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May 31 ~ Wednesday 2006
These students had learned by this time, as had the multitudes and as had the critical representatives of the Jewish faith who had listened to His teachings and carefully watched His demonstrations, that Jesus spoke with a power and an authority that no preacher had ever used before. John the Baptist had performed many wonderful manifestations of divine power, but he never convinced his witnesses of the source and nature of that power as had Jesus in a few years. Jesus did not implore; He did not beg of them that for their own sake they should follow His advice. He did not merely point out to them a Path that would lead to the establishment of a new kingdom or take them on their journey through life to the highest goal of their spiritual ambitions. He came to change their ways and said it in a manner that convinced most of them that He might even go so far as to force them to obey and make it necessary for them to do so by the performance of greater miracles than the raising of the dead or the curing of the sick. ~ H. Spencer Lewis, F.R.C., Ph.D. (The Secret Doctrines of Jesus,1937)
Consciousness is Authority: I AM Authority
May 30 ~ Tuesday 2006
How, precisely did life begin? What physical and chemical processes can transform nonliving matter into a living organism? This much tougher problem remains one of the great scientific challenges of our age. It is currently being tackled by an army of chemists, biologists, astronomers, physicists, and mathematicians. On the basis of their research, many of them fervently conclude that the laws of nature are, to put it bluntly, rigged in favor of life. They expect that life will form wherever conditions permit --- not just on Mars, but throughout the universe; and, more provocatively, in a test tube. If they are right, it will mean that life is part of the natural order of things, and that we are not alone. ~ Paul Davies (The Fifth Miracle: The Search for the Origin and Meaning of Life, 1999)
Consciousness is life, and life is consciousness... all that exists is thought
May 29 ~ Monday 2006
When we look for the essence of a technology, we are engaging in speculation, but not in airy speculation. Our speculation involves where we plant our feet, who we are, and what we choose to be. Behind the development of every major technology lies a vision. The vision gives impetus to developers in the field even though the vision may not be clear, detailed, or even practical. The vision captures the essence of the technology and calls forth the cultural energy needed to propel it forward. Often a technological vision taps mythic consciousness and the religious side of the human spirit. ~Michael Heim (The Metaphysics of Virtual Reality, 1993)
To have vision is to look beyond the boundaries of everyone else
May 28 ~ Sunday 2006
Modern life with its appliances is a fairly recent experiment. Our distant ancestors put little stock in machines, considering artificial devices mere novelties or toys at best. Centuries ago in ancient China, Taoist sages were openly hostile to machines. One day a young man observed an old sage fetching water from the village well. The old man lowered a wooden bucket on a rope and pulled the water up hand over hand. The youth disappeared and returned with a wooden pulley. He approached the old man and showed him how the device works. "See, you put your rope around the wheel and draw the water up by cranking on the handle." The old man replied, "If I use a device like this, my mind will think itself clever. With a cunning mind, I will no longer put my heart into what I am doing. Soon my wrist alone will do the work, turning the handle. If my heart and whole body is not in my work, my work will become joyless. When my work is joyless, how do you think the water will taste?" ~Michael Heim (The Metaphysics of Virtual Reality, 1993)
To resist change is not always clever nor is it honorable
May 27 ~ Saturday 2006
As man developed the use of speech through countless generations, he ceased to use --- and finally lost --- his primitive power to communicate telepathically. Yet, despite this fact, among certain primitive tribes the use of communication on the Supraconscious level still is in use, much to the amazement of scientific investigators and the consternation of others who stubbornly deny the existence of extrasensory powers of perception. ~ Walter M. Germain (The Magic Power of Your Mind, 1956)
Understand that all communication is Self to Self ~ D.L.
May 26 ~ Friday 2006
Finding a "mystery school" also involves finding answers to questions you have always asked. Not answers which require faith to believe in them, but information which confirms itself on many levels. My excitement was to hear that I would need to prove the information to myself and to avoid believing in what others said simply based on their opinion. Not only did I find the answers I sought, but I learned tools and techniques which would set me free to continue to discover on my own. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
Find yourself and never turn away ~ D.L.
