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Tuesday, August 31 , 2004

I feel I am standing at the edge of my own evolution, and I've realized that the psycho-spiritual evolution of the individual is going much faster than the societal transformation is able to keep up. Though we have many wonderful initiatives in terms of transforming society as a whole, it's still quite embryonic. However, the individuals doing the projects are themselves evolving quite rapidly; in fact, I often see the projects themselves as workshops for the development of the person. They are pro-jections of the deep Self that wants to come into form to co-create a world in which that Self can feel at home. What are really growing fastest are not the projects we're doing but the persons doing them. The projects will take years to manifest, but the persons doing the projects are already models of the evolving human. ~ Barbara Marx Hubbard (President of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution)

Do you feel a desire to do more... be more... be who you are


Monday, August 30 , 2004

The ancient Yogis, having understood the power of the mind to alter matter and seemingly transcend the fixed laws of nature, were very careful not to call too many phenomena miracles. They understood that even as this world is made of energy (prana), thought, and atomic matter, the mind of human beings with its power of thought can effect change in the world. This power, however, is not miraculous as no laws of nature are broken. Nor is there any necessity to assume the intervention of a deity or powerful being that was required to alter the laws of nature. ~ Sankara Saranam

Modern physicists like Bohm and Eddington, echoing the voices of the ancient Yogis, have theorized that the underlying fabric of the universe is thought. How better than with concentrated thoughts might one restructure an existence based on thought? While one lone believer may have very little thought power, most of the miracles of the world's giant religions are the result of the accumulated thoughts and expectations of millions of people over many years. Their occurrence has more to do with the power behind belief than the power behind spiritual or religious authenticity. ~ Sankara Saranam

Many paths, one light


Sunday, August 29 , 2004

Again we say it is a fact that many forms of mental and physical unsoundness and disease are truly the result of mental obsessions and hallucinations, truthful coming within the category of obsessions and possessions. In such cases it is useless to try to treat the body and the brain with medicines or any other form of therapy without purging the mind and resorting to the application of those secret laws which Jesus knew so well and which He used so professionally and expertly in His mission and throughout the years of His great work. ------ As a great flash of lightning dispels the darkness, so the astonishing, yet simple, statements of Jesus, revealed the fundamentals of God's laws. "Love thy neighbor; become as a child; do unto others as you would have them do unto you; abandon the vain-glorious things of the world; seek the Kingdom of Heaven within; lift up your consciousness to God in prayer and communion," and other easily understood rules, constituted the true Path to Eternal Life. ~ H. Spencer Lewis, F.R.C., Ph.D. (The Secret Doctrines of Jesus)

On earth as it is in heaven, as above so below


Saturday, August 28 , 2004

Often in his early acquaintance with a person, Gurdjieff would hit upon one or both of two "nerves" which produced agitation. These were the "pocketbook nerve" and the "sex nerve." He would, as our slang goes, "put the bee on somebody for some dough," or he might, as he did with one priest from Greece, egg him on to tell a series of ribald jokes. The event often proved that he didn't need the money he had been begging for. As for the poor priest, when he had outdone himself with an anecdote, Gurdjieff deflated him with the disgusted remark, "Now you are dirty!" and turned away. "I wished to show him he was not true priest," Gurdjieff said afterwards. To go for the "pocketbook nerve" or the "sex nerve" was to take a short cut to a person's psychology; instead of working through the surfaces, Gurdjieff immediately got beneath them. "Nothing shows up people so much," he once said, "as their attitude toward money." ~ Gorham Munson (Black Sheep Philosophers: TAT Journal, originally appeared in Tomorrow magazine, February, 1950)

Man is asleep. He wakes up occasionally to check and see if it is okay to go back to sleep.


