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April 30 ~ Monday 2007
As quickly as the consciousness of the planet seems to be sliding toward insanity, and new enlightenment manner of thinking is bubbling under the surface. Consciousness of a Higher Nature is our only hope. Get on board and dedicate your life to changing your consciousness. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
The merging of mind and matter as the Universe becomes an idea in your mind
April 29 ~ Sunday 2007
I stand in the light of the sun gazing out upon the islands in a morning ocean breeze and I know that in the mind of God all is well. ~ Richard Kula
To become one with nature is to gain a glimpse of the divine
April 28 ~ Saturday 2007
There is a thought called "I'm afraid," when you first came to the thought "I'm afraid," you identified with it and said, "That's me." Then suddenly your mind said, "I'm afraid because I don't have enough money," "I'm afraid because my relationship is screwed up," "I'm afraid because---" whatever it is. The minute you identify with any thought, you have all of the associated psycho-emotional reactions such as "I'm afraid." And your mind will give you a thousand reasons why you're afraid. ~ Stephen Wolinsky (Quantum Consciousness, 1993)
Fear comes from believing there is a reality outside yourself
April 27 ~ Friday 2007
Before you can do anything about ho you feel, you have to be able to observe or witness it. The moment you attempt to see what's going on inside of you, part of you separates off to make this observation. In philosophical terms, it's called "self-reflection"; in psychosynthesis terms, it's call "disidentification." G.I. Gurdjieff called it "self-observation," the Hindus and Buddhists called it "witnessing" and the Zen Buddhists, "mindfulness". In the last 25 years it has not been uncommon in psychotherapy circles, like Gestalt, to ask a client to "be aware" of a pattern. In Hakomi therapy recently developed by Ron Kurtz, mindfulness is emphasized. Certainly, whether we called it awareness, mindfulness, observation, or witnessing, disciplines of the East, West, and Middle East have employed it in some way to help the individual enhance personal freedom. ~ Stephen Wolinsky (Quantum Consciousness, 1993)
Be still and know... God ~ Be still and mindful, self observe, witness, self reflect...
April 26 ~ Thursday 2007
Truth is a great paradox: Only as we can be nothing, can we be something. "God is all there is, and beside him there is nothing." There is not God and trouble, there is only God. It is either God, or nothing. Which is it? Since God is good, then "only the good is true." If it is not good, then it is nothing. How long will it take to get rid of nothing? How big is nothing? To be, is Being. Being is God. Not to be, is nothing. ~ Frances Wade Gott (Science of Being).
Even if you think you are nothing, you have to be something to think it
April 25 ~ Wednesday 2007
When you analyze faith you find that it is a mental attitude against which there is no longer any contradiction in the mind that entertains it. ~ Ernest Holmes (Science of Mind)
Scientific faith is the knowing of the formula of Mind
April 24 ~ Tuesday 2007
To learn that you are Divine is reassuring until finally you know it deep within which takes it to another level. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
Be still and know that Reality is the template for all that ever was
April 23 ~ Monday 2007
"You do not need to leave your room. Remain sitting at your table and listen. Do not even wait, be quite still and solitary. The world will freely offer itself to you to be unmasked; it has no choice, it will roll in ecstasy at your feet." ~ Franz Kafka
Be still and know that as you remove your mask you will awaken
April 22 ~ Sunday 2007
A loving person lives in a loving world; A hostile person lives in a hostile world; Everyone you meet is your mirror. ~ Ken Keyes (Handbook To Higher Consciousness)
Reflect on that
April 21 ~ Saturday 2007
It is not so much that we are desensitized to violence or that we do not understand the implications of violence as much as how few today seem to be aware of the value of self and others and a sense of future or ongoingness. Our perspective of life is in transition and it is like walking a tightwire blindfolded from this age into the next. Seek balance within. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
To not feel pain that is there is to remain in denial while its affect continues
April 20 ~ Friday 2007
There is a story that as God and Satan were walking down the street one day, the Lord bent down and picked something up. He gazed at it glowing radiantly in His hand. Satan, curious, asked “What’s that?” “This” answered the Lord, “is Truth.” “Here,” replied Satan as he reached for it, “let me have it –I’ll organize it for you.” ~ Ram Dass
Hidden in plain view... deep inside of you
April 19 ~ Thursday 2007
In a time of death it is simply best to know that life is forever and the illusion of the ending of life is but a transition to another adventure. When several deaths are linked together it seems more difficult to understand why but the reasons do not change, rather the complexity of life takes on more compound forms. But there are answers in the subconscious levels of each person as to why they move as they do on the field of their ongoingness with regards to their paths, their relationships and their obstacles. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
Let not your heart be troubled, but open to give love
April 18 ~ Wednesday 2007
Unless we control thought, it will control us. ~ Ernest Holmes (Science of Mind)
Life is the ongoing expression of what we believe ~ D.L.
