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it isn't just Metaphysics, it is more than Fourth Way Instruction, it is beyond Ontology, it is.....
Quantum Metaphysics... "It's The New Reality!"

You are invited to become a conscious participant in transformation! This planet is in the throes of change and the reason for this is the change in consciousness which is in the process of taking place. It is an unfoldment of past beliefs wrestling with a new world of ideas. The series of classes being made available are instructive in a process of personal development whereby the students can take advantage of that inner curiosity to know and allow their conscious involvement to walk through a study which will shine a light on their Destiny. This Destiny is the discovery of Essence and the realization of how to make your life work for you instead of circumstances prevailing over your desire to be confident, aware, successful and become the magnetic personality you know you are and yearning to have realized.

An Instruction which incorporates:
Metaphysics ~ Ontology ~ Psychology ~ Fourth Way Instruction
World Religious Mysticism ~ Esoteric Studies and Research ~ Eastern & Western Philosophy
Also available: Counseling - Private Instruction - Events - Entertainment Presentations
Guest Lecturers - Book Signings - Meditation Events

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."
~ Albert Einstein

"In Pursuit of Psychological and Spiritual Realities."
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Here is a lecture given by Dr. Derek Lamar on June 17, 2012 for The Prosperos, a private Fourth Way School :
                      "The Razor Edged Path"

Also included here is a lecture given by Dr. Derek Lamar back
April of 1985 at The Thomas Institute of Metaphysics in Los Angeles:
                      "Keys To The Kingdom"

~ Metaphysics ~ Ontology ~ Fourth Way Instruction ~
Quantum Metaphysics... "It's The New Reality!"
"Where the two become One and East meets West"

Serving The Southwest:
New Mexico ~ Albuquerque - Santa Fe - Rio Rancho - Taos - Roswell - Las Cruces - Farmington - Gallup -
Arizona ~ Phoenix (including: Mesa-Scottsdale-Chandler-Glendale-Gilbert) - Flagstaff - Tucson
Nevada ~ Las Vegas - Henderson - Reno - Carson City
Colorado ~ Denver - Colorado Springs - Pueblo

"Reaching out to the curious... and the real student"

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Influences: G. I. Gurdjieff, P. D. Ouspensky, Kenneth Walker, A. R. Orage, Sigmund Freud, Thane Walker, Walter C. Lanyon, Phineas Parkhurst Quimby, Mary Baker Eddy, Lillian DeWaters, Emma Curtis Hopkins, Ernest Holmes, Charles Fillmore, Myrtle Fillmore, Alan Watts, Krishnamurti, Nevit Ergin, George Edwin Burnell, Carl O. Johnson, Alexander Keene, Joel S. Goldsmith, Florence Scovell Shinn, Emilie Cady, Dr. Frederick Bailes, Joseph S. Benner, Alfred Aiken, Marie S. Watts, William W. Walter, Vernon Howard, George Lamsa, Annie Rix Militz, Max Freedom Long, Thomas Troward, Joseph Murphy, Charles Roth, Eckhart Tolle, Glenn Clark, Margaret Laird, Rollo May, John K. Williams, Carl G. Jung, Erich Fromm, Nathaniel Branden, Paramahansa Yogananda, Lao Tzu, Mevlana Celaddiin-i Rumi, Gloria D. Benish, Guy Ballard ("I AM" Movement), Madame Helena Blavatsky, Baird T. Spalding, Rafael Lefort, J. G. Bennett, and others.

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