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August 31 ~ Friday 2007
The first step in overcoming problems is to understand their causes. What has been happening in our Western World that individuals and nations should be buffeted about by so much confusion and bewilderment? Let us first ask --- with a brief glance into our historical background --- what basic changes are occurring which make this an age of anxiety and emptiness? ~ Rollo May (Man's Search For Himself, 1953)
Emptiness is the discovery of the disconnect between oneself and their destiny
August 30 ~ Thursday 2007
Most people are trying to seek companionship with others, to know others---Know thyself first then you will know all others! Secret number two: You will never be lonely because you are composed of many, many people. Most people really don't want to know the truth about themselves but still they are searching for an easy way out in this life. One of the hardest lessons you each have to learn is learning to know yourself! ~ Adele Gerard Tinning (God's Way of Life, 1975)
Discovering yourself is to learn what you have forgotten
August 29 ~ Wednesday 2007
From far down within him, in that deep subconscious matrix where matter and energy and life are so inextricably mixed together, there surge up into consciousness a throng of emotions, longings, loves and hates, imaginings and aspirations, some exalted and some base, which form the most important part of what he is. ~ Edmund W. Sinnott (Cell & Psyche: The Biology of Purpose, 1950)
The discovery of the Self; no greater aspiration exists ~ D.L.
August 28 ~ Tuesday 2007
Thinking, mental activity, is not the result of processes originated by the brain. Memories are not "stored" in the brain. In point of fact, there is no anatomical evidence that man has a mind. No marks or imprints are found in or on the brain, or in or on any tissue or structure of the body, as the result of a lifetime of mental activity. "The realms of mind are not confined within man's skull." Thinking is not done by the brain, it is accomplished by mind, or consciousness. Mind is certainly not identical with brain activity, it belongs to a totally different category of reality. ~ John K. Williams (The Wisdom of Your Subconscious Mind, 1964)
No matter what you perceive, you perceive it in consciousness ~ D.L.
August 27 ~ Monday 2007
The world of things, of material forms which we see and touch is the result of creative power inherent in mind. Whatever is formed by mind can be unformed by mind. Since mind is the only creative originating source, nothing other than mind can come into existence. You are Mind. A person does not have a mind. A person is mind. ~ John K. Williams (The Wisdom of Your Subconscious Mind, 1964)
I think therefore I am therefore I think. I exist and I think therefore thinking exists which is the process itself of mind therefore I AM Mind
August 26 ~ Sunday 2007
Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you. ~ Princess Diana

Dr. Wall, (holder of a Ph.D. in Educational Administration and Marketing Management) was looking for an assignment to give to his Human Relations class at Bakersfield College in California when he heard a local radio announcer talking about yet another random act of senseless violence. "I remember thinking, 'Is this the new definition of the news?'" he recalls. "A group of kids doing wonderful things ... sadly, that isn't news."
That phrase – "random act of senseless violence" – intrigued Wall, who imagined turning the negative message into a positive one just by changing one word. When he returned to the classroom the next day, he shared with his students their next project: commit one random act of senseless kindness. At the time, Wall had no idea what the efforts of his class would bring. Nor could he know that his minor change in verbiage would result in a catchphrase that would spread across the world. "You would have thought we discovered human kindness — that no one had ever come up with the concept of being kind to another," he says. ~ Wikipedia

Pay it forward or paying it forward refers to repaying the good deeds one has received by doing good things for other unrelated people.
Many people mistakenly believe the phrase "pay it forward" as a moral philosophy first appeared in Catherine Ryan Hyde's novel Pay It Forward, which in 2000 was adapted into a Warner Brothers film, Pay It Forward. Science fiction author Robert A. Heinlein, however, used the phrase in Between Planets, a book published in 1951, almost 50 years before Ryan Hyde's novel.
Heinlein both preached and practiced this philosophy; now the Heinlein Society, a humanitarian organization founded in his name, does so.
One of the most vocal popularizers of the concept of paying it forward -- before Hyde's book and movie -- is probably author Spider Robinson, who made repeated reference to the doctrine, attributing it to his spiritual mentor Heinlein.
