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Monday, May 31, 2004

In memory of those who have died to preserve freedom we must salute that this is a spiritual, not a political endeavor. It is the giving of one's life among generations of people whom innately knew that life was ongoing and that there really is no end. And to preserve freedom is ultimately for the purpose of expanding our way of life, our consciousness, our sense of self and ultimately the realization of God, Truth, Being, Infinite Mind. We too become heroes as we give our lives in our daily activities wherein we die to beliefs which are false and become born to a Higher Level which brings us closer to our sense and knowing of our Self. In this manner we become a memorial to those yet unborn who benefit from the freeing within consciousness which we have participated in by freeing ourselves. We are all soldiers fighting the fight within as we wrestle and struggle within ourselves to let go of the erroneous concepts and be born from above to a Higher realization of the Truth of "I AM". - Dr. Derek Lamar

Dying is a process within only mind, a process of letting go of the separateness


Sunday, May 30, 2004

The greatest gift anyone can give is the sharing of the Self. - Dr. Derek Lamar

Giving and receiving of the Self is divinity revealed


Saturday, May 29, 2004

The reason it is so hard for people to understand the world of matter and to realize truth and consciousness is because we think in terms of matter and thus even the words will be colored according to our belief systems. Thus we must work with a word by word process until we can begin to function on a consciousness level rather than on the level of matter as matter. In this matter we can begin to realize that we are consciousness and then begin to realize what the truth is about that consciousness. - Dr. Derek Lamar

I think I am matter but thinking is not matter, therefore I am consciousness perceiving the matter of mind and the mind of matter


Friday, May 28, 2004

So often people are intrigued with the notion that a part of God is within them, or that they are connected to God somehow, or that they can experience God in their life. But if you suggest that perhaps their True Identity is God, they turn away, they look at you like you are crazy, sometimes they get angry, or they are threatened at the enormous responsiblity they feel about such a thought. It is often so overwhelming to people they just cannot handle it. This is often the line in the sand in metaphysical studies. - Dr. Derek Lamar

God is all there is as you, as everything else


Thursday May 27, 2004

What is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself. - Abraham H. Maslow

Mankind looks around to discover reality, the world, God. He looks at everything. Finally he glances down and sees his own feet and realizes that he has neglected himself. Thus it is one's self which is the last thing mankind looks at in discovery of Truth. - Dr. Derek Lamar

God is right there in front of you... in the mirror


Wednesday May 26, 2004

There is a straight white line of Absolute Truth upon which each one must walk if he would have demonstration. The slightest swerving in either direction from this line results in nondemonstration, no matter how earnest or intense one may be. The line is this: There is only God; all seeming else is a lie. ~ H. Emilie Cady (How I Used Truth, 1916)

God is Absolute Truth, that which swerves from this is not so, therefore God is all there is


Tuesday May 25, 2004

Today, realizing that my life is truly a reflection of what I think, I now permit the Spirit within me to guide and direct my thoughts and emotions. The Divine influx refreshes me daily, and I feel myself saturated with the Life Essence Itself; I feel It flowing in and through me. I now know myself to be a perfect instrument in Life's Divine Symphony, in tune with Its Harmony and Perfection. My body is an instrument in, through, and upon which Life plays a Divine and Perfect Harmony. I do not search for other powers, for there is only One Power, the Power which I am going to use, the Power which I already know possesses eternity and is already at the center of my own life. I know that this Power does now heal every condition, overcome every obstacle, and free me from every false condition. And so it is. ~ Ernest Holmes & Willis Kinnear (Thoughts are Things)

Looking to myself, Life's Divine Symphony


Monday May 24, 2004

What is the point to getting on a path if it does not take you to Truth? What path are you on? Where are you traveling? Is it taking you away from your self or toward your self? If you fear the pain of facing yourself then you will never discover yourself because who you really are is on the other side of that illusion. The Truth doesn't hurt, only the lies about yourself hurt. ~ Derek Lamar

Looking within is looking beyond


Sunday May 23, 2004

God is in the lowest effects as well as in the highest causes. ~ Thomas J. Germine (The Quantum Metaphysics of David Bohm)

