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July 31 ~ Sunday

Music is the combinations of vibrations that we feel through our ears and skin which open us up to meaning on an entirely different level than anything else. It can make us cry, laugh, think, feel many things and can usually happen the same way over and over again. Sometimes we trigger to things in music through the lyrics or sometimes the melodies can carry us into a peaceful happy place. Music is mathematics and is the most perfect art form which exists within us that we can produce for others to experience. From the pounding of a log in a drum like fashion to the symphonic orchestra of a large city, music reaches into our soul and tugs on our heart. Music is the sound of Truth. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar

I AM Music, I AM Song
July 30 ~ Saturday

"I have spent a great deal of time studying to improve my knowledge and awareness in all spiritual areas," he says, "my attention being directed towards the works of Gurdjieff, Ouspensky, the Existentialist philosophers, and Greek, Tibetan and Indian mystics. Whatever I read in this line does not surprise me. I feel that I already know what is written, and that the information is there as an affirmation only. I guess it's the difference between knowingness and knowledge." ~ David Hutton (Threshold To Tomorrow by Ruth Montgomery)

Who are we when we are NOT ourselves?
July 29 ~ Friday

Health and healing has always been one of the top priorities of interest among students, teachers and bystanders. The holding on of pain or discomfort or chaos or confusion on some level is the primary reason one feels sick or has some sort of illness. It is often helpful to seek out the memory which is linked to a negative outpicturing but the ultimate answer is to focus on the Truth. The Truth is there is no pain, no disease. There is only perfection and harmony in Reality and that Reality is your True Identity. Once you recognize your Self as that role which is the only role which is who you are you will no longer be experiencing the delusion of sickness. In Reality there is One Mind which is YOU. This Mind is whole, complete and perfect and there is no such thing as that which is incomplete, imperfect or unwhole. Therefore you must know only wholeness, only perfections, and only completeness. A healing is the illusion of change whereby the negative thought disappears and the positive thought revealing the perfection of Truth which always was there comes to the forefront of your thoughts, of your mind. This is Truth. This is Reality. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar

A healing is the recognition of the whole self
July 28 ~ Thursday

Gay men and lesbians have an astonishing degree of tenacity: they must, just to persist in being faithful to themselves in a world that has shown itself to be hostile, untrustworthy, and dangerous. Their continuing presence in the church century after century is a fairly impressive feat in and of itself. Like other oppressed communities, the LesBiGay world has been shaped by the need to "hide in plain sight." To this end, it has developed its own language--especially words and phrases used only in gay settings and by gay people--particular styles of dress, gestures, and especially a certain kind of humor that have kept gay people's spirit, dignity, and self-determination alive.

Oddly enough, in a church increasingly aware of the need for sensitivity to the cultural contexts of other groups it seeks to minister to, there is a peculiar blindness to gay cultural contexts, as if they had neither legitimacy nor respectability, and could therefore safely be ignored while a version of Christianity approved by the majority was superimposed on this minority. Such a strategy in dealing with any other minority would be horrifying to mainstream churches nowadays, a legacy of nineteenth-century cultural imperialism. It may take a significant amount of education to convince the churches that, just as they should not treat Asians, Africans, or Native Americans as defective Europeans, neither should they pretend that gay and lesbian Christians are defective heterosexuals.

What does it mean, what does it look like, when gay and lesbian Christians can come to understand themselves as God's gay people, exploring God's love and wisdom in gay lives, gay relationships, and gay communities? Granted, this is a peculiar ministry when viewed by many straight Christians, but most cultures are strange when viewed by ethnocentric outsiders ~ Mary Ritley (co-author of Gifted By Otherness: Gay and Lesbian Christians In The Church, 1994 with L. William Countryman)

In the image and likeness of God: male AND female
July 27 ~ Wednesday

Our transcendent self is a self of aspirations just as our functional self is a self of ambitions. Aspirations are stimulating us preconsciously long before the period of life in which they will be in the foreground of our formation efforts. For many of us that may only happen in the last half of life. Yet we are never totally without an urge to transcendence. Already early in life our innate aspirations manifest themselves in our inclination to set up ideal life directives. Our tendency to idealize is a symptom of our innate spirituality. ~ Adrian Van Kaam, C.S.Sp. (The Transcendent Self, 1979)

