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Friday March 31st

"It seems that when we finally get on a Path, or we approach the idea of actually working with a discipline, the big requirement is to constantly let go of things. Always having to give up something. This is why so many people abhor and have been turned off to the religions of the past, certainly Christianity. People react to being told what to do and certainly what NOT to do. Therefore constantly letting go seems to be a lifestyle of self denial and deprivation. Actually just the opposite is true. What we are doing in principle, which should follow in its outcome and application, is by letting go we create a vacuum which allows even more of our Reality to manifest but in creative and fulfilling ways so that we experience the infinity of our Self and function completely rather than in pieces. What we are doing is letting go of limitations and opening up to expansiveness." ~ Derek Lamar, metaphysicist

Completeness continues...

Thursday March 30th

"The process of discovering the light within oneself requires the removing of beliefs within which block that light. Though this is not always the most fun thing to do it is the most fulfilling. Know yourself and stand in the Light." ~ Derek Lamar, metaphysicist

The Journey continues...

Wednesday March 29th

"Do you ever cry? Do you ever despair at who you feel you are? In those tears of wishing you could be more, know that so much more is there within you to awaken. Yes, you are perfect, but not undiscovered. As long as you do not know yourself fully you remain incomplete even though who you are is perfect now. But in your world, as you are... things will be askew until you regain the knowledge of your whole self. The knowing of the Self is the acceptance of the Self. Welcome home... hold out your arms to your homecoming." ~ Derek Lamar, metaphysicist

Arriving continues...

Tuesday March 28th

"Do not become trapped by the language of the day. Go beyond the use of the words used to discover a deeper meaning. It is not just about Spirit because it feels good or about Mind because you think it is right but rather the deeper meaning of the Allness of Truth which reveals the Beingness of the I AM of Self waiting there to be discovered. Thinking and Feeling raised to the Higher Level of Being forms a united experience which is to say the revealing of the Oneness of all that is. Forget the swings of the pendulum with new ideas or techniques for as the ancient scripts reveal there is nothing new under the sun. What is True is Eternal and cannot be suddenly resurrected if in truth it had not always been there. There for the great Path, the great invocation, the great Destiny and it is the revealing of the Truth in back of all that has been, the Love that is the Universe in back of time, space and change... it is US as the I AM. It is Here and Now waiting to connect in Mind, Body & Soul." ~ Derek Lamar, metaphysicist

I AM continues...

Monday March 27th

"Dissatisfaction is the recognition for the need of change. It may be the need to change what is dissatisfying or it may be the need to change one's consciousness which is reacting to circumstances. Often when consciousness changes, the object of one's irritation no longer provokes, while in someone else a change in their consciousness may totally alter the outpicturing altogether and remove from one's consciousness the source of symbolic irritation. The final understanding is that comfort replaces discomfort and order reveals itself in chaos and peace sprouts forth out of disharmony." ~ Derek Lamar

Change continues... to reveal a changeless reality!

Sunday March 26th

"With knowing the Truth comes the obligation to speak it." ~ Derek Lamar

Communication continues...

Saturday March 25th

"With the speaking of the Truth comes the obligation of explaining it so that others truly understand what you understand and thus be set free." ~ Derek Lamar

Teaching continues...

Friday March 24th

"We are all standing on the threshold, not of a dream, but of a dream come true, the doorway to Reality wherein we shall know our Self as ONE and infinite. This Consciousness is a formless force which expresses continually in a systematic and yet varied manner as it perfectly expresses itself to itself infinitely. ~ Derek Lamar, metaphysicist

One continues...

Thursday March 23rd

"The day will come when, after harnessing space, the winds, the tides, and gravitation, we shall harness for God the energies of love. And on that day, for the second time in the history of the world, we shall have discovered fire." ~ Pierre Teilhard De Chardin

Love continues...

Wednesday March 22nd

"Wholeness is flowing movement. With the hologram, the movement of interference patterns of coherent light enfolds a subtle range of structures and orders. In a similar, but unthinkably vaster, way, the
whole movement or "holomovement" of the universe carries the implicate order and allows us to see and experience our four-dimensional space-time world." ~ Briggs and Peat, Looking Glass Universe
"The apparent world is a creation of the observer. "It is this world which we watch like a play which unfolds outside of ourselves while, in fact, there is nothing there but a canvas bearing many colored patterns,
which we have woven and printed in ourselves according to the indications of our erroneous knowledge." ~ The Secret Oral Teachings in Tibetan Buddhist Sects

Particles & Waves continue... Parting The Waves continues...

Tuesday March 21st

"Hear from the heart wordless mysteries! Understand what cannot be understood! In man's stone-dark heart there burns a fire That burns all veils to their root and foundation. When the veils are burned away, the heart will understand completely... Ancient Love will unfold ever-fresh forms In the heart of the Spirit, in the core of the heart. " ~ Jelauddin Rumi

Love continues...

Monday March 20th

As to how we can know ourselves? "Through self knowledge you begin to find out what is God, what is truth, what is that state which is timeless. Your teacher may pass on to you the knowledge which he received from his teacher, and you may do well in your examinations, get a degree and all the rest of it; but, without knowing yourself as you know your own face in the mirror, all other knowledge has very little meaning. Learned people who don't know themselves are really unintelligent; they don't know what thinking is, what life is. That is why it is important for the educator to be educated in the true sense of the word, which means that he must know the workings of his own mind and heart, see himself exactly as he is in the mirror of relationship. Self-knowledge is the beginning of wisdom. In self-knowledge is the whole universe; it embraces all the struggles of humanity. "~ Krishnamurti

Mirrors continue...

