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November 2002

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Saturday, November 30th

...behold I stand and the door and scream
In the silence one runs away from the noise and in the noise is the silence of meaning. There is no real meaning to the noise. Mostly the noise is there to keep the real voice of one's Self from being heard. It is a war within the mind. Within the fractured thinking process there are levels competing with each other and all of them believe that they are the only ones who are the real self. It is hard to say to yourself that you need to let go and accept a Mind or a Self which you never felt was ever in charge before. The fear is that this Real Self will take over and that the false self you believe is you will die and that you will no longer exist. But of course this is not true. YOU will exist because that Real Self is really who you are, not the self desperately making all of the noise and distractions so you will not see what is really going on. The only thing that happens when you accept this Real Self is that you begin to know what is really going on, not just what the little self wants you to know. And your problems will start to disappear because they are just symptoms of a divided thinking which has kept you looking left and then right but never within. The time to look within is NOW. And when you get past the gate where that crazy man is screaming making all of that noise, simply tell him that you love him but that you are going inside anyway, and you will see him when you come back out. But rather than him controlling you, you will be controlling him. ~ Derek Lamar, Fourth Way Master

...and yet you think I have a still small voice

The truth is you think "I still have a small voice" but now, it is a still small voice because you are hard of hearing and resistant to listening. When you open your heart, open your ears too. ~ Derek Lamar, Fourth Way Master


Friday, November 29th

...I AM the first and the last
" Do you think you are something? Then you are ATTACHED to what you think you are. Do you think that you are nothing? Then you are ATTACHED to what you think you aren't. It's only when you realize that you are EVERYTHING, that you can finally LET GO, and live your life." ~ Recon "Belteshazzar"

Do you want to feel the Everything that you are? Then you must let go of the limitations that you believe about yourself. You must rise in the consciousness which is your reality and accept the Divinity which is Being All that is. ~ Derek Lamar, Ontologist
...I AM the Alpha and the Omega

Oh my God... the biggest shopping day of the year! Don't go into a lot of debt but feel free to buy whatever you need. It will keep our economy strong and it will actually keep your mental economy strong as well.


Thursday, November 28th

...in the night you read the stars

Never, in sooth, does the lover seek without being sought by his beloved. When the lightning of love has shot into this heart, know that there is love in that heart. When love of God waxes in thy heart, beyond any doubt God hath love for thee. No sound of clapping comes from one hand without the other hand. Divine Wisdom is destiny and decree made us lovers of one another. Because of that fore-ordainment every part of the world is paired with its mate. In the view of the wise, Heaven is man and Earth woman. Earth fosters what Heaven lets fall. When Earth lacks heat, Heaven sends it; when she has lost her freshness and moisture, Heaven restores it. Heaven goes on his rounds, like a husband foraging for the wife's sake; And Earth is busy with housewiferies: she attends to births and suckling that which she bears. Regard Earth and Heaven as endowed with intelligence, since they do the work of intelligent beings. Unless these twain taste pleasure from one another, why are they creeping together like sweethearts? Without the earth, how should flower and tree blossom? What, then, would Heaven's water and heat produce? As God put desire in man and woman to the end that the world should be preserved by their union, So hath He implanted in every part of existence the desire for another part. Day and Night are enemies outwardly; yet both serve one purpose, Each in love with the other for the sake of perfecting their mutual work. Without Night, the nature of Man would receive no income, so there would be nothing for Day to spend. ~ Rumi
...in the day you read the writing on the wall

Happy Thanksgiving! Be thankful you have discovered your Divinity if you have, if you have not, be thankful it is right there at hand within reach and you have nothing to fight away but yourself! The bountiful of blessings to discover your I AM.


