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Wednesday May 31st

"Consciousness is not to be confused with self-reflection, with mere thinking about oneself or reading books on psychology. It is that also, but it is more; consciousness is a state of bearing witness to our character structure and our life's pattern and becoming aware of how this structure and pattern are at variance with our ideals as well as the emerging blueprint of the Self. To e effective it needs to include an experiential awareness of our affects and instinctual drives, whether our mental conditioning approves of them or not; and an active experimenting approach to living that puts these insights to the test in real life and relationships. It means following one's calling, whatever that happens to be." ~ Edward C. Whitmont (Return Of The Goddess)

"One must test their soul with their mind and challenge their mind with their heart. The state one is in reflects beliefs and feelings and patterns and shadows; hold all of what you call the self up to the light of what you know to be Truth and you will be changed, you will be healed, you will step out of the falsity of expression into the fidelity of the Higher Being you are." ~ Derek Lamar, Fourth Way Master

Transformation continues...

Tuesday May 30th

"A Spiritual Path is not something one does when they have extra time. It is not a hobby or a separate lifestyle. One's path has its affects on every aspect of your entire being because it is your entire path. How you see yourself will reflect in your relationships, your jobs, your recreational activities. You are your Mind/Spirit and your world is an outpicturing of that state of consciousness that you call YOU. As you change your consciousness so does your world reflect that change. Think of your world as the hard drive on your computer. Any changes in the system or the software will change your computer just as inner work changes your life, your world, your being. Garbage in, garbage out comes directly from the As Above, So Below which is to translate as 'you get back what you put out.' You must realize not that you are a machine, but that your computer reflects your consciousness and your consciousness creates the world in which you live. " ~ Derek Lamar, metaphysicist

Mirrors continue...

Monday May 29th ~ Memorial Day

"We must learn that an individual hope, aspiration, ambition, is against the law of the universe, the law of self-sacrifice. We must learn that our wills are ours to make them God's." ~ Forbes Robinson

"In our struggle to do what is right sometimes we must put ourselves in harm's way to achieve a goal based on honor and love which requires self-sacrifice. To honor this in others is one of the most important things we must do. Not to make false heroes out of faceless men, but to see the courage and honor in the faces of those we know and those we wish we knew. It has nothing to do with politics or personal persuasion but of the self to see something outside of themselves as more important than our own desires for safety, because in Truth, there is nothing outside of ourselves and the connections which we witness in this process proves this to be true. The Unity of love sets us free just as separating ourselves from our fears raises us above the moment of tribulation and delivers us into the hands of God." ~ Derek Lamar, Fourth Way Teacher

Love & Honor continue...

Sunday May 28th

"From my personal experience, I know how extremely difficult it is to accept the thought that "man cannot do," actually to realize that there is nothing "to be done" about anything except try to understand it. It took me a very long period of long thinking and interested observation to understand, first of all, what may be a "repeat" or motif in the pattern of my life. To relate these, and to see them as a whole, impartially, already calls for some sort of change in one's way of thinking and reacting because these repeats cannot be found without touching the painful sore spots in one's personality. Worse still, this effort implies much intentional suffering if one will succeed in abstaining from reacting to the personal and general foibles, stupidity or cleverness in which life itself constantly involves us." ~ Irmis B. Popoff (Gurdjieff: His Work On Myself... With Others... For The Work, 1969)

"This among many aspects of Consciousness Changing approaches is one of the most important. In order to change, we must confront the part of us which is in pain in order to grasp what it is we want to change. The spiritual path exudes joy but getting to that joy is sometimes, often, a painful journey... but worth it." ~ Derek Lamar, Fourth Way Teacher

The Work continues...