April 17 ~ Tuesday 2007
I can think what I will and I will think what I Am. I am pure Holy Spirit. Nothing I can say, do or eat can affect me adversely. NOTHING! For Iam pure Holy Spirit, immune and intact. ~ Frances Wade Gott (Science of Being, 1923, meditation)
Absolute Reality trumps religious gossip
April 16 ~ Monday 2007
Sexuality is an inner wrestling of love, joy and discovery of the wholeness of one's self. To come face to face with how one feels about their being through others and themselves and the oneness which ensues is one of life's greatest gifts and mysteries. This is the most spiritual experience you will ever have beginning with the most basic understanding to the highest most divine experiences of the God Self within. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
Sexuality is ultimate meditation of Oneness
April 15 ~ Sunday 2007
The human mind is neither human nor is it confined to the individual. The mental process of anyone is merely the momentary awareness of the Consciousness which is infinite and ongoing. Though few come to realize this in the appearances of a lifetime, it is reality none the less. You are consciousness and you are the Mind which is all there is expressing itself out and back to itself infinitely. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
Breath in deep and relax... there you go... you are meditating
April 14 ~ Saturday 2007
Many gnostics not only believed the true God is androgynous, but that humanity was also meant to be androgynous, or "masculo-feminine". Some gnostics interpreted Genesis 1:27 as saying God created "male-female", not "male and female". Certain gnostic texts describe the Divinity as a "bisexual Power" and state that humanity is a "male-female being". There are references to God as Father and Mother -- a "dyad" of both masculine and feminine. This focus on an androgynous ideal is often referred to in contemporary, neo-gnostic works as "wholeness", a favorite term among many feminists as well. Margaret Starbird, whose books The Woman with the Alabaster Jar and The Goddess in the Gospels are referred to in The Da Vinci Code, repeatedly refers to "the partnership paradigm", which she describes as "the imaging of the Divine as both Bride and Bridegroom". This is necessary, she explains, so that the "collective psyche" of humanity will be healed, made whole, and restored. The essential purpose of this? "We must value our own feelings and emotions, our own intuitions, our own experience, our own selves. We must honor our own journeys." ~ Carl E. Olson
Male/Female is not a sexual perspective but a Principle of "Out & Back"
April 13 ~ Friday 2007
As a young teacher, I listened to behavioral experts like William Glasser explain how children needed to be told their every accomplishment was wonderful, even when it wasn’t. I was there when child experts told parents and teachers to "take the screws off," let toddlers express themselves. I was there when psychologists admonished adults to stop "snooping" in kids’ belongings and give them some "space." I was there when schools started sponsoring dances and dating for pre-pubescent youngsters—which crushed tender egos worse than a parent’s scoldings ever did.
I was there when educational psychologists helped us scrap the dress codes, and when the message became "don’t lecture and moralize; kids won’t listen." The self-anointed "experts" claimed the traditional approach to raising children was (and I quote) "creating a thousand neurotics for every one that psychiatrists can hope to help with psychotherapy."
By the mid-90s, it was "children have rights"—rights to sexual information and paraphernalia, rights to access porn on the Internet, rights to sue their parents for disciplining them. In fact, children had more rights than you! But when the fire hits the fan at Columbine, or Santana High, it’s parents who get blamed for not doing all those things the "experts" lobbied against. ~ Beverly K. Eakman (speaking on "Deformed Education")
No guidance amounts to neglect and is more dangerous than mistaken morality ~ D.L.