Wednesday, November 27th

...everything is given
Forgiveness is a bonding with the Divine... that is forgiveness.... think of forgive as GIVE FOR... what you are doing is taking a moment in time and GIVING FOR a new awareness.... to have a new realization.... everything you see is a reflection of our own consciousness... people find this Truth painful... but we get back what we put out.... thus...... what we do get back in the form of reflections we have attracted to ourselves on some level or another... who is to say what it means for someone else... but we must determine it for ourselves... often one gets angry at someone for what they have done because they innately feel the pain of their own misunderstanding of the same issues within therefore they attack the other person with anger to help cover up something they don't want to realize... thus to forgive that other person is to recognize that all is MIND, all is ONE MIND... and that moment in time has brought them to this new state of awareness... and it was MIND UNFOLDING and thus one lets go of the anger, the pain and the belief that something or someone outside of them was involved because in Truth they realize that only ONENESS is reality and thus this new awareness is the forgiveness for them and all that is... they Give For a new awareness allowing the True Splendour of life to issue forth as the SELF they now recognize themselves to be. ~ Derek Lamar (Lessons In Divinity)
...to be received whole, complete and perfect


Tuesday, November 26th

...everything is alive

In Truth all things LIVE... but not in a pantheistic way... but everything is consciousness, everything is thought... and ALL thought is alive because ultimately one must realize that there is only ONE MIND and you are IT... thus everything is thought and all thought is alive because LIFE is the allness that is everywhere. As Jesus said of the rocks, if the energy weren't expressed by his followers as to their understanding of the realization of God In Man, then the rocks would cry out. ~ Derek Lamar, metaphysicist
...waiting to be discovered by you as you


Monday, November 25th

...pearls can be worn on the outside

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeing new landscapes but in having new eyes. ~ Proust

You must be the change you wish to see in the world. ~ Gandhi

It takes a lifetime to begin to treasure creation and then we have to start over. ~ Derek Lamar

Skeptism is healthy and Curiosity is natural and Openness is well adjusted and to know when to do what is called enlightened. ~ Derek Lamar

There are treasures beyond compare in the ocean. If you seek safety stay ashore. ~ Sufi saying

Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves. ~ Carl Jung
...while others are being born on the inside


Sunday, November 24th

...the rain is outside

...Orage replied, "it appears that you are in danger of giving way to despondency -- the eighth deadly sin. In this work it is as if one were beginning again and again. Each time you make an effort you acquire a little more spiritual muscle. Like a child learning to walk you begin again and again; and this work is infinitely more difficult and complicated. But results are guaranteed. We must remember that because of the effects of the organ Kundabuffer we suffer from a kind of spinal disease which affects us as opium would; hence our difficulty in making real effort. It has made us lunatics; and although the organ is now only vestigial the results are still there. Generally speaking, we are born sane, but become insane through the influence of our elders, through the desire to do as others do, through education in the wide sense -- that enemy of the human race." ~ A.R. Orage speaking in C.S. Nott's book: Teachings of Gurdjieff

We needn't learn sanity as much as we must let go of our insanity. ~ Derek Lamar, Fourth Way Master
...but the sunshine is within


Saturday, November 23rd

...life is what happens to you

Neal (Cassidy) ate all of his plate and most of mine too. we had a bit of wine. John had a highly intelligent young homosexual baby-sitter, who I now think has gone on with some rock band or killed himself or something. anyhow, I pinched his buttocks as he walked by. he loved it. I think I stayed long past my time, drinking and talking with Neal. the baby-sitter kept talking about Hemingway, somehow equating me with Hemingway until I told him to shove it and he went upstairs to check Jason. it was a few days later that Bryan phoned me: "Neal's dead, Neal died." "oh shit, no." then Bryan told me something about it. hung up. that was it. all those rides, all those pages of Kerouac, all that jail, to die alone under a frozen Mexican moon, alone, you understand? can't you see the miserable puny cactii? Mexico is not a bad place because it is simply oppressed; Mexico is simply a bad place. can't you see the desert animals watching? the frogs, horned and simple, the snakes like slits of men's minds crawling, stopping, waiting, dumb under a dumb Mexican moon. reptiles, flicks of things, looking across this guy in the sand in a white t-shirt. ~ Charles Bukowski (Notes Of A Dirty Old Man)

