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Quantum Metaphysics is a term that best describes the Teaching of both Metaphysics and of Quantum Physics. In the context of this Teaching represented on this site, it is Metaphysics, Ontology, Fourth Way Instruction, and includes Psychology as well because it requires our thinking to deal with this knowledge. Also our thinking includes both our intellect and our emotions so it is important to look at the "Whole Self" when it comes to dealing with our desire to know the "Truth." Quantum Metaphysics is dealing with Mind, Body and Soul. It captures the "Wholeness" of Reality in a manner which allows one to be able to make the necessary changes in Consciousness to better affect their life.

The entire 20th Century was a representation of "mind over matter" to a certain extent. It was a very "physical" era which expressed itself in the manifestation of many incredible inventions and culminated in bringing us to the threshold of the 21st Century with more knowledge about Quantum Theory. culminated
....Metaphysics is often pursued in philosophical terms as that which is in back of the physical realm. Aristotle wrote about "physics" (the physical realm) and then "metaphysics" meaning that which comes afterwords or beyond, since it was the chapter that followed. It is common to attribute the "going beyond" as understanding that which is behind the "appearances." But also it is that pont of coming to an understanding of that which is "here and now" as in the Hermian proclamation of "As Above, So Below." This is the understanding that there are not two realms of reality nor even a dream and a non-dream but rather a principle to be understood unlocking one's Consciousness and revealing what is, was and always will be Reality. This understanding is a beginning to the new science of Quantum Physics that has been coined here by Dr. Derek Lamar as Quantum Metaphysics, to get across the idea of knowing that truly Science and Spirituality once and for all are coming together and are manifesting a New Age of Reason whereby the student can truly make a leap of Consciousness and enjoy his or her own season of Godhood.

The reason a qualified understanding of metaphysics is necessary is because the physical realm is actually metaphysical as well. Dr. Derek Lamar teaches that earth is the edited version of heaven. Through spiritual work we can refile information allowing the light to be seen rather than filtered out. Even though learning is also an accumulation of knowledge, it is more of an unlearning process. In this manner we let go of the erroneous beliefs that outpicture a world that we blame for all of our problems because, in fact, it is only mirroring our current state of consciousness. Continue from here by going to the section on Quantum Metaphysics.



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