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February 2000

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Tuesday, February 29th - Quantum Leap Year

"So hard to answer future's riddle when ahead seeming so far behind. So hard to laugh a child-like giggle when the tears start to torture my mind. So hard to shed the life of before to let my soul automatically soar. But I hit hard at the battle that's confronting me, knock down all the roadblocks stumbling me, throw off all the shackles that are binding me down." ~ Carl Wilson & Jack Rieley (Long Promised Road: Beach Boys, Surf's Up 1971)

Freedom continues..

Monday, February 28th

"Yes is the answer and you know that for sure. Yes is surrender, you got to let it, you got to let it go." ~ John Lennon (Mind Games)

Release continues... 

Sunday, February 27th

"Speaking and Hearing represent the mouth and the ear of Consciousness sending out the vibration and receiving the vibration back again in the NOW of that which is, was and always will be." ~ Derek Lamar

Saturday, February 26th

"Communication is the voice of the I AM sharing itself with itself. This is the Eternal voice of MIND experiencing ONENESS as what is known is continually expressed in an ongoing fashion out and back to itself in wholeness and completeness and harmony." ~ Derek Lamar

Exchange continues...

Friday, February 25th

"Spirituality and one's path is not part of their life... it is their life. Even if we pretend we are busy doing other things it is INTENTION that we discover our self. The knowing of the SELF is the only Reality there really is. Everything else is merely not seeing what is completely taking place. As we unfold more of who we are to ourselves we begin to see how everything is ONE and that it is all about MIND expressing itself out and back to itself." ~ Derek Lamar

Knowing continues...

Thursday, February 24th

"I AM THAT I AM" ~ Moses
"Even before Abraham was, I AM." ~ Jesus
"I Think Therefore I AM." ~ Rene Descartes
"I AMness is the recognition of the Consciousness of BEING and one with all that is for there can be no separation. Beingness is all there is. Moses discovered the Truth that God is all there is and besides God there is nothing else. Jesus recognized his Beingness was, is and always will be and there is no separation. Rene Descartes realized that even if he thought he did not exist he had to exist in order to think that he did not. Thus we must understand and know that our conclusion is that we exist and that God is all there is, was and will be: I AM." ~ Derek Lamar

Being continues...

Wednesday, February 23rd

"Even a mind that knows the path can be dragged from the path: the senses are so unruly, but he controls the senses and recollects the mind. And fixes it on me. I call him illumined." ~ Bhagavad-Gita
Him = Krishna = Christ Consciousness = Higher Self

Singlemindedness continues...

Tuesday, February 22nd

"The seemingly boring day to day events have within them hidden feelings and moments which are filled with opportunities for enlightenment. For the light is everpresent in all things at all times and when life appears unimportant, this is just the time in which denial of Reality is in operation. It is not always in turmoil where one can discover the necessary conflicts they must overcome, but often in the mundane." ~ Derek Lamar, Metaphysicist

Discoveries continue...

Monday, February 21st

"Pandora's Box and Adam and Eve are parallel stories which relate what we call the evils of the world being unleased by our own doing. Some call it sin, others carnality, some illusion or maya, while others refer to it as manstate thinking, human consciousness or duality. But this state of consciousness is what we wrestle with in order to see that it is not the "whole truth" but rather a misperception of our self as something separate from all that is, from GOD which is our True Identity. In Truth, the box is empty. Truth is all there is which seen through a distorted vision we manage to interpret or turn into a world of disconnected existence rather than the sublime being of ONENESS. ~ Derek Lamar, Metaphysicist

Perception continues...

Sunday, February 20th

"Can one, therefore, bring about psychologically, inwardly, a totally different way of living? This obviously means that one takes an interest in all outward things, but that the fundamental, radical revolution is in the psychological realm. What can one do to bring about such a change deeply within oneself? For oneself is the society, is the world, is all the content of the past. so the problem is: How can we, you and I, take part in the totality of life and not merely in one segment of it" ~ Krishnamurti

Life continues...

Saturday, February 19th

"If you look at yourself with an image about yourself, you cannot learn. For instance, I discover in myself a deep-rooted hatred and I say, 'How terrible, how ugly.' When I say that, I prevent myself from looking. The verbal statement, the word, the symbol, prevents observation. To learn about myself there must be no word, no knowledge, no symbol, no image; then I am actively learning." ~ Krishnamurti

Observation continues...


Friday, February 18th

"As one lets go of the attachments they gather in the world they will open up a vacuum within themself which reveal eternal gifts and talents. This process of letting go and receiving becomes an expansion which lifts one to heretofore unseen levels. This is your Destiny... follow it and unfold." ~ Derek Lamar

Fulfillment continues...

Thursday, February 17th

"As you travel throughout your day, realize that though others express the infinite variety of Consciousness, it is also your consciousness. For you must know that of the many roles you play these roles are not what you are, but rather what you are is consciousness and not the multitude of roles that you act out." ~ Derek Lamar

Reflecting continues...

Wednesday, February 16th

"All is MIND and all that you think about is also mind related. Just as some have supposed that thoughts are things, it must be understood that things are thoughts. But also that things are YOUR thoughts. Think about that." ~ Derek Lamar

Thinking continues...      

