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September 2002

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Monday, September 30th

"The worse the conditions of life, the more productive the work, always provided you remember the work" ~ G.I. Gurdjieff "All energy spent on conscious work is an investment; that spent mechanically is lost forever." ~ G.I. Gurdjieff "Remember, you come here having already understood the necessity of struggling with yourself - only with yourself. Therefore thank everyone who gives you the opportunity." ~ G.I. Gurdjieff "Only conscious suffering is of value." ~ G.I. Gurdjieff

The Work is a Path to your Destiny


Sunday, September 29th

What we are looking for is what is looking. ~ St. Frances of Assisi

If the nature of reality is itself holographic, and the brain operates holographically, then the world is indeed, as the Eastern religions have said, Maya: a magic show. Its concreteness is an illusion. ~ Karl Pribram

What appears to be a stable, tangible, visible, audible world, is an illusion. It is dynamic and kaleidoscopic -- not really "there". What we normally see is the explicit, or unfolded, order of things, rather like watching a movie. But there is an underlying order that is mother and father to this second-generation reality. He called the other order implicate, or enfolded. ~ David Bohm

All of life is a hall of mirrors no matter how you look at it, but the key is deep within each of us. As we discover that key, the walls begin to come down and what issues forth is the realization that God has quite an imagination. ~ Derek Lamar, metaphysicist

The new science and the 21st century mind are on a collision course where worlds collide and heaven emerges


Saturday, September 28th

Be present at every breath. Do not let thy attention wander for the duration of a single breath. Remember thyself always and in all situations. ~ Sufi saying

Always know yourself and observe, but also do this while forgetting yourself and observing others. One must learn to think about themselves in terms of being aware of the self while always observing others. In observing others we learn about ourselves in the hall of mirrors. ~ Derek Lamar, Fourth Way Teacher

I am within myself and beside myself*

*that's supposed to be funny... observe yourself laughing... I AM


Friday, September 27th

A child is the reflection of our creativity. Our creativity is the expression of Mind's ongoing communication of Truth out and back to itself in infinite variety. Creativity is never in danger, for mind is all there is infinitely expressing itself, as itself, to itself completely, perfectly and harmoniously. ~ Rama L. Kered

Transportation on a road is the communication of the path which is in harmony with all its surroundings expressing Mind which is all, out and back to itself completely, with ALL knowing of ALL that is there, for ALL is Mind and ALL is whole, complete and perfect. ~ Rama L. Kered

I AM at peace with my Mind, my Heart, my Soul as I journey throughout the Universe of my thoughts, my consciousness, my beingness.


Thursday, September 26th

Meditation is not an escape from the world; it is not an isolating self-enclosing activity, but rather the comprehension of the world and its ways. Meditation is wandering away from this world; one has to be a total outsider. Then the world has a meaning, and the beauty of the heavens and the earth is constant. ~ Krishnamurti

I AM the world... Alone... One.

After spending the afternoon with Krishnamurti at Oak Grove in Ojai, California in 1976 my wife and I got in the car and traveled back to Santa Monica. By the time we got to Malibu we stopped at Ted's Rancho Restaurant for a bite to eat as we watched the ocean's waves crash against the sandy beach. We sat and gazed out over the water still in awe of our weekend and as we discussed Krishnamurti and the day we all spent together a rainbow appeared in the sky, then another. This was truly a way to remember an an already unforgettable day when suddenly a third rainbow appeared surpassing our wildest expectations. Krishnamurti's greatness is not not what he chose to do for others... but what he chose to do for himself. ~ Derek Lamar


Wednesday, September 25th

I am not collecting my knowledge from letters and books, but I have it within my own Self; because heaven and earth with all their inhabitants, and moreover God himself, is in man. ~ Buddha

And he who beholds all beings in the self and the self in all beings, he never turns away from it. When to a man who understands the self has become all things, what sorrow, what trouble can there be to him who once beheld that unity. ~ Buddha

but if they ask me what his name is, what am I to tell them? And God said to Moses, I AM THAT I AM. This is what you must say to the sons of Israel: I AM THAT I AM has sent me to you. This is my name for all time; By this name I shall be invoked for all generations to come. You shall have no gods besides me. I am God besides which there is none else. ~ Moses

I AM all there is ~ Infinity equals Reality


Tuesday, September 24th

Everything which makes up your world reflects who you think you are. Much of it is literal, while much is symbolic. This does not necessarily reveal who you really are, just who you think you are, how you express who you are to your world, to your self. You must find a way to interpret all that you perceive and begin to see the Truth in back of what you perceive to be your reality. In that way you will begin to know true reality and your true self. ~ Derek Lamar, metaphysicist

