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January 2000

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Monday, January 31st

"The man who is wise with the wisdom of his HIGHER SELF and strong in its strength has other business in hand than passively waiting for new Armadgeddons or planetary cataclysms. He knows that the night will pass, and dawn, silent and irresistible, will roll back the world's darkness and once more flood it with light. When the Truth about the hidden side of the universe and of man is once more unveiled... we shall testify anew to those eternal spiritual Truths which no advance of science, no progress of civilization, no lapse in human character, can ever render obsolete." ~ Paul Brunton (The Secret Path)

Awakening Continues...

Sunday, January 30th

"Any musician knows that in an auditorium full of middle C tuning forks, only one of them need be struck for all the rest to resonate in sympathy." ~ Lawrence Blair (Rhythms Of Vision)

Harmony Continues...

Saturday, January 29th

"It is my wife's birthday today and I love her more than life itself. We walk the same path and know that each other is a mirror and that when things seem askew, it is something one or the other or both of us is going through and we deal with it. We can talk and we can listen and we can hold each other and feel the peace of gladness knowing each of us is there for the other. When we kiss we travel straight to God." ~ Derek Lamar

Love Continues...

Happy Birthday Nancy... Her Greatness One Of Life's Many Secrets!

Friday, January 28th

"They say every man must need protection, they say every man must fall. Yet I swear I see my reflection some place so high above the wall." ~ Bob Dylan (I Shall Be Released)

The Hall of Mirrors Continues...

Thursday, January 27th

"Think of your memories as books within boxes that have no substance. Realize that within a box is another box and another and another. You must pass through these stages to really know what the makeup of a memory is. This ritual is necessary to rid the boxes of their many locks and and their many blocks. As this is done, one releases the light which has been held at bay." ~ Derek Lamar

Dancing in the Light Continues...

Wednesday, January 26th

"The unfoldment of the soul must pass through the mind to the heart and then back again, but once the mind recognizes what the heart feels the heart and the mind become one." ~ Derek Lamar

Oneness Continues...


Tuesday, January 25th

"A curse is the calling upon error to be made manifest and a blessing is the calling upon Truth to be made manifest." ~ Derek Lamar

Unfoldment Continues...

Monday, January 24th

"I AM GOD and there is none else." ~ Bible

"The clearest understanding of this might be more accurately translated as 'I AM GOD and there is nothing else.'" ~ Derek Lamar

Completeness Continues...

Sunday, January 23rd

"A husband said to his wife: "I've taken you safely over all the rough spots in life, haven't I honey? To which she replied, "Yes, I don't think you missed any of them!" ~ unknown

Self Observation Continues...

Saturday, January 22nd

"In order to be able to help people one must first learn to help oneself. A great number of people become absorbed in thoughts and feelings about helping others simply out of laziness. They are too lazy to work on themselves; and at the same time it is very pleasant for them to think that they are able to help others. This is being false and insincere with oneself. If a man looks at himself as he really is, he will not begin to think of helping other people: he will be ashamed to think about it. Love of mankind, altruism, are all very fine words, but they only have meaning when a man is able, of his own choice and of his own decision, to love or not to love, to be an altruist or an egoist." ~ G.I.Gurdjieff

Realization Continues...

Friday, January 21st

"The Struggle of the Magicians was a disguise for real 'work'. We were probably not at this time advanced enough for 'work' with Mr. Gurdjieff to be our only aim; we still had to have an OUTER ATTRACTION, such as a public performance. " ~ Thomas de Hartman

Acting Continues...

Thursday, January 20th

"I am thy Dawn from darkness to release: I am the Deep, wherein thy sorrows cease: Be still! Be still! and know that I am God: Acquaint thyself with me, and be at peace! I am alone: thou only art in Me: I am the stream of life that flows through Thee: I comprehend all substance, fill all space: I am pure Being, by whom all things be." ~ James Rhoades

Release Continues...

