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Saturday August 31st

Anger is the emotion we use to hide the fear that we feel. We choose to build a wall between ourselves and our fear because we do not want to feel alone and vulnerable. So we feel angry. Eventually our anger turns into hate and it consumes us... and when it does... we are again alone. When you are afraid, rather than getting angry look at the fear. Become its friend, it needs one, then perhaps it won't feel so all alone. But since we abandon ourselves when we are afraid, it is no wonder that we feel alone. Our anger actually becomes our only friend and we find ourselves angry more and more often. We find comfort in the anger because it makes us feel alive and it connects us to someone else. When we are afraid we feel alone. Make friends with the self which feels afraid and let them know that it is alright and that you understand. In back of this self which feels alone is your I AM which is in total control of your destiny. Let it observe and console and set you free of your anger and your fear. ~ Derek Lamar, Fourth Way Master

Anger is the mortar between the bricks of fear we build our lives out of... tear down those walls


Friday August 30th

Without the foundation of reason, inquiry of any kind is ephemeral. Curiosity without order and direction is short-lived and purposeless. Consequently, spiritual inquiry is never mere curiosity but is the continuous search in the world for the purpose and meaning of life itself. ~ Genevieve Burnell (The Golden Thread of Reality: The Search For Truth And The Emergence Of The Universal Pattern)

Actually speaking, if God is at all, He must be Absolute Truth -- that is, Absolute Being -- Reality Itself. Hence His existence would be simple self-evidence; and to say, "God is," would be an undeniable statement of truth. ~ Genevieve Burnell (The Golden Thread of Reality: The Search For Truth And The Emergence Of The Universal Pattern)

I Think... I Feel... I Be...


Thursday August 29th

"You can choose to forgive anyone." (Fortune Cookie)

Yes, you must accept that forgiveness is up to you, not them. It does not matter if they are sorry, it does not matter if they have asked for forgiveness, it does not matter if they are repentent. The only thing that matters is that you forgive them. You are not doing this for them, you are doing this for your own state of consciousness. Does this mean they are off the hook? No. It means YOU are off the hook in how you feel about them and about yourself. They are still obligated to deal with themselves but once you forgive them that is no longer your concern. You can go on your way leaving it in the hands of the Cosmos.

"If the shoe fits, it's probably yours." (Fortune Cookie)

You get back what you put out. What you see is a reflection of who you think you are. Therefore all of the things which please you and displease you have something to do with how you feel about yourself. A shoe protects the foot therefore the shoe is symbolic of security for the foot and the foot is symbolic of understanding. Therefore the sure is symbolic of the security you have about your own understanding. Thus if the show fits expresses the comfort you feel due to your own security about yourself and your understanding.


That's how the fortune cookie crumbles


Wednesday August 28th

Can you be like a newborn child? the baby cries all day and yet his voice never becomes hoarse; that is because he has not lost nature's harmony.... the baby looks at things all day without winking; that is because his eyes are not focussed on any particular object. He goes without knowing where he is going, and stops without knowing what he is doing. He merges himself with the surroundings and moves along with it. These are the principles of mental hygiene. ~ Chuang-tzu, Taoist

The more we recognize the things we bump into in life, the more we will desire to wake up and discover conscious harmony


Tuesday August 27th

I looked across the mountains and breathed in the mist from the sea, I could feel the mana of the islands and I knew it was me, I spread my arms to welcome Pele into my soul only to discover the power of feeling whole. ~ Richard Kula


Be one with what you see, you are


Monday August 26th

Morning drive -- thick fog on way to work; road snake off ahead; disappear into gray. Eyes strain to see. Stress pulls tight. Relax. Chide self. Only fog. Excellent driver -- slow down. Pay attention. And I did. Path clear. Destination available. ~ Judith Bailey (Morning Thoughts, © copyright 2000 Judith Bailey)


Be patient, think fast, act accordingly, respond don't react


Sunday August 25th

Now if a man depart this life without knowing the kingdom of the Self, he, because of that ignorance, does not enjoy the bliss of liberation. He dies without reaching his goal. Nay, even if a man ignorant of the kingdom of the Self should do virtuous deeds on earth, he would not arrive through them at everlasting life; for the effects of his deedds would finally be exhausted. Wherefore let him know the kingdom of the Self, and that alone. the virtue of him who meditates on the kingdom of the Self is never exhausted: for the Self is the source from which all virtue springs. ~ The Upanishads ( Brihadaranyaka, The Upanishads: translated by Swami Prabhavananda and Frederick Manchester)


What does it profit a person to do good deeds if they only are but fleeting vanities in the wind


