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Sunday, August 31

In order to enter into the mystical life, we must master the ability to remain in the silence without thought. This is the most difficult part of all spiritual practice. In no way is this a cessation or repression of thought, or an effort toward such; instead, it is such a deep communicion with God that thought stops of its own accord. In that moment of silence, we begin to understand that the divine Mind, or Cosmic Consciousness, is an infinite Intelligence imbued with love, and It functions as our being, when conscious thinking has been stilled. ~ Joel S. Goldsmith (The Art Of Meditation)

Be still and know that allness is God, I AM

Saturday, August 30

If God is All that exists (and He is), He must exist as All that has existence. If God is all Action, Omniaction, He must be the Activity of All that acts. Could God, the Substance and Form of All that is formed, be, or become, active in or as something that would oppose, obstruct, or in any way hinder His continuous expression of His own Perfect Being? Would God form His Substance into something that would obstruct His Omniaction? The Activity, the Substance, and the Form are all God expressed; and there is no struggle going on in God. ~ Marie Watts (The Ultimate: Your Self Revealed, 1957)

Allness... know it completely

Friday, August 29

The material process is working in darkness, in time, in knowledge, in ignorance and so on. When insight takes place there is the dispelling of that darkness. That is all we are saying. Insight dispels that darkness. And thought, which is the material process, no longer works in darkness. Therefore that light has altered -- no, it has ended -- ignorance. ~ J. Krishnamurti (The Ending of Time)

Realization... and the light is no longer blocked out

Thursday, August 28

What is it that everyone really wants to know? They want to know that they are alright. Believe me... you are alright. I know this is not enough. Why would you believe me when you can't believe yourself. So, the Truth is, that God is alright and God is all there is, Truth is all there is, Reality is all there is. If all of this is all there is, there is no room which allows for you unless you are also what all of this is. And all of this is alright. Believe me, you are alright too! Take a deep breath and let go of everything which is bothering you and tell yourself that you are alright. Feel it sink into you like you are a sponge and this alrightness is rain falling down upon you. Feel it enter into you. You are more alright with each drop that hits you. Feel the drops hit you. There goes one right on your forehead the size of a quarter. Feel it start to pour. You are drenched but also you are filled with this alrightness. You are washed clean. Stand up tall and know that you are alright and everything around you is alright. It is a new day. ~ Derek Lamar

Water is spirit coming and going within you and without you

Wednesday, August 27

You've no idea how hard I've looked for a gift to bring You. Nothing seemed right. What's the point of bringing gold to a gold mine, or water to the ocean. Everything I came up with was like taking spices to the Orient. It's no good giving my heart and soul, because You already have these. So -- I've brought you a mirror. Look at Yourself and remember me. ~ Jalaluddin Rumi (The Wisdom of the Sufi Sages)

In the mirror everything is turned around... so it fits perfectly

Tuesday, August 26

There are all sorts of wild theories out there about what is going on on this planet. Conspiracies, aliens, apocalyptic paranoia, but could anything be more exhilarating than knowing that what is happening is Mind Unfolding, bringing us, through its own Intention, to a place of realizing that you are all there is, you are Truth, you are Mind, you are, always were and always will be the Consciousness which is responsible for everything that ever was or ever will be. And not only that, but it is Whole, Complete and Perfect. Stand up and know that even before Earth, I AM. ~ Derek Lamar, metaphysicist

In the light as the light and knowing it is all there is

Monday, August 25

YOU ARE BEING saved countless lives upon Earth. To encompass this learning all we have to know is that these higher truths, as they are revealed, are THE TRUTH. We have passed through much learning, many teachings, doubts, questionings, assurances, and now we are ready to accept PURE KNOWING. It is truly something to wear like a precious jewel. By our warmth and pure affection we give to those we love, and thereby gain greater understanding of this wonderful Law of Love which is the new way of life. We are blessed. I thrill at the very thought of being in the vanguard of this new and wonderful knowing. ~ John Raymond Berry (The Golden Thread)