In Ryan Hyde's book and movie it is described as an obligation to do three good deeds for others in repayment of a good deed that one receives. Such good deeds should be things that the other person cannot accomplish on their own. In this way, the need to help one another can spread exponentially through society, creating a social movement with the goal of making the world a better place. ~ Wikipedia

Pay It Forward was directed by Mimi Leder. She, herself, has spoken about "Something, which film director Mimi Leder carries with her, is the Jewish concept of "Tikkun Olam" which translates as "the repairing of the world." It is a sort of Hebrew version of dealing with Karma. If you have done wrong then you must do something right in order that you bring balance. And by accepting that we have done wrong we can then forgive ourselves as we choose to build a better future. Also the Torah says that the choice of action that we take is to be discovered, not far away, but near us. So as we admit our mistakes to ourselves we can turn ourselves toward good and appeal our fate. If one thing does not work, then we try something else. Eventually the right path will make itself known. It isn't always about personal wrongs either but the dealing with the collective of humanity with which we identify. Much like the discovery of the "I AM" within and allowing that Higher Self to make manifest the Love which is real to heal the world we live in. It is that which is near, that which is within, that can bring light to an otherwise dark world." ~ Dr. Derek Lamar

Life is a journey ~ Princess Diana
Life is not a destination, it is a journey ~ Pope John the XXIII
Life's a journey, not a destination ~ Steven Tyler (Aerosmith)
August 25 ~ Saturday 2007
If you ever wondered about God, the concept, the questions as to the existence of a Higher Power, and wondered how you fit in that scenario, then clearly you are on a path of discovering yourself. If you are not afraid to reach out and ask questions, and if you can look at yourself and your own failings, if honesty is something which you value and can use to walk the walk toward the Universe then you are well on your way. Often looking at the worst things about ourselves brings us the biggest breakthroughs. Sometimes admitting that we are really okay and that we are worth something can help us to relax and pursue the never ending life of discovery. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
Seek and know that you will discovery what you earnestly desire to know
August 24 ~ Friday 2007
For me the word "God" refers to something quite different from what may be meant in different traditions. Buddhism does not have a theistic notion of God as a being outside oneself. In the Buddhist tradition, the word that most clearly translates as God is "Dhamma" ("Dharma" in Sanskrit), which means "Truth" or "Reality." This includes the truth or reality of our everyday experiences as well as the transcendent truth of the unconditioned, which is beyond the phenomena we normally know, beyond all our normal ways of thinking. ~ Joseph Goldstein (Awakening to the Dharma within the book: For the Love of God by Benjamin Shield & Richard Carlson, 1990)
Speak not what cannot be spoken
August 23 ~ Thursday 2007
When we are in touch with refreshing, peaceful, and healing elements within ourselves and around us, we learn how to cherish and protect these things and to make them grow. These are the elements of peace and happiness available to us anytime. If we do not look closely at these simple things, we may find them boring. ~ Thich Nhat Hanh (The Peace of the Divine Reality within the book: For the Love of God by Benjamin Shield & Richard Carlson, 1990)
Look within and discover the template of all reality
August 22 ~ Wednesday 2007
The essence of all religions is love, compassion, and tolerance. Kindness is my true religion. No matter whether you are learned or not, whether you believe in the next life or not, whether you believe in God or Buddha or some other religion or not, in day-to-day life you must be a kind person. When you are motivated by kindness, it doesn't matter whether you are a practitioner, a lawyer, a politician, an administrator, a worker, or an engineer: whatever your profession or field, deep down you are a kind person. ~ The Dalai Lama (Love, Compassion and Tolerance)
Love is the answer, you've got to let it go
August 21 ~ Tuesday 2007
When the pain of staying the same is more than the pain of change then one can change. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
Lighting a match to the shadows in one's way
August 20 ~ Monday 2007
To be “Awake” is to experience life in the observer role rather than as the victim of life’s many changes that seem to catch us off-guard and force us into situations that cause stress and discomfort simply because we had no idea what was happening around us. Much of what occurs to us in life is “life itself” but also there is a template of personal reality that creates an energy field, of sorts, that interacts with the world around us. This means that because of our state of consciousness, our belief system, we will attract situations and people and opportunities. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar (Lessons In Destiny, 2007)
A conscious path of inner change
August 19 ~ Sunday 2007