Go beyond the usual limits, reach up and touch the face of God
July 26 ~ Tuesday

The Body is the organism of consciousness, the formed expression of being. It is made up of three departments, viz., Head, Chest, Abdomen and Limbs. Spiritually, these conform to Spirit, Soul, and Body, respectively, the trinity of Creation progressing in form unto the attainment of Mind. Mind is conscious consciousness, and is gained through overcoming the forces developed on the material plane of existence by means of the material body. These forces are aspects of aspirations, feelings, thoughts, and motives. The conformity of the forces of spirit, soul, mind, and body to the Divine Laws is the Love of the Lord gained, by which the love of the neighbor is promoted. The love of the neighbor is perfect expression of Body, universally. ~ Ida Mingle (Spiritual Significance of the Body, 1936)

The mind is not in the body, the body is in your mind ~ D.L.
July 25 ~ Monday

Remember this day and remember all days. Say to yourself: "I AM the ONE." Realize and know your divinity. You have a divinity and it is there to be revealed to you. You must begin by maintaining a meditation of knowingness as you whisper within your soul: "I AM the ONE." This has nothing to do with your ego self. This has nothing to do with you in opposition to anyone else. In this meditation there is no one else. You are all there is. This is because in Truth there is only ONE MIND and as your "I AM" self you are the ONE MIND. You cannot MAKE your Destiny happen to you. You can only let it happen to you. Say to yourself: "I AM the ONE. I am all there is. I AM consciousness and I am not pulled this way or that for I am everywhere. I am whole, complete and perfect. I AM the ONE." ~ Dr. Derek Lamar

I AM who I AM and I accept that
July 24 ~ Sunday

The transcendent self is one which does not become someone else but goes beyond the seeming appearances of the role previously played and reveals a Self which has always been there but kept out of reach. When you see life as the joke that it is in the human sense, where everything humanity places importance upon is ridiculous whereas what is ignored by the masses is the most important of all, then a sense of humor rises up out of the old self and allows the new self, which has always been, there to join the party and have a good laugh. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar

It's my party and I'll try if I want to
July 23 Saturday

Non-attachment is not indifference --- this cannot be repeated too often. Many people reject the aims of yoga philosophy as "inhuman" and "selfish," because they imagine yoga as a cold, deliberate shunning of everybody and everything for the sake of working out one's own salvation. The truth is exactly the opposite. Human love is the highest emotion most of us know. It frees us to some extent from our egotism in our relation to one or more individuals. But human love is still possessive and exclusive. Love for the Atman is neither. We readily admit that it is better to love people "for what they really are" than merely for their beauty, their intelligence, their strength, their sense of humor or some other quality --- but this is only a vague and relative phrase. What people "really are" is the Atman, nothing less. To love the Atman in ourselves is to love it everywhere. And to love the Atman everywhere is to go beyond any manifestation of Nature to the Reality within Nature. Such a love is too vast to be understood by ordinary minds, and yet it is simply an infinite deepening and expansion of the little limited love we all experience. ~ Swami Prabhavananda and Christopher Isherwood (How To Know God: The Yoga Aphorisms of Patanjali)

The Atman is the "I AM", Being, Truth, Wholeness, Spirit, Infinite Mind, SELF, God, LIGHT. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar

It is not over until the Atman sings
July 22 ~ Friday

If you behave good, they don't remember but if you behave badly, they'll never forget. ~ Werner Herzog (Even Dwarfs Started Small, 1969)

Good is as good does
July 21 ~ Thursday

Transcendence is one of the fundamental dynamics of human and spiritual formation. Each person approaches his or her full potential by way of transitions from lower to higher forms of spiritual life. Transcendence crises often accompany these transitions. They can take place at any moment of our spiritual formation, provided they are not repressed. ~ Adrian Van Kaam, C.S.Sp. (The Transcendent Self)

Transcendent moments are often so subtle you could miss them. It is more than simply seeing the beauty in a flower. But to see the beauty in a flower as it pertains to the perfection of the universe and a realization that there is more than simply an occurrence of random depositing of energy specks and flakes of accidental debris meandering across the galaxies only to meet head-on with color, light, time, space and observation... that is a transcendent moment. You aren't just discovering Beingness in nature, you have discovered it within yourself. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar

Think about it... then hear it echo in the stars overhead
July 20 ~ Wednesday

This doctrine of reincarnation, which at first seems so grim and heartless, actually implies a profoundly optimistic belief in the justice and order of the universe. If it is we --- and not God, or our parents, or our fellow men --- who have made our present predicament, then it is we who can change it. We have no excuse for self-pity and no reason for despair. We are not helplessly doomed. We are under no mysterious prenatal curse. All we need is courage and a determination not to give up the struggle. Sometimes the workings of the Law of Karma are quite apparent to us --- in retrospect, at least. We can see, looking back over our lives, how a certain tendency in our character has produced the same situation, over and over again, under diverse circumstances. This should certainly make us suspect that karma also operates in those areas of experience which are seemingly ruled by chance. And, indeed, science keeps finding new threads of cause and effect amidst life's apparent tangle. For example, the psychologists now tell us that many "accidents" are not accidental at all, but assertions of a subconscious desire to avoid some unpleasant problem..." ~ Swami Prabhavananda and Christopher Isherwood (How To Know God: The Yoga Aphorisms of Patanjali, 1953)

Life is one damn thing after another
July 19 ~ Tuesday

For the Hebrews existence begins with God; light is created out of darkness. The darkness needs no creation since it is simply the absence of light. "And the earth was without form and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters." Like the darkness, the ocean deep needed no creation. Light was created by the will of the Spirit, and earth by the gathering together of the waters. The Firmament was created as a protective cover; above and below it are the universal waters. ~ Cecil J. Schneer, Ph. D. (Mind And Matter, 1969)

As above, so below... ultimately is what we must know
July 18 ~ Monday

"Carried by angels" --- it is all we know of how they go; we heard it long ago. It is enough; they are not lonely there, lost nestlings blown about in fields of air. The angels carry them; the way, they know. Our kind Lord told us so. ~ Amy Carmichael

Angels, as "messengers of God" express the "thought" of a being which is spiritual communication. We interpret "God" in anthropomorphic ways and angels tend to adhere to a friendly concept which express guardianship, power and blessings and are more acceptable to some people than a simple abstract presence of God as formless force. But it is all the same thing. Birds have wings and they symbolize "higher thoughts" therefore humanoid figures with wings express "Higher Thoughts" which specifically mirror the individual Higher Self in a Divine Form. This expresses the Divine Self which is our own Self but in its alternative role as a Spiritual Being. Often people see angels at a time when they are in dire need of personal spiritual contact and this is the best way their Higher Self break the ice in their own development. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar

Strap on your wings and soar above the clouds
July 17 ~ Sunday

Having learnt to say, as a statement of realized fact, "I am not my body, I am never ill, nor restless, weary, fretful, ill at ease," tackle the emotional nature with the same reasoned thoroughness. Realize that you are never angry, jealous, frightened or depressed, and so begin that difficult task, dominion over mood. Emotions are not evil and need not be crushed out, but like uncultured savages these and others like them demand a constant supply of everchanging vibration which is, of course, inimical to the mind's serenity. Learn, therefore, to dissociate yourself from these emotions, and thus be in a better position to control them. The danger to the mind is as great with "good" as with "evil" emotions. Pleasure at success can prove as unbalancing as depression at failure, and even uncontrolled affection can do great harm. In this connection learn to use deep breathing as a method of emotional control. Emotions react upon and function through the nervous system, and rhythmic breathing calms the nerves more effectively than any drugs. ~ Christmas Humphreys ( Concentration and Meditation: A Manual Of Mind Development, 1935)

Take a deep breath... see? ...you still can
July 16 ~ Saturday

The West is not yet awake to the power of thought. Though conscious of the influence of strong "personalities," of mass suggestion by slogans and advertisement, and even of "atmosphere" in certain places, it is left to a few advanced psychologists to appreciate the power of thought on health and character. Yet how many of these have reached an intellectual acceptance, much less a realization of the first verse of the Dhammapada: "All that we are is the result of what we have thought; it is founded on our thoughts, it is made up of our thoughts," and trimmed the sails of their research accordingly? ~ Christmas Humphreys ( Concentration and Meditation: A Manual Of Mind Development, 1935)