Every little movement has a meaning all its own


Monday, September 23rd

We reason together until that which is not truth has vanished. Where has it gone? Where does the lie go when truth is revealed? Where do the shadows in the cave retire to when the light shines? Does a candle grow larger after it has devoured the darkness of a room? What do you do with your preconceived beliefs and opinions when reason has revealed that truth only is that which is, and that ruth is all there is, and that truth and being are one because truth, being all, cannot be divided into separate being, but is the resortation of all being to truth? ~ Genevieve Burnell (The Golden Thread of Reality: The Search For Truth and The Emergence of The Universal Pattern)

Truth is that which is so, that which is not truth is not so, therefore truth is all there is ~ Sacred Syllogism


Sunday, September 22nd

On our journey as we experience highs and lows we begin to think this up and down experience is normal, and it is, but it is only normal for the human experience. Our divine nature does not have the lows, only the highs. And often those highs are the joys of realizing that the lows are just an illusion. Step out of the dream and wake up to reality. ~ Derek Lamar, Fourth Way Master

The octave above is your real comfort zone

Blessings to my sweet cat Ditto who moved on a year ago and a day. I will love you forever. You will always be a part of my soul. ~ D.L.


Saturday, September 21st

In the simple words of Huna, one may say, "First learn to contact the High Self in its level above you, and if you can do this successfully, your prayers can be delivered and all things which you can gain through the use of prayer will be given you." ~ Max Freedom Long (The Secret Science At Work)

Realize this level above you is you, receive yourself

Blessings to my sweet cat Ditto who moved on a year ago today. I will love you forever. ~ D.L.


Friday, September 20th

What is enlightenment? It is often discovering who you are not, as much as who you are. Do we have to let go before we take hold of something new? Can't we hold on until we are sure it is what we want? We don't want to end up with nothing. Actually we already think we have nothing but what we are holding onto allows us to pretend to others that we have something. Be glad when you can realize that you have nothing. It is then you can begin to acquire all that you have been destined to reveal to yourself. To be empty is the goal of all enlightened Masters. Why is this? It is because it is falseness which we discard. It is that nothing which we pretended was something. Once we let go of the lies we can finally find the room to receive what has always been there, buried, waiting to be discovered... Truth. ~ Derek Lamar, Ontologist

All of nature abhors a vacuum... the universe is rushing to fill itself with itself just as God is busy emptying and filling... and so must we

I empty myself that I receive who I AM. ~ Rama L. Kered


Thursday, September 19th

Words of truth are images and likenesses of the Self-conscious, Supreme Being, taking the aspect and appearance of humanity in the true world... The real Mind is the only mind. All humanity has one mind, one beautiful, perfect, omnipotent, irresistible Mind; and this Mind expresses itself, demonstrates itself, understands itself, by the manifestation of itself as humanity. Humanity is the understanding and action and manifestation and existence and self-consciousness of this Self. ~ George Edwin Burnell (Sensing the Light)

Oneness is Infinite - Infinity is One

All thoughts emerge from that one mind and are receive from within as they reach out to itself. ~ Rama L. Kered


Wednesday, September 18th

Instruction is participation of the soul in universal life. The one Divine Spirit overflows to each individual "self," to be participated in and remembered as the true Self. The parable of the Prodigal Son is a perfect dramatic picturing of this cosmic experience. First the outward self affirming separate life, which leads to heedlessness and forgetfulness; then the awakening and remembering; then the return to the Source. The prophet of Islam, Mohammed, said, "Man walks toward God, God runs toward man." ~ Genevieve Burnell (The Golden Thread of Reality)

Please don't be long... for I may be asleep

There's a fog upon L.A. And my friends have lost their way, they'd be over soon they said, but they lost themselves instead, please don't be long, please don't you be very long, please don't be long, for I may be asleep. ~ George Harrison (Blue Jay Way)

That still small voice is actually very large and very loud

Man is deaf

Tuesday, September 17th

They love you when you hate them. They hate you when you love them. ~ Derek Lamar, Fourth Way Master

Mirror, mirror on the wall, what is fair, heed the call

The Student/Teacher relationship in Fourth Way is always an up and down process. Everything goes in cycles and this is true with relationships in the change game. There is no overwhelming joy among students doing what they would rather not do... change. And they would always rather hate you than themselves. So the path is often a thankless one unless one holds tight to Truth and their "I AMness"... letting Truth have its way with you and doing the will of the Father. The razor's edge is one which you may never waver or you will fall off. Think straight, walk straight, talk straight.