All of the physical elements of your world will become ideas within your mind and small things can have a large meaning whereas large things may become unimportant. The choices you make from here on out may require more thought because you will begin to understand that each step you take marks a path toward or away from the destiny which awaits you. Nothing can actually alter your destiny but side trips can change the time frame through which you experience this reality you have discovered. Also, the impact one experience might have on you at a certain time could change the reaction or response that you engage in which could set off a chain reaction of events that will speed up your journey or slow it down. But ultimately as you look back you will see the footsteps you have taken that have brought you to a greater understanding of your “Self”. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar (Lessons In Destiny, 2007)
Footsteps into Eternity as Mind unfolds within you
August 18 ~ Saturday 2007
With the true perception of man's fully equipped make-up and his full understanding of his complete inclusion within God or Divine Mind, man is readily capable of moving from position to position with unbounded velocity, his brain is now fully equipped with True Mind and, as he cooperates with True Mind as all-seeing and all-knowing, he scales every height instantly and perfectly; there are no wanderings, the path is clear, the evidence is revealed with certainty and sureness. ~ Baird T. Spalding (Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East, Vol. 5, 1955)
And as you speak as the "I AM" your words is as the Logos
August 17 ~ Friday 2007
Psychology is the path to understanding how the mind works. Spirituality is the path to understanding how the soul works. When you put the two together you achieve a union which lasts a lifetime. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
Think with your heart, feel with your mind
August 16 ~ Thursday 2007
Dreams are the bread crumbs from the subconscious beckoning you to come closer and peek inside to discover the machinations of the mental process cross-wired with Higher Thinking. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
Dive into the murky waters of a paradise of infinite ideas
August 15 ~ Wednesday 2007
Self-observation is the first tool to discovering yourself. You will never really know anyone else until you know yourself. Try to observe without making judgments. Good luck. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
I'm looking through you, where did you go? ~ Lennon / McCartney
August 14 ~ Tuesday 2007
Never forget the journey of discovering who you are. Getting lost in who you want to be becomes a setback which can cheat you out of your destiny. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
Discover reality, find yourself
August 13 ~ Monday 2007
The mind is a mystery of the infinite reality of the Universe. You can go anywhere you want to, think and feel anything you want to. Be anything or anyone you want to. Create a new heaven and a new earth if you want to. All in your mind. This is the stuff reality is made of. Go there. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
Discover infinity and find your heritage
August 12 ~ Sunday 2007
Body consciousness, mankind's Desire to Receive for Oneself Alone, "lies still as a stone" while asleep. This arrangement was necessary to permit the soul to rejuvenate itself after its weary daily struggle with our body consciousness. Therefore the whole idea that surrounds the phenomenon of sleep centers on the ability to put to sleep the internal energy-intelligence of our body consciousness. ~ Rabbi Philip S. Berg (To The Power of One, 1991)
To dream is to enter into the heavenly realm of imagination which can take us to our True Self
August 11 ~ Saturday 2007
Modern scientific thought must lead to a view of reality that comes close to the views of the Kabbalist, in which knowledge of the human mind and body, together with accurate celestial data concerning its unseen influences, become an integral part of our lifestyles. In addition we must achieve an awareness that our entire universe is in a natural state of dynamic balance. ~ Rabbi Philip S. Berg (To The Power of One, 1991)
Wholeness, Completeness and Perfection is the natural state of things
August 10 ~ Friday 2007
Self observe your feelings. Especially your sexual energies and fantasies. Think about them, feel them. Realize that it is a part of you experiencing yourself, often the inner child needing comfort, love, acceptance, reassurance, nurturing, friendship, respect, caring, laughter, joy. Reach out to this part of yourself when you can be alone and fall in love with yourself. Only your love for yourself on this level can you experience this primal majestic Oneness with your many selves but especially the child within yearning to be heard and held. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
Look into your eyes and fall into your Soul
August 9 ~ Thursday 2007
Earth becomes a new world as we build new worlds in space. It is our natural and cultural home, to be loved, enhanced, and conserved in harmony with other species. The wilderness, however, is no longer on Earth; it is in the vastness of the universe, the genuine unknown. As once long ago life crept out of the seas onto the barren planet, we now reach beyond our mother Earth to establish our extended home. When the sun completes its life cycle and burns all its planets, we will be star children, a galactic species. Memories of our Earthbound life will be reconstructed as we now piece together the story of the origin of life on Earth. ~ Barbara Marx Hubbard ( (Conscious Evolution, 1998)