Friday, August 27 , 2004

The world is nothing. We are nothing. Our life in this world is nothing but dreams and images. As such, why do we keep struggling? If the person who is asleep knew he was dreaming, should he suffer from his nightmare? ~ Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi (translated by Dr. Nevit Oguz Ergin / Crazy As We Are: selected Rubais from Divan-i Kebir)

I AM God, besides me there is nothing


Thursday, August 26 , 2004

Because it is necessary to translate the universe and man back into BEING, there can be no person, place or thing left out -- we must translate everything from a blade of grass to the farthest star in ordedr to attain (our) real estate. ~ Thane of Hawaii (Translation)

To "translate" is to move to heaven (Highest State of Consciousness) without experiencing natural death. To "translate" is to perceive the appearances around us as they really are based on a knowing of the Absolute Truth. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar

See things as God sees them ~ Thane


Wednesday, August 25 , 2004

The existential vacuum is a widespread phenomenon of the 20th century. This is understandable; it may be due to a twofold loss that man had to undergo since he became a truly human being. At the beginning of human history, man lost some of the basic animal instincts in which an animal's behavior is embedded and by which it is secured. Such security, like Paradise, is close to man forever; man has to make choices. In addition to this, however, man has suffered another loss in his more recent development: the traditions that had buttressed his behavior are now rapidly diminishing. No instinct tells him what he has to do; soon he will not know what he wants to do. More and more he will be governed by what others want him to do, thus increasingly falling prey to conformism.

A cross -sectional, statistical survey of the patients and the nursing staff was conducted by my staff in the neurological department at the Vienna Poliklinik Hospital. It revealed that 55% of the persons questioned showed a more or less marked degree of existential vacuum. In other words, more than half of them had experienced a loss of the feeling that life is meaningful.

This existential vacuum manifests itself mainly in a state of boredom. Now we can understand Schopenhauer when he said that mankind was apparently doomed to vacillate eternally between the two extremes of distress and boredom. In actual fact, boredom is now causing, and certainly bringing to psychiatrists, more problems to solve than is distress. And these problems are growing increasingly crucial, for progressive automation will probably lead to an enormous increase in the leisure hours of average workers. The pity of it is that many of them will not know what to do with all their newly acquired free time. ~ Viktor E. Frankl (Man's Search For Meaning)

The hills are alive with the sound of music; wake up and listen


Tuesday, August 24 , 2004

---But mysticism? It relates how unity within duality feels. Have we any right to doubt the faithfulness of this testimony? ...the soul may become one. This event occurs not between man and God but in man. All forces are concentrated into the core, everything that would distract them is pulled in, and the being stands alone in itself and jubilates, as Paracelsus put it, in its exaltation. This is a man's decisive moment. Without this he is not fit for the work of the spirit. With this---it is decided deep down whether this means preparation or sufficient satisfaction. Concentrated into a unity, a human being can proceed to his encounter --- wholly successful only now --- with mystery and perfection. But he can also savor the bliss of his unity and, without incurring the supreme duty, return into distraction. Everything along our way is decision --- intentional, dimly sensed, or altogether secret --- but this one, deep down, is the primally secret decision, pregnant with the most powerful destiny. ~ Martin Buber (I and Thou)

Separateness is not of itself but of a divided oneness, Oneness owes only to its own reality its existence, the template of ultimate reality


Monday, August 23 , 2004

The conscious mind has been called mortal or carnal mind. It is the human mind and sees life as it appears to be. It sees death, disaster, sickness, poverty and limitation of every kind, and it impresses the subconscious. The superconscious mind is the God Mind within each man, and is the realm of perfect ideas. In it, is the "perfect pattern" spoken of by Plato, The Divine Design; for there is a Divine Design for each person. "There is a place that you are to fill and no one else can fill, something you are to do, which no one else can do." There is a perfect picture of this in the superconscious mind. It usually flashes across the consciousness as an unattainable ideal----"something too good to be true." In reality it is man's true destiny (or destination) flashed to him from the Infinite Intelligence which is within himself. ~ Florence Scovel Shinn (The Game of Life and How To Play It, 1941)

I am all ideas, I am all thoughts, I am all that is and not what is not


Sunday, August 22 , 2004

Time is no time in reality but rather the unfoldment of consciousness knowing, expressing and renewing itself through a process of unfoldment. This is the ongoing expression of Mind Unfolding and this is our True Reality. The Reality to Life is Infinity. Infinity means that "forever" and "eternity" are the operative concepts of what is Truth. Therefore there can be no time because time never runs out. There is no past or future there is only the Infinite NOW. This infinite now is the I AM which is YOU as MIND. It is the same today, yesterday and forever. Know this reality of you and you shall be made free. ~ Derek Lamar