Saturday May 27th

"What is prayer? Is prayer asking for something from someone outside yourself? If this is what is done you are asking amiss. There is but ONE and the consciousness which is your Being is the same Being that is in all. Therefore the mind that is your consciousness is one as that ONE. Prayer is the recognition that "I AM" is One with all that "I AM" is. The answers to prayer is the recognition of that which already is. If one is sick then they wish to RE-COGNIZE the Perfect Health which already is as ONE. ONE is wholeness. DIS-EASE understood in such manner is not simply playing with words but rather actually recognizing within the shadows of our mind what it is we are revealing to ourselves through our world, our thoughts, our feelings, our being. Prayer is the process by which we join the seemingly broken lines of inner communication and realize the RE-SOLVEMENT within. We solve the mathematical problem by realizing the answer which is already there, that which is always there. The "I AM" of our SELF is the fountain from which springs all that is and within that knowingness is all we ask for in our prayers. As Jesus related to his disciples: "Know that you have it already." And understand that not only the answer already exists, but that out of this infinite variety is the total harmonious agreement with all that is whole, complete and perfect. Prayer is the calling upon Truth to be made manifest. A curse is the calling upon error to be made manifest. We get back what we put out therefore the calling upon error or attempting to utilize the concept of curses can be very dangerous. Ultimately only Truth exists but there are those who play with shadows until their time to play has run out and they come face to face with what they have been dealing with. It is easier to begin clearing away the dead branches which clutter our tree and allow the beautiful growth to be made manifest. The ongoing knowledge of Life itself." ~ Derek Lamar, Metaphysicist

Knowingness continues...

Friday May 26th

"The path of finding oneself is a lonely one. You begin because of how you feel about yourself. And you reach out to others but sometimes discover it is because you need to find a way to feel better about yourself. Then you reach for the Self which is True and that Self is all that is, there is no one else. And you say to yourself along the way: 'Will I ever NOT be alone?' The answer is yes. The loneliness is not in having others around you who love you but rather the separation one feels inside. As we discover who we are and realize that we are all the others as well as ourselves, then the Oneness which is and always has been there emerges as a known reality, we feel less and less alone until the 'a-lone' becomes the understanding of the 'All-One.' Reality is the One having an infinitely open and free conversation with the Self through its many selves." ~ Derek Lamar, Metaphysicist

Realization continues...

Thursday May 25th

"In order to truly understand the future as it bursts forth out of the NOW, one must realize that MIND is the intention of all that is for all is Mind and this experience is the realization of the self as the self expresses its nature to itself infinitely. This process is one of unfoldment and all is heading toward more realization of Truth rather than away from the Truth therefore Truth ultimately does always win out and our Destiny is one where one does win in knowing themselves. The pursuit of the self, however fraught with suffering and pain, at times, is where True Joy can be found and it is always the path toward what is Reality and the Intention of the Self: Mind which is all there is." ~ Derek Lamar, Metaphysicist

Unfoldment continues...

Wednesday May 24th

"You must not ever think that when that inner voice tells you that you are not with Destiny that this is true. You must not believe that you are anything less that absolutely necessary for the unfoldment of Life and Truth. This voice is that doubting voice within you betraying your fears, and always know, that this voice IS NOT YOU. Each time you realize this you reinforce the Truth that you are WAKING UP to the Truth that you are God. Your mind is the Mind of God viewing life through you as you. You cannot ever separate yourself from this Reality. You can only fall asleep. Stay awake and KNOW THYSELF." ~ Derek Lamar, Fourth Way Teacher

Knowingness continues...

Tuesday May 23rd

"When curses can be turned into blessings we have touched the divine alchemy. The oyster that turns that anguish-giving sand grain into a pearl with the lustre of the skies in its whiteness is emblem of man glorying in the midst of affliction." ~ Emma Curtis Hopkins

"And too, through time, the endurance of ongoing pressure turns cheap coal into priceless diamonds. And yet too often mankind turns its challenges into bitterness and its potential into jealousy. The strength to achieve mastery over the self finds within how to produce more with less rather than foolishly waste energy focusing on the outer appearances." ~ Derek Lamar, Fourth Way Teacher

Relationships continue...

Monday May 22nd

"An ideal which a man can achieve in his lifetime is unworthy of the reach of his imagination, the chivalry of his spirit, the hardihood of his faith. Only such tasks and ambitions are worthy of us which lay bare the finitude of our bodies, and the infinitude of our souls, the impotence of flesh, and the omnipotence of spirit, the brevity of our days and the eternity of our dreams. Blessed is the man whose dream outlives him! The flame of life may burn low, but from the undefiled altars of his ageless soul the holy incense of his vision will rise heavenward." ~ Rabbi Silver

Intention continues...