May 25 ~ Thursday 2006
How does one enter a "mystery school"? I couldn't answer that. The important thing is to know that you want to know the "Truth". Not truth in an intellectual or human sense but that you really want to know about life, God, the Cosmos, and of course your Self and how you fit in with everything around you. Most likely you will have had landmarks in your life which have made footprints in your mind and act like an echo as to symbols which lead you to this threshold of thinking. Read some books. Go to some meetings, lectures, classes and always be open to being lead, not by people, but by Mind within you. Not your subconscious mind but a Higher Sense of Spirit. Good luck. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
Find a tunnel of light within you and jump ~ D.L.
May 24 ~ Wednesday 2006
I know when I see you it is me. You know when we feel that, we are free. Maybe we are really almost there. Knowing what we've got is something rare. We've been walking down those streets and we never think twice who it is we might meet. Even if someone drops the bomb, we'll be standing right there still singing our song: Loving you I never have to ask why... loving you I never have to ask why. ~ Derek Lamar (Loving You I Never Have To Ask Why from Thin End of the Wedge)
For cryin' out loud, you know there's no one around
I have finally found I'm in love with you. ~ D.L.
May 23 ~ Tuesday 2006
We plant bodies into the ground like prayers to God, the images of seeds in a garden hoping for a harvest of eternity to spring forth from the soil of the earth like matter rising from its image in stone to stand upon the sacred ground as a God. But hopes and dreams and prayers of storybook fantasies will do little to produce the melodrama humanity requires when behind the curtain reality is waiting to be understood that immortality exists here and now just as Jesus knew when he said of eternal life in the future: I AM the Resurrection... now. We must hear those words echo in our minds and know for ourselves: I AM the resurrection... here and now. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
Connecting the dots from here to forever
May 22 ~ Monday 2006
A UFO is an unidentified flying object. Birds symbolize "higher thoughts" therefore it is clear that objects which fly also symbolize a form of "higher thoughts" which are not controlled by the gravity of the earth. This means that the state of human consciousness does not hold them in place as it does humanity. Therefore UFO's on some level must represent a level of "higher communication" of Beings thus connected to a spiritual level of our own nature which we are beginning to open the window to. Something to thing about. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
Nothing can be Higher than your True Identity.
May 21 ~ Sunday 2006
Surrender, trust, turn away from outer accumulation and achievement and allow yourself to be purposeful and guided. You will find a peaceful place in your mind when you achieve this blissful state, and you will find yourself more active, more fulfilled, and the riches you used to crave will arrive in your life in amounts more than sufficient to meet your wants and needs. The essence is knowing that you are already complete, already whole, and that nothing external to yourself in the physical world can make you any more complete. ~ Dr. Wayne W. Dyer (Real Magic: Creating Miracles In Everyday Life, 1992)
Completeness is a state to accept, not to achieve ~ D.L.
May 20 ~ Saturday 2006
The most important thing to remember ultimately is that you are all there is. Are you lonely? That is impossible. Loneliness actually comes from the feeling of being left behind or ignored and when you are all there is you are not "alone" in the human sense but ONE with all that is. You are infinite mind, you are eternal ongoingness, you are ultimate creativity expressing yourself an infinite number of ways forever. Where is the time to feel lonely? You can only long for yourself which you have already completely. Give yourself a hug. Oh, that was nice, thank you. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
Oh yeah, and there is that.
