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March 2005
Fear is a strange creature. It operates within us like the envoy of an enemy. It quietly waits deep within for the opportunity to rear its ugly head just at a moment of weakness and knows just where to poke us in our most vulnerable areas. But though this fear is our adversary it also is our friend. It leads us directly to the areas of our consciousness which need work. It guides us like a shadow takes us to the source of that which is blocking the light. Do not ignore your fears. Treat them with respect. Follow them to their deaths as you let them die a heroes death once you release the false ideas you have about yourself and allow your real Being to spring forth. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
I am whole, complete and perfect expressing the True Nature of my Being
Life and death are not the extremes of an infinite reality... Life is reality. Death is the illusion of things coming to an end which is based on a consciousness of duality. But in reality there is only Infinite LIFE. Even in our belief in death it only symbolizes the doorway between one life and another and yet they are connected, one after the other, without a pause in between. There is no space between life and life where nonexistence reigns. It is merely the demarcation of realities which we sew together with the thread of duality but even in doing so it is a fabric which can only be used for the Emperor's clothes. As we step out into life we arrive here from life itself and we move on into the ongoing life of which there is nothing else besides. There has never been a time when you did not exist and there never shall be. Godspeed. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
I am life, I am ongoing, I am the Eternal Path of Being
Music is a key which unlocks the memories we hold in place within our consciousness. The music which we hold dear helped comfort us in times of stress and anxiety and the turmoil of change, often moments in our youth when it seemed so much to deal with was coming at us at a hundred miles an hour. We would slip between the grooves of songs which made us feel safe and in control through the creative elements at play. You can visit those moments any time you play that music and discover a piece of yourself which you may have forgotten. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
I am music, I am the vibration, I am the heartbeat of eternity
A major problem for all forms of psychotherapy is to motivate the patient to do what needs to be done. He must return to "unfinished business" which he left unfinished in the past because it was so painful that he had to flee. Now, if he is encouraged to go back and finish it, it is still painful; it reactivates his misery, and from the short-run view, it is still to be avoided. How can he be kept at the task --- ultimately, how can he keep himself at the task --- when there is such a quantity of unpleasantness to live through? ~ Perls, M.D., Ph.D., Frederick, Hefferline, Ph.D., Ralph F., Goodman, Ph.D., Paul, 1951(Gestalt Therapy )
You know it can't harm you to feel your own pain ~ John Lennon (I Found Out)
The care you show for others reveals the care you actually feel for yourself. If you really are free to share with others, to do for others, to help others, to think about others beyond the personal whims of the ego, then you truly have achieved a liberation within yourself. However, if you find that you are not willing to put in the time necessary for things for other people, or the expense or the thought, then probably you are somewhat empty inside still searching for that part of yourself which is real to be discovered. You must make a bigger effort to set yourself free and you will discover that divinity in how you interact with those around you. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
Do for others as you would have them do for you and do for others as the needs of others dictate beyond simply your interpretation based on what you might want in given circumstances
Every time I come to doubt that there is a truth to Destiny I am faced with the grip of reality shaking me telling me that the only reason I come to question its authenticity is a space of weakness within me. This does not confirm that the opposite is true however, but I have come to realize over and over again that MIND is unfolding and as it unfolds it reveals the Truth which has always been there, just as I have always been there, just as you have always been there, and no matter what form it takes, Destiny is the revealing of the ultimate knowingness of the Truth I AM which is all there is. It is MIND knowing itself in a Universe which is within that very same mind: yesterday, today and forever. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
In the twinkling of an eye is the NOWNESS of I AM
"Mind is the Master Power that moulds and makes
And Man is Mind, and evermore he takes
The Tool of thought, and shaping what he wills,
Brings forth a thousand joys, a thousand ills;
He thinks in secret and it comes to pass;
Environment is but his looking glass.
- James Allen (author of As A Man Thinketh)
Through a glass darkly I yet discover myself in horror and in joy
As Viktor Frankl observed from within the concentration camp: "I became disgusted with the state of affairs which compelled me, daily and hourly, to think of only such trivial things. I forced my thoughts to turn to another subject. Suddenly I saw myself standing on the platform of a well-lit, warm and pleasant lecture room. In front of me sat an attentive audience on comfortable upholstered seats. I was giving a lecture on the psychology of the concentration camp! All that oppressed me at that moment became objective, seen and described from the remote viewpoint of science. By this method I succeeded somehow in rising above the situation, above the sufferings of the moment, and I observed them as if they were already of the past. Both I and my troubles became the object of an interesting psychoscientific study undertaken by myself. What does Spinoza say in his Ethics? 'Emotion, which is suffering, ceases to be suffering as soon as we form a clear and precise picture of it.'" ~ Viktor Frankl (Man's Search For Meaning)
Be still and know that I AM Consciousness