Wake up to knowing that all is a dream of the mind
July 15 ~ Friday

Love is not just an emotion, it is the realization of ultimate reality perceived on a level which mirrors your own level with that reality. Life is a mirror and love and relationships also correspond in that manner. To experience love is to begin to realize Oneness which is the Ultimate Reality which we only seem to glimpse part of most of the time. This Oneness of out and back requires that one experience giving and receiving, speaking and listening, wanting and needing, thinking and feeling, togetherness and solitude, dependence and independence, nurturing and supportive, creative and inventive, active and passive. One must discover that what they perceive in the other person is the part of themselves they often have refused to look at. The worst in them reflects your own inner doubts and the best in them reveals your greatest expectations. Love and discover God. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar

Thinking, feeling and being: the triad of Truth
July 14 ~ Thursday

The principles of Mind are as accurate and scientific as the principles of mathematics. One of the very first laws of mind is: What the mind refuses to accept, the body cannot continue to express. The body is not self-acting, but acted upon by mind. "Everything is mind, and what a man thinks he becomes." - Buddha. "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." - Jesus. Axiomatic reasoning: an axiom is a self-evident truth. Illustration: God is. God is Good. God is all the power, all the presence, all the Mind-intelligence there is. Therefore, if God is Good, and life is Good; then God is Life, and Life is God. ~ Frances Wade Gott (Science of Being, 1923)

A mental conclusion is the planting of the seed of thought within consciousness

July 13 ~ Wednesday

Higher Self communication starts with such a sense, a feeling, a knowing and evolves for some into clear dialogue. For others it remains as an intuitive pull, unexplainable prompting or a sweet inner sense of presence and connectedness. There may be a lack of intellectual understanding about why you were drawn to a particular action. The suggested course of action may be simple or perhaps difficult to follow, but it is always done in your best interest with no malicious intent. Your HIGHER SELF is your friend. Your best friend. Your Higher Self will guide you into being where you need to be. ~ Dawn Eve of the International Academy of Mastery

Rise to the occasion and greet your Self
July 12 ~ Tuesday

The electrical wizard Steinmetz said the greatest discoveries of the twentieth century would be in the realm of the spirit. He is right --- and ONLY those who pray will make these discoveries. Heaven knows that we need these discoveries now, for we are in the midst of a war to control men's minds. Some of us are tingling with the zest of adventure, for over every hill and around every corner new breath-taking surprises greet our eyes. Adventuring in prayer is exciting fun. God is THERE ahead of us when we walk out in His direction, and God loves surprises and endless variety. ~ Frank C. Laubach (Prayer: The Mightiest Force In The World, 1946)

The realm of spirit is the realm of reality for Spirit is all there is. Once we know that our prayer is actually communicating to the SELF which is our True Self, then we begin to understand what it means to wake up from the dream. The dream is believing that somehow the answer is out there rather than within. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar

Pray and then listen with all your heart
July 11 ~ Monday

The world as you perceive it cannot have been created by the Father, for the world is not as you see it. God created only the eternal, and everything you see is perishable. Therefore, there must be another world that you do not see. The Bible speaks of a new Heaven and a new earth, yet this cannot be literally true, for the eternal are not re-created. To perceive anew is merely to perceive again, implying that before, or in the interval between, you were not perceiving at all. What, then, is the world that awaits your perception when you see it? Every loving thought that the Son of God ever had is eternal. The loving thoughts his mind perceives in this world are the world's only reality. They are still perceptions, because he still believes that he is separate. Yet they are eternal because they are loving. And being loving they are like the Father, and therefore cannot die. The real world can actually be perceived. All that is necessary is a willingness to perceive nothing else. For if you perceive both good and evil, you are accepting both the false and the true and making no distinction between them. ~ (A Course In Miracles)

Wherever you find Truth, you can only find it within
July 10 ~ Sunday

So stupendous is the ascent up which some men (and women) have climbed, and some are climbing, that when we scan it by an effort of the imagination we are apt to recoil, wearied in thought by the mere idea of that long journey. From the embryonic soul of the lowest savage to the liberated and triumphant perfected spiritual soul of the divine man --- it seems scarcely credible that the one can contain in it all that is expressed in the other, and that the difference is but a difference in evolution, that one is only at the beginning and the other at the end of man's ascent. Below the one stretch the long ranks of the sub-human --- the animals, vegetables, minerals, elemental essence; above the other at the end of man's ascent. ... As a man's (mankind) intellectual, moral, and spiritual mature develops, he becomes more and more conscious of the purpose of human life, and more and more eager to accomplish that purpose in his own person. ~ Annie Besant (The Ancient Wisdom, Man's Ascent, 1897)