Monday, September 16th

Man can know how many seeds are in an apple, but only God knows how many apples are in a seed. ~ Derek Lamar, metaphysicist

Science used to think that mind and matter were separate. But now they are beginning to see thought as matter. But they are still refusing to admit that matter is thought. ~ Derek Lamar, metaphysicist


Any way you slice it, it is tempting fruit... in my mind

Sunday, September 15th

He who thinks he knows It not, knows It. He who thinks he knows It, know It not. The true knowers think they can never know It (because of its Infinitude), while the ignorant think they know It. ~ The Upanishads (translated by Swami Paramananda)

First there is knowing, then there is not knowing, then there is

Saturday, September 14th

"You can dig and dig to find yourself and end up with a hole. You're careful not to fall inside, but still you want to know. Where am I and who am I and just what shall I do? I will just keep searching, yes, until I'm told not to. You hear a noise and turn around, off balance you begin to fall, the hole is reaching out to catch you hoping to take you all. You know it's been there waiting just to capture who you are, but just who are you? you ask again, the answer can't be far. The darkness of the hole is calling and you're desperate for a plan. Then at last it comes to you to cry out that "I AM". I am the dark, I am the light, the hole, the self, the wall. I AM not being drawn toward nothing for I AM what is all. And what is all won't swallow me for I am that I am. Expressing my infinite reality and now I understand." ~ Derek Lamar

Don't worry, be happy

Happy Birthday Howard Lamar Hayhurst who is 84 years old today!


Friday, September 13th

What is bad luck? Is there such a thing? What is a jinx? What is an accident waiting to happen? All things run in cycles and constructs, habits, patterns also fall into cycles of behavior which occur at similar intervals or at seemingly predestined times or appointed moments. But the Truth is often they operate within the same realm as the "self fulfilling prophecy". However one can attract situations and people which mirror a dark side of one's life. This is usually due to extreme trauma buried deep within the subconscious. What must be done is to revisit this memory as it originally happened, sometimes tracing the mirroring patterns back until their originating moment is discovered and facing this past situation with a new state of consciousness. One which understands that the "I AM" is in control and that life is Oneness expressing harmony, order and balance and that self-defeating habit patterns no longer have a place in your life. Rather success and the unfoldment of self discovery which is everpresent and open to enlightenment are the standards by which reality is now measured. ~ Derek Lamar

God is a concept by which we measure our brain


Thursday, September 12th

A neurotic is someone who builds sand castles in the sky and a psychotic is one who lives in them while the therapist collects the rent while God looks on inside and out. ~ unknown

Art is a collaboration between God an the artist, and the less the artist does the better. - Andre Gide

There once was a time when all people beleived in God and the church ruled. This time was called the Dark Ages. - Richard Lederer (Anguished English) Now there are parts of the world where people believe in Allah and the mosque rules... what age do we call this? ~ John Doe (Angry American)

God has no religion. - Gandhi

God is dog backwards, and desserts is stressed backwards, if God were stressed you would have to have a dog for dessert!

Sometimes life just doesn't seem to make sense, but it does.


Wednesday, September 11th, 2002

9 1 1

There are no politics in the "I AM". There is only "I AM". "I AM" viewing all of creation as my consciousness and all I see "I AM". I am loving all of creation and all that "I AM". "I AM" not leaving anyone else out because as the "I AM" I must know that everyone is who "I AM". "I AM" the doorway through which I pass from here to eternity. "I AM" the Infinite Life which always was, is and will be. And when I slip into heartache and despair I must remember what has always been there where there is no separation and in that Oneness "I AM". ~ Derek Lamar, Ontologist

When the smoke clears and I can focus once again, I AM

Even before Abraham, I AM


Tuesday, September 10th

"If you knew me you would love me. If you loved me you would listen to me. If you listened to me you would not talk so much about yourself. If you wanted to learn about yourself you would put away what you knew and leave room for the real information. If you wanted to know you would be willing to change. Learning is change in and of itself. When you learn, you will never be the same." ~ Rama L. Kered (Ancient Sayings From The Future)

When the petal turns blue the moon will have disappeared


Monday, September 9th

We will leave this planet and deal beyond this world in this, the 21st century. This will require a change in consciousness however. One which will enable us as a new race to go beyond our own solar system for great lengths of time but one which will be based on a new science. Our new consciousness will mirror our new science and vice versa. This change is upon us now. You can work toward this new destiny by letting go of your own gravity within you which holds you to your "world". Your new world is within you and one which is eternal mirroring the infinity which awaits you. When you knock upon the door of the future you will find that you are already there. ~ Derek Lamar, meta-physicist

The universe awaits those who are the architects of a new species. It is within you to change as you realize your divinity.



Sunday, September 8th

There is an answer for every question. There is a solution for every problem. There is no negative influence or situation or outcome which is absolute. All situations are relative to one's state of consciousness. Change your consciousness and you will change the outcome. You are the writer of your own script. Be creative. Be True to your True Self. Let harmony and wholeness manifest in your life. Be who you really are. ~ Derek Lamar

Life isn't working against you, it is working to unfold who you are, don't fight it, let it happen!