I fixed him dinner before he left for Mexico. I am sure I fixed his breakfast the next morning before he left as well. I had been cooking his food for a week, I guess. How was I to know he was someone who had been "on the road" and who was this Kerouac anyway? What did this mean to me? I was only 17 years old and a run-away at that. You see, I was "on the road" too. I would collect the post cards from Allen Ginsberg and stack them neatly on the credenza next to the French doors which stood as guardians to the morning glories during a time of war and peace. I remember cooking for Bryan's dad too. He talked to me about knowing Hemingway. It was around this time. I am sure I must have mentioned that to Buk. He never pinched my ass. He might have wanted to. But more likely he simply wanted me to get him another beer. ~ Derek Lamar, baby-sitter
...when you are busy making other plans. ~ John Lennon


Friday, November 22nd

...I AM Always

Many earnest students of Eastern religious philosophy have heard about the conflict between the "lower self" and the "higher self" in the struggle for real inner development. They construe this struggle as one which goes on in the personality, whereby the better qualities in ourselves are pitted against the worse qualities, eventually -- it is hoped -- overcoming completely the bad qualities, whereby one will achieve one's aim in the quest for "spiritual salvation". Once we have come in touch with The Work, we realize that that viewpoint is entirely erroneous, and the reason why many earnest seekers for true inner understanding and spiritual development fail in their efforts. There is no conflict which has to be fought out in the confines of the personality. That is an erroneous conception. It is not we who have to fight the battle for spiritual progress, as it were. All we can do is to try to make personality increasingly more passive through work on ourselves, thereby enabling essence to become active and develop, and then REAL I can begin to make its presence felt in our lives. REAL I is the clue to the whole problem, and REAL I is already "there", at its own level, even if we are never aware of its existence. Once we are made aware of its existence, the effect it will have on us is to allow it to come into activity in our lives by our work on personality. ~ Harry Benjamin (Basic Self-Knowledge / Gurdjieff-Krishnamurti)
...In The Process Of Becoming


Thursday, November 21st

...Truth Is Often Stranger

"A true story. His name was Fleming, and he was a poor Scottish farmer. One day while trying to make a living for his family, he heard a cry for help coming from nearby bog. He droppped his tools and ran to the bog. There, mired to his waist in black muck, was a terrified boy, screaming and struggling to free himself. Farmer Fleming saved the lad from what could have been a slow and terrifying death. The next day, a fancy carriage pulled up to the Scotsman's sparse surroundings. An elegantly dressed nobleman stepped out and introduced himself as the father of the boy Farmer Fleming had saved. "I want to repay you," said the nobleman. "You saved my son." "No, I can't accept payment for what I did," the Scottish farmer said, waving off the offer. At that moment, the farmer's own son came to the door of the family hovel. "Is that your son?" the nobleman asked. "Yes" the farmer replied proudly. "I'll make you a deal. Let me take him and give him a good education. If the lad is anything like his father, he'll grow to a man you can be proud of." And that he did. In time, Farmer Fleming's son graduated from St. Mary's Hospital Medical School in London, and went on to become known throughout the world as the noted Sir Alexander Fleming, the discoverer of penicillin. Years afterward, the nobleman's son was stricken with pneumonia. What saved him? Penicillin. The name of the nobleman? Lord Randolph Churchill. His son's name? Sir Winston Churchill.~ submitted by Carla "HeartBeam"
...Than Fiction


Wednesday, November 20th


Change what you think about yourself and your entire life will change. Accept yourself and life will open its doors to you. Accept others and life will bless you with abundance. Love life and all that is in it and you will be enlightened. Turn your back on regrets and joy will fill your life. ~ Rama L. Kered
...is only a thought away


Tuesday, November 19th


Have you ever had your feelings hurt? Have you ever been offended? Is that person feeling those things who you are? No. You cannot be hurt. The YOU which is the Real You which is the I AM cannot be harmed. Not physically. Not emotionally. Not spiritually. Those feelings are based on feelings of separateness which is not True Reality and thus it is not your True Identity. You must step outside of yourself and observe yourself feeling these feelings. This is not who you are. This is but a part of who you think you are experiencing what you believe to be true, but it is not true and it is not YOU. Remember: of the many roles you play in life these are not YOU, what You are is the I AM, Consciousness, which is not of those many roles you play. The many hats you wear do not represent the Infinite Reality which is your domain. Your destiny is to regain your throne within your consciousness, because in Reality you never lost it. ~ Derek Lamar (Lessons In Destiny)
...only hurt when you identify as separateness