Sunday May 21st

"Present suffering is not enjoyable, but life would be worth little without it. The difference between iron and steel is fire, but steel is worth all it costs. Iron ore may think itself senselessly tortured in the furnace, but when the watchspring looks back it knows better." ~ Maltbie Babcock

"Suffering for suffering sake is meaningless. Conscious suffering which promotes inner change is the balm of the gods and only he who can grasp this should ever encourage others to feel pain. For it is not in the feeling of pain one discovers eternal truths but in the letting go of the obstacle which separates us from the harmony of God." ~ Derek Lamar, Fourth Way Teacher

Ascension continues...

Saturday May 20th

"Oneness is more than things simply working together. Oneness is everything operating as a whole because the Reality which controls Infinity is ONE complete Consciousness and Beingness. As we perceive Oneness we are seeing the process in unfoldment. But the process is all resultant from the One Mind which ultimately is our Identity because it is the ONLY Identity. We simply choose to believe we are separate from everything else but this version of reality is not so. In this scenario we are like alone flowers blooming to a new sun yet to awaken to the awareness that we are the sun and all else just as everything which happens in our dreams is written by ourselves and not anyone else. There is no one else. This does not mean that we as the human are all there is, but rather who we are as the I AM is all there is even as it thinks it is the human. Reality is the I AM all things and the subsequent attributes of that Wholeness which unfolds the Idenity I AM to ourself." ~ Derek Lamar, metaphysicist

Wholeness continues...

Friday May 19th

"All words of truth are alive with an invisible Energy which has power to work miracles. The truth is mighty to accomplish, but in order to do so it must be spoken into activity, it must be put into words. The same Christ who said, 'I am the Life,' said also, 'I am the Truth.' Life, Truth, Christ, are one. The words of truth you and I speak in the name and spirit of the Master, become his words, full of life and health. Such words set into motion the invisible Energy which accomplishes, and which does not accomplish when quiescent." ~ H. Emilie Cady (God: A Present Help, 1908)

The Energy continues...

Thursday May 18th

"Each of us is both perfect and in need of change. This seeming dichotomy relates the duality which not only seems to fight with Oneness, it also brings into focus elements of pieces which can make the vision of the puzzle more clear. We are Perfect in the absolute of the NOW and yet it is the increased awareness of ourselves within which unfolds this Reality to us and this is a perfecting of the Self... the unfoldment of the Perfect Oneness which is NOWNESS." ~ Derek Lamar, metaphysicist

Infinity Revisited continues...

Wednesday May 17th

"You can attempt to will your future and be disappointed, or you can step aside and allow your future to come to you, then again, you can discover yourself and participate in the unfoldment of tomorrow." ~ Derek Lamar, metaphysicist

Discovery continues...

Tuesday May 16th

"We cannot kindle when we will, The fire which in the heart resides; The Spirit bloweth and is still, In mystery the soul abides." ~ Matthew Arnold

Guidance continues...

Monday May 15th

"I am thy Dawn, from darkness to release: I am the Deep, wherein thy sorrows cease: Be still! Be still! and know that I am God: Acquaint thyself with Me, and be at peace!" ~ James Rhoades (Out Of The Silence)

Identity continues...

Sunday May 14th

"You have always been exercising your intellect and emotions, rarely your intuition; henceforth you must begin to change this by bringing your intuitive feeling out of latency as often as possible. It will take time, this search after the right intuition amid the medley of feelings and thoughts which normally compose our inner selves, but inquiry will find it out." ~ Dr. Paul Brunton (The Secret Path: A Modern Technique For Self-Discovery, 1935)

"Just say 'Hey, I really feel intuit." ~ Derek Lamar, metaphysicist

Perception continues...

Saturday May 13th

"God, in His eternal purposes, is carrying every living person on toward a higher knowledge of the Truth, a more perfect evolvement of Himself through the soul. If some are being pushed on into the light of Truth and consequent liberty more rapidly than others, shall they turn and rend those who are walking more slowly but just as surely toward the perfect light? Nay, nay; but let them, praising God for the marvelous revelation of Himself within their own souls, lift up rather than condemn any who are struggling toward the light. Let them become workers together with God, doers of the law, not judges." ~ H. Emilie Cady (How I Used Truth, 1916)

Intention continues...