May 19 ~ Friday 2006
The most famous Christian thinker speculating about the existence of souls returning to earth was Origen, one of the greatest Church Fathers of all times. His works, written in the third century A.D. were condemned by the Second Council of Constantinople, convened by Emperor Justinian in 553 A.D. This verdict read: "If anyone assert the fabulous pre-existence of souls and shall submit to the monstrous doctrine that follows from it, let him be anathema!" Although this edict certainly helped establish reincarnation as heretical, religious scholars find traces of similar ideas in the writings of St. Augustine, St. Gregory, and St. Francis of Assisi. ~ Stanislav Grof, M.D. (The Holotropic Mind, 1993)
Mind is Infinite and life is ongoing therefore life goes on... simple
May 18 ~ Thursday 2006
The first thing that this Mind does, this healer of the sick, is to declare itself as the healer of the sick and not the individual. It declares that the impersonal truth, the impersonal Christ, is the healer, and the first thing it does is to get rid of a personal healer. How does it heal the sick? Does it heal a man of sickness? Is your patient a man that believes he is sick, or is it a belief that calls itself a sick man? Is man sick? Is the likeness of God sick? No. then this healer of the sick does not heal man. It does not accomplish what we call healing by healing man, but what does it do? It heals what we call the sick by uncovering the falsity of all claims that are involved in the supposed sickness, by uncovering the unreality thereof, by uncovering the utter unreality of the law that is supposed to operate it, and it wipes out as personality the claim of disease. Christian Science healing is purely metaphysical. There is no personal healer and no personal patient. When we come to see that God is the healer of the sick and there is none beside, will there be any place for the sense of fear? Will there be any place for the sense of responsibility, or of anxiety about the patients? ~ Edward A. Kimball (Lectures and Articles on Christian Science, 1921)
Ideas are whole, complete and perfect as they emerge within the mind of God
May 17 ~ Wednesday 2006
The erotic Ontology of Cyberspace. Cyberspace is more than a breakthrough in electronic media or in computer interface design. With its virtual enviornonments and simulated worlds, cyberspace is a metaphysical laboratory, a tool for examining our very sense of reality. ~ Michael Heim (The Metaphysics of Virtual Reality, 1993)
Ideas are beingness in expression of the infinite reality which is Eternal
May 16 ~ Tuesday 2006
Man is the most miraculous of all the living things on this earth! Yet despite this undeniable fact, you have powers within you that you have not utilized. You have within you the power to do anything you desire. You have the power to change your life so that you can accomplish all the things you want of it. You are the owner of a power that, when you begin to use it, will open up the road to happiness and health, to wealth and long life. Yes, you as a member of the human race are a part of that God-given miracle: man. While all other living creatures have risen to heights of "adaptation to environment" in order to survive, your ancestors outstripped this mode of living. Man has conquered his environment. More than that --- Man has continued to seek conquests as he discovers and utilizes the mysteries of life. You can make these discoveries and utilize these powers. These are powers which are vast --- far vaster than you realize at this moment. ~ Walter M. Germain (The Magic Power of Your Mind, 1956)
The moment of Mind is the moment of waking up
May 15 ~ Monday 2006
The important aspect to Spiritual Counseling is ultimately an atmosphere of true understanding and love that are both necessary to aid in the healing process. One learns about his or her own "path" and then he or she also learns about the "self"... You must always acknowledge that it is "your world" and "your consciousness" that you are dealing with... A moment in all of Eternity is a mustard seed of time. But the holographic nature of Reality is such that what is the Allness of Truth within a moment is the same Truth that is the Allness of Eternity. Within that mere moment of contact with knowing the Truth comes a change of consciousness, a metanoia ensues and appearances no longer reflect erroneous thinking because erroneous thinking has vanished in the twinkling of an eye. Since I know that Truth is Consciousness and that it is accurate to say that thoughts are things but more implicitly things are thoughts. ...Since we actually do not live in a universe of matter, then the meaning of what we perceive relates to Consciousness itself and our awareness of it and of ourselves. What must be understood is that Spiritual Psychology is no different than regular Psychology except that it goes beyond and pulls together all of the missing parts so that a healing can actually take place. Through Spiritual Psychology we can now enter the subconscious mind, make these changes, and truly discover that the subconscious is the doorway to one's soul. ~ Derek Lamar, Msc. D., Ph.D. (Spiritual Psychology, 2006
The line between mind and matter is only a reflective thought ~ D.L.
