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Psychology... How the Mind Really Works
A lot of people recoil at psychological ideas. But we are dealing in psychology everyday when we are reflective, when we are observing others, even when we are trying to remember something we have forgotten. A person needs to know how to deal with their mind, their thoughts and their feelings, if they are to ever feel at ease with themselves, others and life itself. It is far more than knowing the symbology of a cigar or why you might feel low a couple of times a month. It is again, the need to have personal control over your self in order that you can best achieve your desires, realize your hopes, and enjoy every day better than you ever have before. It is about how to relax and how to pursue your life and begin to feel you are in control of your living.

We have a tendency to think that psychology has to do with our feelings. But it is more than just feelings. It is our thoughts, our memories, our actions, our reactions, and our manner of perceiving our surroundings. In this Teaching at Q.M.I., psychology more correctly might be referred to as "Spiritual Psychology" but to toss that phrase around too much might imply things which are not what is meant by that phrase. In the classes given by Q.M.I., psychology is an important tool that one needs to know in order that you can focus on yourself. We are all about "the study of the mind" but not just the "mind" individually but "MIND" in the Higher Sense. When it comes to our learning and the psychology of the inner self we must discover honestly things we think and feel in order to better see how we can make necessary changes in our life that will help us achieve our goals.
Sometimes people are "gun shy" when it comes to psychological things because they feel that by revealing things that have been hidden within their self they are revealing weaknesses. But it is in our ability to uncover hidden thoughts and feelings that we begin to reveal true strength. The more we know about ourselves, the stronger we become. When we discover illusions we have, misunderestandings, fears, phobias, or patterns which have been self-destructive, we are getting closer to resolving those issues. As long as we remain separated from our "inner self," our "hidden self," we are forever condemned to live in that boxed in limited mind-set and we are forever trapped from discovering the freedom and abilities in being who we are in Reality.

~ Dr. Derek Lamar, Msc.,D., Ph.D.


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