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March 31 ~ Friday 2006

And the more you become aware of the unknown self - if you become aware of it - the more you realize that it is inseparably connected with everything else that is. ~ Alan Watts

So to describe myself in a scientific way, I must also describe my surroundings, which is a clumsy way getting around to the realization that you are the entire universe. ~ Alan Watts

So what I think we could aim for in the way of human civilization and culture would be a system in which we are all highly aware of our existing interconnection and unity with the whole domain of nature, and therefore do not have to go to all sorts of wild extremes to find that union. ~ Alan Watts

When the student is ready, the Teaching appears

March 30 ~ Thursday 2006
Have you ever sat very quietly with closed eyes and watched the movement of your own thinking? Have you watched your mind working—or rather, has your mind watched itself in operation, just to see what your thoughts are, what your feelings are, how you look at the trees, at the flowers, at the birds, at people, how you respond to a suggestion or react to a new idea? Have you ever done this? ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti (Think On These Things
To observe without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence. ~ J.K.
March 29 ~ Wednesday 2006
You don't know me, but you don't like me
You say you care less how I feel
But how many of you that sit and judge me
Have ever walked the streets of Bakersfield?

I came here looking for something
I couldn't find anywhere else
Hey, I'm not trying to be nobody
Just want a chance to be myself ~ Dwight Yoakam (Streets of Bakersfield)

Streets that I walk on depress me
Ones that were happy when I was with you
Still with all the friends I know
And with all the things I do
It’s so hard being here without you
Being here without you. ~ Gene Clark (Here Without You by The Byrds)

These Boots Are Made For Walkin'...
March 28 ~ Tuesday 2006
At some point in one's journey they must decide that nothing really matters but their unfoldment and that they no longer are allowed the "luxury" of entertaining nostalgia. For the most part nostalgia is a reflection through fantasy and not through being awake. It is a looking into the past to escape the stress of the day rather than an observation of what one's role was in the past. I have engaged in keeping up with people as a "human hobby" but now I must dedicate myself to the job at hand: the unfoldment of Mind as I understand it and as I AM. Even in this moment I do not speak to you but to my own soul. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
To remember is to be awake and to know all things
March 27 ~ Monday 2006
And Buck Owens was the answer to this music trivia question: What country star had a hit record that was later done by the Beatles? "Those guys were phenomenal," Owens once said. Ringo Starr recorded "Act Naturally" twice, singing lead on the Beatles' 1965 version and recording it as a duet with Owens in 1989. In addition to music, Owens had a highly visible TV career as co-host of "Hee Haw" from 1969 to 1986. With guitarist Roy Clark, he led viewers through a potpourri of country music and hayseed humor. ~ CBS News
The first time I saw Buck Owens was on Cal's Corral on Los Angeles TV when I was a kid. Years later I was working at Dot Records when Roy Clark's first hit single made the charts, "Yesterday When I Was Young", so it was the perfect segue that 17 years later I would meet Buck in front of the old Buck Owens Studios on North Chester Avenue just as Hee Haw was ending and my life in Bakersfield was beginning. Not long after that I would hire Johnny Owen's girlfriend to work for me in a competitive paper to the Kern Shopper. Later she would publish me in the Blackboard. Buck Owens used to perform in the original Blackboard where the paper got its name. Life is full of twists and turns. Now both of my parents are buried in front of Buck's mausoleum at Green Lawn in Southwest Bakersfield. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
The first country act I ever saw was Buck Owens, on a TV show called Cal's Corral that a local car dealer sponsored." ~ Jeff Hanna of Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
I've Got A Tiger By The Tail It's Plain To See
March 26 ~ Sunday 2006
They're gonna put me in the movies
They're gonna make a big star out of me
We'll make a film about a man that's sad and lonely
And all I gotta do is act naturally. ~ Buck Owens (Alvis Edgar Owens)
"...from a living legend, to a legend in one night."
Buck Owens... dead at 76...
(August 12, 1929- March 25, 2006)
March 25 ~ Saturday 2006
Everything else can wait, but your search for God cannot wait. ~ Paramahansa Yogananda