Saturday, September 7th

"Hold on to your own belief, as between yourself and God -- and consider the man fortunate who can make his decision without going against his conscience. But anybody who eats in a state of doubt is condemned, because he is not in good faith; and every act done in bad faith is a sin." - Romans 14:22
Know within yourself that what you believe is the state of mind which shall be made manifest within your life, for you get back what you put out -- this state of mind is between you and God because it is through the Principle of Out & Back which operates everywhere in the Universe because God is all there is and you are consciousness becoming aware that you are this consciousness which is all, therefore consider yourself blessed if you do not entertain opposing thoughts but rather have agreement of belief within you rather than the ongoing conflict of opposing ideas constantly battling internally as a result of duality. But for anyone who is pulled one way or another they will experience states of duality and thus what they attract will be manifestations of this duality and everything done will be done in this state of duality thus it will be missing the mark. ~ Derek Lamar

Oneness with harmony manifests harmony

Agreement with duality creates chaos


Friday, September 6th

"Have you ever considered how dreadful it would be if our lives had no appointed end but went on forever? Can you imagine that as far as the eye can see into the future we should remain enmeshed in the desires and troubles of this life and that all the ensuing envy, hatred and malice, our own and other people's, should continue to pile up undiminished? If you have ever considered how intolerable the burden of our life would be without the understood certainty that it has an appointed end, you know that death comes to all, even the most fortunate, not as an enemy but as a deliverance." ~ Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965) Reverence for Life
"The day of death is when two worlds meet with a kiss: this world going out, the future world coming in." ~ The Talmud
"Death is the twinkling of the eye as we move from one room into another surprised to find how similar the next room is, luring us, haunting us, seducing us with its temptations and causing us to wonder why we didn't look at the last room with such wonder and awe." ~ Derek Lamar
"Mortality is the realization that only truth can continue forever and eventually the nonsense must end and Reality begin" ~ Derek Lamar

Reality is, was and always will be


Thursday, September 5th

I say to myself, if I were God, what would you want me to say? Then I say, if I were God, what would I say? The answer which comes to me is that you would want to hear what God had to say specifically to you. Oh, that would probably scare some of you, but it shouldn't. So I am going to reveal what I think God would say, just to you. "It's okay... relax. You worry too much. You worry about things you shouldn't and things you should give more thought to you walk away from. Change these two things and you will turn your life around. Also, and you should really listen to this. You are alright. In fact you are perfect. No, not the way you think you are, but the way you really are. You need to know that your true self lacks nothing. You have everything. And why should you believe it? Because the words you are hearing are your own." ~ Derek Lamar

I AM that I AM ~ I AM you and You are Me


Wednesday, September 4th

Why is there this strange, ironic twist? In all our brilliance, humans are able to devise the most fantastic machines, gadgets, buildings and systems. We are able to concoct ways to generate unbelievable amounts of money. And yet we are unable to control the way we behave in this world. ~ Art Bell (The Quickening)

The world does not change simply by being aware that others cannot control the way they behave, but the salvation is when each of us recognizes that we need to be more able to gain control over ourselves, our thoughts, our feelings, our destiny. ~ Derek Lamar

I AM control for I AM all there is


Tuesday, September 3rd

Dive into the ocean of awareness. Be filled with the life which you always have been. Touch your soul and discover the eternity which is the air that you breathe. Grasp the beingness of who you are and never let go. Discover your destiny and learn how to face yourself in love and be who you really are. Know the I AM and walk through the doorway into infinity. ~ Derek Lamar

Oneness never ends and either do you


Monday, September 2nd

If we are going to venture into the depths of the human soul we must be prepared to deal with the demons that reside there. ~ Outer Limits

Fear is a darkroom where negatives develop. ~ Usman Asif

Step into the light and see the positive unfold. ~ Derek Lamar

Words can paint a pretty picture but it is the heart which can warm a room ~ Rama L. Kered


Sunday, September 1st

Anger is the emotion which erupts due to the pain we feel. We feel pain because we are hurt. And this hurt and fear go hand in hand. Our survival dynamics go into action when fear and hurt come into play and this happens for survival. But the reason we become fearful and hurt is often irrational and not based on real threats, in the physical sense, but threats in an emotional sense. Our emotional security is threatened when it is in jeopardy based on the beliefs we have about our own security. Fear is a distressing emotion which is brought about by the threat of an impending pain, danger or evil. Often merely the fear becomes painful and this can cause anger. The I AM cannot be hurt. The I AM is not subject to belief in separateness which the individuated self finds itself confronted with. Knowing you are not separated from Reality you can let go of pain, hurt, fear and anger. ~ Derek Lamar, Fourth Way Master

Pain is the displeasure of believing in separateness... Oneness is the balm which heals all wounds



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