I am now, I am always, I am that I am


Saturday, August 21 , 2004

It was only a few thousand years ago that humankind conceived of there being one God. Then, two thousand years ago, that one God was consciously realized as being within man and woman. It has taken until this last hundred years for more than a few masters to realize that this "I Am that I Am" is not only within but "as" each of us. Now, at last, we are ready to take the final step. In the past, we thought that ascension meant leaving the body behind, but now we can ascend in consciousness without having to leave the body. We can realize that we are pure consciousness, which may or may not express itself in, through, and as a body. When we fully know ourselves as consciousness, we can take up or lay down our bodies at will. We can come and go, for we are no longer limited by time and space. Death ceases, because consciousness has nothing that dies. We are spiritual beings manifesting as any and all that the world sees. The final step takes place when consciousness ascends beyond, yet not necessarily apart from, material sense, when we are the Word, able to manifest or heal the flesh. "I Am" is then all that exists. It's all God. ~ Walter Starcke (Science of Mind)

I am consciousness expressing itself as my perfect body, mind and spirit. ~ W.S.


Friday, August 20, 2004

Of the many roles I discover within myself I am really consciousness which is not confined to the many roles I act out in everyday life. In working to discover yourself, to self observe, to actually change in consciousness, you must acknowledge your weaknesses, your lies, your fantasies, your anger and your fears. In doing so you will have begun the role of honesty which is mandatory for the personal transformation which you will find will take you into the realm of spiritual realization. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar

Standing in the mirror of self looking back at the appearances to see forward into reality


Thursday, August 19, 2004

Every time some new conspiracy comes along I become intrigued, interested, fascinated, frustrated, irritated, and then I have to acknowledge that I am about "about my Father's business" and I must continue to pursue the quest of knowing who I am, what I am, where am I going and what is it all about? I must continue to confront myself, use self-observation, retrieve outsiders' opinions, anything which helps me crack the belief of what I am to myself in order that I might more clearly recognize the Truth I AM and the realization of the Infinity of Reality which truly is the only world there is as Consciousness. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar

Conspiracy: We Are All Working To Become ONE


Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Wake up you sleepy head. Put on some clothes, shake up your bed. Put another log on the fire for me. I've made some breakfast and coffee. I look out my window and what do I see: a crack in the sky and a hand reaching down to me. All the nightmares came today. And it looks as though they're here to stay. What are we coming to? There's no room for me, no fun for you. I think about a world to come where some books are found by the Golden Ones. It's written in pain, written in awe, by a puzzled man who questioned what we came here for. All the strangers came today and it looks as though they're here to stay. ~ David Bowie (Oh! You Pretty Things from Hunky Dory, 1970)

All of us are aliens: strangers in a strange land


Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Because Truth is infinite, error should be known as nothing. Because Truth is omnipotent in goodness, error, Truth's opposite, has no might. Evil is but the counterpoise of nothingness. The greatest wrong is but a suppositious opposite of the highest right. The confidence inspired by Science lies in the fact that Truth is real and error is unreal. Error is a coward before Truth. Divine Science insists that time will prove all this. Both truth and error have come nearer than ever before to the apprehension of mortals, and truth will become still clearer as error is self-destroyed. ~ Mary Baker Eddy (Science and Health, 1875, pg 367)

Truth is what is, what is not is non-existent, therefore Truth is all there is


Monday, August 16, 2004

We are attracted to knowing about the "ancients" because innately we know that there is something about ourselves which we knew once but have since forgotten. We get caught up in the fantasies about advanced technologies of an age gone by just as we get caught up in the gimmicks of today's mass production and the latest and the greatest. Most of it is escapism and the necessary busy-ness which, as a society, we use to confuse us about life and keep us from actually ever looking at ourselves. But the Truth we seek is real, whether we find it in the past or stumble over it in the present. It is always there and waiting to be discovered within. Sometimes we trick ourselves into searching for it somewhere else, but when we do come across it, still, we find it within and that is the only place we can find it. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar

Ancient, Modern, Truth is waiting for us to learn


Sunday, August 15, 2004

Happy Birthday Monsieur John Lovelace

"Dazed by the marvels of love, our whirling endures." Rumi, the towering figure of Sufism (Islamic mysticism) in the 13th century, ended one of his fervent poems with this line which turned out to be prophetic: The Mevlevi (Mawlawi) sect, founded in his name, has kept the tradition of whirling to ecstasy alive for more than seven centuries now. The rituals of Rumi's followers (known in the Western world as "The Whirling Dervishes") are among the enduring as well as the most exquisite ceremonies of spirituality. "Listen to the reed, bow it tells its tales: bemoaning its bitter exile, it wails." It has been said that Rumi was adept at playing the reedflute. "In all mosques, temples, churches I find one shrine alone, and , in it, your face is my supreme delight, don't go away." The ultimate aim of whirling is to achieve love's soaring flight to God and to catch a glimpse of divine beauty while the dervish is in a state of trance. Music creates the aura for that spiritual journey. As Rumi gave eloquent expression to it, "listening to beautiful sounds, one finds peace of heart and achieves union with God." ~ Talat Saìt Halman (The Music of Ecstasy From The Whirling Dervishes)

Allah, God, Yahweh, is always around and around and around...


Saturday, August 14, 2004

Relax. Breathe in deeply and let the air flow back out. Do not push it out but rather let it flow freely and easily. Breathe in deeply again... and release. Let your whole body become limp and relaxed. Be at peace. Know that peace is within you already simply waiting to be revealed to you. There are no appointments, there are no clocks, there are no interruptions. As you think thoughts, let them go. As they come back to you, simply let them go again. Know within yourself that you are Consciousness. You are Mind. You are Being. You exist and you always have and you always will. In a universe which exists within the formula of infinity, all is infinite. No thoughts can die and everything is a thought. You are a thought. You are consciousness. You are Mind. You are Infinite Mind. Breathe in deeply and let the air flow out. Again. You are the lungs of Eternity. In and out, out and back, above and below, within and without. You are the heart of Reality. You are love. Love yourself. Yes, you can do this. If you cannot love yourself, you cannot love anything else. ~ Derek Lamar

God is Love, Love is Oneness


Friday, August 13, 2004

Contemporary psychology is just beginning to become aware that one of the most significant psychological dimensions affecting people's behavior is, to use Harvard psychologist Langer's term, "mindlessness." We now have enormous numbers of both experimental and clinical demonstrations to show that much of the time we live inside a kind of waking daydream. This means that our perceptions are often distorted and biased, as are our thinking and emotional evaluations. Consequently our behavior, based on biased and distorted understandings of our selves, of other people and of physical reality, is not only maladaptive but pathological in a way that further affects and distorts other's perceptions and reactions to us, in a vicious cycle. G.I. Gurdjieff was an early pioneer in taking internal skills for developing awareness, perceptiveness and wisdom, taught in the East, and experimenting with ways of making them accessible to modern Westerners. ~ Charles T. Tart (Mindfulness)

Be awake and know thyself


Thursday, August 12, 2004

The only tool you really own is your consciousness: this includes your skills to perceive, to reason, to emotionally evaluate, to control your body, to access your instincts and higher faculties, etc. While high levels of development of consciousness are needed to cope adaptively with the world, especially in interacting with others, our educational system strongly tends to assume that we already have great skill in managing our consciousness, and spends its time filling us with more and more content to be managed. On many occasions you need to focus your attention in spite of distraction or conflicting emotions, e.g., but how many of us have had "Concentration 101" in college? Or "Emotional Discrimination 101?" Or "Subtle Bodily Perceptions and their Role in Health, 101 and 102?" The enormous amount of maladaptive perception, thought, feeling and behavior in everyday life, among people who are stuffed with more intellectual knowledge than most of the "wise" people in history ever had, testifies to the results of not teaching basic skills in understanding and using consciousness. ~ Charles T. Tart (Mindfulness)