What do we really know about our world except what our senses tell us, and even in that, only what we think and believe our senses tell us. But is this reality? No, this is our thinking and often it is even our feeling. How do we feel about what we are thinking and what do we think about what we are feeling and do our senses alter what we perceive when we are thinking and feeling different from one day to the next? ~ Derek Lamar

We must begin to think holographically. ~ Charles Ostman

We are not just thinking, we ARE thinking. I mean that is what we are: we are thinking. We are Consciousness. Consciousness is the sum-total of what reality is. That and Beingness together as one. Okay so throw in feelings. True Feelings, such as LOVE To feel Absolute Oneness is to truly understand LOVE. ~ Derek Lamar

Looking within is looking without when we realize we are thinking


Saturday May 22, 2004

Reacting somewhat like the fictional Dr. Frankenstein, the mainstream quantum theorists, led by Neils Bohr, endeavored to confine their unseemly creation to the laboratory: accepting Shrödinger's spectral waveform as a useful mathematical formulation for predicting experimental outcomes, but in the same breath denying that this probability wave actually reflects a quantum reality . Thus under the banner of Bohr's Copenhagen Interpretation , the inability of modern physics to put the quantum genie back into an ontological bottle was resolved by throwing away the bottle. At the quantum level, at least, reality was deemed inherently unknowable .

Nonetheless, there remained a strong attachment among many of Bohr's colleagues to a more traditional notion namely, that the scientific pursuit consists of developing a coherent model of what is , and not merely an incestuous set of rules for explaining the results of its own contrived experimental configurations. For those disinclined to follow Bohr into a metaphysical blind alley, the alternative inevitably involved revisiting the twin Cartesian pillars of scientific materialism: Mind- Matter Dualism and Objective (albeit not, after Einstein, Absolute) Space/Time. ~ Thomas J. Germine (The Quantum Metaphysics of David Bohm)

Looking backwards is like looking forwards upside down


Friday May 21, 2004

we never stop to wonder till a person's gone
we never yearn to know him till he's traveled on
when someone is around us we never stop to ask
hey what's behind your mirror hey what's beneath your mask
we never stop to wonder till a person's gone we never yearn  to know him 
till he's packed and traveled on were you scared to be alone?

i think perhaps tomorrow i'll try to make a friend to really get to know him
instead of pretend i'll ask him if his feet hurt has he burdens to be shared
and if he doesn't walk away i'll ask if he's scared
and if he doesn't walk away if his eyes don't  turn to stone i'll ask him
if he's scared to be alone. ~ Dory Previn (Scared To Be Alone)


Looking beyond yourself is looking within

Thursday May 20, 2004

Life is precious. You must come to realize this. It isn't so much that it is fragile but rather because it is whatever you want it to be. And that being the case, don't you want it to be all that it can be in the fullest sense of all that is Divine. And when you look upon that you shall find yourself there as well because you are that life. And you are Eternal. ~ Derek Lamar

All of life is forever


Wednesday May 19, 2004

A brook would lose its song if God removed the rocks. ~ author unknown

Poetry to some, cliche to others; but despite the anthropomorphic analogy it is important to understand that nature is filled with sound which can become music to the meditative mind. Though a leaky faucet can become mental torture, raindrops can become the stacatto of the heavens as one perceives the harmony, the resonance of rhythm and balance and the perfection of the infinite variety of expression. Vibration is an expression of the connectivity resulting from the reality of Oneness which abounds in our Universe as our Universe is the Consciousness of the One Mind which is our heart and soul and being. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar, metaphysicist

All of nature is a symphony


Tuesday May 18, 2004

In the more arcane studies of both Eastern and Western mysticism, it has been felt for a long time that each individuation, each being, is androgynous, or both male and female. The ancient Chinese symbol of Yin-Yang describes there being a seed of the feminine in the masculine, and a see of the masculine in the feminine. Carl Jung refers to these as the animus, (the man within woman), and the anima (the woman within man). Not only is there a seed of the masculine in the feminine, and vice-versa, but the whole is composed equally of both. Just as there is an equal positive and negative current in electricity, or in an atom. So it is with each of us. ~ Thane Walker (Leap Into Sanity)