May 14 ~ Sunday 2006
The Body's Purpose. Let the body have healing as its purpose. In the world of bodies, we are all separate. In the world of spirit we are all one. We heal the separation between the two by shifting our awareness from "body identification" to "spirit identification." This heals the body as well as the mind. ~ Marianne Williamson (A Return To Love: Reflections on the Principles of A Course in Miracles, 1992)
The healing of the mind is the healing of all things for all things are mind
May 13 ~ Saturday 2006
The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed that someone took and sowed in his field; it is the smallest of all the seeds, but when it has grown it is the greatest of shrubs and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and make nests in its branches. (Matthew 13:31-32)
Do not underestimate good, thinking it will not affect you. Dripping water can fill a pitcher, drop by drop; one who is wise is filled with good, even if one accumulates it little by little. (Dhammapada 9:7) Above parallel sayings from "Jesus and Buddha" edited by Marcus Borg.
Only Truth itself is original, all else is a reflection of that perfect idea ~ D.L.
May 12 ~ Friday 2006
By continuing to recognize and explore our differences we have discovered new ways to improve all our relationships. We have learned about relationships in ways that our parents never knew and therefore could not have taught us. As I began sharing these insights with my counseling clients, their relationships were also enriched. Literally thousands of those who attended my weekend seminars saw their relationships dramatically transform overnight. ~ John Gray, Ph.D. (Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, 1992)
My mother was of the sky, my father was of the earth
I am of the universe and you know what it's worth ~ John Lennon
May 11 ~ Thursday 2006
The very first step is for the practitioner to recognize that what he calls a patient is a mental picture, disease and all, which can only be meet mentally. His work really has nothing to do with matter -- or with his patient, as far as that is concerned. He must first of all clear his own mentality. This is not only the first thing, but the last thing, for when he has done this he will find that this is all he has to do, all that he ever can do. Following this line of thought, in 1936 Bicknell Young said: "Treat yourself; always start with yourself, and your patient is healed." ~ Richard Booker (The Magic of Knowing, 1955)
Be still and know that all is your consciousness of it
May 10 ~ Wednesday 2006
As a society we are still working on a definition of God. God is something simple: God is all there is. We think we are trying to discover God but if God is all there is what does that say about us? It means that our journey to discover God is our journey to discover ourselves. But how can God be this person and that person and someone else and in fact everyone else. Once we begin to recognize that God is Consciousness/Beingness then as Mind we can see that God is thinking all that there is. To be more precise, we should look at it from the perspective of the human mind. We are perceiving reality based on our limited allowance of perceiving who we really are and thus we are "looking through a glass darkly." As we work to discover our "self" we expand our scope on who we are, what divinity is, what Mind is and how our consciousness fits in with all of that. It is a path of self discovery, for sure. We are not God as our limited human mind. But we are God experiencing infinity and that includes what we think is our self discovering who we are... or who I AM. The vastness of the infinity of God and the reality which that represents is still all right there... but we divide it up because of our mindset and view it projected into "our world" in a way which agrees with the rules of our universe. This is why we "get back what we put out". It is our mind which becomes the determining factor of the reality we sit around and muse as to its existence. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
Be still and know that God is all there is
May 9 ~ Tuesday 2006
To every man comes a time when he must face himself, but often it comes too late. The devices we have for avoiding this confrontation are many, and we are clever at finding them all. No chore seems harder than to look inward. Yet everyone who wants to live up to the standard of human possibility needs to look within. To open the door to this inner world, all we need is silence and a stout will. These together make meditation--- it is as simple as that. And as difficult. To learn the art of confronting ourselves before it is too late --- and to do this every day--- is to discover a source of strength as wonderful as it is accessible. ~ Bradford Smith (Meditation: The Inward Art, 1963)
Be still and know that God is inward
May 8 ~ Monday 2006
In other words, error is of no interest to us (or should not be!) -- nor are we interested in what happens to error. Stating FACT, we behold that ONLY TRUTH IS TRUE, THE FACT; ONLY LIFE IS ALIVE; ONLY AMNESS, EXISTENCE ITSELF, IS INDIVIDUALLY PRESENT. Then where is OMNIPRESENCE not? Where is there a vacuum, a void, a lie, a lack (man) a need, a disease, an im-Perfection, an un-Oneness, an adulterated Purity, a double Singleness, an absent Presence, an empty Fullness, an evil Goodness, a hateful Love, a dead Life, a stupid Intelligence, a human-man-lack Infinity, a superstitious Wisdom, a multiple One-Alone, a was-or-has-been Nowness? These questions, if pondered thoroughly, will enable you to behold Light beyond your wildest assumptions while you presumed you were a finite mortal, caught up in sin, destined to wear out in a few short moments and then die! ~ Dr. Alfred Aiken (Monthly Letters, Vol. 7-8)
Beingness is the Existence of Reality as All There Is
May 7 ~ Sunday 2006
Often people ask for your opinion because if you agree with them or like what they do they perceive that as love. They believe that approval is love and that anything which is not an approval is rejection which is not love. This is where the invidual needs help. But it only works if they want help. So few people want help. And yet they will endure the pain of self-defeating situations which they attract into their life daily even though they are a result of their state of consciousness but they tell themselves that they are simply random acts of bad luck. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
I accept you, I love you... now do you want help?
