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September 2000

Quote of the Day

Monday September 18th

"Everyone marches to the beat of a different drum, but the music keeps playing. The rhythm is the heartbeat of the soul as we move ever onward toward the Self we desire to know." ~ Derek Lamar

All you need is Love - Lennon/McCartney

Sunday September 17th

"The brain is just the weight of God, for, lift them pound for pound, and they will differ, if they do, as syllable from sound." ~ Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) The Brain Is Wider Than

The brain is just a mirror of mind, it holds the idea, but not the intention - Derek Lamar

Saturday September 16th

"To regard it merely as the stern award of a judge, the anger of an irritated ruler or even the mechanical recoil of result of evil upon cause of evil is to take the most superficial view possible of God's dealings with the should and the law of its evolution." ~ Sri Aurobindo (1872-1950) The Human Cycle

There are no accidents - Mary Baker Eddy and others

Friday September 15th

"A crystal is the soul, divinity its gleam: the body where you dwell is cupboard for them both." ~ Angelus Silesius (1624-1677)

Light cannot be destroyed, only obscured - Derek Lamar

Thursday September 14th

"If we ever find out who we are, who we thought we were will exist no longer. This is why the process is so slow. It is called reluctance." ~ Derek Lamar

Be still and know that I AM God - Psalms 46:10

Wednesday September 13th

Queen Liliuokalani wrote, "The world cannot stand still. We must either advance or recede." Let us advance together. I ke Umia ka hanu! Ho okähi ka umauma ke kïpo ohiwi kïpo ohiwi. (Hold thy breath! Walk abreast, shoulder to shoulder.)"

Let the unfoldment of Aloha begin here and now

Tuesday September 12th

"Remember that all ideas, situations and things reflect Truth and the implications of Truth in back of the appearances. Being that Truth is complete all of these ideas, situations and things are complete as well. If you want a raise you must recognize that you have the raise already. Then you must give yourself the raise and let yourself receive that raise. Let there be... and there is.... and acknowledge that it is already done." ~ Derek Lamar

Let there be a healing and there is a healing for perfect health is here and now

Monday September 11th

"Despite the appearances you must push your way through to what you know is true and what you want when you feel that Spirit is pulling you from the other side of what your world appears to be projecting. Do not be mislead by ego desires but know that in Truth it is your best interest which is calling you above all else. Do not let yourself be deceived. Truth is in your best interest." ~ Derek Lamar

Life is unfolding just for you

Sunday September 10th

"Close your eyes and in your mind jump from the top of your highest self and catch yourself in your arms." ~ Derek Lamar

Give in and take yourself

Saturday September 9th

"When you feel confused, try and figure someone else out. It is there you will find yourself." ~ Derek Lamar

The mirror reflects all light, shine some back

Friday September 8th

"Rise and be healed, for you already are." ~ Derek Lamar

It is your Destiny to express the wholeness of Life

Thursday September 7th

"Open your arms and receive the greatest gift you can, yourself." ~ Derek Lamar

Open your heart to the whole Universe

Wednesday September 6th

"Do not tell yourself to love others, it cannot be commanded and the pretending becomes a wall which will hold back the real thing. Love others knowing that as they and you discover the perfection you really are there will be a revealing of what has always been there to know." ~ Derek Lamar

There are no secrets and there are no accidents

Tuesday September 5th

"Whatever you have learned there is more waiting to be discovered and it is all good." ~ Derek Lamar

There are no dead letters in the Universe

Monday September 4th

"Whatever you hold dear is the best part of yourself which you have discovered." ~ Derek Lamar

There are no strangers in the Cosmos

Sunday September 3rd

"Words we read can seem like empty voices when one feels alone. But though we are always alone, also we are never alone. This is true because as you read these words it is your own voice which is speaking them just as it is your own Mind which has revealed them. This Mind is always within you for it is you. It is you as me, as he, as she, as they, for we are not united but One." ~ Derek Lamar

Along the shoreline you discover a grain of sand which is connected to all the rest of you

Saturday September 2nd

"We are One already, but we must recognize that. We are like a flower which is still unfolding, blooming, as we think that we are yet to become something when in Truth we already are and it is beautiful." ~ Derek Lamar

Stop and smell the roses, you are one

Friday September 1st

"Expression of the self is the discovery of the soul. The next step is the discovery of the Self as Infinite Intelligence and Love." ~ Derek Lamar

I am that I am and so are you because we are one


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