As Above, So Below ~ As Within, As Without

As Male, As Female, As One: Androgynous


Monday May 17, 2004

We do not make our destiny, we make our destiny possible. We do not choose Reality, we discover that which is already there. We do not honor chance, we respect its seduction until we realize there are no accidents. It is important that we stand up for a better world but at the last moment we must step aside and allow the God in us to take over. We must understand the infinite variety which colors our universe but we must also come to know the Oneness which holds it altogether. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar

Destiny is discovering our beginning


Sunday May 16, 2004

Suppose one should look at a view through windows practically opaque, deep with dirt and of very defective glass. The distorted view would have little relationship to the actual. Suppose he should then raise the window and look at the view, beautiful to behold. Only then might he realize that the distortion did not need correcting ---- that the actual was already ideal. ~ Alfred Aiken (That Which Is)

As Above, So Below


Saturday May 15, 2004

To behold Spirit's world, this very one present here and now, one must look out from Mind, not up from a supposition of evil or darkness. From the basis of duality one cannot change the false pictures to more agreeable patterns, nor ease the tensions and pressures of his false assumptions. Such is like trying to apply Truth to make a dream satisfactory. Truth explodes the possibility of a dream ---- It does not treat it, nor with it. Assumption and Truth do not work together. One is Real, the other is nothing; One is All, the other does not exist. This status quo cannot be altered. One remains forever The One. What is not, forever is not. ~ Alfred Aiken (That Which Is)

Truth is that which is so


Friday May 14, 2004

Communication is like a love affair. It is give and take. It is giving and receiving. It should be honest if it is going to work. It is like mathematics. It IS mathematics. Honesty is entering the true numbers so that the answers are true and consistent. If the numbers are wrong the answers will be wrong. If the giving and receiving is not honest it will show up sooner or later. If we find we are lying to others it is because we are lying to ourselves. ~ Derek Lamar, Fourth Way Teacher

For every answer there is an equal opposite question


Thursday May 13, 2004

Let us again remind ourselves that the central conception of Man in the Gospels is that he is an unfinished creation capable of reaching a higher level by a definite evolution which must begin by his own efforts, and that their entire teaching is about what must be done for this to be effected. In this light the Gospels are nothing but a series of instructions that concern a possible and definite pre-established psychological development that Man is capable of, and one that, if he begins to set himself to the task of its fulfillment, opens his eyes and makes him see in which direction his full meaning lies. And let us also remind ourselves that the attainment of this higher level possible for Man is called heaven or the kingdom of heaven in the Gospels and that it is within a man, as a possibility of his own inner evolution or re-birth of himself, and that Man at the level he is on, as an unawakened creature, an unfinished experiment, is called earth. These are two levels, the higher and the lower, and some very great differences exist between them, as great as the differences between a seed and a flower. Thus communication between these two levels is difficult. The mission of Christ was to bridge, to connect, and to bring into correspondence in himself these two levels. ~ Maurice Nicoll (The New Man: An Interpretation of Some Parables and Miracles of Christ)

As above, so below... two levels: the higher and the lower. Yet the miracle and the mystical element here is that in Reality there is only one level which is true. The "above" is the absolute, or in quantum physics it might be called the Implicate whereas the Explicate, the "below" is the lesser of perception of this reality, which is filtered through a consciousness of duality and thus is created the human mentality through which everything seeking the missing factor for fulfillment must struggle to rise up to realize that Reality is the only Reality there is as the "Above", or Heaven, or the Kingdom of Heaven. One of the mysteries is to not only understand that the kingdom of heaven is within, but that the concept of the body is within also and all we are really dealing with here is Consciousness. You are Consciousness and the kingdom of heaven is within for "thou art all". ~ Dr. Derek Lamar, quantum metaphysicist

As Above, So Below... on earth as it is in heaven, the Implicate and the Explicate


Wednesday May 12, 2004

As I looked up from my desk I could see his face as he sat there awaiting his destiny. I saw the souls of the others as their faces were concealed. In their hiding their guilt and shame covered them like the blood of their brothers who die for ignorance not knowing they have been sucked into a vacuum of insanity. I hear a scream and before I can make out what has happened the man's head has been severed. Cut off from the bounds of this earthly realm in the midst of mindless insanity, surely the angels must be singing songs of praise for the release of one held hostage to the human excrement of religious descent. The blade of the knife cuts both ways and the return swing cries out silently for mercy where they find no meaning. Allah is great, but man is a failed experiment. The killing of others is not the death which awaits spiritual advancement, but rather the death of the human ego which must be arrested and delivered unto the Sultan of sin. At this the soul smiles and walks into the light where he disappears. ~ Rama L. Kered (The Sardonic Verses)