Wednesday, January 19th

"I cannot develop you; I can create conditions in which you can develop yourself." ~ G.I. Gurdjieff
"Do not believe what I say. Prove it to yourself." ~ Thane Walker
"I cannot teach you anything. I can only provide you with the tools and by sharing what I have discovered, learned and realized you may find within yourself the opportunity for growth. You must have your own realization; prove it to yourself. The conclusions must be yours. Revelation is at your fingertips." ~ Derek Lamar

Revelations Continue...

Tuesday, January 18th

"Love is the answer but so few people really experience it. We all want to believe that we can love because we think it is something WE can already do and it doesn't require any work on our part to go forward with that. But Love is the most difficult aspect of enlightenment to achieve. Love is stepping outside of the self and realizing oneness with another as SELF. To say the Father and I are ONE is LOVE. To say I have no self but THEE is ONE. To say I AM THAT I AM is LOVE. We begin this process strangely by discovering what we feel about ourselves which is usually far from love. We must hold ourselves in an embrace even though we fight to get loose. We must reach out to understand how we think and feel and accept it for what it is and then let it go. We must let go to create the vacuum necessary to receive the LOVE which is already there. We must create the vacuum to attract that which is longing to be experienced for it is our True SELF." ~ Derek Lamar

Love Continues...

Monday, January 17th

"People try to control others when they feel that they have no control over themselves and their own life. But this comes from the man-state thinking which never is in control. One must give themselves over to who they really are as MIND and allow that control to embrace and fill their life completely. 'Not my will but Thine, I have no self but Thee.'" ~ Derek Lamar

Surrender Continues...

Sunday, January 16th

"It is important that it be understood that when one awakens, they discover that they are not a mind within a foreign body but that their body is actually in their mind. It is not the body of chance or of a stranger but the reflection of the Divine template of the idea of body seen through the state of consciousness that one is operating under. So what your body goes through is in direct correlation to your state of consciousness. This is also true of your planet, your world. What your world goes through is also, though less directly, but still in terms of an overall reality, the mirroring of your consciousness." ~ Derek Lamar

Mirrors Continue...

Saturday, January 15th

"It really doesn't matter what you call the Truth that you are looking for. The important thing is that you recognize you want and need change in your life and in that pursuit you are seeking to uncover the real you. If you felt you were complete in your everyday life you would not be a Truth seeker. Merely the desire to change is enough to set you on a journey which you will never regret. It may not always be easy, but going back is never an option. Welcome home." ~ Derek Lamar

Discovery Continues...

Friday, January 14th

"When we are dealing with real Life -- with thoughts, impulses, emotions, etc. -- we are dealing with Causation, with original Cause, and we should be most careful how we deal with such powers and forces. In dealing with this subtle power of Mind and Spirit, we are dealing with a fluent force. It is forever taking form and forever deserting the form which it has taken." ~ Ernest Holmes (The Science of Mind)
"We should learn to control our thought processes and bring them into line with Reality. Thought should tend more and more toward an affirmative attitude of mind that is positive, stable, and -- above all else -- toward a real unity with Spirit that is already complete and perfect." ~ Ernest Holmes (The Science of Mind)

Force Continues...

Thursday, January 13th

"Considering one infinite Mind alone, it is easier for us to adopt the vision of immaculate and irresistible Perfection as always present, and intact in every one. It seems natural for us to say that man sins, is sick, incapable and utterly worthless; but raising our vision from man to Mind, how much more natural to confess the impossibility of us, as Mind, to see or feel other than the perfect continuous supply of good in every thing, and every way." ~ Lillian DeWaters (The Great Answer: The Message Of Ontology)

Perfection Continues...

Wednesday, January 12th

"Until one is committed, there is alway hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative there is only one element of truth, the ignorance of which kills countless idea and splendid plans--That moment one commits oneself, then providence moves all." ~ Goethe

Commitment Continues...

Tuesday, January 11th

"Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God." ~ New Testament (Matthew 5:8) Bible

Purity Continues...

Monday, January 10th

"He who sees It, knows whereof I speak: that the soul has another life as it nears God, and is now come to Him, and has a sahre in Him so that, restored, it knows that the Dispenser of true life is here present, it needs naught else; and on the other hand we must put aside everything else and abide in This alone, and become This alone -- detached from all temporal things." ~ Plotinus (205-270) Enneads

Dispensation Continues...