Release yourself to rise up into the Self which is really you
July 9 ~ Saturday

The most important thing to remember at all times is that you are Consciousness. What you perceive is not reality but your interpretation of reality based on whatever extent of duality you are filtering it through. The Truth is MIND is all there is and YOU are that MIND. That MIND is infinite and is the sum total of all that is. YOU are all that is. This does not mean that YOU are all there is outside of everyone else. There is no one else. Everyone else is also who YOU are. This YOU is not the personal "you" of ego, insecurity, faults, fears, anxiety, but the YOU which is Whole, Complete and Perfect. Be still and know I AM is YOU. When you reality that INFINITY is reality and YOU are this Reality then you will begin to see that Truth precludes the belief in finiteness, or end, or death, or imperfection, or disease, or accidents. Despite what you perceive as your world this is not the Whole Truth. YOU are the Whole Truth and YOU are all there is. You are the I AM which was before all that is. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar

I AM that I AM, and that's the plan
July 8 ~ Friday 2005

What would be tomorrow if there never was today? What if yesterday could borrow any other way? If per chance or just what if there was a better day? Pause a moment and reflect that sorrow would fly away. A thousand dreams inside one's mind are but an instant flash, and yet we breath what we conceive and spend it like hidden cash. Close your eyes and let go fly a trip that's deep within, and you will see yourself to be on what is more than a whim. Imagine your soul and better days all wrapped in tomorrow's songs. Forgive yourself for forgotten thoughts and impassioned feelings thought wrong. Lift your wings and fly o'er head higher in the sky and as you look way down below to earth just say good-bye. Leaving the realm of insanity and matter which seems so real, it fades into the nothingness from the dream world and it's such peculiar deals. Realize that through your eyes is the vision that is yet to be revealed. And then you will know what the mystics say is so, as you perceive that which was sealed. Open your heart and open your mind and marry the two as one. Look in the mirror of that which you fear and know that it's song is unsung. Rise up inside and face yourself in the clouds as your divinity does soar. Know that life and love are true and pain and suff'ring no more. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar

What is real never changes
July 7 ~ Thursday

To be in the scientific world is to acknowledge a wisdom above the natural man, which will enter that world where wisdom sees through matter. This is the condition of those who are thrown into the clairvoyant state. To them matter is nothing but an idea that is seen or not, just as it is called out. The scientific man sees through matter which is only an error acknowledged as a truth, although it is to the natural man a reality. As error holds on to all territory as under its power, it keeps the scientific man in slavery or bandage. ...When people learn the truth, they will make matter subject to Science. Then the wisdom of this world will become the subject to the scientific world. ~ Phineas Parkhurst Quimby (The Quimby Manuscripts [1846-1865] edited by Horatio W. Dresser)

See through the illusion of matter and the world shall dissolve
July 6 ~ Wednesday

The new Teaching which reflects the technology of a New Age of tomorrow reflects a highly sophisticated awareness of the self. Our survival will depend upon our ability to actually understand the nuances of this Quantum ability to cognize the world in a new way. As this information seeps within the consciousness of the student he or she becomes changed and their world takes on a new scope. Problems are resolved, health is increased, earnings are increased, relationships are healed and all other situations begin to become refined and altered. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar

Do not just look at the numbers, step into the principle
July 5 ~ Tuesday

There are many saints who live and die unnoticed, as the flower in the dark spot is seldom noticed. But it is the gardener who must be pleased and no one else. God knows what darkness and drought each soul must endure, and it is He alone who will judge. As with the flower, so with us. Jesus taught that much would be expected from those who had been given much. ~ Marcia Hollis ( Down To Earth: Thoughts on God and Gardening)

It is similar to the lady who gave as an offering two mites. And this was a lot because it was all that she had. She gave her all. But to those who have much, it takes a lot to come close to "giving your all". The giving really has nothing to do to anyone else. It has nothing to do to God. It has nothing to do with helping other people. It has to do with one's own development and their own recognition of letting go. It isn't the letting go of who we are but the letting go of our false self. When we attain who we are, even just for a moment, we can give freely. But it isn't simply about giving freely, it is about expressing Truth. A person could take all of their money and send it to an organization to help the hungry and it could very well have nothing to do with attaining an aware perspective. It could simply be their desperate need to convince themselves that "they have arrived". It is a persistent process and that is why it is called "The Work". ~ Dr. Derek Lamar