Whirling deviled eggs fly where no man has laid before


Tuesday May 11, 2004

As counselor I had become so absorbed in his story that his emotions had become my emotions. His feeling of desperation as he struggled through high school, his realization of the loneliness of existence and the harshness of destiny, became my own experiences, felt on my pulse as they had originally been on his. And when he concluded by stating his determination to stick it out at college if it killed him, I felt a certain exhilaration as though this resolution had been made by my own will. This partial identification was so real that if I had spoken aloud my voice would no doubt have partaken of the hesitant, quavering quality of his. The conclusion is forced upon us that the ego or psychic state of the counselor had temporarily become merged with that of the counselee; he and I were one psychic unity. This is empathy. It is the feeling, or the thinking, of one personality into another until some state of identification is achieved. In this identification real understanding between people can take place; without it, in fact, no understanding is possible. ~ Rollo May (The Art of Counseling, 1939)

On the road to Oneness along the many paths of knowing


Monday May 10, 2004

Save yourself if you can. If you cannot save yourself you can save no one. You must wake up to be of any help to anyone else. What does it mean to wake up? What does it mean to be asleep? Know that there is a Reality which you have not yet encountered and within the knowing of that Reality is the knowing of all there is. Seek and you shall find. Do not be afraid to lose yourself along the way. If you do not give yourself up you will be lost. If you are willing to lose yourself, you shall be found. ~ Derek Lamar

Walking toward the light despite the shadows passing by


Sunday May 9, 2004

If we have discovered ourselves as the tip of the iceberg and recognize the vast amounts of who we are is yet to discover, then how much more we would become as we dissolve to become the ocean and then evaporate to rise up and be the air until we finally achieve the knowing that we are One with the Universe here and now already. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar, metaphysicist

Stand up and face who you are


Saturday, May 8, 2004

"Are you back yet? Did you get yourself a cold armadillo? There's nothing like a cold armadillo on a hot summer day. I had me a cold armadillo once in Texas. It was about 2 o'clock in the afternoon and the sun was straight up. Well, I'm not sure if it was straight up 'cuz I was lying down up against the wall, but it still was refreshin' to have a cold armadillo. It's the best beer they make out in Austin. I love them cold armadillos.They take little possum cubes and freeze 'em and put 'em in the beer and they float der lookin' up at ya' just like little eyeballs in the dark.. And they're really cool, you know what I mean? They're a cold armadillo from hell." ~ Derek Lamar (Cold Armadillos From Hell)

Infinite variety is the spice of life...


Friday, May 7, 2004

Politics is the implementation of a mindset which seeks to control others. The purpose of politics is to control that which is "outside" as opposed to that which is "inside". There is nothing to controlling events in the world and to do so or attempt to do so is the illusion which will fill one with nothing. It will leave you empty and the world will not advance to any degree. The next step in Mankind's development is to pursue truly and with sincerity that which is the Inner Reality beyond all of the attempts of the past. Those movements, groups and events brought us to where we are today: on the threshold of a New Reality. Pursue it and observe your world and seek to discover how it reflects who you are as a human as well as your Divine Nature. Eventually the walls between you and all that you perceive will dissolve. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar

What comes after one? Nothing.


Thursday, May 6, 2004

To interpret a dream, one must realize that it reflects the symbology of consciousness, as one interprets it personally, but also universally. Generally the more accurate interpretation is a simple one. Not simple in the sense of primitive or ignorant, but simple in a zen-like sense. It has been said that life is just a dream, and as one perceives that, it can be interpreted in the same manner. What appears to you in your world symbolizes the dream of your unconscious thinking. It is the pictures which have painted your own mind. A car is communication. Your feet are understanding. The head is your consciousness. Other people are the roles within your past which reflect your life's experiences which also may have determine your own programming, as it were. A light is an idea or illumination. Animals relate to thoughts: land animals are conscious thoughts, fish are thoughts in the unconscious, and birds symbolize higher thoughts. To wake up is to see through the symbolism and realize the Truth. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily... life is but a dream