Monday, November 18th

...and in the beginning

"You can see now for yourself the incongruity of the belief that we are man! The fact is, man is not a being of any kind, but a position of inversion,-- a turning away from Reality and Perfection." ~ Lillian De Waters (The Great Answer: The Message of Ontology)
"I was not born to be forced. I will breathe after my own fashion If a plant cannot live according to its nature, it dies; and so a man." ~ Henry David Thoreau

"It was Buddha who said: "Everything is mind, and what a man thinks he becomes." And it was Jesus who said "As a man thinks in his heart (unconscious) so is he." It is clear that our consciousness is what rules our life and our world and therefore of the utmost importance what our thoughts are and what they are based on. Are we going to continue to fill our minds with unfounded facts that attract lack, disease, poverty, violence, slavery, war, ignorance, strife, disasters and a multitude of variations of this imperfection or are we going to be receptive to the mind of the 21st century and allow Oneness our goal and completeness, wholeness and perfection our virtue? ~ Derek Lamar (Man Is Dead)
...was the bird, yeah, he was flying in the sky,

didn't you see him?


Sunday, November 17th

...do not turn your back on your future

My father and I were talking about a table saw the other day. We were talking about the difference between a Skill saw and a table saw and he said, "You have to have a guide if you are going to keep a straight line." And immediately I thought of the student/teacher relationship and how important it is to have a "guide". One who has traveled "there" before and knows the way and can lead others to do so. A straight line is symbolic of "the shortest distance between two points". Now this may seem linear to many but the straight line represents the "straight and narrow path" which best works with the student to accellerate their learning and to make the necessary changes which ultimately lead to enlightenment. Even if it is enlightenment which is one step at a time. One does not follow the Teacher where he has been. One must follow where the Teacher leads. The Teacher does not take the student everywhere he has been. This is because he not only knows how to get to where one needs to be but he has traveled where one need not journey. Knowing what not to do is as important as knowing what to do. But also it isn't about "doing" in a human sense as to life's achievements, but rather about the understanding involved in the unfoldment of consciousness as it relates to taking you from here to there, from within to Eternity. ~ Derek Lamar, metaphysicist
...or the great potential waiting to be discovered


Saturday, November 16th

...One thing or another

Reason can reveal oneness to the mind, for this is constitutional; reason can reveal that God is truth and that being is one with this truth and that both are the same. By these steps, being itself is illumined without eliminating anything pertaining to its integrity -- it is still being, but no longer concealed under beliefs and opinions regarding existence. What truth is shines through into a world of identical being. ~ Genevieve Burnell (The Golden Thread of Reality: The Search For Truth And The Emergence Of The Universal Pattern)

Think about it. Don't simply trust your feelings. But feel about it. Don't just trust your thoughts. Truth is beyond thinking but it is also above feeling in the human sense. However, there is a path, a road through the wilderness of consciousness where one can discover how to think rather than getting bogged down in what to think. When you arrive at that point you can begin to sort things out. You cannot accept what you think about things because your thinking is based on a millennia of misfiled beliefs. You cannot simply believe what makes you feel good either because often what makes you feel good is a trick of the unconscious drawing you away from feelings which need to be resolved in order to set you free. In order to let go of painful feelings you must feel them and then let them go. In order to change your thinking you must argue your thoughts until they prove themselves to be true or until they no longer are valid. Truth will remain the same forever but we must change a million times. ~ Derek Lamar, metaphysicist
...is to discover there is no other


Friday, November 15th

...accepted reality dissolves

One who finally decides that they would like to discover sanity must be willing to expose themselves to insanity, even if only this means that they must view it around them and within them. To take a leap into sanity is to let go of all that you have ever learned and be totally open to what Reality is. Others may think you are insane when you are sane while people you thought were normal begin to take on the aura of disturbed. One cannot venture into the realm of the Divine without having to give up the security of the comfort one finds in accepting the status quo and yet discovering the Self requires the risk of letting go of the standard road map of life. ~ Derek Lamar, metaphysicist
...as true sanity appears