Friday May 12th

"The science which is now emerging is parallel to the new state of consciousness which is emerging. There will be a day when technology will be but the essence of the then state of consciousness. It is that way today but we do not yet see it. We think the current laws of the Universe are merely discoveries of Cosmic rules that exist simply because they exist but soon there will be an understanding that what we are as ultimate Spirit/Mind is the science which makes all things possible. What we see is what is reflected by our consciousness therefore not only is our world the mirroring of our minds and hearts but our world to be will be molded and chosen at will based on our perfected reasoning and the Love which is our Reality." ~ Derek Lamar, metaphysicist

As Above, So Below continues...

Thursday May 11th

"One fact is certain: However far modern science may advance in the exploration and recognition of human abilities beyond the limits of the ordinary senses, the farther it will go toward establishing the higher claims of yoga, whose devotees have been following the "psychic path" long before anyone else ever heard of it. If our Western savants prove that parapsychology has much to offer and succeed in cracking down its riddles as they have done with atomic energy, the clearing clouds of doubt will reveal the Oriental mystics floating serenely in the midst of their own aura, as they always have!" ~ Walter & Litzka Gibson (The Complete Illustrated Book of The Psychic Sciences, 1966)

Wonders continue...

Wednesday May 10th

"To the Huna initiates the invisible and intangible High Self was quite within the power of man to understand, at least it was when the man was well advanced in his evolutionary progress. One can almost hear, in imagination, some ancient kahuna proclaiming at the opening of the first act of the Great Drama of Initiation, 'the High Selves exist! This is the great truth. They are REAL!'" ~ Max Freedom Long (The Huna Code In Religions)

"A man is said to be confirmed in spiritual knowledge when he forsaketh every desire which entereth into his heart, and of himself is happy and content in the Self through the Self." ~ Max Freedom Long (The Huna Code In Religions)

"The spiritual journey goes beyond finding the Truth in the multitudes of man's religions, it is in the reaches of the Soul which discovers the Truth in all things. From the Prairie to the Sky, from a blade of grass to the outermost star." ~ Derek Lamar, metaphysicist

Oiaio (Truth) continues...

Tuesday May 9th

"We are told that there are vibrations streaming through the universe. If we chord with them we are in harmony with our life. All our actions charm our world. All our world's actions charm us. The mind has its fingers with which to touch the fine threads of music that string themselves to and fro. It has eyes to see their twining enchantments. If we use the mind's fingers first, the external fingers will do all things swiftly and skillfully. If we use the mind's eyes first, the outer eyes will see all things quickly and truly. The love threads string straight past our doors. The wisdom threads stream close to our sight. The life threads are strung under our fingers. Truth, power, fearlessness, beauty, prosperity go through our bodies in shining beams and all cross at our heart's center to call our attention. The Master and King in the Absolute Mind's heart realm having His seat at our heart knows all these lines, and lives in everlasting concord with them. The flesh mind is invited to join in the song, in the strain, in the works of the Spirit." Emma Curtis Hopkins (Self Treatment, circa 1893)

Spirit continues...

Monday May 8th

"If thou would'st hear the Nameless, and will dive into the Temple-cave of thine own self, there brooding by the central altar, thou may'st happily learn the Nameless hath a voice, by which thou wilt abide, if thou be wise." ~ Tennyson

"Out of the intensity of the consciousness of the individuality, the individuality itself seemed to dissolve and fade away into boundless being; and this not a confused state, but the clearest of the clear, the surest of the sure; utterly beyond words; where death was an almost laughable impossibility, the loss of personality (if so it were) seeming no extinction but the only true life." Tennyson

Eternality continues...

