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October 2003

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Friday, October 31, 2003

Happy Halloween ~oooooooooooooh

Ghosts and goblins, spirits and demons, nightmares in underwear, spooks flying across the room, screams in the attic, the sun sets earlier on a gargoyle's dare, broomsticks and matchsticks, the cauldron sits upon the fire, stir in witches brew and something evil for desire, pulled into the formless space, falling, falling to the ground, never quite hitting bottom because there is no up or down, casting spells and casting lots, a crystall ball rolls by, what and where do these shadow people come from and why does it make me cry? Yelling down the hallway as the cat yowls at the moon, the dog is barking at the gate and the night has a big yellow moon, bats swoop into the midnight sky and cows tremble in the fields with fear, the paper bag is set on fire 'cuz Halloween is here. ~ Derek Lamar

I think therefore I am... whatever I wanna be......oooooooooooooo
     i was riding in my car , screaming at the night, screaming at the dark, screaming at fright, i wasn't doing nothing, just drive about, screaming at the dark, letting it out, that's all i was doing, just letting it out ~ Dory Previn (Screaming In A Twenty Mile Zone)

Thursday, October 30, 2003

We read: "...differences between science and religion, their conflicts, their competing and apparently unreconcilable truth-claims (with an occasional strained discussion on a possible armistice and some sort of peaceful, if edgy, coexistence). There can be no compromise to truth. We must fight it out til there is one winner." ~ Ken Wilber (The Hologram Paradigm: And Other Paradoxes)

Besides me (I AM) there is nothing else

"I didn't come to bring peace, I came with a sword." ~ J.C.

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Leonardo da Vinci: "Everybody placed in the luminous air spreads out in circles and fills the surrounding space with infinite likeness of itself and appears all in all and all in every part."
The flower garland sutra echoes this mystical tradition... "In the heaven of hidra, there is said to be a network of pearls, so arranged that if you look at one you see all the others reflected in it. In the same way each object in the world is not merely itself but involves every other object, and in fact is every other object."
And Krishnamurti's theme: "You are the world, the observer is the observed." Unlike the looking-glass scientists he takes this insight directly into the realms of psychology, spirit, and the human condition. He offers no methodology for salvation, instead insisting that it is our search for methodologies that leads to fragmentation. He insists that if each individual will give attention to the fragmentations in his own consciousness, he will alter the consciousness of mankind." above related by John P. Briggs, Ph.D., F. David Peat, Ph.D. (in The Looking Glass Universe)
Similarly Jesus said: "Why do you observe the splinter in your brother's eye and never notice the plank in your own? How dare you say to your brother, 'Let me take the splinter out of your eye,' when all the time there is a plank in your own? ...Take the plank out of your own eye first, and then you will see clearly enough to take the splinter out of your brother's eye." (Matthew 7:3-5)
This is the translation of appearances by seeing the whole, the true. To translate is to perceive reality in its complete and whole state rather than by believing the fragmented ideas which appear to us as sense testimony. This process of "translating" is a natural process which is seeing clearly. It is to perceive lucidly. Like David Bohm's implicate and explicate the looking glass theory unfolds perfectly. Since the beginning of time man has looked at wholeness and divided it up to discover the parts. To "translate" is the process by which one can perceive the parts and rediscover the wholeness. This is the discovering of the whole truth, and in doing that the truth will make you free. ~ Derek Lamar

As above, so below... may it be on earth as it is in heaven

The light of the body is the eye (vision of consciousness; knowing): therefore when one's eye is single (Oneness, not fragmented), the whole body also is full of light. (Luke 11:34)

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

"The languages of wholeness may be similarly puzzling. We sense what they mean and then the meaning eludes us. They are like vague forms emerging out of the mist -- out of the twentieth century science." ~ John P. Briggs, Ph.D., F. David Peat, Ph.D. (The Looking Glass Universe)
"But this is 21st century thinking we are discovering. And we must begin to operate in it now if we are going to cross the threshold into the new age." ~ Derek Lamar, 1986
"Wholeness is the template and what we perceive of it is so much less, and that means we only perceive a part of wholeness. But just as a part of infinity is finite, a part of Whole is less that whole, which is incomplete. As above so below is the reality we are working toward as the master plan of achievement. To perceive the whole here and now because that is reality. In truth there is no below, there is only the here and now and it is whole if we but reach out and touch it." ~ Derek Lamar, 2003

One giant leap for mankind

Not only must we touch it, we must cognize that it is us. ~ D.L.

