature of Things

Knowing the Allness of Infinite Mind

This metaphysics will change your life and bring clarity

to spirituality in general giving it new meaning.

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Fourth Way Instruction

Gurdjieff had a student...

A process of unlearning...

When the student is ready for the experience...

Sometimes called "Fire In The Mouth" or "Baraka"...

This Fourth Way instruction will reveal hidden mysticism

which has been overlooked by many Gurdjieff groups fulfilling the mission of Mr. G.

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Material which goes beyond philosophy

and enters the realm of programming

in back of Consciousness

The DNA of the Mind

The sub-atomic strata of the Soul

This teaching of Ontology will ignite the burning desire

within those yearning to realize the 21st Century Mind.

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Quantum Metaphysics

Will become the archetype revealing the light of knowledge which is
the Intention
of the New Beings on Earth An Evolution of Consciousness

This is the religion of Space. It is a Universe of Enlightenment painting Reality with the brush of a new science which is bubbling under the surface waiting to be made manifest. The study will become a prerequisite for space exploration and first contact criteria. This is 21st Century Mind Science paralleling current breakthroughs in 21st Century Physics.

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Discover Yourself

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