Be still and know I AM God


Wednesday, August 11, 2004

The Mind of God is manifesting in my life. The Spirit within me is projecting Itself into my experience. Divine Intelligence is acting in my affairs. Everything that I do, say or think is governed by this Intelligence. The Power which creates and sustains everything is now creating everything necessary to my happiness. The Spirit within me is God. The Living Spirit Almighty is within me now. Spirit is the sustaining Principle of my life. I open my mind to Its influx. I open my consciousness to Its inflowing. ~ Ernest Holmes (This Thing Called You, 1948)

I open my mind to the Reality I AM


Tuesday, August 10, 2004

There is no death. It is a dream. We can believe in the dream if we choose but that does not make it real. It still is an illusion. Reality is infinite. This same infinity is the eternity by which we must measure all things. Life is holographic and everything which is true is true of all things. Truth is all therefore it is Oneness. Therefore all things are One. Truth is all therefore Truth is Whole. This then reveals that Wholeness is an attribute of Reality. Thus wholeness is perfection and there can be no death in perfection. There can be no disease in perfection. Truth being all represents the Allness which is infinity and thus LIFE must also be infinite. When you "know" that life is infinite, you must know that death can have no hold on you. Life becomes a sort of unfolding movie which reflects what we believe in and it also jig saw puzzles it into a tapestry of unfoldment which links with everything else that we call Life. What we believe takes shapes and forms which interlock with other aspects of the life which involves other people... but we are these people too... we just don't know it. We must work to understand that all of these many minds are actually just the ONE MIND. The One Mind which is infinite, eternal and perfect. People are forever, cats are forever, dogs are forever, houses are forever, trees are forever. All ideas are forever and all ideas are perfect in back of what they appear to be. We must look deep into all ideas until we can see the perfection which is there to be revealed. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar, time traveler in Eternity.

From Here to Eternity


Monday, August 9, 2004

On the question of the "energy crisis" one must recognize, again, that it has nothing to do with scarcity or physical resources, but rather it has everything to do with a state of consciousness. We are rapidly approaching that bump in the road which represents a demarcation line of two worlds and one is the one we are standing in, while the other is one where are new state of consciousness reigns. When this takes place one will fade as the new gains a foothold and the new energy will mirror the new state of consciousness which more clearly represents a spiritual understanding of one's self and their world as MIND, as Consciousness, as the SELF, and as Spirit. This too then will express energy on its Higher level as it is based on endless resources, that of Consciousness, costs nothing, just as the access to MIND itself and it pollution FREE, which represents the purity of Infinite Mind. We must keep working on ourselves to recognize this in ourselves and we shall soon see it emerge in our world which reflects the Consciousness which is ours now. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar, Quantum Metaphysicist

Let there be energy, and there is energy, I AM energy


Sunday, August 8, 2004

Under the explicate realm of separate things and events is an implicate realm of undivided wholeness. ~ David Bohm, Quantum Theorist

An intelligent universe whose apparent concreteness is generated by - in effect - cosmic data from an unknowable, organized source. ~ David Foster, Cyberneticist (of our reality)

The holographic supertheory says that our brains mathematically construct a "hard" reality by interpreting frequencies from a dimension transcending time and space. The brain is a hologram, interpreting a holographic universe. ~ David Foster, Cyberneticist (of our reality)

Cause and effect reasoning can go beyond time and space. The principle is not left brain when it is combined with right brain thinking where the elements of consciousness and expression of Infinity become the axiomatic thinking which governs our universe. As we begin to decipher the Rosetta Stone of Cosmic Consciousness we become more and more familiar with a language we have always known. As we translate our surroundings we begin to recognize there is only one Self and it is holographic. ~ Derek Lamar, Quantum Metaphysicist

Remote viewing is holographically becoming a part of you previously unknown


Saturday, August 7, 2004

Every man, consciously or unconsciously establishes his relationship to the laws of his being. And while it is true that there is no stint or limit to the bounty and favor of God, if a man go down to the seashore with a little tin cup, can he hold the ocean in it? No! But he can fill the vessel he has provided, and he can have as much of the water as any vessel he provides will contain, and as much as he can carry. God does not deny him plenty, and there is no lack, but he must be prepared for the abundance he wants. Preparation is an inseparable part of the demonstration of abundance, and if a man does not make his preparation before the demonstration, he must do so afterward, as I myself once learned, when having asked for increase, I got more than I knew how to use wisely, so I had to learn how to use what I had asked for after it was received! ~ Ernest C. Wilson (Sons of Heaven, 1941)

