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Quantum Metaphysics:  Ontology ~ Fourth Way Instruction ~ Metaphysics

Discover Yourself... through a living Teaching...
it isn't just Metaphysics, it is more than Fourth Way Instruction, and it is beyond Ontology...

Discover The Emergence of 21st Century Mind!

You are invited to become a conscious participant in change! This planet is in the throes of change and the reason for this is the change in consciousness which is in the process of taking place. It is an unfoldment of past beliefs wrestling with a new world of ideas. The series of classes being made available are instructive in a process of personal development whereby the students can take advantage of that inner curiosity to know and allow their conscious involvement to walk through a study which will shine a light on their Destiny. This Destiny is the discovery of Essence and the realization of how to make your life work for you instead of circumstances prevailing over your desire to be confident, aware, successful and become the magnetic personality you know you are and yearning to have realized.


Change in Consciousness...
The Spiritual Nature of Things. Knowing the Allness of Infinite Mind.
This metaphysics will change your life and bring clarity to spirituality in general giving it new meaning

...............Fourth Way Instruction

Gurdjieff had a student...
A process of unlearning... When the student is ready for the experience...
Sometimes called "Fire In The Mouth" or "Baraka"... This Fourth Way instruction will reveal hidden mysticism
which has been overlooked by many Gurdjieff groups fulfilling the mission of Mr. G.


Material which goes beyond philosophy and enters the realm of programming in back of Consciousness
The DNA of the Mind. The sub-atomic strata of the Soul. This teaching of Ontology will
ignite the burning desire within those yearning to realize the 21st Century Mind.

............Quantum Metaphysics

Will become the archetype revealing the light of knowledge which is
the Intention of the New Beings on Earth An Evolution of Consciousness.

This is the religion of Space. It is a Universe of Enlightenment painting Reality with the brush of a new science which is bubbling under the surface and waiting to be made manifest. The study will become a prerequisite for space exploration and first contact criteria. This is 21st Century Mind Science paralleling current breakthroughs in 21st Century Physics.

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A Conscious Path of Inner Change. Become the Vision of Tomorrow!

"In Pursuit of Psychological and Spiritual Realities."

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