In the several years since 1948 I have learned of a practice that supersedes, for me, the Law of Visualization. It is the Five Steps of Translation. It does not render the Law of Visualization obsolete, though it has prompted me to discontinue the use or practice of the Law of Visualization as stated in this treatise. ~ Thane of Hawaii

Truth is that which is so and Truth is all there is

The struggle in the world is the mirror to our soul. We must continue the fight within to free ourselves of the ideas which dominate us and keep us from being free within. It is a battle which requires fighting the belief systems which prevent us from knowing our own Divinity. Our "I AM" must be released to express the Truth which is the Reality we seek to discover. We are to find it within and we must then allow it to spread its light without. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar

Let there be Light... and there is Light

When a human soul draws its first furrow straight, the rest will surely follow. Henceforth your existence becomes ceaseless activity. The universe belongs to him who wills, who knows, who prays, but he must will, he must know, he must pray. In a word, he must possess force, wisdom and faith. Be conquerors on earth, your convictions will be changed to certainties. ~ Balzac

Your "earth" is your "world" and your "world" is the reflection of your state of consciousness. You are not to set out to conqueror others for they merely represent the part of you which must submit to a Higher Power. You must be willing to look at your world as the script playing out your belief system and if you do not like your world you must be willing to change within. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar

Change is the one absolute constant and it reflects the ongoing discovery of the infinite source of reality that you are within... your changes reflect a better knowing of yourself

After several years of deep meditation he awoke one morning under the Bodhi tree and most clearly perceived the way of enlightenment. He was now no more Gautama, a royal prince, but a Buddha, the enlightened one. He was so overjoyed with the revelation that he spent about a week most profoundly absorbed in contemplation, and it is even said that he was not at all inclined to come out of his transcendental ecstasy and self-reflection and to engage in active propaganda work in the world. But in the meantime his great compassionate heart asserted itself. His thought turned toward the miserable spiritual conditions under which his former associates were laboring and from which he was now completely free. He went back to the woods where they were living. At first, they were disposed to deride their former leader, but as he approached his serene countenance and majestic demeanor completely unnerved them, and they prostrated themselves before him and asked his instruction. They were all converted to his view and came to enjoy the real bliss of life and enlightenment. ~Soyen Shaku (Zen For Americans, 1913)

Compassion is the love for others who endure the miseries of life

Where the hell art thou, oh noblest of friends
when I finally found you I thought it would never end
friends so hard to find in these times
I thought so precious the few I called mine and yet they slip away so easily it seems
I guess they too are a part of this dream
when I lose my friends I lose myself or is it the other way around
do I lose touch with the friendship of reality when my feet no longer touch ground
reach out and touch me and tell me you are well
remove this veil, remove this hell accept there are those that love thee for true
and know indeed I am speaking of you. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar (on Friendship)

Love is the expression of the Oneness of Reality

Finish every day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; begin it well and serenely and with too high a spirit to be cumbered with your old nonsense. This day is all that is good and fair. It is too dear, with its hopes and invitations, to waste a moment on the yesterdays. ~ Emerson