Saturday August 24th

When the wise realize the Self, formless in the midst of forms, changeless in the midst of change, omnipresent and supremem, they go beyond sorrow. The self cannot be known through study of the scriptures, nor through the intellect, nor through hearing learned discourses. The Self can be attained only by those whom the Self chooses. Verily unto them does the Self reveal himself. ~ The Upanishads (Katha Upanishad ~The Upanishads translated by Eknath Easwaran


Do not fill up on knowledge which blocks the door, empty yourself of hindrances and create a vacuum for the Self


Friday August 23rd

Thus did Strongheart and I share in that silent language which the Mind of the Universe is constantly speaking through all life and for the greater good of all life. Thus did we make use of that wondrous inner route from mind to mind and from heart to heart. Thus did we cross each other's boundaries, only to find that there were no boundaries separating us from each other, except in the dark illusions of the human senses. ~ J. Allen Boone (Kinship With All Life)


There is Order in the Universe and there is variety which divides the human from the animal in appearances and perception yet the Intelligence which is Mind is one and the same in back of all things


Thursday August 22nd

Gurdjieff did not draw diagrams on a board and teach from these. His method of instruction was far less comfortable to his class than this. He carved out from them living chunks of experience and taught from these. One found one's own petty vanities and follies being used as the specimens on which Gurdjieff was able to demonstrate to his class the mechanical nature of human life. A book is but a poor substitute for such vital and direct teaching as this. ~ Kenneth Walker (Gurdjieff: A Study Of His Teaching)


Look at the injury and you will see the pain... look at the pain and you will see the anger... look at the anger and you will see humiliation... look at humiliation and you will see rejection... look at rejection and you will see neglect... look at neglect and you will see abandonment... look at abandonment and see how they no longer take care of themselves.


Wednesday August 21st

How does one know when they are on their path? They are on their path when they still seek answers to questions which force them to look at themselves. ~ Derek Lamar, Fourth Way Master


Never stop looking... and you will never stop seeing


Tuesday August 20th

New students don't want you to lead them to a new highway, they want you to fill the potholes on the one they are already on. ~ Derek Lamar, Fourth Way Master


Roads continue and bring you back to where you were only to see it as it really was


Monday August 19th

He is thrilled with the exquisite bliss of the awakening in the new heaven (state of consciousness) and the new earth (manifestation of the flesh). He finds there everything he has tried for long years to demonstrate by one means or another. He finds there overflowing abundance of the All, and he is unafraid and naked. There is nothing between him and the truth - he is lost in the great swirl of color, of light, and glory. ~ Walter C. Lanyon (Laughter of God)


Metaphysical Nudity... truth without shame, love without regret, intention without remorse, happiness without looking back


Sunday August 18th

The outer chaos and confusion of our time is but the disturbance which characterises the metamorphosis of all greath rhythms, or aeons, into a new one; but inwardly, the ironfilings of a special kind of related knowledge are already polarising themselves round a new pattern of Meaning, revealing that a deeper knowledge of the self, and the schism between the two worlds of science and religion is beginning to heal and to merge into a single majestic river of vision. ~ Lawrence Blair (Rhythms Of Vision, 1975)


Oneness... East and West... Within and Without... Above as Below... Male and Female... Giving and Receiving... Infinity


Saturday August 17th

Ouspensky: "Events are against us," I said. "It is by now clear that it is not possible to do anything in the midst of this mass madness."

Gurdjieff: "It is only now that it is possible", Gurdjieff replied, "And events are not against us at all."

"Gurdjieff used to say that it was in friction where real work could be done. This is because it is when we let ourselves experience the fullness of the obstacle that we are able to pull out the entire splinter and not have it break off in the wound." ~ Derek Lamar


We can let go of the pain only if we have hold of it... we must grasp it and then let it go


Friday August 16th

If, as Gurdjieff predicted, that friction is what brings about growth, and that real change can only occur during the heat of the moment, we must indeed be on the threshold of a major leap; for when a time was that East and West were romatically sought for the spiritual union, now they are at battle. So too is the inner and the outer among humankind fighting amongst themselves and with themselves to such an extent we shall either perish or experience the true self which is screaming inside to be liberated. ~ Derek Lamar, Fourth Way Master


The battle field is in our minds and it is time we put down our flags and raise our consciousness


Thursday August 15th

A man will lie to himself and invent things, and he will never see himself as he really is. It must be understood that without outside help a man can never see himself. Someone near him who can tell him where he is and where his self is. But he must trust this person, because he will undoubtedly think that he understands everything himself and that he knows where he is and where his self is. ~ G. I. Gurdjieff, Fourth Way Master