Give and it shall be given unto you
July 4 ~ Monday

Our good works are a little like the leaves on a tree, and like the leaves on a tree, they do not last. One of the hardest lessons to learn in life is how to let go when you have finished a particular piece of work. The time has come for you to move to something else, and perhaps another is given the job of continuing what you had begun. Because he is a different person, the work will be changed in its character and scope. Only God is changeless. We change; what we do changes, and it changes even more if somebody else begins to do it. ~ Marcia Hollis ( Down To Earth: Thoughts on God and Gardening)

The one job we must work to finish is the work upon our Self... and yet... also we must let God finish that "Work". For if we are to finish the job we have lost our way. If we finish the job then "we" no longer exist as a separate entity. In the process of doing our "Work" we are to discover that who we are is the "I AM" which is all there is. At that moment "...there are no other gods beside me." ~ Dr. Derek Lamar

I AM this... and all of that... to go please... and to stay
July 3 ~ Sunday

God is teaching you to trust Him implicitly and not to rely on yourself and your own efforts... Just carry on, don't try to estimate whether things are improving or not. We are the worst possible judges about that ourselves. There is often a temptation to pull up the plant and see how it is getting on. But roots grow in the dark and unseen and unknown and when they are strong the flower blossoms and the fruit comes into being. ~ Raymond Raynes ( Down To Earth by Marcia Hollis)

Even in reading a "religious statement" one can be uplifted by realizing that the "God" referred to is your "I AM". This "I AM" is also God but not an anthropomorphic one which is outside of you, separate from who you are. Rather it is your True Identity. In focusing on this you might read it as saying: "Your Real Self, your I AM, is teaching you to trust this Self which is really you as opposed to putting faith in the individual self you falsely believe yourself to be. When you allow something "Higher" to be made manifest you are actually allowing your REAL SELF to be made manifest and the more this happens the more you gain confidence in allowing that Self to operate in your world as YOU. When this happens you can acknowledge this moment and even say thank you but know within yourself that it is YOU as you REALLY are that you are thanking. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar

Ask and it shall be given to you by you
July 2 ~ Saturday

For the flower and fruit alike, for he artist and journeyman plumber, the true course of living will most often run in the normal paths of work and friends and family. And these in their turn will add taste and flavor to the fruit. How else can we learn patience without being kept waiting? Or receive peace without turmoil? Or joy without sorrow? How can we develop self-control unless we are tested? ~ Marcia Hollis (Down To Earth: Thoughts On God and Gardening, 1971)

Ideas worthy of a ponder. And there are answers even beyond the obvious which when you understand will continue to become obvious to you. If we need to develop self-control, this means that we do not have self-control which means that actually disorder and chaos operates to a certain extent within our life. We get back what we put out; this is Universal Principle. Therefore the disorder and chaos within our consciousness will in and of itself bring into focus in our life the situations which perfectly reflect that state of mind and we will have the opportunity to reach out to ourselves within and make breakthroughs which will alter the world we would otherwise perceive. Once a change is made, the gears in the wheels and the cogs are realigned and the script is mutated and our life is lifted up. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar

Seek and you shall find... your I AM
July 1 ~ Friday

And when we turn to the inner circle of the spiritual masters --- the men and women, not necessarily gifted or distinguished, to whom God was "a living, bright reality" which supernaturalized their everyday life and transmuted their homeliest actions into sublime worship --- we find that their roots struck deep into the soil of spiritual silence. ~ E. Herman (Down To Earth: Thoughts on God and Gardening, 1971)

And in this soil is the outpicturing of a faith in a "reality" which is Absolute and thus preserves that knowing into an unfoldment of manifestation which confirms "a living, bright reality" which is God in life every day. It does not take a lifetime of experience or dedication to reveal the enlightenment of knowing God, but rather in the mustard seed moment of "knowing" the Truth that is God which will release the Light that is God. This manifestation of God is Mind, Spirit, Divine Love, Reality, Truth, I AM that I AM, the sum total of all that is ultimately real in our life everyday. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar

Behold I stand at the door and knock, and I AM

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