Monday, October 27, 2003

Bohm sees no importance in doing research based on the illusion of parts. Other physicists reply that Bohm's theory is more metaphysical than physics, devoid of experimental evidence and scientifically vague. Bohm claims that appreciating the implicate order will lead to new kinds of experiments and the discovery of new data. In Bohm's world such metaphysical issues as ethics, morality, and truth are as important to science as evidence. For without such concern the scientist falls prey to self-indulgence. ~ John P. Briggs, Ph.D., F. David Peat, Ph.D. (The Looking Glass Universe)
Oh, I don't know. I understand they are cross hybridding corn with plastic now. That sounds normal. Perhaps they can get the corn holders to grow right out of the ends of the cob so you don't have to burn your fingers trying to insert them into the corn!!! ~ Derek Lamar

Morality of the future will be based on understanding the wholeness of the universe and how it works as one unit

Variations on a theme.You get back what you put out. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Don't do to others what you would not want them to do to you. What goes around comes around. You are the world. As a man thinketh in his heart so is he.

The person who operates only for themselves in a state of separateness will eventually reap that simple limited perspective into his own life and his selfishness will apply itself to his own surroundings in his own world. We cannot escape our own thoughts. No one is immune. ~ Derek Lamar

Sunday, October 26, 2003

Quantum Metaphysics is basically Advanced Ontology with a focus on the interaction between Mind and Matter. The "hidden variables" are the elements of axiomatic reasoning by which one can discover the formula which unlocks the understanding of a Reality which functions in back of time, space and change. This science is one where Absolutes can be understood in a mathematical sense and a realization of the Oneness of the universe can reveal what mystics have encountered for millennia. A simple statement like: "the penny in your pocket wants to be found as much as you want to find it" enters the realm of Quantum Metaphysics and explains things in the world of matter and the world of mind. The reality of our "world" is to understand that what we experience is only MIND but MIND in the sense of Infinite Beingness. ~ Derek Lamar, metaphysicist

You are here and you are there because you are everywhere

The observed and the observer are one in ultimate reality. ~ D.L.

Saturday, October 25, 2003

One of Us  by  Joan Osborne

If God had a name , what would it be. And would you call it to His face. If you were faced with Him in all His glory. What would you ask if you had just one question. Yeah , yeah , God is great. Yeah , yeah , God is good. Yeah , yeah , yeah , yeah , yeah. What if God was one of us. Just a slob like one of us. Just a stranger on the bus. Trying to make His way home. If God had a face , what would it look like. And would you want to see. If seeing meant that you would have to believe. In things like Heaven and in Jesus and the Saints. And all the Prophets and... Yeah , yeah , God is great. Yeah , yeah , God is good. Yeah , yeah , yeah , yeah , yeah. What if God was one of us. Just a slob like one of us. Just a stranger on the bus. Trying to make His way home. Tryin' to make His way home. Back up to Heaven all alone. Nobody callin' on the phone 'cept for the Pope maybe in Rome. Yeah , yeah , God is great. Yeah , yeah , God is good. Yeah , yeah , yeah , yeah , yeah. What if God was one of us. Just a slob like one of us. Just a stranger on the bus. Trying to make His way home. Just tryin' to make his way home. Like a holy rolling stone. Back up to Heaven all alone. Just tryin' to make his way home. Nobody callin' on the phone 'cept for the Pope maybe in Rome. ~ Eric Bazilian

Pursue the face of yourself you would most like to love

What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and still lose his soul. - J.C.

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Friday, October 24, 2003
Capra (Tao of Physics) went to Krishnamurti lecture, and as he says: "He talked about freedom from the known and stopping thinking and all that, and I sensed the power of his presence and of his words and it worried me. He was commending abandoning what I had studied and in which I had a lot of emotional investment. ~ Ken Wilber (The Hologram Paradigm: And Other Paradoxes)

Never be afraid to abandon what you have already learned. What you learned was what brought you to this point in your path of revelation. It still holds value even if you no longer think that it is true. It will become valuable to you in continuing to understand yourself and other things that you currently believe which you may find the need to abandon. ~ Derek Lamar (Man Is Dead)

Pursue the Acquisition of Knowledge with Abandon

What you gain by letting go is equal in opposite reaction to what you lose by holding on. - D.L.