April 12 ~ Thursday 2007
Every happy family is alike, but every unhappy family is unhappy in their own way. ~ Leo Tolstoy (Anna Karenina)
To remove specific shadows within allows light to emerge, worry not, be happy
April 11 ~ Wednesday 2007
A new student went to see an enlightened Master to find out more about spiritual enlightenment. As their meeting continued 'The Master' was pouring tea and continued to pour even though the cup was overflowing.
The student cried out.: "Enough! No more will go in!"
'The Master' replied "Like this cup you are full of your own opinions and speculations. How can I show you spiritual enligtenment unless you first empty your cup?" ~ Unkown Source
To empty oneself is to be filled with Light; open to the Eternal circle of knowing
April 10 ~ Tuesday 2007
Music is a true, innate, gentle pulse of our culture. Through your magic, one senses the heart that produces the pulse. Keep your inspiration coming to this earthly plane. We need your music!
Pila of Hawaii
The islands of Hawaii are musical notes scripted upon the open sea ~ D.L.
April 9 ~ Monday 2007
Of those detractors and apologists of Biblical texts and banned or rejected literature and writings it can be seen and understood as the wrestling of theological politics. It has nothing to do with the revealing of inner truth. If one were to study the existing Bible even as it fell together, but not entirely by "human hands", one could discover mind boggling and earth shaking revelations. Like the book title, "Hidden In Plain View", there is so much to be discovered in the Bible which is not understood because the ability to decipher the code of these sacred writings is misunderstood and obscurred by the veil over mankind's eyes. But those days are numbered and a true understanding is soon to come upon us all. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
The Kingdom of Heaven is Within... one's Consciousness
April 8 ~ Sunday 2007
And he departed from our sight that we might return to our heart, and there find Him. For He departed, and behold, He is here. ~ St. Augustine (Confessions)
There is evidence to life immortal for infinity is the root of reality ~ D.L.
April 7 ~ Saturday 2007
Immortality is not just what you leave behind but whether or not the changes in yourself are enough to change others as well. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
There is always something better and more to learn
April 5 ~ Thursday 2007
We must want the best for the earth because it is our consciousness of ourselves. How we feel about the earth, and others on it, is how we feel about ourselves. Everything we do is about ourselves. Until we realize that and are alright about that, we will not be able to step outside of ourselves and pursue Higher ideals. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
Go forth and discover the truth in all things and all people
April 4 ~ Wednesday 2007
Destiny is the now yet to be realized. The pinnacle of realization of who you are on so many levels is a mystery of life's journey as one travels that path and lets nothing hold him or her back. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
Go forward knowing that life itself will speak to you clearly in mysterious ways
April 3 ~ Tuesday 2007
Astral projection is hard to realize when leaving your body is impossible since your body is in your mind. You are not leaving your body but rather you are letting go of the confines of the idea of body. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
Leave the belief in matter as reality behind
April 2 ~ Monday 2007
Knowledge of God is basic and must come first. ~ Bernard of Clairvaux
A mystery is accomplished secretly between the soul and God. ~ Philokalia, Theognostos
The light of the inner eye lets you see God’s nearness to you. ~ Ibn Ata'Allah
Christ lies hidden from the eyes of the crowd. Only with the eyes of the soul can he be seen. ~ Philokalia, Macarius the Great
Look at this surprising flower, which cannot be seen and yet its fragrance cannot be hidden. ~ Bahauddin
The mystery is why we wait so long to know
April 1 ~ Sunday 2007
Forgiveness is best expressed in the words of Jesus when he says:"Forgive them for they know not what they do." Is this not always the case. Would a spiritual person do the things you need to forgive them for? Then they must be suffering from some level of mental illness. Must you forget? No. But you must release a knowingness of their True Self where they cannot. In this way you create a window for them to discover themselves. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
April fools need forgiveness too
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