Thursday, November 14th

...as Above

"You must therefore be perfect just as your heavenly Father is perfect." ~ Matthew 5:48

How can this be? How can a "human" attain that kind of mental capacity? What must one do to achieve this gargantuan task? Read the following verse:

"I tell you therefore: everything you ask and pray for, believe that you have it already, and it will be yours." ~ Mark 11:24

This is a clue here. One must know that there is no separate Mind. One must realize that there is only ONE MIND in Truth. Knowing this one can "therefore be perfect just as their heavenly Father is perfect", which is to say that one can be perfect just as their Higher True Self is. Thus we must know that as the One Mind which we are that perfection is the expression which will follow. And in understanding that there is One Mind, then one can understand that when we ask or pray for something, we must know that "we have it already" because in fact, in Truth, we are ALL there is therefore we DO have it already. In Truth we ARE healed, we are successful, we are confident, we are wealthy, we are strong, we are accepted, we are WHOLE, COMPLETE and PERFECT in the HERE and NOW.

The concept of being BORN AGAIN, it cannot really be so. It is an allegory where we can retain a concept based on a spiritual understanding even though we must understand the abstractness of it to really gain value from its meaning. In Truth there is ONE MIND therefore there is no birth and death in reality but rather there is the appearances of cycles of life and death even though the Truth of this ONE MIND is INFINITY. Infinity is the Truth but birth and death expressed this Eternity as it goes through the filtering system of duality. Life continues just as life does but it appears to us in a manner which is consistent with our belief system of duality. So, being that LIFE is ONGOING we must understand that to be born again is simply relating the need to wake up to the Reality which is presently at hand. Which is to say that we "have it already". Thus we must be born from above means that we must wake up to the ABOVE state of consciousness which we already are. ~ Derek Lamar, metaphysicist
...so Below


Wednesday, November 13th

Heaven Opens Up...

"...the wages of sin is death..." ~ Romans 6:23

Wages are what we earn, or what we get (receive) for our endeavors, thus going with Cosmic Law of Out & Back, we can ascertain that "we get back what we put out". Sin, meaning "missing the mark", an archery term which very much relates the mathematics of accuracy of consciousness, we can see an impersonal message here. One which relates to Reality, which is Infinity, thus if we miss the mark then we fall short of Reality, which is to say that suddenly what is infinite is expressed as finite. Thus what was everlasting now makes death seem possible. So we end up with an understanding that what we receive when we miss the mark in understanding of Consciousness is a state of finiteness resulting in the manifestation of death in our world. Now this is the real decoding of the Bible and an understanding of the mathematics of consciousness which can be deciphered from the mysteries within Esoteric Teaching. ~ Derek Lamar, meta-physicist
...And Another Episode of "This Is Your Life" Begins


Tuesday, November 12th

To Be...

It is absolute certain that God made everything out of His own Perfection, and hence, all was, and still is, good and perfect. In this light we see that we are and must be spiritual and perfect -- and more, we are Spirit and Perfection, for the Scripture reads, "That which is born of the Spirit is Spirit." ~ Lillian DeWaters (The I AM THAT I AM, 1938)

Truth is all there is therefore Perfection arises out of this Allness. The Allness is wholeness which is completeness which is perfection. Do we not arise out of what we ponder of what shall be? Do we not soon discover that what is, is what indeed we also are? Whatever is the substance of Reality, we, also, are made of that. We are that stuff. Whether it be MIND or MATTER or God-Stuff or Spirit or LIGHT or Beingness we are all of that same cloth because reality is Oneness. Therefore what IS, I AM and if Perfection is Reality, and it is, I AM that also. ~ Derek Lamar (Lessons In Destiny)
...Is To Be What Is


Monday, November 11th

Expect a Metanoia...
Step out into nothingness and let the vacuum of Truth bring you into the knowingness of the Self. The creation of a space will be filled with reality. Reality is all there is, once illusion is removed, Truth must then be revealed. When you do work in consciousness realize that what you seek is there already. Only a lie can disappear, the Truth is there to be found forever. ~ Derek Lamar (Lessons In Destiny)
...and Let It Happen


Sunday, November 10th

All That Is, Is Aware of All That Is...
The self that you know is but one fragment of your entire identity. These fragment selves are not strung together, however, like beads of a string. They are more like the various skins of an onion, or segments of an orange, all connected through the one vitality and growing out into various realities while springing from the same source.