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Thursday, October 23, 2003
Our own species, the large brained homosapiens, virtually popped into existence amid several other hominids. Efforts to arrange the skeletal evidence of these hominids in a gradual sequence have not proved successful. There are many gaps, and it is clear that some of the hominids were parallel evolutions, not ancestors of modern men. The sudden appearance of species is called "punctuational" evolution. A discontinuous jump, like a quantum leap. Scientists have been criticized for not adequately explaining how these sudden jumps from one species to the next take place. An overall gestalt happens when the new species makes its jump to greater complexity. ~ David Bohm (Looking Glass Universe by John P. Briggs, Ph.D., F. David Peat, Ph.D.)

God gets a big bang out of all of this speculation

What suddenly appears represents a realization. - D.L.

Wednesday, October 22, 2003
"We should tell them something. We can't just arrive in their world, allow them to glimpse us and then leave without any explanation whatsoever. They need to know who they are. They need to see how their minds work and how consciousness is so important to what they continue to perceive as their world. They haven't a clue. They think life is just accidents and random choices and pain and pleasure working its way through their lives in a hit and miss manner creating order and chaos at the same time. They have attracted us here just as we have come with a conscious knowing of Mind Unfolding. We must communicate to them who they are. And we must do it NOW!" ~ Derek Lamar (Alien Discourses)

From the Heavens arrives new insight

If I can't see God in something alien, why do I think I can find it in something common and familiar. - D.L.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003
Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name, Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth, as it is in heaven. The ultimate creative force of the one Infinite Mind which is the I AM which resides firmly fixed in the absolute, which is all there is, the name, be it MIND, God, Infinity, I AM THAT I AM is Holy. May this realization be made manifest and may the expressions of this Consciousness unfold completely. As Above, So Below. ~ Derek Lamar

Nothing is corny in a religious sense when you realize the ultimate ramifications of who and what we are and what we are about. You can take even a "silly" old fashioned gospel or religious song and read the lyrics and when you translate it into metaphysical terms that come alive in your heart, you will have heard it again, for the first time. ~ Derek Lamar

And everything is always new again

Eternally yours I AM unto myself forever. - D.L.

Monday, October 20, 2003
When you extend your hand you are reaching out "in consciousness". It is imperative that we begin to see all physical activity in its symbolic counterpart reality, because in reality everything is a symbolic act within MIND itself. There is no real world in the third dimensional sense but it is every much as real as the thoughts within our mind. Think about it. ~ Derek Lamar

Do not look at your world as illusion, seek the reality in back of it

Every little movement has a meaning all its own. ~ Otto Harbach (1873­1963), U.S. songwriter. "Every Little Movement," Madame Sherry, M. Witmark & Sons (1910). Music composed by Karl Hoschna (1877-1911).

Sunday, October 19, 2003
The clue about whatever it is that you are going through is how you feel about it inside. Then you must begin to see what the symbolic interpretation of it is and how that relates to what you think, believe and have faith in on the subconscious level. Seem complicated? Well, perhaps, sometimes, but one must know the combination if they are going to unlock the mysteries which will open the doorway to your destiny. ~ Derek Lamar

Do not identify with the self of you which seems at odds with your True Self

Be thankful of even finding negative things about yourself, these will unlock the doors holding back your spiritual inheritence. ~ D.L.

Saturday, October 18, 2003
The first thing that occurs is an awareness that something in one's customary way of living doesn't work, isn't health-promoting, isn't life-supporting. This initial awareness is experienced in various ways and at different times and isn't unusual even in the general population. What is unusual is that socially transcendent individuals do something, alter their lives, as a result of their awareness, in such a way that furthers the development of the person they sense they could be. Some people said they wanted time to sort things out. Still others described how marital problems or some personal disillusionment at home, at work or with world concerns gave the impetus to the initial awareness. Whatever the stimulus, that special light which comes with the knowledge that they must change helps people see things differently, helps them identify specifically what actions to take as next steps in their own development. ~ Marsha Sinetar (Ordinary People As Monks And Mystics)

Always move ahead knowing your destiny stands before you

Your true intention will always work for you. Go with it. ~ D.L.

Friday, October 17, 2003
Tranquil, let one worship It, as that from which he came forth, as that into which he will be dissolved, as that in which he breathes. ~ The Upanishads

The feeling of complete wellness into oneself rushes the air one breathes as they are no longer separate from the without that they inhale within, or from the within that they exhale without. One flowing movement of Beingness expressing the infinite variety of Life itself. ~ Derek Lamar

Assume that which you aspire to already as Truth

And we have reason with which our imagination can calculate Infinity. ~ D.L.