May 6 ~ Saturday 2006
A treatment is a Truth stated. Whatever happens when Truth is stated happens because Truth was not manifest till it was stated. It touches the principle announced by John, the beloved disciple, that without the spoken Word of Truth, the manifested God is not possible. The man of religion must have an orderly arranged statement of principles to which he subscribes. The man of religion keeps one treatment in his mind constantly. It is a truth. That word is "God." A word is a treatment. Whenever he describes God he gives the whole world a treatment; not to be aware that God is, but to speak what it. ~ Emma Curtis Hopkins (Self Treatment, booklet)
A treatment is an announcement of reality made realized
May 5 ~ Friday 2006
Imagine that everything you believe to be real in life is a dream that you are having. Once you realize that it is a dream, you know that it is happening in your mind, in your consciousness and that everything you are experiencing is your consciousness of it. This is why in many spiritual and religious paths you find the Masters saying that you must "Wake up!" We are asleep to this Reality which is in back of time, space and time and this Reality is not just what is True about Life and about all things but it is what is True about you. You are this Reality and you are this Truth. You are this consciousness. You must learn how to wake up and become consciousness conscious of consciousness. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
An identity to discover the allness of Reality as Self
May 4 ~ Thursday 2006
Not only is there more to your self than your human costume, there are solutions to anything and everything which seems to come at you over and over again bringing you anxiety and heartache. You have the power within you to resolve all unanswered dilemmas. You can make the changes necessary to live and happy and fulfilling life. You can come to know that person that you are and actually be glad that you are you and not someone else. The Truth will set you free. Especially when you come to know that you are the Truth and the Consciousness that Truth is remains the One Mind which is your True Identity. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
An identity to discover which unlocks all doors
May 3 ~ Wednesday 2006
If you are in search of your true self, at some point you must ask yourself just who do you think you are. Who were you? Who did you become? How did you become someone other than who you think you really are? Who are you really? Who are you looking for? Who do you want to find? ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
An identity to discover is one which answers all questions and solves all problems
May 2 ~ Tuesday 2006
It seems clear to me that all esoteric schools which have a predominant "Teacher" in their midst should never outlive the Teacher. The purpose of the organization is to aid "The Teaching" at the time it is alive and after that, the students who remain must move on and those who can, and who feel called from within, should begin their own process of teaching others. Perhaps an organization can remain to disseminate teaching materials or as a base of operations but too often a group of dedicated individuals gather and begin to create an organization which becomes stagnant and exists merely to respond to the emotional needs of those who still cling to the memories which gave them their identity rather than discovering their own Identity. Often those who leave an organization shortly before the Teacher goes on his way have found something within which calls them to go beyond the funeral. And no one from their past will ever see the light which arises in their midst. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
A teaching remains alive in the living heart of God
May 1 ~ Monday 2006
It was Kimball who showed "the link between the real and the unreal," in finding that there must first be a truth before there can be a lie about it, and that the lie can only be corrected by reference to the underlying truth which it misstates. ~ Arthur Corey (Behind The Scenes With The Metaphysicians, 1968)
That is why George Shaw Cook, most representative of the straight Kimball teaching, adopted as his theme the statement that "underlying and behind every material object is a divine idea." ~ Arthur Corey (Behind The Scenes With The Metaphysicians, 1968)
Reality is forever patiently waiting to be realized
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