Tomorrow can always be a fresh start with yesterday the end of bad times

Stars over snow, and in the west a planet swinging below a star --- Look for a lovely thing and you will find it, it is not far --- it never will be far. ~ Sara Teasdale (Night)

Infinite Reality is here and now within... it never is far


You do not need a wrong to know what is right. This is not the true essence of that which is Zen. It has become adulterated by modern Western pop psychology gurus who want to sound "deep." They say: "Oh to know reality one must know there is no reality." Or "To feel happiness one must always keep a part of themselves in constant pain." The kick to this kind of thinking is that if it sounds contradictory then that fits because that is what Zen is about: being confused. No. There is a difference between opposites which because of human duality are split apart and simply opposites which represent the erroneous thinking which believes in an opposing set of rules in the Universe which can never agree. Male and female represent the androgyny of the God Force, the male-female principle. Thus if we perceive female or male, it is not a lie about the Truth, but rather a not seeing the whole picture. But if you say God is a lie and true this would simply be false. God cannot be anything but ONE and thus not both two opposing ideas. We must free ourselves of the opposing ideas which rule our lives and tear us apart every time we turn around. Life is not a matter of being torn apart but rather the coming together. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar

Truth is ONE and Truth is Infinite... it is the Infinite One. ~ D.L.


You cannot continue to believe merely what your senses tell you. What you feel may not be accurate interpretations of reality. What you think may be based on false conclusions which do not hold any veracity. You must discover what "truth" actually is and then pursue it with all of your heart, your mind and your soul. To discover "truth" one must understand its formula. It is axiomatic and it will reveal all of the reality which awaits you at your fingertips. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
The Truth shall make you free


This is nothing to be ashamed of. Disease is the condition of "crooked thinking." If you did not have "some" crooked thinking you would not be experiencing this world of duality with its confusion, its chaos, its separateness. You are here to discover yourself and realize the Truth. In the process you will be healed many times over. The body naturally heals itself much of the time. Ultimately you must come to understand that disease is a state of the mind, not of the body, because in reality, there is no body but that which is within the mind. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
Truth is perfect, therefore Truth is the healing force to be found within


A human being will not change his personality patter, when all is said and done, until he is forced to do so by his own suffering. Advice, persuasion, requests from the outside will effect only a temporary change in the cloak of the personality. And here is where mere rational understanding is shown to be inadequate, for it takes a dynamic stronger than simply an abstract idea that another way would be "better" to bring about a real change. The human ego is a recalcitrant and stubborn affair; it fights off disturbance, for it very much fears the profound insecurity that comes when its style of life is shaken. In fact, many neurotic individuals prefer to endure the misery of their present situation than to risk the uncertainty that would come with change. No matter how clearly the neurosis may be shown to be based on sheer falsehood, the patient will not give it up until his suffering becomes insupportable. ~ Rollo May (The Art of Counseling: The Transforming of Personality)

When the pain of not changing is greater than the pain of changing, then change will occur ~ D.L.

Do you know that your bodies are made of some of the same substances that are found in the sun and the other stars? You are a sample of the great Universe. So do not let little things trouble you but think and act as if you were a part of a bigger world than the little earth upon which you live. ~ Edwin B. Frost (The Great Universe)

This Beingness is the above to the below, it is the implicate to the explicate, it is the within to the without, it on earth as it is in heaven

In order to be a "Teacher" in spiritual matters, one of the most important things to remember, is that you must let go of the impulse to want people to think you know things and move on to actually knowing things for their own sake. I am not speaking of acquiring information, but rather the knowing which comes from discovering the SELF. This then will be its own reward and others shall learn from your experiences by witnessing this evolved process of unfoldment. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar

Belief can be a stepping stone to knowing or a stumbling block ~ D.L.