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Do not be taken back by the simple, but pursue it beyond the characters deep into yourself.

Thursday, October 16, 2003
The idea that we are able to access images from the collective unconscious, or even visit parallel dream universes, pales beside the conclusions of another prominent researcher who has been influenced by the holographic model. After more than thirty years of studying nonordinary states of consciousness, (Stanislav) Grof, chief of psychiatric research at the Maryland Psychicatric Research Center, has concluded that the avenues of exploration available to our psyches via holographic interconnectedness are more than vast. They are virtually endless. ~ Michael Talbot (The Holographic Universe)

Once you realize that the universe is MIND and that everything which is perceived by consciousness is actually thoughts and ideas within that MIND, that it seems obvious and without arguement that what we are dealing with here is infinite and infinite potential and infinite possibility as the infinite variety that MIND is. But as soon as you fall into the "thinking" which is dualistic and thus, incomplete and fragmented, you begin to paint a picture of reality which simply is not reality because it is not infinite but rather finite. Once your perception interprets its "reality" based on perspectives which are formulated on duality you begin to create an entirely different universe than that which is actually present to discover. ~ Derek Lamar, Director Quantum Metaphysics Institute

Create a vacuum for the expansion of that which is

We have a mind which can imagine anything for a reason. ~ D.L.

Wednesday, October 15, 2003
Can God, Infinite Intelligence, include something that is completely contrary to His own Total Perfect Being? If not, who or what mind is it that knows evil? Is there a human mind? Is there a personal mind? Is there a carnal mind? Is there a mortal mind? Is there a mind of animal magnetism? Is there any sort of mind beside the Alone One Mind which is God, All? Infinite Intelligence is all there is. ~ Alfred Aiken (Lectures On Reality)

Look around... you will only see you

Open your eyes and let the light come in as it sweeps out the shadows of disbelief. ~ D.L.

Tuesday, October 14, 2003
Water is symbolic of Spirit and Emotion... feelings... and the land is symbolic of the conscious mind which seeds are planted in beneath the surface. Into the subconscious. This soil represents the fertile area of one's potential. When one's heart becomes hardened through the lack of Spirit there comes upon one the land where nothing can grow. A hardened heart can be trod upon but it will yield no harvest. It may take others to where they are going but it remains fixed, unmoving, unyielding and underneath one's feet like forgotten memories. ~ Derek Lamar, mystic

Rise up and fly... you are found in space

It doesn't matter what is going on outside of you if what is inside is closed and forgotten. ~ D.L.

Happy Birthday to Don Shineflew... a man whose inner child still comes out to play.

1964... on the threshold of Beatlemania

"Now cut that out!" ~ Jack Benny (age 39)

Monday, October 13, 2003
It isn't about getting what you want. It isn't about being a good person. It isn't about being intelligent. It is about being who you really are. It is about not feeling bad about yourself anymore because once you know who you are, and you feel who you are, you understand for the first time what it means to actually be at peace. With this does come certain spiritual perks such as have your needs met, finding that special person to love, having a great career, living life like every day is the first day of the rest of Eternity. Embrace yourself, because there is nobody else. It is you now. You are all there is. Nothing can stand in your way. ~ Derek Lamar

Be who you really are

I am me and I am you. I love you and I know that you love me. ~ D.L.

Sunday, October 12, 2003
If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you always got. ~ Robert Fulghum (All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten: Reconsidered, 2003)

I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge -- That myth is more potent than history, I believe that dreams are more powerful than facts -- that hope always triumphs over experience -- That laughter is the only cure for grief. And I believe that love is stronger than death. ~ Robert Fulghum, author

Learning Is Cooperating With Reality

As I let go of the anguish I am filled with love. ~ D.L.

Saturday, October 11, 2003
Begin with what you are. By this I mean, always start with the Allness of God, the Perfection of Omnipresence, for this alone is your I-Identity. There is no other, for where All is all, there is Only that Self which is Purity being. ...The Absolute means that there can be but one Truth. That which is not Absolute Truth is not Truth at all. Truth to be true, must be absolutely true. If there is the slightest variation, deviation, from total Truth, you have nonsense.