How does one know he or she has found God? Surely not by using that path to avoid themselves. For the path to knowing God is a journey which takes one to the door of themselves. This doorway leads one to face themselves as they believe themselves to be, to face themselves as they believe themselves not to be but are, and to finally see themselves as they really are. This finally sojourn is where Oneness with God becomes known. It is not an easy journey but it is preferable to the confusion and chaos of a life of illusion and denial. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
Look into the life and discover the mirror
March 24 ~ Friday 2006
Now it was a resurgence of that Karmic rock and roll energy surging through theveins of injured youth desperately searching for some sort of resolve and refusing it at the same time. There was that feeling that if you ever let go of your anger you wouldn’t have anything left. This is what kept you from being like them and “them” was whomever you were angry at. Often you didn’t even know who “THEY” were but that didn’t matter. What mattered was you could call this lashing out an art form and even if it was apattern of discontent it was alive and so were you. Johnny would write “I Had To Fight For The Microphone” in his “Beer Hall Putsch” style and I would come back with my “Crystal Knocked”. Johnny would come on with “Tomorrow’s Nostalgia” and I would write “Keep Your Finger On The Trigger”. Johnny would create “I Am Wirehead” and I would follow with “Don’t Take That Car You’ll Kill Yourself.” We could have been in the same band but each of us had our own blueprint of the empire we wanted to conquer and we couldn’t fight it together because we were busy fighting ourselves. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar (Mystical Journey: Derek Lamar Meets Johnny Forever)
Music is Mind Unfolding: when you touch it you are able to hear it and feel it.
March 23 ~ Thursday 2006
The love that once was born can not die for it has become part of us, of our life. Woven into the very texture of our being. Each of us would wish to leave some part of ourselves. So here and now we bear witness to the one we knew in life who now in death bequeaths a subtle part, precious and beloved, which will be with us in truth and beauty in dignity and courage and love to the end of our days. ~ Algernon Black
To live forever always was and always will be: I AM ETERNAL
March 22 ~ Wednesday 2006
I shall tell you a great secret my friend. Do not wait for the last judgement, it takes place every day. ~ Albert Camus
I AM the Resurection
March 21 ~ Tuesday 2006
It doesn't matter what someone else is doing that we can speak so eloquently about but how we feel inside. Because it is how we feel inside about others that says so much about ourselves. We pretend we want to save the world but we make no effort to save ourselves. We owe no one anything and there is a check in the mail. We can make it on our own as long as someone is hiding around the corner to save us in the nick of time. We look at our watch but the second hand is not moving. Time stands still and yet we keep moving, we keep thinking, we keep worrying and we wonder where the peace can be found in the world when we cannot find it inside. Be still and know that everything you feel about others, those you like the least, hold the key to your own liberation. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
People are strange, when you're a stranger
March 20 ~ Monday 2006
We must eventually open to everything if we are to understand and be freed from all suffering.
The way of spirituality is fundamentally about letting go.
As we observe our sexuality, we see clearly that it is linked with the heart.
~ Gavin Harrison (In The Lap of the Buddha, 1994)
If we open to everything we must let go of everything
March 19 Sunday 2006
Several years ago I was at a cocktail party where I got into a very heated debate about American foreign policy. Later that night, I had a kind of waking dream. A gentleman appeared to me and said, "Excuse me, Miss Williamson, but we thought we should tell you: In the cosmic roll call, you are considered a hawk, not a dove." I was incensed. "No way," I said indignantly. "I'm totally for peace. I'm a dove all the way."
"I'm afraid not," he said. "I'm looking on our charts, and it says very clearly right here: Marianne Williamson, warmonger. You're at war with Ronald Reagan, Caspar Weinberger, the CIA, in fact the entire American defense establishment. No, I'm sorry. You're definitely a hawk."
I saw of course that he was right. I had just as many missiles in my head as Ronald Reagan had in his. I thought it was wrong for him to judge communists, but I thought it was okay for me to judge him. Why? Because I was right, of course! I spent years as an angry left-winger before I realized that an angry generation can't bring peace. ~ Marianne Williamson (A Return To Love, 1992)
If you are afraid of war, you will never obtain peace
March 18 Saturday 2006
