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September 2006

September 30 ~ Saturday 2006
All disease and all barrenness out-pictured on your body and affairs are merely the shadows of beliefs cast upon the screen of your life. When the light has come, the shadows disappear. It is no good to throw a picture on a cinema screen if that screen is illuminated. So the shadows of the belief world, that have been formerly true to the human mind, fail absolutely to record when you have come to the place of letting "the light within so shine before men. ~ Walter C. Lanyon (The Laughter of God)
Mind is a vast unfoldment of liberation
September 29 ~ Friday 2006
When you come to the place of belief you have come to the place of acceptance. You have come to the place where you have accepted the Reality of Being, and you are therefore not surprised nor are you dismayed at the appearance of the Power of Spirit which instantly neutralizes the beliefs of the flesh. "Let the dead bury the dead" -so the old conditions and beliefs and acts all fall from the cliff of oblivion and you stand on the heights, rejoicing in the name of the Living God which is written on your forehead. You stand on the heights, not as one balanced for the space of a few joyous moments, to be dashed again into the valley of despondency, but you stand there and rest in the new understanding which has shifted the weight of the human mind and beliefs and has freed itself from the law of human gravitation. "If ye be in the Spirit, ye are no more under the law." You are in the Spirit when you recognize the Christ within and act in accordance therewith. ~ Walter C. Lanyon (The Laughter of God)
The Reality of Being awaits you within
September 28 ~ Thursday 2006
One moments recognition that you are the son of the Living God, and you have attuned your ear for the Laughter of God which will put to flight all the stupid ideas, of my and yours, free you into an expression that you have not dreamed of. How can you restrain the joy that fills you when you hear this laughter which, when it is heard, causes the winter of your discontent to break into full fruition, which causes you to see literally see that " before they call, I will answer," is not a bit of euphonious language, but a positive living, glowing fact. ~ Walter C. Lanyon (The Laughter of God)
Recognize who you are and you will discover all there is to know
September 27 ~ Wednesday 2006
"See" the light expanding until you are totally enclosed in a sphere of it; a ball of light with you in its center. This is your protective shell. This is the egg of which you are the yolk. Nothing negative can break through it. Know this and accept it. It will serve and protect you. ~ Raymond Buckland (Doors To Other Worlds: A Practical Guide To Communicating With Spirits, 1993)
Light is realization, be the knowing self you are
September 26 ~ Tuesday 2006
If you are reading this it is assumed that you are a truth seeker. What you must ask yourself as you journey on your path is whether or not you desire to acquire knowledge or experience change. If you want knowledge you must ask yourself why. For if it is not change that you seek then what good would the knowledge do you? Seek the knowledge of the workings of the inner self and you will achieve the change necessary to achieve all that you truly desire. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
The Kingdom of tomorrow is here today
September 25 ~ Monday 2006
All of the answers are here and now and have always been. I find my own inner troubles troubling when I am forced to admit to myself that nothing is holding me back but myself. Making changes can have a domino effect upon one's consciousness but still sometimes areas which are not directly linked to other patterns will need to be dealt with separately. There is no one stop shopping in the consciousness area. The path still requires we continue to look into ourselves and make choices and let go. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
The journey is a long one which lasts forever... and that's a good thing
September 24 ~ Sunday 2006
It is harmony and balance we seek. Do not expect to force this belief onto others. One must face this for themselves alone and walk the walk necessary to achieve true results. Reach out and take the hand of your Higher Self. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
Reach out and touch the stars
September 23 ~ Saturday 2006
At the time of Jesus, the theologians of the day declared that Jesus was operating under the power of Satan when confronted by the miracles he was connected with just as those today who are engaged in paranormal or spiritual events and are accused of being in league with the devil. But when it is understand that Satan is a figment of misunderstood metaphysical allegory who will they blame then? Even Jesus said that the devil was a liar and in fact was a lie from the start. Jesus also claimed that the consciousness of Satan which evidenced itself through Peter was "human thinking" therefore again, not Satan because "he was a lie from the start." ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
Spirituality is all there is
September 22 ~ Friday 2006
Jackie (Gleason) was fascinated with many aspects of parapsychology and read widely about the subject. He was particularly interested in the many reports of how hypnotism had, presumably,been effective in bringing about medical cures. ~ Audrey Meadows
The Truth is in everything and can be found everywhere
September 21 ~ Thursday 2006
The most valuable of all education is the ability to make yourself do the thing you have to do, when it has to be done, whether you like it or not. ~ Aldous Huxley
Discovering Intention and Destiny
September 20 ~ Wednesday 2006