I am not comparing personality to an orange or an onion, but I want to emphasize that as these things grow from within outward, so does each fragment of the entire self. You observe the outside aspect of objects. Your physical senses permit you to perceive the exterior forms to which you then react, but your physical senses to some extent force you to perceive reality in this manner, and the inside vitality within matter and form is not so apparent.

I can tell you, for example, that there is consciousness even within a nail, but few of my readers will take me seriously enough to stop in midsentence, and say good morning or good afternoon to the nearest nail they can find, stuck in a piece of wood.

Nevertheless, the atoms and molecules within the nail do possess their own kind of consciousness. The atoms and molecules that make up the pages of this book are also, within their own level, aware. Nothing exists -- neither rock, mineral, plant, animal, or air -- that is not filled with consciousness of its own kind. So you stand amid a constant vital commotion, a gestalt of aware energy, and you are yourselves physically composed of conscious cells that carry within themselves the realization of their own identity, that cooperate willingly to form the corporeal structure that is your physical body.

I am saying, of course, that there is no such thing as dead matter. There is no object that was not formed by consciousness, and each consciousness, regardless of its degree, rejoices in sensation and creativity. You cannot understand what you are unless you understand such matters. ~ Jane Roberts (Seth Speaks)

Again I must stress a biblical passage here. Upon the entering into Jerusalem of Jesus, his disciples praised Jesus as an enlightened Teacher and was scorned by the Pharisees in the crowd who said: "Master, check your disciples," but he answered, "I tell you, if these keep silence the stones will cry out." Stones represent the "rock" of the "world" therefore the very "foundation" of human existence. Thus the consciousness of what is represented there would "cry out" in expression of the knowingness of "change" as represented by the observance of this new Teaching. We are many selves in appearances, but in Truth we are the "one vitality", the ONE MIND which is all, in all, over all. We observe the outward because of our dualistic state of consciousness which results from our belief in separateness rather than oneness. The consciousness that a nail is, is not aware of itself as a nail, but as consciousness, Consciousness is aware of itself as ALL THAT IS. Atoms and molecules are not aware of themselves as themselves, but Consciousness is aware of itself as ALL there is. And Consciousness is AWARE of itself through all of itself. All expressions of MIND as thoughts, these thoughts are all linked to mind and thus they are like portals of awareness to MIND but it is MIND that is aware, not the individual expressions. Just as WE are aware of ourselves, but ULTIMATELY it is ourself as MIND which is aware, for there is only ONE MIND and we are that ONE Consciousness. ~ Derek Lamar (Lessons In Destiny)
...as Consciousness Which Is All There Is


Saturday, November 9th

Change does not mean death...
The ego is a jealous god, and it wants its interests served. It does not want to admit the reality of any dimensions except those within which it feels comfortable and can understand. It was meant to be an aid but it has been allowed to become a tyrant. Even so, it is much more resilient and eager to learn than is generally supposed. It is not natively as rigid as it seems. Its curiosity can be of great value. If you have a limited conception of the nature of reality, then your ego will do its best to keep you in the small enclosed area of your accepted reality. If, on the other hand, your intuitions and creative instincts are allowed freedom, then they communicate some knowledge of greater dimensions to this most physically oriented portion of your personality. ~ Jane Roberts (Seth Speaks)

Step out beyond your little self, the playground of the ego, and rise up into your I AM state of consciousness. Once you do recognize the ego, the little self, from the observer self, you can realize and utilize that state of awareness in its needs to be satisfied and you can make up rules as to what is a success for you as it relates to the expansion of consciousness. The ego can be satisfied by realizing that change is good and whenever there is change, there will be a wrestling of ideas, but one can remain in charge and use the ego to work with oneself in this process of dying to be born from a higher state of consciousness. There is never a total willingness to change, but it does become easier and one's human will does bow to the desires and needs of the I AM. ~ Derek Lamar (Lessons In Destiny)
...nor does it threaten who you are.