Certainly the evidence points toward the existence of an area of human personality lying behind and beyond conscious awareness and which, except in rare moments, is hidden from view. Strange things evidently happen in this region, but not things without order and purpose. They are correlated both with another and with normal experience. They are not ‘white elephants’ --- scandalous interlopers into law and order that it is bad scientific taste to consider. Such phenomena, indeed, introduces us into a strange realm.” ~ John K. Williams (The Wisdom of Your Subconscious Mind, 1964)
Think about it, if you don't Mind
March 17 Friday 2006
Self-actualizing people, those who have come to a high level of maturation, health, and self-fulfillment, have so much to teach us that sometimes they seem almost like a different breed of human beings. But, because it is so new, the exploration of the highest reaches of human nature and of its ultimate possibilities and aspirations is a difficult and tortuous task. It has involved for me the continuous destruction of cherished axioms, the perpetual coping with seeming paradoxes, contradictions and vagueness and the occasional collapse around my years of long established, firmly believed in and seemingly unassailable laws of psychology. Often these have turned out to be no laws at all but only rules for living in a state of mild and chronic psycho-pathology and fearfulness, of stunting and crippling and immaturity which we don't notice because most others have this same disease that we have.” ~ Abraham H. Maslow (Toward A Psychology of Being)
I AM becoming myself
March 16 Thursday 2006
It has been said that "the road to a scientific breakthrough passes through the graveyard". This is in keeping with the esoteric concept that "one must die and become born again in order to achieve states of enlightenment". The meaning of this is that "old ideas must be let go of and become open to new ideas, the truth, in their place, in order that the key that they are can unlock the door to Higher Consciousness. This represents the principle of The Law of The Vacuum. All of nature abhors a vacuum and by letting go of extraneous illusory data one can create and opening in which Higher Mind is open to reveal consciousness raising information. And the Russian proverb: "It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves." Gurdjieff said: "When the body is tired it relaxes" and this is the same for the mind. When the mind is so exhausted it cannot keep up the wall between its fantasy of reality and reality itself sometimes a little reality can sneak in. Gurdjieff said: "Until a man uncovers himself he cannot see." Gurdjieff also mentions a Russian proverb which says: "... only in the grave can a twisted man be straightened." Gurdjieff also related that "Unless you die, you cannot be born again." And Ouspensky said: "...in order to find the new world it must lose the old one." And of course Bob Dylan: "He that's not busy being born is busy dying." It's all the same thing. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
Sleep on it and Wake Up in order to die and be born again
March 15 Wednesday 2006
Your back burner is an excellent tool for remembering a fact or bringing forth an insight. It's an almost effortless yet effective way of using your mind when you might otherwise start feeling stressed out. Using your back burner means allowing your mind to solve a problem while you are busy doing something else, here in the present moment.The back burner of your mind works in the same way as the back burner of a stove. While on low heat, the cooking process mixes, blends, and simmers the ingredients into a tasty meal. The way you prepared this meal was to throw the various ingredients into the pot, mix them up, and leave them alone. Often the less you interfere, the better the result.
In much the same way, we can solve many of life's problems if we feed the back burner of our mind with a list of problems, facts and variables, and possible solutions. Jus as when we make soup or a sauce, the thoughts and ideas we feed the back burner of our mind must be left alone to simmer properly. ~ Richard Carlson, Ph.D. (Don't Sweat The Small Stuff... and it's all small stuff, 1997)
Sleep on it and Wake Up to realities Infinite Solutions
March 14 Tuesday 2006
When walking down the street, get into the habit of picking up on people as they pass. Just a brief sense of them will do. What colors do you see? Are they happy or sad? Intense or carefree? Busy or relaxed? You will soon find you are able to pick up certain vibrations from just a casual meeting. ~ Raymond Buckland (Doors To Other Worlds: A Practical Guide To Communicating With Spirits, 1993)
Awareness is an unfolding process
March 13 Monday 2006
So give up your confidence in personal speculations and inventions, for as a man translates himself from the lower to the higher consciousness he finds the Father ever waiting to reinstate him, and to command: "Bring forth the best robe, and put it on him; and put a ring on his hand, and shoes on his feet; and bring hither the fatted calf, and kill it; for this MY son was dead and is alive again; he was lost, and is found." Such is the nature of divine Love, which gives for our hunger of Its Sustenance; for our repentance, Its Cancellation; and for our tears and griefs, Its own eternal Gladness. ~ Lillian De Waters (The Price of Glory)