Raise your sites and see beyond


Friday, August 6, 2004

All my life I have been looking for a man who has discovered the universal law which lies back of the Sermon on the Mount, and who consciously uses that law with full awareness of its meaning, and full obedience to its principles. Tens of thousands preach it or write about it, yet have little understanding of its meaning. I doubt if there are ten men in the whole world who actually Know that cosmic basis sufficiently to live it knowingly. If I could find such a man, I thought to myself, I would find one who might be called the Supreme Discoverer. He would be so cosmically aware of the Light of God that he would know the spiritual Cause of all Effect. Such a one would be the super-genius, for the hidden secrets of the universe would be his. He would see the universe as a whole and know his relationship to it, and to God. He would not need textbooks or teachers, for he would already Know. All knowledge of Cause would be his, and also the power to use it. ~ Glenn Clark (The Man Who Tapped The Secrets Of The Universe)

Let it be and so it is


Thursday, August 5, 2004

There are conspiracies in the world, many of them are part of the apocryphal stories popular within a segment of society which comprise the "conspiracy theories" and many of them are true. But not one alone is true. Much of it is true and much of it is true in part. There is no one answer out there in the world which will really do any of us any good to know... unless it provokes us to look at ourselves. We, as individuals, must recognize that within our own consciousness, within our subconscious mind, there are conspiracies. These conspiracies operate for the survival of the machine we call ourselves. Unfortunately, most of us, for the most part, are slaves to the subconscious mind which operates within like a dictator. This dictator within causes us to operate in peculiar ways which are often self destructive and obsessive in myriads of distractions which prevent us from ever looking at ourselves. The first step to overthrowing the dictator within is to look him in the face and confirm his existence. The next step is to recognize our own sovereignty over this impostor. We must recognize our I AM and discover the Divinity which is our innate nature working simultaneously to be known by us, for it is the ONE SELF which ultimately is really in charge. I AM that I AM. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar

There are no shadows without a light shining to be revealed


Wednesday, August 4, 2004

In his famous equation outlining the equivalence of mass and energy, Einstein proved that the energy in any particle of matter is equal to its mass or weight multiplied by the square of the velocity of light. The release of the atomic energies is brought about through the annihilation of the material particles. The "death" of matter has been the "birth" of an Atomic Age. ~ Paramhansa Yogananda (Autobiography of a Yogi)

The death of separateness, the birth of Oneness


Tuesday, August 3, 2004

They say you must learn from the past, but also you must learn from the future before it happens. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar (Quantum Metaphysics)

The future is the past waiting to be revealed


Monday, August 2, 2004

What you are, so is your world. Everything in the universe is resolved into your own inward experience. It matters little what is without, for it is all a reflection of your own state of consciousness. It matters everything what you are within, for everything without will be mirrored and colored accordingly. All that you positively know is contained in your own experience; all that you every will know must pass through the gateway of experience, and so become part of yourself. Your own thoughts, desires, and aspirations comprise your world, and, to you, all that there is in the universe of beauty and joy and bliss, or ugliness and sorrow and pain, is contained within yourself. By your own thoughts you make or mar your life, your world, your universe. As you build within by the power of thought, so will your outward life and circumstances shape themselves accordingly. Whatsoever you harbor in the inmost chambers of your heart will, sooner or later, by the inevitable law of reaction, shape itself in your outward life. ~ James Allen (The Path of Prosperity, 1907)

That which I value within I realize in my world also


Sunday, August 1, 2004

Doing what you do not want to do often brings you closer to a problem that you are having. The friction which occurs is the energy you can work off of to confront the fears which paralyze one. You then work your way through this aspect of your consciousness by seeing the memory which is the key component for this fear and letting it go by realizing the "Now"reality thus releasing the Truth in its place and leaving the illusion behind. ~ Derek Lamar, Fourth Way Master

Let there be insight and there is Light

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