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Quantum Metaphysics Institute is engaged in the research, development and presentation of classes geared toward the individual student who discovers within themselves the desire to know themselves and their "world" around them. Much of the teaching involves what is called Absolutes. This refers to actual scientific mathematically understood attributes of "Pure Consciousness" from which everything else is a direct link. The concept of Absolutes is often misleading. There are two different types of Absolutes we must acknowledge here. One is the type which binds us to a human "morality" based on a limited thinking. It keeps us tied to a mudball and a consciousness which is rooted only in fear/survival concepts. The other Absolute is one based on Infinity and is without limits, without restrictions, without boundaries, without loyalties to the chauvinism of past human thinking. The struggle within our Spirit to sort all of this out is culminating in the battle within consciousness here at the beginning of the 21st Century. Religious dogma being thrust upon people and depriving them of being who they are, doing what they want, or thinking the way they wish to think is the shackles we are now breaking loose from. Q.M.I.'s goal is to help mankind achieve just that. It is our desire that we be who we really are, do what we really want, and think what we really wish to think. What this requires, however, is an entirely new way of thinking. This requires research and subsequent technologies to facilitate this process. As our credo states, "In pursuit of spiritual and psychological realities." The end product of this is...

"the emergence of 21st Century Mind."

Quantum Metaphysics is an overall term which relates a refined metaphysical approach, sometimes we use the term Advanced Ontology, but it relates a Wholistic / Holistic manner of understanding which also releases a power as a result of unblocking the innate Divinity which is the Intention which is bubbling under the surface of our everyday lives working to be issued forth. There is a fundamental reality which is in back of time, space and change and it is that reality we must get in touch with. That Reality is the Absolute which governs the Truth we desire to discover as it relates to the Universe. The age old questions of who am I, what am I and where am I? There is a "Leap" involved of course. This is not to be confused with "blind belief" however. The "Leap" represents the jumping from the "limited track" to the stream of the "unlimited stream" of consciousness which is the "Allness" the reflects the Absolute. The Absolute means exactly that, absolute. It is without change or fluxuation. It is fixed. This organization is not absolute. But we deal with absolutes: concepts which reflect Reality. Ideas which further the change necessary to bring us to a full and complete understanding. Full and complete would be absolutes. It has been said that nothing stays the same except change. This has not been to establish the concept of continuous flux as much as it was stated to express infinity. Infinity is truly one of the great words which represents an absolute that usually does not offend anyone.
Much of this Teaching deals with individual Research. Research is a systematic inquiry into subjects in order to discover, reveal or revise facts, theories, or principles. This is what Q.M.I. is about: to realize absolutes as it relates to consciousness and a resulting metanoia will occur: the renewing of the mind. And in doing so changes will appear to take place in our world. This is because our consciousness has changed in much a way as a computer upgrade or even an entirely new software application being installed. It is a reformatting taking place in Consciousness. We are on a threshold now and it is a time of transition that requires a new way of thinking.
Technology is a branch of knowledge that deals with, applied science, industrial arts, engineering, etc. This is the application of knowledge in a particular field. The process or applied formula which Q.M.I.'s curriculum is based on is not a new theory or an invented philosophy but rather a formula of thinking that is a natural process which has fallen into atrophy. It is a formula and a tool which not only unlocks the mind but dissolves the walls within our consciousness which will allow a new heaven and a new earth to be made manifest. The tools and techniques are but costumes in the parade of changing one's consciousness. But they do help facilitate the process by allowing the individual to begin to focus on the Whole. And in this process, the tools and techniques, the "technology", allows one to let go of concepts which get in the way and hold one back from their true unlimited potential.
Q.M.I. is a practice of various disciplines but all of them are taken at the pace of each individual student. It isn't the increase in knowledge as much as the unlearning or refiling of past erroneous ideas that have either blocked answers or as constructs have outpictured negatives patterns that continually throw one's life into a tailspin. This prevents one's true creativity from unleashing what true Reality has in store for them.
It isn't change that makes you someone you want to be, but rather a transformation which allows you to operate as who you really are. There is a template of incredible wisdom, strength, creativity, and power in back of who we all are and it is waiting to be revealed. The template is the realm of the Absolute which must be understood. Through this research in conjunction with certain techniques and formulas we use what is a mind technology ...that will become the foundation of the next journey we face.
If what you find on this web site appeals to you, if it rings true or seems to address life in a way which you thought only you had pondered... then it is no accident that you are reading this now. This is a multifaceted organization with books, tapes, classes, and lectures that are all designed to bring about an understanding within the student so that they can make the necessary changes in their life that need to be made. The student must do his or her own "Work." This "Work" will open us up to the 21st Century Mind allowing us to usher in a new world. And this "Work" does not need to be the suffering one does in everyday "human" life, but rather a stroll through one's experiences, observing and letting go of conflicts in order to fully experience the real joy of life itself.

Q.M.I.'s Mission Statement:
The purpose of Q.M.I. is to provide the opportunity for students and practitioners to be able to learn a Real Teaching as it pertains to Mind, Body and Soul. These classes are not "new age" shams simply full of "love and light" in order to sell incense and crystals. This is ancient and modern material which trains the student in tools and techniques that will help them change within and thus perceive that change without. It is a process in which the student can learn to do the "Work" necessary in order that one can become fully aware of the "True Self" they already are. What this accomplishes depends on each person's effort, however, the goal is full and total "Realization" and in doing so they glimpse the realization of "The Father and I are one" to whatever degree their work takes them. The only guarantee is that you will be presented with quality classes with real tools and techniques and follow-up workshops which aid everyone to better understand what is being presented. It isn't just a "one class fits all" but a structured curriculum which helps to unfold a knowledge which will present an understanding that you will recognize as something "normal" and "miraculous" at the same time. We teach you how to think, not what to believe. Welcome home.

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