A man does not remember what he has thought or what he has said; and he does not remember how he thought or how he spoke. ~ G. I. Gurdjieff, Fourth Way Master

Most sleeping people will say that they have an aim and that they are going somewhere. The realization of the fact that they have no aim and that they aren't going anywhere is the first sign of the approaching awakening of a man or of awakening becoming really possible for him. Awakening begins when a man realizes that he is going nowhere and does not know where to go. ~ G. I. Gurdjieff, Fourth Way Master

All of the above from "Undiscovered Country" by Kathryn Hulme


Honesty is not always truth, but it is a doorway to it


Wednesday August 14th

When man suffers, he feels only self pity. If he is a real person this isn't so. A real person also feels happiness sometimes, real happiness; but when he also feels real suffering, he doesn't try to stop this feeling in himself. He accepts this because he knows that it is appropriate for man. Man must suffer to know the truth about his self, he must learn to suffer through his will. When suffering comes to man, he must intentionally suffer, feeling it with all of his being; he must wish that such suffering will make him conscious, helping him in his understanding. ~ G. I. Gurdjieff, Fourth Way Master


You will never feel any new pain, everything from now on will be a rerun, let it go and you will be free


Tuesday August 13th

The essence of all things is one and the same, perfectly calm and tranquil, and shows no sign of "becoming"; ignorance, however, is in its blindness and delusion oblivious of Enlightenment, and, on that account, cannot recognize truthfully all those conditions, differences, and activities which characterize the phenomena of the Universe. ~ Ashvaghosha, The Awakening of Faith (Suzuki's translation) The Tibetan Book of The Dead, 1927


The Finished Kingdom is received as it is given and never does a shadow pass through its light


Monday August 12th

The emergence of the Spirit in a supramental consciousness and a new body, a new race, is a phenomenon as inevitable as the appearance of homo sapiens after that of the primates. The only question in truth is to know if this new evolution will come about with or without us. This is how Sri Aurobindo formulates the dilemma: If a spiritual unfolding on earth is the hidden truth of our birth into Matter, if it is fundamentally an evolution into consciousness that has been taking place in Nature, then Man as he is cannot be the last term of that evolution: he is too imperfect an expression of spirit, mind itself a too limited form and instrumentation; mind is only a middle term of consciousness, the mental being can only be a transitional being. If, then, man is incapable of exceeding mentality, he must be surpassed and supermind and superman must manifest and take the lead of the creation. But if his mind is capable of opening to what exceeds it, then there is no reason why man himself should not arrive at supermind and supermanhood or at least lend his mentality, life and body to an evolution of that greater term of the Spirit manifesting in Nature. We have reached, says Sri Aurobindo, a new crisis of transformation as crucial as must have been the crisis which marked the appearance of Life in Matter or the crisis which marked the appearance of Mind in Life. And our choice is crucial also, for this time, instead of letting Nature work out her transmutations without caring much for living contingencies, we can be the "conscious collaborators of our own evolution", accept the challenge or, as Sri Aurobindo says, let ourselves be surpassed. ~ Satprem (Sri Aurobindo Or The Adventure of Consciousness)

A Conscious Path of Inner Change

The Emergence of 21st Century Mind


Sunday August 11th


"Wake up!
Seek the Truth!
Rise above ignorance!
Search out the best teachers,
and through them find the Truth.

But beware!
'The path is narrow,' the sages warn,
'Sharp as a razor's edge.'"

~ Katha Upanishad, in The Upanishads

Your own sincerity shall guide you to the right path


Saturday August 10th

One must make their spiritual life a conscious path of inner change otherwise they will be forced to make changes without the joy of achievement. Also, the world, must make participate consciously in changes otherwise those forced upon the world will leave it weeping in the wake of confrontation. The only way to be able to make these kind of decisions is to know yourself. ~ Derek Lamar


The world you desire is usually an escape from the one you will not face.


Friday August 9th

Stare at a monster long enough and become the monster. ~ Nietzsche

That which you gaze upon you become. ~ ancient Chinese saying


Gaze into the mirror and unfold the vision of God and watch the darkness disappear


Thursday August 8th

Your body is the body of God -- all living manifestation is the body of God -- the place where the invisible comes through into expression. Without a body there would be no God visible. Without an automobile the principle of locomotion in that respect would be invisible -- nothing -- yet would it be there always. Your body is the body of God. Do you hear? Does that mean anything to you? Contemplate this -- "be still and know that I AM God" and see if anything filters through into your relative place of thought. Gradually you will understand why you are sick, but also why it is impossible that you ever should be sick. You will again approximate the Consciousness of being "created in the image and likeness of God" -- and see how this slight adjustment through "Believe" cause you to be "every whit whole". ~ Walter C. Lanyon (Without The Smell Of Fire, 1941)