Illumination casts shadows which are behind us as we walk toward the light

Sunday, August 24

...if you have found the true light, and order your steps to walk in that light, even as Christ, then your thoughts have harmonious fellowship with all your other perfect ideas, and the strength and energy which support the life of Christ will continue to cleanse all of your beliefs until they no longer accept or believe the lie that you have a material body. ~ Carl O. Johnson (Let God Solve Your Problem: A Complete Home Study Course In Ontology)

The Light brings clarity to an ageless mystery

Saturday, August 23

The reality of the atomic physicist, like the reality of the Eastern mystic, transcends the narrow framework of opposite concepts. Oppenheimer's words thus seem to echo the words of the Upanishads, 'It moves. It moves not. It is far, and It is near. It is within all this, And It is outside of all this.' Force and matter, particles and waves, motion and rest, existence and nonexistence -- these are some of the opposite or contradictory concepts which are transcended in modern physics. ~ Fritz Captra (The Tao of Physics)

Faced with a reality which lies beyond opposite concepts, physicists and mystics have to adopt a special way of thinking, where the mind is not fixed in the rigid framework of classical logic, but keeps moving and changing its viewpoint. ~ Fritz Captra (The Tao of Physics)

The Truth is worth waiting for... as we catch up

Friday, August 22

The fabric of your world is spun from a golden thread of Consciousness. It isn't so much a world you created as much as your world is a mixture of projected thoughts from your now ability to understand the infinite variety that is your True Reality. This makes the world you see an illusion because it is incomplete. Because it is incomplete it operates in a disfunctional manner. It isn't good or bad as much as it is simply not the whole truth. In perceiving less that the whole truth we begin to form new conclusions which are not true and thus we continue this snowballing effect of MIND UNFOLDING but as seen through a glass darkly. Enlightenment is when one wakes up to the whole of Reality and perceives Wholeness. Then there is enough light to view the entire process of MIND. This MIND... GOD... is who you are. Everything you perceive is this MIND also. There is nothing outside of this WORLD which is MIND. This MIND is all there is. ~ Derek Lamar, M. Msc. (Quantum Metaphysics)

The Truth is worth waiting for... but why wait

Thursday, August 21

Close your eyes and forget your material surroundings. Place yourself in a comfortable position and "let go" of your body, to relieve it of all tension. When you are fully relaxed, with your eyes closed, you will be able to find the substance of Ideas within your consciousness. Do not think of your consciousness as the human brain. Think of your consciousness as the Divine Mind, filling all place. ~ Alexander Keene (3 Steps To Heaven, 1940: The Church of Ontology)

The Truth is, there is nothing but the One Consciousness

Wednesday, August 20

But there is a final class, a supreme class of devotees, who, the instant they are told that they are the truth, that there is nothing else for them to be, and that they are not a part of it but the whole of it, receive an irresistible response in themselves, and at once enter into the conviction and assumption of emancipation. ~ George Edwin Burnell ( The Chronicle of Reality, circa 1923)

The Truth is, there is nothing else

Tuesday, August 19

That mystical state of Oneness is not something we can create. What must be done, if the concept of doing has any application here at all, is that the subject must step out of the way and allow the existing Oneness, which already is, to be experienced. The doing is whatever discipline you are equipped with which allows you to let go of all of the beliefs which are rooted in separateness. The intellectuality which is prompted by even these instructions will get in the way of that moment. But you can begin there so that when that opportunity for that "moment" arrives you will be better prepared. It would be best advised that "stillness" is the state one must work to achieve, or to "get back to". This is that very one and the same stillness which can be seen in: "Be still and know that I AM God." In this sense, play with the understanding here so that you might be more open by expanding the obvious... "Be still and know that I AM ONE" with all that is. And know that "All that is, is ONE". ~ Derek Lamar, M. Msc.