Every day is a challenge to know reality. It is a struggle to know yourself. It is easy to get sidetracked into learning "spiritual knowledge" if it seems to let you off the hook of observing yourself and making changes within your own consciousness. If you did not need to make changes in consciousness you wouldn't be viewing all of the things in the world which needs to be changed. It is your awareness. You are seeing it reflected for some reason. Continue the work to know yourself. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar

Ch... ch... ch... changes... turn and face the strain... changes... look out you rock 'n' rollers. ~ David Bowie

One of the most important events to take place in a person's life is when they face their inner child and accept them, love them, release them from guilt, hold them, support them, take care of them, let them be the child that they are within and become their parent as the ONENESS of BEING that they must realize themselves to be. Imagine going back in time and having the opportunity to speak with yourself. You can do that. The child of the past that is you still lives within you in the "now." You can open yourself up, embrace that child and rather than turning away out of personal shame and self hatred, love them, accept them, receive them and let them know that they are okay, they are smart, they are perfect in the eyes of God, they are creative, they have all of the potential to make a happy and successful life for themselves if they only know that to be true. Be their friend and their parent. Give them everything you feel was taken from you or refused you. Give them all of the understanding that you feel you never got. Give them all of the love and care you feel you never got. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar

I am a child, I'll last awhile, you can't conceive of the pleasure in my smile. ~ Neil Young

Neglect is usually a parental attitude --- often expressed as a preoccupation with work or "duties" --- which results in the parent having little time for, interest in or awareness of the child's need for a continuing attachment with an adult to whom he can turn for help in satisfying his needs. Such an adult fails to provide interested and sympathetic support to the child's efforts to feel satisfied with himself, and so does not give the child the feeling that he has someone "in his corner." ~ W. Hugh Missildine, M.D. (Your Inner Child Of The Past, 1963)

The time you spend feeling guilty about not spending time with your children is way more time than they would have needed if you had given it to them. ~ D.L.

Somewhere, sometime, you were a child. This is one of the great obvious, seemingly meaningless and forgotten common denominators of adult life. Yet the fact that you were once a child has an important bearing on your life today. In trying to be adults we mistakenly try to ignore our lives as children, discount our childhood and omit it in our considerations of ourselves and others. This is a basic cause of much adult distress and unhappiness. It is a way of mistreating ourselves. ~ W. Hugh Missildine, M.D. (Your Inner Child Of The Past, 1963)

When you really see a child you can see the adult in them, when you really see an adult you can see the child in them. It is within this dichotomy we must fall in love. ~ D.L.

The coming scientific revolution heralded the end of dualism in every sense. Far from destroying God, science for the first time was proving His existence -- by demonstrating that a higher, collective consciousness was out there. There need no longer be two truths, the truth of science and the truth of religion. There could be one unified vision of the world. This revolution in scientific thinking also promised to give us back a sense of optimism, something that has been stripped out of our sense of ourselves with the arid vision of twentieth-century philosophy, largely derived from the views espoused by science. We were not isolated beings living our desperate lives on a lonely planet in an indifferent universe. We never were alone. We were always part of a larger whole. We were and always had been at the center of things. Things did not fall apart. The center did hold and it was we who were doing the holding. We had far more power than we realized, to heal ourselves, our loved ones, even our communities. Each of us had the ability -- and together a great collective power -- to improve our lot in life. Our life, in every sense, was in our hands. ~ Lynne McTaggart (The Field: The Quest For The Secret Force of The Universe, 2002)

This is not the answer to all questions yet a piece of the formula which dangles before us like bait to a hungry fish swimming in deep waters

One has to be familiar with this atmosphere in the fields of sexology and psychiatry before Freud to understand the enthusiasm and relief which I felt when I encountered him. Freud had paved a road to a clinical understanding of sexuality. He showed that adult sexuality proceeds from stages of sexual development in childhood. It was immediately clear: sexuality and procreation are not the same. The words "sexual" and "genital" could not be used interchangeably. The sexual experience comprises a far greater realm than the genital experience... Freud exposed contradictions in thinking and brought in logic and order. ~ Wilhelm Reich (The Function of the Orgasm, 1973)