Sunday May 7th

"Mention is made of two classes of yogis: hidden and the known. Those who have renounced the world are the "known" yogis: all recognize them, but the "hidden" yogis live in the world. They are not known." ~ Sri Ramakrishna (The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna)

"The above statement very much applies to Fourth Way teachers as well and those involved in Sufi instruction and teaching. It is famous throughout 'Meetings With Remarkable Men' wherein Gurdjieff ran into mystics who often were working their regular 9 to 5 jobs. Even public mystics find that they often have secret relationships with people in their lives who have no idea what it is they are into but seek them on an unconscious level. In other words everyone has doctors, dentists, relatives, friends, business associates, who would never seek the advice or counsel from one in mystical circles and yet they will be drawn to those people unknowingly and the 'sly' teacher will keep their secret for them and do whatever is necessary where they can." ~ Derek Lamar, metaphysicist

Sharing continues...

Saturday May 6th

"The wood does not change the fire into itself, but the fire changes the wood into itself. So are we changed into God, that we shall know him as he is." ~ Meister Eckhardt

"For those in the study who are more highly actualized, serving others is an essential part of life, almost something which the individual has no choice about. To these persons, work and leisure are integrated activities. Thus, all one's life is perceived as service. The total personality dedicates itself to giving, even for those working in isolation, such as writers, artists and scientists. Not to give would be experienced as deprivation, as some missing ingredient in life." ~ Marsha Sinetar (Ordinary People As Monks And Mystics: Lifestyles For Self-Discovery)

Giving continues...

Friday May 5th

"In the words of a Chinese Zen master, 'Nothing is left to you at this moment but to have a good laugh!' As James Broughton put it: 'This is It and I am It and You are It and so is That and He is It and She is It and It is It and That is That." ~ The Gospel According To Zen

"For some, today is supposed to be the end of the world and for some it shall be. But better it be the end of your world which you perceive than the end of you which the world perceives." ~ Rama L. Kered, mystic

Eternity and a good laugh continues...

Thursday May 4th

"You must be willing to think the worst about yourself in order that the best be realized. This is not because there is anything wrong with you, but simply because you think that there is something wrong with you. You must look at what you believe about yourself squarely in the face and let it go. You can let it go because it is but a moment in time in a Universe of timelessness where you are all there is and what you thought of yourself was based merely on lies which you needed to believe in another place in time which has since faded away. To be Eternal is to see the whole Truth and there you are already perfect. Reach out and take my hand and look yourself in the face." ~ Rama L. Kered, mystic of Melchizedek

Wholeness continues...

Wednesday May 3rd

"...knowing God by unknowing, of the abandonment of idols both sensible and conceptual, is that ultimate faith is not in or upon anything at all. It is complete letting go. Not only is it beyond theology; it is also beyond atheism and nihilism. Such letting go cannot be attained. It cannot be acquired or developed through perseverance and exercises, except insofar as such efforts prove the impossibility of acquiring it. Letting go comes only through desperation. When you know that it is beyond you - beyond your powers of action as beyond your powers of relaxation. When you give up every last trick and device for getting it, including this "giving up" as something that one might do, say, at ten o'clock tonight. that you cannot by any means do it - that is it! That is the mighty self-abandonment which gives birth to the stars." ~ Alan Watts (The Gospel According To Zen: Beyond The Death Of God)

Letting go continues...

Tuesday May 2nd

"While alive, be a dead man, thoroughly dead; and act as you will, and all is good." ~ Bunan (Zen Master, 17th Century)

"To love God is to have no self, to be of no-mind, to become 'a dead man,' to be free from the constrictive motivations of consciousness. This man's 'Good morning' has no human element of any kind of vested interest. He is addressed and he responds. He feels hungry and eats. Superficially, he is a natural man, coming right out of nature with no complicated ideologies of modern civilized man. But how rich his inward life is! Because it is in direct communion with the great unconscious." ~ D.T. Suzuki (The Gospel According To Zen: Beyond The Death Of God)

Life continues...

Monday May 1st

"It isn't knowing that all is God, Mind, Spirit, but accepting that one is THAT and that they must give up their human fantasy of achieving the perfection of the self. This is what is difficult. One cannot perfect themselves, except by giving up themselves. And for many this is feared, for most, because to give up the self tells the ego that they are dying and no one wants to die. But in Truth, there is no death and the letting go of this false sense of self opens the door to the Reality which is the "I AM" that provokes us to seek and to know." ~ Derek Lamar, janitor

Light continues...


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