As a society we have separated into our separate camps of various belief systems and we do not seek to work toward a unity or consensus of reality by which we live and grow. It is paramount that humanity begin to function daily giving thought to who they are and who we are as consciousness. We have political philosophies which no longer adhere to reality but simply personal belief systems. Our science has become political and it no longer is based on the facts at hand but what people desire to believe. Our spiritual and religious beliefs are only ways of accumulating power and controlling the masses. Psychology isn't even acknowledged in the manner that it used to be because so many people are fearful of looking at themselves and we want to find easier ways of reaching the patient in order that we can reach as deep into their pockets as possible. It is time for a revolution of thought. It is time that each of us consciously chooses to seek truth and to be open in a rational manner for the pursuit of reality and the changes necessary in ourselves and in the collective of humanity so that we can begin to truly generate spiritual light upon this planet. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
Spirituality is at the top of reality's invisible list
September 19 ~ Tuesday 2006
Satyagraha is the strategy of those who reject solutions that compromise the freedom or integrity of any participant. Gandhi always said it is the weapon of the strong, because it requires heroic restraint and the courage to forgive. He turned the whole idea of power upside down. When he visited the mountain hideout of Indian militants and saw their guns, he said, "You must be very frightened." ~ Marilyn Ferguson (The Aquarian Conspiracy)
Spirituality begins by changing within
September 18 ~ Monday 2006
Today is the last day of a three day peak of an astrological configuration called "Moon Wobble" or lunar node instability. This occurs approximately four times a year. It is a time of intense energy and often negative situations occur as a result. Much of this has to do with emotional confusion and people's inability to think straight. It is often suggested that making decisions at this time will often be regretted later. It is a time to pay more attention to details and often the proverbial counting to ten when faced with inner anger. As in saying things which will be decisions that you regret later. Often natural disasters occur, accidents of all kinds, people say things they regret like the Pope. You might hear more sirens during this time. Try and be calm and help others.
Stress can occur anytime, and sometimes more than others
September 17 ~ Sunday 2006
He that fights for Allah's cause fights for himself. Allah does not need His creatures' help. ~ Mohammed (Koran: The Spider, 29:1)
Do they not see how Allah conceives Creation, and then renews it? That is easy enough for Allah. ~ Mohammed (Koran: The Spider, 29:18)
God is greater than all of our little ideas about how to improve life on earth
September 16 ~ Saturday 2006
Without self knowledge, without understanding the working and functions of his machine, man cannot be free, he cannot govern himself and he will always remain a slave. ~ George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff
To let go of not knowing, is to realize your "I AM" Self
September 15 ~ Friday 2006
Some people are afraid of what they might find if they try to analyze themselves too much, but you have to crawl into your wounds to discover where your fears are. Once the bleeding starts, the cleansing can begin. ~ Tori Amos
Like rust, pain never sleeps... it is best to let it out
September 14 ~ Thursday 2006
Suicide is the attempt by a person to let go of the self that they believe is responsible for all of their pain. What they do not understand is that self is not who they really are. We all must die to the self which we believe is who we are that is separate from our Divinity, God, Higher Mind, and allow the Oneness which ushers in the awareness of who we really are to take place. There is One Mind and we are it. We must accept the Absolute knowledge of the I AM. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
And this I AM is the Love which is all there is
September 13 ~ Wednesday 2006
There are two basic ways to reach people with spiritual information. One must speak "Truth" and define it in its Absolute terms and reach into the souls of those who are hungry for this reunion. The other approach is to teach ways in which one can make their lives better by dealing with the apparent problems of the world and find ways in making changes inside so that these patterns dissolve and raise one's consciousness. Both of these ways have a healing encounter and together much is learned and much is changed. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
Try to encompass all that is around you and within you
September 12 ~ Tuesday 2006
The atheist rarely breaks down and discovers a complex sophisticated spiritual understanding. They almost always revert to some form of extremist fundamental religious belief which simplifies God, not in an esoteric sense, but with an immature perspective. So next time you hear an atheist spout his beliefs keep that in mind. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
To not believe in reality is to believe in lies which eventually draws one to deny themselves... go figure
September 11 ~ Monday 2006
This is a day of solemn memorial dedicated to those who were victims, heroes and loved ones, friends and associates. We take this moment to forget politics and personal anger and allow the peace we wish for those who died that day to enter into ourselves creating a oneness of knowing that in reality all is well and we all shall continue to strive to discover that mystical beingness which we are struggling to realize daily on our path in life. In that moment of knowing is the love we wish for them and need to discover within ourselves as well. ~ Derek Lamar
A moment to remember life is a moment to face God
September 10 ~ Sunday 2006
Space is still mankind's archetype symbol for spiritual pursuits. Our current confusion about space is reflective of the confusion as to our understanding of who we are and what our purpose is and what is the meaning of life. Those of us with liberal pursuits believed in the future and our own ability to perceive our greatest potential but we have fallen to believing in government and better disbursement of funds. The idealistic goals have fallen to the wayside. We must review our choices and raise our sites as we open up ourselves to a real Destiny where we break the bonds of earth consciousness. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
The future is a reflection of our greater good
September 9 ~ Saturday 2006
The best way to predict the future is to invent it! ~ Alan Kay
The future is constantly changing but who ever knows?