Each one of us is an individual soul, or consciousness, and we fluctuate between our essential Spiritual Being (the man awake), and the mortal man of our material existence (the man in the dream). Inherently we are not the mortal man; he is but the out-picturing of our ignorance and forgetfulness, --- that mental state which Jesus called "sleep." Although the Spiritual Christ-Man of us is essentially our only Being, still we do not experience this estate of Perfection here on earth, except as we "put on" and embody Him in our thoughts, words and actions. ~ Lillian De Waters (The Price of Glory)
When this energy is awakened, a person begins to evolve spiritually. Most of humanity at the present state of human history is not very evolved in an inner sense — their Kundalini Shakti is unawakened. Gurdjieff said: “Man is a machine”; the Hindu sages say: “Man is asleep”. Listening to the evening news verifies this judgment.
Hence it follows that many disciplines, including Zen, yoga and Vedanta, talk about an awakening. In my tradition it is called Shaktipat, the descent of grace.
My teacher was famous for the awakening people received from him. He would hold meditation intensives (weekend workshops) and at the start of meditation he would walk among the meditators (often more than a thousand people) and bless each person with a wand of peacock feathers and touch them between the eyes at the third eye. The Kundalini energy became thick in the air and people would manifest it in dramatic ways. Some shook with energy, some had physical movements, some spoke in tongues. It sometimes seemed like a primeval swamp full of strange creatures. ~ Swami Shankarananda (Kundalini: The Inner Power)
Awake from this dream and embrace reality
March 12 Sunday 2006
The Absolute means that there can be but one Truth. That which is not Absolute Truth is not Truth at all. Truth, to be true, must be absolutely true. If there is the slightest variation, deviation, from Total Truth, you have nonsense. Truth to be true, must be completely whole, absolutely true. To be accurate, It must be one hundred percent accurate. To be right, It must be totally right. I defy anyone to contradict these statements, in honesty.” ~ Alfred Aiken (Lectures On Reality) It goes on to say that “Either God is everywhere present, totally and completely functioning, one hundred percent active everywhere, or else Truth is a liar.” which is to say that Truth is all there is. Aiken also says that “If one would start as Truth Itself, if he would hold to what Reality is, he would discover that this very instant Omnipresent Truth -- Reality, Fact, the All-of-all -- leaves no place where error could be. ~ Alfred Aiken (Power)
Whatever is not Truth, is not, so is already nonsense! ~ Alfred Aiken (Power)
Truth being the whole, complete and perfect reality is all there is!
March 11 Saturday 2006
Everytime you turn around there is a program, something on the news, a TV commercial, about health. When one is sick or suffering a physical condition you must realize that "Mind" is all there is and that the "physical" is an illusion therefore any physical ailment is a mental condition. That being the case, we are talking about a state of consciousness. Then we must pursue the understanding of our consciousness and also allow the Truth of who we are as Mind to be released in order that the perfect health be made manifest. This is the process of what we perceive as "healing". ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
Let there be perfect health in mind and body
March 10 ~ Friday 2006
“The effect on all individuals, which one would like to see realized, may not set in for hundreds of years, for the spiritual transformation of mankind follows the slow tread of the centuries and cannot be hurried or held up by any rational process of reflection, let alone brought to fruition in one generation. What does lie within our reach, however, is the change in individuals who have, or create, an opportunity to influence others of like mind in their circle of acquaintance. I do not mean by persuading or preaching --- I am thinking, rather, of the well known fact that anyone who has insight into his own actions, and has thus found access to the unconscious, involuntarily exercises an influence on his environment. The deepening and broadening of his consciousness produce the kind of effect which the primitives call "mana." It is an unintentional influence on the unconscious of others, a sort of unconscious prestige, and its effect lasts only so long as it is not disturbed by conscious intention.” ~ Carl Jung
Let the Mind open within you
March 9 ~ Thursday 2006
Defining a Quantum Reality: a new technology will not make life any better for human beings when one understands the mathematical implications of Consciousness. However, changes in consciousness will open the door to a new technology and that will reflect the order, harmony and perfection of ultimate reality realized in a manifested form. This will result in a better life for everyone. But we must understand that it is Mind first and matter second. Matter is the solidifying of consciousness once realized. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
New worlds in heaven, new worlds on earth
March 8 ~ Wednesday 2006