Sunday, January 9th

"Sometimes one needs to pause and take a breath, to reconsider where he is and what he does-especially when they were not determined by a plan of his design nor by the power of his will. Such willingness can take him far astray from what his expectations might have been, and it must bring, as well, new definition to the self which dared to say, "Thy will be done, not mine." You see, the gift of Love transforms the one through whom It comes as surely as the one who is embraced in Its sweet re-awakening of Self forgotten but still there." ~ Raj (voice of A Course In Miracles) the guidance of Paul Tuttle

Awakening Continues...

Saturday, January 8th

"We presume to understand God based on our own highest imaginings of ourselves as God. But we still have him doing things based on duality. Oh he heals and he feeds the hungry and he ends poverty and he brings peace to the world. This is not God. This is some shady politician making promises to suckers who will fall down and worship him. God does not heal for in God there is no disease. God does not feed the hungry for God infinitely nourishes all that he is with the Word. God does not dissolve poverty for there is only abundance in Realty. God does not end war because in God there is only infinite Peace. We pray to God as if he can do these things which are already done. It is not God who must recognize these things but ourselves. How arrogant we are to think we can pray for something which he has been too busy to acknowledge without our help. We must acknowledge that disease in but a thought within our own consciousness and let it go. We must realize that hunger exists only within us, that it is we who are impoverished as we feel disconnected from him and we must let go of our emptiness and be filled with the Spirit of God. We must be One with all of these things and then we shall discover peace for ourselves. And when those "sins" are gone, we shall remember them no more." ~ Derek Lamar

God Continues...

Friday, January 7th

"Love is the great subduing, transforming, and harmonizing emotion in human nature. And it is love alone by which responsive love is awakened, or on account of which love is felt in return. Ultimately, therefore, it is the love of God for man, and that alone, which redeems the man; because that love alone calls forth in return that love of man for God, by which man's whole nature is transformed." ~ S.H. Hodgson (1832-1912) The Metaphysic of Experience

Love Continues...

Thursday, January 6th

"The love of beauty which exalts the poet; that devotion to the One and that ascent of science which makes the ambition of the philosopher, and that love and those prayers by which some devout and ardent soul tends in its moral purity towards perfection: these are the great highways conducting to that height above the actual and the particular, where we stand in the immediate presence of the Infinite, who shines out as from the deeps of the soul." ~ Plotinus (205-270) Enneads

Infinity Continues...

Wednesday, January 5th

"You can only apprehend the Infinite by a faculty superior to reason, by entering into a state in which you are your finite self no longer -- in which the divine essence is communicated to you. This is ecstasy. It is the liberation of your mind from its finite consciousness. Like only can apprehend like; when you thus cease to be finite, you become one with the Infinite, in the reduction of your soul to its simplest self, its divine essence, you realise this union -- this identity." ~ Plotinus (205-270) Enneads

Infinity Continues...

Tuesday, January 4th

"As we begin to awaken we see ourselves differently and discover a friend who was afraid they could not live up to our expectations. Now we know we are good enough because the Divinity which we could not see is embraced within" ~ Derek Lamar

Discovery Continues...

Monday, January 3rd

"As we forge our way through our own clouded illusions we discovery within ourselves the map which shall return us to the paradise we have chosen as our home because the end of our journey is our beginning." ~ Derek Lamar

Direction Continues...

Sunday, January 2nd

"Never before has there been a time which called out to us to come forth and begin the journey for the self more than tomorrow." ~ Derek Lamar

Immediacy Continues...

Saturday, January 1st

"We celebrate with enthusiasm and joy as we hold up our glass to toast the last year of the 20th Century: 2000. We shall continue to unfold and work to face the reality of facts so that the Higher Truths will be more accessible to us. Denial shall be cast aside as we climb that mountain toward the 21st Century which shall arrive in 2001." ~ Derek Lamar

On-goingness Continues...

Happy New Year ~ You Are Not Alone... just All One!



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