Let There Be Oneness and I AM

Monday, August 18

St. Augustine soliloquizes thus: "I, Lord, went wandering like a strayed sheep, seeking Thee with anxious reasoning without, whilst thou was within me... I went round the streets and squares of the city of this world seeking thee; and I found thee not, because in vain I sought without for him, who was within my self." ~ Paul Brunton (The Secret Path, 1935)

Let There Be A Mirror As We Reflect On That

Sunday, August 17

Cymatics is showing that form and movement, like light and colour, are simply a matter of 'sound' or vibrational frequency. It has even been suggested that the primal 'Word of God' so enigmatically mentioned in Genesis refers to the note which causes man, composed of but a few of the 106 known elements, to stand up and walk on the earth. Chladni discovered that his sand particles formed shapes in response to a violin played even in the next room. Any musician knows that in an auditorium full of middle C tuning forks (designed to vibrate at precisely 256 cycles per second), only one of them need be struck for all the rest to resonate in sympathy. ~ Lawrence Blair (Rhythms of Vision, 1975)

Let There Be Sound And The Universe Becomes Music

Saturday, August 16

Actually we need to see that all religion is but one great light, a light diversified in a thousand ways; but its revelations, its spotlighting, its forms of worship, all so varied and so beautiful, are like so many channels to men's hearts. The symbols pointing to Deity are everywhere; it is important not to stop with the symbols but to look beyond to the transcendence. A person points a finger at the sky, but if the eyes never leave the fingertip, how can the sky be discovered? ~ Genevieve Burnell (1894-1961) (The Golden Thread of Reality: The Search For Truth and the Emergence of the Universal Pattern)

Let There Be Perception Beyond The Obvious

Friday, August 15

We are not human beings as we seem to be; we are pure spiritual being. It is not that there are two separate beings, the human being and the spiritual being; it is only that a human being is entertaining a sense of separation from God. We cannot be separated from God, but we can entertain a sense of separation from God. The moment that sense of separation begins to disappear, Christhood or divine sonship is revealed. The return of the prodigal takes place wholly within one's self as an activity of consciousness, and the moment one sets his feet in the direction of the Father's house, he has entered the spiritual path. ~ Joel S. Goldsmith (The Art Of Meditation)

One cannot truly ever be in the dark for Light is the natural state of divine reality. One can entertain darkness, but we cannot truly ever be in the dark because darkness is not reality. Once one gives up the notion that they are in the darkness they are immediately surrounded by the light which is reality. Darkness is the absence of light therefore light forever remains the undisputed focus of reality. Light represents knowing and thus entertaining ignorance or denial of truth will bring on the appearance of darkness but still it is not reality. Light is still what is there for us to realize as the Truth. ~ Derek Lamar

Let There Be Light... and There Is Light!

Thursday, August 14

Just think... what if everything you dream is just thoughts within your mind. You say, but yes this is so! Just think... what if everything you experience in everyday life is a dream... and it is just thoughts within your mind? It gives a whole new meaning to "changing your mind". If you could become conscious within a dream and actually begin to rewrite the script you would be lucid dreaming, and this can be done. But better yet, if you wake up to your dream that you call LIFE and rewrite your script you would be experiencing a metanoia, and this can be done. First you must realize that this is true. Realizing this is a metanoia all its own. ~ Derek Lamar

It is your intention to know yourself

Wednesday, August 13

Consciousness constantly unfolds more and more of its own glories, harmonies and truths. We should expect that Truth be continually better expressed or stated as time goes on. That which is said or written one day must not be accepted as final or the last word on Truth, inasmuch as Mind will continually unfold more and more understanding for there is no end to God or Mind nor to its unfoldment. ~ Lillian DeWaters (The Perfect Vision, 1920)

I AM Forever Unfolding Unto Myself

Tuesday, August 12

Wholeness exists to the extent an individual is conscious of and receptive to his innermost self. The more aware and accepting a person becomes of his inner images and motivations, the more he becomes healed. The Jungian analyst Gerhard Adler once wrote that the words 'whole,' 'holy,' and 'heal' all contain within them a deep and constant similarity -- that they all convey the idea that wholeness and healing are related. - Marsha Sinetar (Ordinary People As Monks And Mystics: Lifestyles For Self-Discovery, 1986)