...God is all right this instant. Infinite Intelligence, Infinite Consciousness, Infinite Aliveness, Infinite Truth is all that there is right here and now. ...the Allness of God, the Perfection of Ominpresence, for this alone is your I-Identity. ~ Alfred Aiken (Lectures on Reality, 1959)

The Unfoldment of the Self is Knowing Allness

As I swim against the currents drawing me to myself I feel myself drown. ~ D.L.

Friday, October 10, 2003
How is the mistake to be rectified? By reversal or revision, - by seeing it in its proper light, and then turning it or turning from it? We undo the statements of error by reversing them. Through these three statements, or mis-statements, evil comes to authority: - 1: the Lord created it. 2: the Lord knows it. 3: I am afraid of it. By a reverse process of argument evil must be dethroned: - 1: God never made evil. 2: He knows it not. 3: We therefore need not fear it. Try this process, dear inquirer, and so reach that perfect love which "casteth out fear," and then see if this love does not destroy in you all hate in the sense of evil. You will awake to the perception of God as All in all. You will find yourself losing the knowledge and the operation of sin, proportionably as you realize the divine infinitude and believe that He can see nothing outside of his own focal distance. ~ Mary Baker Eddy (Unity of Good and Other Writings, 1887)

In this sense we see a syllogistic process whereby we have a major premise, a minor premise and a conclusion. Major Premise: The Lord Is the Creator and is All-Knowing. Minor Premise: That which the Lord did not create does not exist. Conclusion: Therefore God is all in all. God is perception and God is all in all, and yet you perceive all of this therefore you are perception therefore you are God in all perceiving the allness that you are. There is nothing outside of your own being for you are all there is. ~ Derek Lamar

I am the process knowing myself

I rise upon the spirit of the wind to meet the angels in my mind. ~ D.L.

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Thursday, October 9, 2003
God is; infinity is; infinite good already is. Infinite abundance is filling all space, awaiting only my recognition. All that is necessary for my unfoldment is this very moment established in my consciousness. The invisible Soul of me is the substance of all form. ~ Joel S. Goldsmith (The Art of Meditation)

Formless Force is the Reality of me

I fall within myself until I can fly. ~ D.L.

Wednesday, October 8, 2003
Chladni discovered that his sand particles formed shapes in response to a violin played even in the next room. Any musician knows that in an auditorium full of middle C tuning forks (designed to vibrate at precisely 256 cycles per second), only one of them need be struck for all the rest to resonate in sympathy. ~ Lawrence Blair (Rhythms of Vision)

This often happens in class when the Teacher reaches a certain state of consciousness and the students respond, or vibrate in sympathy (agreement), if you will, and changes in consciousness occur. This is what is called Baraka. This is the healing of the word as it works on the alignment of consciousness. This is a mental adjustment as it relates to axiomatic thinking. ~ Derek Lamar

Agreement is Oneness

Unfoldment of consciousness is the expression of the infinite variety of mind. ~ D.L.

Tuesday, October 7, 2003
Everything is a thought. Thoughts are things and things are thoughts. All of these thoughts have power over themselves and things that they have contact with. Medicine is thought and an aspirin is a thought. The thought of an aspirin is built into its seeming materiality. You take an aspirin and you are swallowing a thought. That thought says you will not feel your headache. There is no physical substance in the universe but "substance" is the meat of Reality. Truth is that meat and it is substance which was, is and always will be. This substance is the body of reality and it is forever. ~ Derek Lamar

If you want to be set free, make up your mind

There is no number but what has always been. And all numbers are part of the same one infinite reality. ~ D.L.

Monday, October 6, 2003
Androgyny is not about sexuality as humans understand it. It is the very nature of the Universe and the infinite energy source which reflects this mystery upon which lies our destiny. We are all androgynous in reality. Through this illusion we call our consciousness of duality we split the expressions into coupled chaos wherein we lose the understanding of the Oneness from which this masterful expression of Cosmic Unity arises. Androgyny is understanding that as you work to loosen the lid on a jar, the lid also desires to be opened. The dime you are searching for deep in your pocket also longs to be found. And the fulfillment of all of your desires awaits with anticipation to be realized. Reach out and touch yourself, you are all there is. ~ Derek Lamar

The Journey from here to there is within

There is no question without an answer and there is no answer without need for its existence. ~ D.L.