September 8 ~ Friday 2006
The world is at war just as the human is wrestling with his own demons within. All of us are required to do what we can spiritually within to quell our beasts and likewise we also must do what is practical to subdue the beasts among us in hopes that sanity prevails. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
The defense of liberty in changing times is not something we can ignore
September 7 ~ Thursday 2006
There is something new which can happen everyday in your life when you recognize that you are alive with the Truth of Reality and that the unfoldment of knowledge is forever upon you. If you think your life is finished it will be. But this is not Reality. You are eternal and even as you observe yourself and learn from your mistakes you are creating a larger opening in your awareness for the immortality which exists as you. You have no beginning and you have no end and as you explore this by knowing the infinity by which you are motivated you will breath in new life where stagnation might have otherwise stood between you and who you really are. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
Time is how we measure the empty spots where we do not yet realize ourselves
September 6 ~ Wednesday 2006
There is nothing that wastes the body like worry, and one who has any faith in God should be ashamed to worry about anything whatsoever.
We must become the change we want to see.
An eye for eye only ends up making the whole world blind.
God has no religion. ~ Mahatma Gandhi
Patience means self-suffering ~ Gandhi
September 5 ~ Tuesday 2006
Steve Irwin died September 4th, 2006 in a freak accident while filming an undersea documentary for Animal Planet on the Batt Reef, off North Queensland, Australia. Steve Irwin died when a sting-ray stung him in the chest hitting his heart. Irwin was snorkeling in shallow water above the ray, itself some 8 feet long and a yard across, when the animal unexpectedly reared its spine and struck Irwin near the heart, causing immediate cardiac arrest. It was stated that stings from stingrays are rarely fatal unless they puncture the heart or stomach. One spokesman said that usually the wound from the sting of a ray is rarely more painful than a bee sting. Steve Irwin was just a lovable guy my wife and I enjoyed over the years until yesterday when we both were brought to tears upon hearing about his death. Blessings to a friend of animals everywhere. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
Truth can be found in the depth of feelings... love lives forever
September 4 ~ Monday 2006
Fear is the most dangerous emotion of all because it is information which is based on falsity. This might seem strange to many, but if it were based on Truth, there would be nothing to fear at all. There is nothing to fear in Reality. But once we stray from the Truth we begin to believe in ideas which are not based on wholeness, completeness and perfection. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
Reality is the answer to all confusion, fear and disappointment
September 3 ~ Sunday 2006
All is consciousness modified by belief. It is the highest wisdom to know that in the living universe there is no destiny other than that created out of the imagination of man. The vibratory state transmitted by your belief persists until it awakens its corresponding vibration in him of whom it is believed. Whatever is awake within your consciousness, you are.. ~ Neville (misc. statement courtesy of Beau Diamond
The mirror is your journey to go beyond your self... to find yourself
September 2 ~ Saturday 2006
Discovering the ability within oneself to be totally honest about themselves is an incredible sense of peace in and of itself. From there goes the sorting out of who you are and walking in the light. It is a journey you do not want to miss. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
The mirror is your best friend
September 1 ~ Friday 2006
The evidence so far is that there is no place or condition where the presence of God is absent. ~ Walter C. Lanyon (Temple Not Made With Hands)
Look around you and share the dream
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