Does anyone read these quotes with the sense that there is purpose and meaning to them? This is an opportunity for Mind to speak to itself as it reaches out and attempts to grab hold of a part of itself in order that it would continue to express the Truth that it is. Truth is expressing itself infinitely and yet in the midst of this sleep-state world one wonders how much thought is given to the actual act of waking up. Perhaps this is an issue about myself. That is what I strive to get others to see: always realize that everything ultimately is about yourself and nothing else because you are all there is and everything reflects who you believe yourself to be as well as who you really are. Never mind. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
Waking up to turn the mattress.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
March 7 ~ Tuesday 2006
Kevin Klawitter passed away yesterday, Monday March 6, 2006 at approximately 16:40 hrs. at San Joquin Hospital in Bakersfield, CA. He was with close friends at the time of his passing and will be greatly missed by his friends, students, co-workers at Bakersfield College and the Sylvan Learning Center and family. He had a great sense of humor and was a very upbeat person. He loved theatre, fast food and chocolate.
Changing to create a better world... forever
March 6 ~ Monday 2006
Everyday should be a process of forcing yourself to do something you believe that you should do but choose not to do it. This would be a Fourth Way exercise. And in the process observe yourself to see if you cannot catch a glimpse of what it is within you which is reacting and what is causing you to be double minded. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
Be the unfoldment of Truth
March 5 ~ Sunday 2006
Reflect on the wondrous reality that is life which you are able to perceive. Realize that this Life is Truth or God or Spirit and then know that it is all around you. Then realize that what you are perceiving is within you. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
You are the unfoldment of Truth
March 4 ~ Saturday 2006
A Truth Student soon learns to utilize his own awareness of others to interpret what he might not have been allowing himself or herself to view directly about their own outpicturing. Observation is one of the first tools one can use in Spiritual Psychology and one of the most important. And to do this with the objective self at hand keeps one from deluding themselves about what it is he or she has perceived. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar (Spiritual Psychology)
I'm looking through you, where did you go? ~ George Harrison
March 3 ~ Friday 2006
“The basic assumption of this study is that within the human mind and out beyond the presently recognized limits of its activity there is a world of values, of creative power, of meaningful relationships; a field of beauty and harmony of which we are only dimly aware, and which we have explored all too little. If this second assumption is true, then we can build a new faith in the Universe, ‘a faith that will take the place of the vast sense of fear, frustration and futility that, like a shadow, darkens the goal of all human effort.’ Certainly the evidence points toward the existence of an area of human personality lying behind and beyond conscious awareness and which, except in rare moments, is hidden from view. Strange things evidently happen in this region, but not things without order and purpose. They are correlated both with another and with normal experience. They are not "white elephants" --- scandalous interlopers into law and order which it is bad scientific taste to consider. Such phenomena, indeed, introduces us into a strange realm.” ~ John K. Williams
I AM Thinking, do you MIND?
March 2 - Thursday 2006
The student questioning his or her self as to whether or not they really wish to be on a path of self-discovery must first know whether or not they wish to wake up. Do they desire to know the whole truth and not simply what pleases them? Are they willing to look at things about themselves that do not make them feel good? Are they willing to change knowing that what they change in one area might affect other areas of their life? Are they prepared to have their world turned upside down? At this point if you answered yes to all of these questions, you are ready to go forward. Send me an email. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar (Q.M.I.) Contact me today: INFO@QM21.com
I AM ready to finally pursue who I really am and not who I mechanically attempt to imitate: a false, dead image
March 1 - Wednesday 2006
Gurdjieff talked about conscious suffering. Conscious suffering is the act of becoming aware of the self, the human self, and all of its pains and subconscious discomforts emotionally which control the self, but to observe this from your awake "I AM" self. This is the beginning. You must view the faults but not to let the earthquake shake you. To use self-observation but not to identify with the person your subconscious thinks it is. In this manner you can begin to awaken. You do this by realizing that this is not your real self, because what you are is mind, consciousness, which is not even connected to the appearances of what you might perceive, what you might observe. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar (Spiritual Psychology, 2006)
I AM Consciousness... I am not matter... there is no matter
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