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Saturday, February 22, 2003

Looking into a mirror...

The spiritual path is not one in which you can become a better person. You are already perfect. You can only but discover this truth. And in discovering this, you have not scored any spiritual points either, you are only now more aware. The point in being on a spiritual path is to make change so that you "wake up" and realize who you are. In doing so you are more conscious of your existence rather than living a mechanical life. Life itself will bring about changes which you will try and resist but eventually you will change whether you like it or not. But the path of conscious change is one which is fulfilling because you get to become consciously in charge before the fact, rather than after the fact. ~ Derek Lamar
...can bring you face to face with what you need to face


Friday, February 21, 2003

Looking into a mirror...

The journey one takes is only as successful as the willingness of the participant to make inner changes. Nothing should be seen as too little to be of importance or too great to overcome. The journey is one where you are dealing, not with obstacles outside of your self which have been put there as a test, but rather with all of the diverse expressions that protect the identity one is comfortable with while at the same time attempting to tame the inner beast in order that you might enter the cage. Once in the cage you feel as though you are going to be eaten. However this will soon pass and your next greatest challenge will be the realization that you are not as hungry to discover who you are as your inner self is fearful of change. This will be a constant battle, at least in the beginning. ~ Derek Lamar
...often leads one down a hall of challenges


Thursday, February 20, 2003

Even if we look through a glass darkly...

Whether through psychedelic short-cut or via the awesome self-discipline of Zen, the search is universal, if at times self-defeating and psychologically destructive. There is simply no energy left for doctrinal hairsplitting, or even for church-related social and political action. The search is the main thing. But it has to be narrowed to some kind of a view of revitalized structuring. At the same time, in the mind-boggling plurality of religious forums today, there is a chance for every man to expand his God-consciousness and pursue his quest even as if through a glass darkly. ~ Thane of Hawaii (Leap Into Sanity, 1971)
...pray we keep looking


Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Be still and know that I AM here

The path of self discovery must be understood in its entirety. Wholeness is always the issue. One must realize that, like the iceberg, there is so much going on under the surface. Only a small portion of what is "really" going on is visible upon first inspection. It takes more effort to go below and search out what one truly believes and what is really true. When it comes to what is controlling our lives, our unconscious mind, our subconscious thinking, is controlling us from below, while we believe that that small portion of us on the surface is actually doing all of the activity. But one must begin to see that so much more is going on that must be dealt with. This is why it seems that we want one thing and yet another part of us is taking our life on a sort of nightmarish joy ride. Also, there is the divine perspective as well. What is going on in back of the appearances is so much more than simply the individual human life pretending to be its own identity. There is the spiritual side which makes up so much more of who we really our. It is our destiny that we uncover this larger portion. We must uncover the illusions so that we might see through the fog of disbelief and come to realize the greater Truth which is our divinity working to be known as it knows itself. ~ Derek Lamar
...waiting to be revealed to you as I AM


Sunday, February 16, 2003

Be still and know that I AM God

Patience is only good when you are stepping outside of personal desire to allow that of greater good to be made manifest. ~ Derek Lamar
...and let it be


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