Friday, November 8th

As Mind Dissolves the illusion...
God can only be experienced, and you experience Him whether or not you realize it, through your own existence. He is not male or female, however, and I use the terms only for convenience's sake. In the most inescapable truth, He is not human in your terms at all, nor in your terms is He a personality. Your ideas of personality are too limited to contain the multitudinous facets of His multidimensional existence. ...He holds an "idea shape of Himself as human, to which you can relate. He literally was made flesh to dwell among you, for He forms your flesh in that He is responsible for the energy that gives vitality and validity to your private multidimensional self, which in turn forms your image in accordance with your own ideas. This private multidimensional self, or the soul, has then an eternal validity. It is upheld, supported, maintained by the energy, the inconceivable vitality, of All That Is. It cannot be destroyed then, this inner self of yours, nor can it be diminished. It shares in those abilities that are inherent within All That Is. It must, therefore, create as it is created, for this is the great giving that is behind all dimensions of existence, the spilling-over from the fountain of All That Is. ~ Jane Roberts (Seth Speaks)

This "idea shape of Himself" is the I AM within us all which is not separate selves but rather a recognition of the One Self which is "All That Is." We perceive "differences" within ourselves and in others but this is just the recognition of the Infinite Variety which is the "All That Is." Truth is that which is so, that which is not Truth is not so, therefore Truth is "All That Is." This Allness, this Oneness is the Infinite Mind from which is the One Self which we all are, not united, but as ONE. This Mind is indeed neither male nor female because it is both male and female, it is androgynous. It is the Principle which is male/female, yin/yang, Out & Back. The holographic nature of reality is such that the attributes of "All That Is" can be found in "All That Is" because our world, our reality, is mathematical and this holographic universe we perceive has in back of it the implicate nature of "All That Is" and this is the real self of the I AM which we must recognize. As Ms Roberts relates, it "shares in those abilities that are inherent within All That Is," and this relates the holographic nature of MIND and how what is True here is also True there because in Absolute Reality there is no here or there as separate "places" but only HERE NOW as I AM. ~ Derek Lamar (Lessons In Destiny)
...Reality emerges unscathed and Eternal as I AM


Thursday, November 7th

When the river runs swiftly...

To my fellow swimmers, There is a river flowing now very fast. It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid. They will try to hold on to the shore. They will feel that they are being torn apart and will suffer greatly. Know that the river has it's destination. The elders say we must let go of the shore, push off into the middle of the river, keep our eyes open and our heads above the water. And I say, "See who is in there with you and celebrate! At this time in history we are to take nothing personally, least of all ourselves. For the moment that we do, our spiritual growth and journey comes to a halt. The time of the lone wolf is over. Gather yourselves! Banish the word "struggle" from your vocabulary. All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration. WE ARE THE ONES WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR. ~ Hopi Nation (Oraibi, Arizona)
...the shore changes with the soul


Wednesday, November 6th

When the mind is ready...
Personality is a gestalt of ever-changing perception. It is the part of the identity which perceives. I do not force my perceptions upon the woman through whom I speak, nor is her consciousness blotted out during our communications. Instead there is an expansion of her consciousness and a projection of energy that is directed away from three-dimensional reality. ~ Jane Roberts (Seth Speaks)

I do not have a physical body, yet I am writing this book. ~ Jane Roberts (Seth Speaks)

I do not have a physical body and yet I am Teaching about Consciousness as the I AM which I AM which you are which is all there is. Your consciousness is not in your body but your body is in your consciousness. Personality is the expression of the infinite variety of Ultimate Consciousness which we call God, I AM THAT I AM, Divine Mind, Higher Self, Infinite Mind. But our belief that we are separate from each other or that we are operating as physical beings within a physical universe is part of the dream from which we are now awaking. Open your eyes and look into mine and realize that you do not have a physical body except as it expresses the myriad of attributes of perfect consciousness within MIND itself. As you read this you are hearing your own voice for I AM you and you are me. Welcome home. ~ Derek Lamar, metaphysicist (Lessons In Destiny)