Wednesday, May 5, 2004

You can eliminate all problems if you want to. A problem is an area of consciousness which is blocked. It is your own thoughts which block this area of consciousness. You must take hold of that thought, know it, feel it, let it go and allow Truth to recover that place which it has been blocked from within your consciousness. You must get hold of the problem and by doing so you let it go thus creating a vacuum which is filled with wholeness which is Reality waiting to operate in your life. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar

Everything in your world is what you think about it


Tuesday, May 4, 2004

Think you that we all know the power of thought, or know it even in a degree? The Bible says, and says truly, that "as a man thinketh, so is he." We are exactly what thought has made us; no more, no less. Upon the mental condition depends all else. ~ Lillian DeWaters ( Thinking Heavenward, 1908)

The great truth is that all is mental and that all is in and of Mind. He who has no understanding whatever of the power of right thinking has not the right concept of Life and is therefore subject to his own erring beliefs. As thought is causative, one needs to be free from mental misconceptions through the actual knowledge of the truth of Life. ~ Lillian DeWaters (The Perfect Vision, 1920)

Mind is all there is... think about it


Monday, May 3, 2004

I am not here to present to today's world population a succession of intellectual arguments about the existence of God or a Reality which can be proven to exist above and beyond the limits of every past or present philosophy which amuses itself by coming up with theories that not only do not illuminate but serve only to continue to encourage multitudes of people to ignore the pursuit of knowing, the quest of a path, or the realization of Truth as it really is, not as it is in ways which enhance the current body politic. I am here to guide those who wish to know toward the light which will aid them in reading their own writing on the wall. One can become so intellectual that thinking itself falls victim to an exercise in analysis which only serves to lead others into the arena of feelings which seem to always prove themselves to be right when they feel good and wrong when they feel bad. But who really can decide this if they are no longer free to actually think for themselves in ways which go beyond their own superficial daily desires and ego massaging. Most philosophy is an opportunity merely for escape while it seduces one into believing that they have actually accomplished something in the way of "work" as it pertains to the mind. Often those who need to seek themselves the most find the most fascinating ways to avoid looking themselves straight in the eye. Usually it is only those who have deep down inside a little voice which senses something spiritual as a true potential that are able to stand up to the pressures of walking the walk, beyond talking the talk. To begin to listen and observe life is a beginning which if it cannot be accomplished, then all else is futile and you should simply become rich in life and buy big and little things here and there to make you happy because nothing you actually accomplish yourself will ever serve to do that. ~ Derek Lamar, Fourth Way Master

Honesty, Integrity, Principle... words which heal the soul


Sunday, May 2, 2004

All must give place to the spiritual fact by the translation of man and the universe back into Spirit. In proportion as this is done, man and the universe will be found harmonious and eternal. Thought will finally be understood and seen in all form, substance, and color, but without material accompaniments. ~ Mary Baker Eddy (Science and Health)

How shall we translate "man and the universe back into Spirit? By feeling and knowing that Spirit, Mind, is all. All! By letting our hearts melt into an infinite tenderness toward the ideas and thoughts which are the things of Spirit now and here before us. For how could we ever hope to behold the Creation of Spirit at hand while we fail to recognize it, and instead call it "materiality" or "illusion"? the natural things about us, belonging to our natural living, are not finite, or material, as supposed, but are of Mind, Spirit, cognizable according to our comprehension and understanding of Being. ~ Lillian DeWaters (The Seamless Robe)


Saturday, May 1, 2004

In some ways when you look around it seems as though humanity's interest in things mystical have taken a back seat to just about everything. There is because there is a tremendous energy bubbling up underneath the surface. They is incredible change in the wings and you can feel it all around. Much of the battle going on in the world today with terrorism is reflective of that change. The "war on terrorism" is unlike any war mankind has known before. It also is symbolic of a different state of consciousness. More than ever the terrorism reflects a state of consciousness which has as its goal the total upheaval of society and also a childish attack on authority and an attempt to dismantle the thinking process entirely since what is taking place is fueled by emotionalism. Thus it is the time for a Teaching, or a wave of Teaching, which focuses on the future and a mystical academic approach to society and the Self. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar


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