Tuesday, February 15th

"There's an old eastern teaching which tells about the guru who takes the student out into the water and holds his head under until the chela breaks free and bursts out of the water coughing and choking. The guru asked him what was it he wanted most just at that moment. The chela, surprised and confused answered, 'Air... I wanted air more than anything else.' The guru said, 'When you want to know Truth that much, then you are well on your path." ~ Derek Lamar

Searching continues...

Monday, February 14th ~ Happy Valentine's Day

"I love you all, I really do. And in knowing that love is the realization of the Oneness of Reality we all experience this love for there can be nothing separate from itself. Loving oneself in the True sense is loving God and God knowing SELF. There is nothing greater than this for this is what ongoing Reality is Always doing. Expressing love for love, self for self, I AM that I AM." ~ Derek Lamar

Wholeness continues...

Sunday, February 13th

"Remember, you come here having already understood the necessity of struggling with yourself -- only with yourself. Therefore thank everyone who gives you the opportunity." ~ G.I. Gurdjieff
"This is the meaning of the Hall of Mirrors, to see yourself in everyone else, for you are all there is, certainly all than you can really judge with any certainty." ~ Derek Lamar

Reflections continue...

Saturday, February 12th

"Two becoming one does not mean the separation or the loss of individual identity, for this is an utter impossibility. On the other hand, when an individual finds conscious Oneness with all spiritual being and idea, and this concludes every relationship in heaven and on earth. Therefore marriage on the human plane is really the consummation of mystical marriage, conscious union with God." ~ Joel Goldsmith

Oneness continues...

Friday, February 11th

"Bohm harmonizes relativity and quantum theory by saying that the laws of relativity are laws of an average not absolute laws and the laws of quantum are th laws of average with regards to probability. So beneath these events are deeper movements and orders, laws of the implicate theory." ~ Karl Pribran ("heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall never pass away" seems to reflect a parallel reflection of this reality. ~ Derek Lamar

Particles and Waves continue to continue...

Thursday, February 10th

"If I hadn't made a left hand turn, if you hadn't made a right, if I'd waited just a moment more, if you'd missed the light, if that car had never blown its horn, if that friend had stopped to talk, we'd never met at all, if I hadn't taken that walk, I'd have gotten there too early, you'd have gotten there too late, we are children of coincidence... coincidence and fate." ~ Dory Previn (song: Coincidence And Fate)

Particles and Waves continue...

Wednesday February 9th

"On the streets you look again at the places you have been or the moments that you thought 'where am I going?' Though the walls are like the dead, they reflect the things you've said and the echoes in your head continue showing." ~Gene Clark (Echoes) [formerly lead singer of legend rock band: The Byrds]

Echoes continue...

Tuesday February 8th

"Harmful actions and their tragic consequences all have their origin in disturbing emotions and negative thoughts, and these are a state of mind, whose potential we find within all human beings. From this point of view, every one of us has the potential to commit crimes, because we are all subject to negative disturbing emotions and negative mental qualities. And we will not overcome these by executing other people." ~ Dalai Lama (Tenzin Gyatso, 14th Dalai Lama on death penalty)

Life continues...

Monday February 7th

"I am not collecting my knowledge from letters and books, but I have it within my own Self; because heaven and earth with all their inhabitants, and moreover God himself, is in man." ~ Buddha

Allness Continues...   

Sunday February 6th

"Life is a dream and it is forever being dreamed by you." ~ Derek Lamar

Living Continues...

Saturday, February 5th

"Man is asleep." ~ G.I. Gurdjieff

"The only person who can achieve a path even toward enlightenment must first admit that he is asleep. Knowing that he is asleep his next step is to be open to one who may shake him enough to help keep him awaken until he can stay awake on his own. When the student is ready the Teacher appears. This applies to anyone on their path whether it be mysticism, Fourth Way, ontology, metaphysics, Buddhism, or any other path which seeks to leave behind illusion for Reality." ~ Derek Lamar

Waking Up Continues...

Friday, February 4th

"First: We see a fact to be that which can be a fact today, and not necessarily be a fact tomorrow. A fact can change or even cease to be. Now what we term an Absolute Truth today, it remains an Absolute Truth - the same yesterday, today and forever." ~ Frances Wade Gott (Science of Being)

Absolute Reality Continues... 

Thursday, February 3rd

"What is the cause of this universe?... time, space, law, chance, matter, primal energy, intelligence -- none of these, nor a combination of these can be the final cause of the universe, for they are effects... this universe which is made up of the perishable and the imperishable, the manifest and the unmanifest... realize that mind, matter and ... the power which unites mind and matter are but three aspects of... the One Reality." ~ Lawrence LeShad

(The Medium, the Mystic & the Physicist)

Reality Continues...        

Wednesday, February 2nd

"Today's physics teaches us that human flesh is not solid, but a lattice of force-fields which is not dissimilar to the lattice of thoughts and feelings which move through our minds." ~ Lawrence Blair (Rhythms of Vision)

Thought and Feeling Continues...        

Tuesday, February 1st

"The relationship is always extremely personal and at the same time the most impersonal imaginable. If the teacher ever becomes actually involved, then nothing can be achieved. Often the student becomes hopelessly involved in the personality of the teacher but the impersonality of the teacher always eventually clears this away." ~ Thane Walker

Teaching Continues...


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