...the Teaching appears


Tuesday, November 5th

When the student is ready...
All men will recognize, if they think of the matter at all, that feelings are no proof in religious matters. Still your devoted believer goes on never doubting that her feelings are conclusive proof that her religious assumptions are true to fact. The wise man will learn to discount feelings as proofs of religious dogmas. What then is left? Upon what shall a man rely as proofs? There is but one wise course. But one way to know what you are doing -- Go to a living Master whom you can see and hear, whose hand you can take in your own, and then use your common sense. The Master does not ask you to take anything for granted, or to believe what he says just on his statement alone. He offers you a definite method by which you can prove things for yourself, not by feeling, but by sight and hearing. ~ Julian Johnson, M.A., B.D., M.D. (The Path of The Masters, 1939)

Often a Master will give one a sense of assurance that he is in command of his world and yet one might also feel a little uncomfortable in their presence. The hope is that one feels a sense of safety in their presence but often that comes with time and experience. The nervousness is one's sense of thinking that they are transparent to the eyes of one who can see and they are not happy about that. Do not pick a Teacher who only makes you happy. This will be a mistake. A real Teacher will present you with yourself, this will make you uncomfortable. You must face who you think you are as well as who you really are. This is the path of your Destiny. ~ Derek Lamar, Fourth Way Master

...the Teacher appears


Monday, November 4th

Your consciousness is not in your body, your body is in your consciousness. All of our perceptions of what we perceive to be our world are symbolic representations of the Infinite Mind's vast array of absolute ideas which we filter into what appears to be a physical world. But our world is consciousness and it is our consciousness. In back of time, space and change there is an axiomatic template which forms what is reality to us. As we expand our understanding of reality our world changes. Our world is the limited view we have of the implicate Universe. As we begin to realize that as above is so below, we begin to see the pieces fall into place revealing the 21st century mind. ~ Derek Lamar (Lessons in Destiny)

...and it will echo


Sunday, November 3rd

Do you need to hear words of encouragement? Look within. But what is there to find? Is there really something there? If there was, would you need to look? Wouldn't you just know? But yes, you must search because you believe that you do not know and it is in this searching process which you will discover the Self where all is known. It is not your brain you are rifling through. It is not your mind you are dissecting. It is Consciousness which is the YOU that you have not yet experienced or accepted. This is the YOU which is all there is. This is where you will find an answer to everything you ask. But the little self cannot ask big self questions. But the big Self can ask the little self questions. The little self can ponder and wander though until it pushes its own envelope until it breaks on through to the other side, as it were, and comes to realize that the yard on the other side of the fence is familiar because one has already been there. It is familiar territory because it IS your domain. ~ Derek Lamar, 21st Century Meta-physicist

...and you shall receive


Saturday, November 2nd

Endlessly searching...
You can only apprehend the Infinite by a faculty superior to reason, by entering into a state in which you are your finite self no longer -- in which the divine essence is communicated to you. This is ecstasy. It is the liberation of your mind from its finite consciousness. Like only can apprehend like; when you thus cease to be finite, you become one with the Infinite, in the reduction of your soul to its simplest self, its divine essence, you realise this union -- this identity.
~ Plotinus (205-270) Enneads

...to forever find oneself


Friday, November 1st

Being true to your Self only seems hard when your little self is stronger. When you cannot concentrate on True Reality, when you are constantly pulled this way and that, when you question everything in negative terms, you have not yet given yourself over to your Higher Intention. More work is at hand. The Path is not a journey where you are allowed to escape your self, it is one which has as its destination a confrontation with your beliefs, the ultimate letting go of all false ideas, and the creation of an enormous vacuum wherein who you really are regains full control. The I AM THAT I AM. ~ Rama L. Kered

And rejoicing in it.




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