Sunday, October 5, 2003
"This reality of the Eastern mystic cannot be identified with the quantum field of the physicist because it is seen as the essence of all phenomena in this world and, consequently, is beyond all concepts and ideas. The quantum field, on the other hand, is a well-defined concept which only accounts for some of the physical phenomena. Nevertheless, the intuition behind the physicist's interpretation of the subatomic world, in terms of the quantum field, is closely paralleled by that of the Eastern mystic who interprets his or her experience of the world in terms of an ultimate underlying reality. Subsequent to the emergence of the field conccept, physicists have attempt ed to unify the various fields into a single fundamental field which would incorporate all physical phenomena." ~ Fritz Capra (The Tao of Physics) Which is to say that in back of time, space and change, the attributes of what we call our world, there is a fundamental reality. And that reality is the same reality for science and for mystical understanding ultimately. That science is just our ability to understand our world thus our science is limited by how much we understand ourselves. Science does not help us understand ourselves as much as understanding ourselves pushes the envelope of science. ~ Derek Lamar

Unfoldment reveals the map to our soul

To study is to discover, to discover is to learn, to learn is to know, to know is enlightenment. But what do you know? ~ D.L.

Saturday, October 4, 2003
Beyond Schrodinger's Cat

As Lao Tzu says, "When all in the world understand beauty to be beautiful, then uglines exists; when all understand goodness to be good, then evil exists." Mystics transcend this realm of intellectual concepts, and in transcending it they become aware of the relativity and polar relationship of all opposites. They realize that good and bad, pleasure and pain, life and death, are not absolute experiences belonging to different categories, but are merely two sides of the same reality; extreme parts of a single whole. ~ Fritz Capra (The Tao of Physics)

Transcendence Unfolds Infinity

All opposites are not aspects of the infinite variety necessarily. Some are while others are misperceptions of what reality is. Pain and pleasure are not polar opposites of the same infinte manifestation of a mystical experience. Pain is the absence of the wholeness out of which comes pleasure. Pain is communicating that one is somehow "cut off" from the oneness which allows for the pleasure which expresses wholeness. Somewhere there is a block existing which is being communicated through this "painful" experience. When one feels pain, they are experiencing a pain from within which is a shadow of an earlier experience but fitting into a cycle or a pattern which is now programmed into the constucts of the individual until they confront it and sort it out by letting go of their acceptance of it and allowing Wholeness to once again flow through them in that area of consciousness. ~ D.L.

Friday, October 3, 2003
Uno Mundo

Despite the seeming chaos in the world today there are incredible things falling into place. There are earth changes. There are changes in consciousness. There are new inventions. There is a new understanding emerging about many things which will affect many other things. And all of this is working together in consciousness as Mind unfolds. And you are a part of this and as consciousness you ARE this. This is not a world separate from you but it is "your world" and it reflects your states of consciousness. This is not a world which will be left to others after you are gone because you will never be gone and it will continue to be YOUR consciousness. The work you do to change your consciousness will change "your world" and this process will have its effects in Eternity. ~ Derek Lamar

Realization pulls it all together

It isn't good things and bad things around us but rather the emergence of great things which are the coming realization of our world being our consciousness. ~ D.L.

Thursday, October 2, 2003
Self Discipline

The purpose in having a teacher, especially in the beginning, is that it is critical that someone be there to help you get beyond the pain of self confrontation. The novice will tend to think that whatever is spiritual is always fun and wonderful and fool himself into thinking that he should avoid pain at all costs. But if one does not confront the issues one already believes in, he will never let them go. This is the point of the teacher. He is there to guide you across that river and into the Promised Land. This is also why it is important to do the best you can to determine intuitively what is the best path for you to go and to follow that long enough to achieve results. It is hard to say what this is and how long. Often we make foolish choices because we don't know what we are doing, then again, often we are already being led on this journey and we are taken right into the fire only to come out a gleaming star. ~ Derek Lamar

Perseverance pays off

It isn't that pain is good, but it tells you where to go to pull out the splinter. ~ D.L.

Wednesday, October 1, 2003
OCTOBER 1, 1903 (One Hundred Years Ago Today)

I (Mrs. Eddy) used to look away from the patient sometimes until I would get the thought, and the patient would vanish right out of my thought, and when I would look back at him, he would be well. ~ Mary Baker Eddy (Watchkeepers)

Wellness is reality

One must look beyond the appearances if one is to ever see through the fog of human consciousness. ~ D.L.


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