Sunday March 19th

"And then God said to me, 'Behold thou the unity of all things in Light of Me, and the seeming separateness of all things in the two lights of my divided thinking. See thou that I, the Undivided, Unchanging One am within all divided things, centering them, and I am without all changing things, controlling them.'"
"And the secrets of the universe were unfolded to me in their great simplicity as the doors to the Light opened fully to my consciousness. In less time than it takes to put it into words, I knew there was very little to know. In that hour it was as though the infinity of complexity within the moving kaleidoscope were suddenly taken apart and it was shown to me that the entirety of its illusion was but three mirrors and a few bits of broken glass."~ Walter Russell (from "The Man Who Tapped The Secrets of The Universe" by Glenn Clark)

Reflections continue...

Saturday March 18th

"I want to add the mystical spirit of the East to the scientific spirit of the West. The Oriental spirit is right, but only in its trends and general ideas. The Western spirit is right in its methods and techniques." ~ G.I. Gurdjieff

Oneness continues...    

Friday March 17th

"In the beginning was the Word. Understand this as it relates to the power of words and know that behind each word is an essence which represents a Divine Authority. It is part of our Path, perhaps our only Path, to discovery the Truth and the power of the Logos which is behind every word, every thought and every feeling, until we are totally filled with the Light which is the ESSENCE of all things." ~ Derek Lamar

the Logos continues...

Thursday March 16th

"He dips his pen in golden flame of truth, he molds a thing of beauty from dull clay, his eyes are closed to all that seems uncouth, he tunes his life-notes to a silvery lay; conquers all ills and holds no thought of death nor feels the fear of grave, or worm, or clod, but gives forth love with every moment's breath, and knows this truth; that he is one with God." ~ Awareness by Ruby Altizer Roberts

Awareness continues...

Wednesday March 15th

"Remember that there are NO PLANETS outside of your consciousness... space is the viewing of our SELF and our expression of levels as we begin to open up to layers of our own Reality for the first time. The exploration of the Cosmos is the revealing of the Spiritual maze which appears to us as we unfold ourselves to ourselves more and more." ~ Derek Lamar, metaphysicist (author of Man Is Dead)

Discovery continues...

Tuesday March 14th

"After 12 years of therapy my psychiatrist said something that brought tears to my eyes. He said: 'No hablo ingles.'" ~ Ronnie Shakes (comedian)

Communication continues...

Monday March 13th

"You know what the trouble is... the trouble is that probably all the good things in life take place in no more than minute. I mean, all added up I'll betcha at the end of 70 years you'll have lived so long you can sit down and figure the whole thing out. You spent 19 years sleeping, you spent 5 years going to the bathroom, you spent 35 years doing some kind of work you absolutely hated, you spent 7,853 minutes blinking your eyes, and added to that you have that one minute of good things... then one day you wonder whether your minute's up." ~ Dory Previn (Come Saturday Morning)

Good Things continue...    

Sunday March 12th

"What could be more important to learn than that our Reality is MIND and that to change things in our world we must simply 'change our mind'." ~ Derek Lamar, metaphysicist

Mind continues...

Saturday March 11th

"Rennaissance man was one whom knew and did many different things rather than the specialization we see in today's society. This is the mind of the 21st Century, one who can tap into the collective and adapt to the infinite self. This is the holographic universe in manifestation, this is the role of the new world now unfolding." ~ Derek Lamar, metaphysicist

Expression continues...  

Friday March 10th

"I cannot believe that there is anywhere a human being who does not naturally try to reach out, out beyond himself, straining at the chrysalis that is the earthborn concept. Not so much a struggle to rise above personal limitations as a drive to reach something better than himself. Any fellow who pauses to think about it must see how utterly futile life would be if there were no more to it than he finds in his own finite shell." ~ Arthur Corey, metaphysician.

Infinity continues...

Thursday March 9th

"The human mind as William James expressed in 1902 filters out a greater reality and those moments of enlightenment that have occured within mystics or anyone having a mystical experience are those windows where one is able to bypass the human consciousness and open up directly with who they really are." ~ Derek Lamar, metaphysicist

Mysticism continues...

Wednesday March 8th

"The principles which constitute the universe must be sought in man." ~ Paul Tillich, philosopher

Principle continues...

Tuesday March 7th

"Men occasionally stumble over the Truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happend." ~ Winston Churchill

Truth continues...  

Monday March 6th

"Five per cent of the people think; ten percent of the people think they think; and the other eighty-five per cent would rather die than think." ~ Thomas Edison

Thinking continues...

Sunday March 5th

"All that we are is the result of all that we have thought. It is founded on thought. It is based on thought." ~ Buddha

Awareness continues...

Saturday March 4th

"A lie was possible only after man was capable of conceiving the being of Truth." ~ Martin Buber

Realization continues...

Friday March 3rd

"To Leap into sanity is to walk into the Looking Glass Universe and smile at who we meet because there is only YOU! There is only I AM." ~ Derek Lamar

Looking continues...

Thursday March 2nd

"If these attitudes are accepted by both teacher and pupil, inevitably there occurs a profound sense of sharing a common spiritual destiny. Each gives the other a love and a trust which endures against all difficulties. Each knows, wherever he may be and whatever may befall, that in thir inmost relationship neither is teacher or pupil, but both are brothers growing together in the greater life of God. They are to create a relationship which exemplifies what all human relationships should be."- Thane Walker

Destiny continues...   

Wednesday, March 1st

"I am ancient, most ancient of the arts. I am more than ancient; I am eternal. Even before life commenced upon this earth, I was here-- in the winds and the waves. When the first trees and flowers and grasses appeared, I was among them." ~ Allan C. Inman (I AM MUSIC)

Harmony continues...



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