I AM Whole, Complete & Perfect

Monday, August 11

Jumping to a new day it indeed is a new era. I know now that in this is the marking off of time. For me it has special meaning. When my own Mentor passed on many years ago I was forced to engage in introspective work which resulted in the changing of my life. Now with the passing of another Mentor I realize that I must engage in more work and in doing so I already anticipate a great change and the dawning of a new day. It is in these statements that I punctuate it by placing these statements here in the Quote of the Day. However I am also moved to say something else, not totally unrelated. We, as a species, are facing much consternation and discord and rebellion as it relates to sexuality in our communities, our media and our churches, our politics our social gatherings. This all has to do with many changes in consciousness as it relates to sexuality. We still DO believe that there is something inately "dirty" about our sexuality. But we don't know why. I will explain something which most of you will not have heard before. You may think me insane. But think about it nonetheless. There was a time when mankind was androgynous. By this I mean literally, physically as well as psychically we were actually all both male and female in our physical characteristics. This reality of existence predates our stories of Adam and Eve but are not lost in those stories. All of our moralities and myths and rules and superstitions which pertain to our concepts of sexuality have evolved from these early beginnings. The reason our nakedness became a sort of disgust was that our bodies became transformed into what then was seen freakish distortions of nature. What was androgynous was suddenly exagerations of the male with some and female with others. It was unlike anything we had experienced up to that point in time, in history, in our development. Suddenly due to our change in consciousness and the acceptance of Duality as Reality we began to see duality manifested in our world. Now we are beginning to awaken to our True Natures and within that is our unfolding awareness of our selves as androgynous. We are beginning to see this in "freakish" manners throughout society. But it isn't freakish. It is unfoldment taking place. It is like a flower blooming when one has never seen a flower before and he doesn't know what to expect. For some a cashless society is the end of the world. But for some even the advent of Social Security was as sure the manifestion of the Mark of The Beast if there ever was one. Many people are confused by this change. That is because much of what is taking place is incomplete and where we are at now is not the total unfoldment. This makes the transition difficult. Be patient. Be aware. Be loving. Be not afraid. Know that God is androgynous. Could it be any other way? Even when Jesus was confronted about the duality of mankind he replied: "It was not like this from the beginning." But rather he confirms that "...the Creator from the beginning made them (both) male and female..." This is hard for many people to understand but more and more people are actually being born androgynous and there is a lot of controversy about it. A new spirituality of Oneness will someday encircle this globe and this Oneness will outpicture itself in many ways including our roles as humans one to another. In that day there shall be no differences in that sense. Just as our consciousness will understand both the out and back of principle and as the male/female of principle, the yin and the yang of principle, the as above so below of principle. Let there be and there is. Give for the desire to know the Self and receive this self without shame. ~ Derek Lamar, metaphysicist

I AM Androgyny

Sunday, August 10

Norma Keller has passed on to receive her SELF with fullness of Understanding. Consciousness Conscious of Consciousness. With grace, poise and charisma, Norma could look into your eyes and move you to a Higher level. She was an excellent teacher in the art of mysticism. Personal student to Thane Walker of Hawaii, Norma trained many others to be teachers in a world hungry for Truth. Like Emma Curtis Hopkins, Lillian Dewaters, Marie Watts, Mary Baker Eddy and othe great women on the Path of Higher Understanding, Norma Keller accomplished the Divine Reward of attaining the ability to help others understand their own Higher purpose. For this she will forever be remembered. Norma passed on August 5, 2003. The nurse mentioned that just before Norma passed she kept repeating over and over "we're all here now".We will miss her greatly but remember her in the joy of knowing the I AM.