New Love on Earth, New Love in Space
August 8 ~ Wednesday 2007
Too many of us use our imaginations negatively; we worry. Not that worry doesn't sometimes have a positive function; it can prevent catastrophes, even save our very lives. But many people worry destructively. They stop up their creative energies, keep themselves from relaxing and continually imagine things that never happen. ~ Maxwell Maltz, M.D., F.I.C.S. (The Magic Power of Self-Image Psychology, 1964)
Don't Worry... Be Happy
August 7 ~ Tuesday 2007
Everything you experience in your life is your consciousness. It is all ideas which reflect each other and work within and without each other and connected like a fine Swiss watch as the movements are all one and ongoing and the path is to be "watching the wheels go round" as John Lennon said. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
As the second hand moves it is a shadow of time which is Eternity
August 6 ~ Monday 2007
Bits and pieces of consciousness of clarity appeared here and there as I was growing up but I was not able to discern their meaning until much later. Suddenly events which held symbolic meaning fell into place showing me a path which had begun years before even when I didn't know what a path was. Seeing a path begins to form a future off in the distance but surely the understanding of a destiny. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
Cosmic Detention: being held hostage by the universe
August 5 ~ Sunday 2007
Meditation (dhynana) is an unbroken flow of thought toward the object of concentration. In other words, meditation is prolonged concentration... The process of meditation is often compared to the pouring of oil from one vessel to another, in a steady, unbroken stream. (Christopher Isherwood) ~ Stephen Wolinsky (Quantum Consciousness, 1993)
Meditation is a process where one is able to union with Consciousness as they remove themselves from a mind-set of separateness
August 4 ~ Saturday 2007
The image of decline in old age is a bit deceptive, because even though your energies are not those of early youth---that was the time of moving into the field of making all the big drives---now you are in the field, and this is the time of the opening flower, the real fulfillment, the bringing forth of what you have prepared yourself to bring forth. It is a wonderful moment. It is not a loss situation, as if you're throwing off something to go down. Not at all. It is a blooming. ~ Joseph Campbell (Reflections on the Art of Living)
In back of time, space and change there is one reality which is absolute and infinite
August 3 ~ Friday 2007
Almost like a Zen Master, Gurdjieff frightened most people he met. A translator, A.R. Orage, wrote "To meet him was always a test. In his presence every attitude seemed artificial. Whether too deferential, or on the contrary pretentious, from the first moment it was shattered; and nothing remained but a human creature stripped of his mask and revealed for an instant as he truly was. This was a merciless experience --- and form some impossible to bear." ~ William J. Petersen (Those Curious New Cults)
Life is a puzzle to be put together and deciphered as to its connections and meaning
August 2 ~ Thursday 2007
The clash we are witnessing around the world is not a clash of religions, or a clash of civilizations. It is a clash between two opposites, between two eras. It is a clash between a mentality that belongs to the Middle Ages and another mentality that belongs to the 21st century. It is a clash between civilization and backwardness, between the civilized and the primitive, between barbarity and rationality. It is a clash between freedom and oppression, between democracy and dictatorship. It is a clash between human rights, on the one hand, and the violation of these rights, on other hand. It is a clash between those who treat women like beasts, and those who treat them like human beings. ~ Wafa Sultan
The freedom to think and choose ideas for freedom is the road to peace
August 1 ~ Wednesday 2007
This is the creative process; in other words, whatever the mind accepts as being true, becomes a belief and this belief automatically sets in motion these inexorable laws which execute themselves. Thus, new thought is not a system of thought manipulation, but a manner of thinking and feeling which calls into action in the life of man, a healing and regenerative power. It sees, with Jesus Christ, that we cannot by taking thought add one cubit to our stature. But we can by taking thought convey ourselves to the place in consciousness where something else takes hold and begins to translate our thought into form or action. Thus, as Jesus said, "The Father Indwelling, he doeth the works." Or, to speak in terms of logic, the mental and spiritual process in man is purely syllogistic, meaning that what the conscious mind or surface self thinks and accepts as true, the subconscious or deep self also accepts without debate and without reasoning or even any sense of right and wrong and begins to act upon it. ~ Ervin Seale (Mind Remakes Your World by Ernest Holmes, 1941)
Syllogistic process puts two ideas together in order to form a conclusion
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