In the image and likeness of God... male and female: The Divine Androgyne
Sexuality is not a part of reality, it is reality

Our purpose is to get everyone spiritually enlightened. And enlightenment is certain knowledge of the absolute truth. "Absolute truth" is that one and only truth that is true throughout all time and space for everyone. And what is the absolute truth? The absolute truth is: The thinker is creative with his thoughts. The only way you could prove that this is not the absolute truth is by thought or by thinking it is not, thereby proving the axiom. For example, if you say, "No, that is not the absolute truth! The absolute truth is that everyone dies!" that is a thought you have. That is a thought you create which only proves again thought is creative. ~ Leonard Orr and Sondra Ray (Rebirthing In The New Age, 1977)

There are no absolutes! - - - Wait... that IS an absolute! - - - Never mind.

Is destiny something we wish for or something we fear? Often the thought of a destiny makes us feel somewhat invincible... even immortal. But on the other hand, we sometimes feel that it removes free will and says that our future is preordained leaving us powerless to change our future. Neither of these cases are true alone, because, in fact, both of them are true. This makes our path delicate and narrow and must be walked with a tightrope balance even though we feel that we are running through the halls of a college campus willy nilly avoiding the clusters of other students in our path. Each of us has a destiny and it applies to us specifically as we are at any given moment. As we change inside so does our destiny change. A destiny has within it an understanding built-in which conveys that one's future affects other people, maybe humanity as a whole. Each of us has the potential and power to have an effect on everyone around us, near and far. If you feel you have a destiny it is much like realizing that life is unfolding all around you making events work in your favor and in the favor or circumstances of other people and events in your life like pieces to a puzzle making the whole picture seem clearer and clearer as each piece drops into its respective slot. Often, as you change inside, discovering yourself, more pieces fall into place and the pace seems to pick up. Sometimes this is frightening, but also reassuring to know that you are in the right place at the right time. Welcome to the mind of God. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar

If I hadn't made a left hand turn, if you hadn't made a right, if I'd waited just a moment more, if you'd missed the light, if that car had never blown its horn, if that friend had stopped to talk, we'd have never met at all, if I didn't take that walk ~ Dory Previn (Children of Coincidence... coincidence and fate)

Strange that creatures with no backbone have the strongest of shells. ~ Kahil Gibran

A Bible verse referencing the death of Jesus in John 19:36 reads: "Not one bone of his will be broken." which comes from Psalms 34:20 which reads: "...taking care of every bone, Yahweh (I AM THAT I AM) will not let one be broken." So this Christ Consciousness which is the foundation of perfect thought, our own True Self, cannot be broken, since to break means to separate and Reality is ONENESS and INFINITE therefore separation is but an illusion (error as opposed to Truth). Symbology is pretty basic and simple even though there are those out there who like to complicate things. But the symbology of the skeleton or bones, is framework... and foundation.... This is why the Hebrews took the bones of the famous ones with them to the Promised Land. It was the carting off of a previous stage of development. It was a foundation of thinking which they honored and considered their own. As one has a good framework/foundation they have something to "build upon" and that gives them strength and flexibility. It isn't so much that our outward world reflects our thinking... we are actually looking at our mind in these things. We are viewing the mind of GOD, but through our own filtering system. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar

Bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh, entwined with all of Eternity, in God I AM enmeshed

The religious implications of the Light were described more than two hundred years ago by Jonathan Edwards, the Calvinist theologian who put forth the belief that "there is such a thing as a spiritual and divine light, immediately imparted to the soul by God, of a different nature from any obtained by natural means." He describes this light as having "no impression upon the mind, as it is not seen with the bodily eyes. It can be described as thus: a spiritual and saving conviction of the truth and reality of divine glory. It is sweet and pleasant to the soul." The Light, Edwards said, enables us to "see the mutual relations between things and occasions us to take more notice of them." ~ Melvin Morse, M.D., with Paul Perry (Closer To The Light, 1990)

Let there be Light, and there is Light... I AM Light!

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