I AM Harmony

Saturday, August 9

To meet everything and everyone through stillness instead of mental noise is the greatest gift you can offer to the universe. I call it stillness, but it is a jewel with many facets: that stillness is also joy, and it is love. ~ Eckhart Tolle

I AM still, I AM joy, I AM love

Friday, August 8

Who we are isn't based on our mistakes, but in how we deal with them." - Derek Lamar

I AM forever changing into who I always am

Thursday, August 7

The waves wash the beach of the events of the day before and the world is clean and refreshed. I wish I were the sand and God be the wave as we become one in the renewal of the new day. I AM. ~ Richard Kula

I AM forever becoming

Wednesday, August 6

Release yourself from believing that you are less than the most you might imagine for Divine Intervention. You are Divine Intervention waiting to be revealed. You are the INTENTION of all perfection which has the potential to become its very nature. You are the realization already made manifest. Rise to the moment and know that this is True and that all that stands between you and this goal is simply your own unwillingness to know that this is the only Reality that there is.

I AM Intention being the satisfaction of my Destiny

Tuesday, August 5

I am what I am -- God is All-Self. As I behold this, all trouble, lack, falsity, privation and evil vanish. My entire struggle is due to assuming that I am human -- that my Life, my Identity, this very I think that I am was born in time, of matter, subject to history, operating under a handicap, limited in duration and doomed from inception. I-am-Life, my sole I-Identity contains no time, no record of creation, no history of mankind, no prophecy of death and a hereafter. ~ Alfred Aiken (That Which Is, 1955)

I AM Light shining out upon myself forever

Monday, August 4

Here in the instant of implosion, death touches every component of the physical universe. Structure vanishes, the elements dissolve and entropy decreases to its ultimate minimum. The space-time continuum tapers to a tunnel so restricted as to deny passage to the smallest trace of pattern. Here in the moment of annihilation all differences are wiped out, all error forgiven, all advantage lost, all privilege cancelled-- the cosmic books are balanced. An infinitesimal moment of equilibrium, an instant of timeless poise marks the end of a universe and the brith of a new one. And in this new cosmos an intricate patterning of material markers on the clean slate of a new time-and-space will continue the exploration of the properties inherent in chance events... guided by an evolving purpose. ~ Bradford Shank (Concentration from Fragments... crystallized reflections on the meaning of life, 1952 Prentice-Hall, Inc. Englewood Cliffs, N.J.)

The speed of change and unfoldment and realization

Sunday, August 3

One thing must not be forgotten. Forget all else, but remember this, and you'll have no regrets. Remember and be concerned with everything else, but ignore this one thing and you'll have done nothing. It is as if a king has sent you on a mission to a foreign land to perform one specific task for him. If you do a hundred things, but not this appointed task, what have you accomplished? Human beings come into this world for a particular purpose, and if they forget it they will have done nothing at all. ~ Jalaluddin Rumi (The Wisdom of The Sufis by Timothy Freke)

Thought at the speed of Love...

Saturday August 2nd

The new PSI-chology which is upon us will bring us to understand that it isn't about what we must do, but rather what we must not do. We must "not" be our human role but rather rise up into our Divine Role of the "I AM" and wholistically let MIND, our True Identity resolve the issue. We can actively resolve issues by seeing "through" the appearances. In this way rather than trying to "do it" ourselves (humanly) we can finally allow for Divine Unfoldment. ~ Derek Lamar, M. Msc.

Light at the speed of thought...

Friday August 1st

The continuity of Intention is a testament to the ongoingness of Life itself. Spirit, Mind, Life, Truth, God is infinite. Whatever you call it, IT is Absolute and IT is Eternal and IT is who YOU are. ~ Derek Lamar, M. Msc.

Life is a mixture of pictures, feelings, thoughts, words, sounds, smells, tastes, touches, vision and ultimately all of it becomes the culmination of one's awareness of themselves and of God and eventually, however long it takes, the boundaries between these two wear down and the walls become so thin you can actually see through them until they totally dissolve and Oneness occurs. This Oneness is not something which actually happens, it is something which is an awareness of, because in Reality it already is. Stand next to the wall with me and get as close as you can through my words and we will discover that there is no wall there. You are hearing the voice from within. ~ Derek Lamar, M. Msc.

Light is ongoing...

Keep the music playing, it is the song of your heart. ~ D.L.


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