What would be always was and what is not shall never be


Wednesday August 7th

None is poor, o Bhikha; every one hath got rubies in his bundle. But how to open the knot, he doth not know, and therefore is he a pauper! ~ Indian Saint

(The Path Of The Masters : Santon Kî Shikshå. A comprehensive statement of the Teachings of the Great Masters, or Spiritual Luminaries, of the East. Also an outline oftheir scientific system of exercises by means of which they attain the highest degree of spiritual development. by Julian Johnson,1939)


The shadow is an echo again and again

The light shines through the window within


Tuesday August 6th

The essence of all things is one and the same, perfectly calm and tranquil, and shows no sign of "becoming"; ignorance, however, is in its blindness and delusion oblivious of Enlightenment, and, on that account, cannot recognize truthfully all those conditions, differences, and activities which characterize the phenomena of the Universe. -- Ashvaghosha. The Awakening of Faith (Suzuki's translation) The Tibetan Book of The Dead, 1927


Even the light bouncing off the moon is an illusion


Monday August 5th

Reason can reveal oneness to the mind, for this is constitutional; reason can reveal that God is truth and that being is one with this truth and that both are the same. By these steps, being itself is illumined without eliminating anything pertaining to its integrity -- it is still being, but no longer concealed under beliefs and opinions regarding existence. What truth is shines through into a world of identical being. ~ Genevieve Burnell (The Golden Thread of Reality: The Search For Truth And The Emergence Of The Universal Pattern)

Precision is the exactness of Reality knowing itself as you, as me, as Mind


Sunday August 4th

"For anyone who has will be given more, and he will have more than enough; but from anyone who has not, even what he has will be taken away." ~ Yeshua (Matt. 13:12

The mysteries of the kingdom are revealed to those who understand Truth. The above statement could be seen in light of "the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer", and it is true and it is based on the same principle. The principle of Out and Back is always in operation. When you have the consciousness of "value" you will get back value but when you feel "poor" inside, you might even lose what you have. This is because to have a poor consciousness is to believe that the world is working against you and that somewhere on an unconscious level you feel worthless, you feel like a failure and you feel like a loser. All of these feelings are beliefs which are operating within one with that state of consciousness and they are not attracting wealth into their life. And as the "loser" even that which you have you shall lose. The I AM consciousness is one which is not limited to the individuated self and the I AM knows that it is rich beyond measure for it is one with all that is, it is one with infinite wealth and it is neverending. All needs are fulfilled as they are required and there is no fear that this will not take place. You must know that even what you need is already there waiting for you. ~ Derek Lamar, metaphysicist

You must face your poverty if you are to let it go, and when you let it go, it will create a vacuum for wealth, your everpresent reality

This is the Seventh Day - Keep it holy - do not blaspheme yourself


Saturday August 3rd

Hold on to the Great Image and the whole world will come to you. Come to you and suffer no harm; but rather know great safety and peace. Music and food -- for these passing travelers stop. Therefore, of the Tao's speaking, we say: Insipid, it is! It's lack of flavor. When you look at it, it's not sufficient to be seen; when you lissten to it, it's not sufficient to be heard; yet when you use it, it can't be used up. ~ Lao-Tzu (Te-Tao Ching)

Face the Great Image... it reflects the Divinity of you, eternal & true


Friday August 2nd

I visualized where I wanted to be, what kind of player I wanted to become. I knew exactly where I wanted to go, and I focused on getting there. ~ Michael Jordan

Obstacles cannot crush me; every obstacle yields to stern resolve. ~ Leonardo da Vinci

Cherish your visions and your dreams, as they are the children of your soul; the blueprints of your ultimate achievements. ~ Napoleon Hill

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional. ~ unknown

The freedom of getting beyond what you want to the plateau of getting to know who you are dwarfs your desires and yet makes them all possible. ~ Derek Lamar

You are all that you can be... be something great!


Thursday August 1st

It isn't so much that God exists, as much as what God is, exists. Therefore we must know that by God we mean a first cause through which all comes to be, even if that first cause is only mind thinking everything else. Thus our reality is our consciousness of it for we only know what we think of it. In the end it is my thoughts versus those first thoughts. My thinking versus Thy thinking. If all which came to be is God, then what of me who has come to be. Is it more of a problem that I come to think that I AM God, or that I think I AM not? ~ Derek Lamar, metaphysicist

If God is all there is... what should I do?

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