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November 30 ~ Friday 2007
To those who may long to reach the way of Spirit, yet do not clearly discern it, the Teacher repeats: You can clearly understand that the Thinker must be greater than his thought, that the Manifester must be higher than his manifestation; thus you are above thoughts of any kind, above trouble, above disease, above death, above the pairs of opposites. The "I" or "Me" of the self is the real self, the Christ self --- pure, imperishable Spirit. ~ Lillian DeWaters (The Finished Kingdom: A Study of The Absolute, 1924)
All numbers already exist here and now, even we know that, and they are perfect
November 29 ~ Thursday 2007

...wave-like images... calls to mind one of the pivotal questions that plagued quantum physics in the 1920s: Is matter (electrons) made of particles or waves? It seemed made of both. In 1924 physicist de Broglie proposed a revolutionary conception: that electrons possessed a dual nature; that they could be both a wave and particle. ~ Stephen Wolinsky (Quantum Consciousness: The Guide To Experiencing Quantum Psychology,1993... quotes below continue and are taken from this book)
Yoga Sutras describe thoughts as waves:
"Patangali defines thought as a wave (vritti) in the mind. Ordinarily a thought-wave arises, remains in the mind for a moment, and then subsides, to be succeeded by another wave." (Isherwood, 1953:121-122)
In The Philosopher's Stone, F. David Peat wrote:
"The only conceivable conclusion was that electrons have a dual schizophrenic existence. Design an experiment that looks for particle-like behavior, and the electron behaves like a particle. Design one that looks like a wave, and it behaves like a wave." (Peat, 1991:12)
Waves and particles, feelings and ideas, one and infinite
November 28 ~ Wednesday 2007

There in that divine atmosphere and by the power of that celestial chemistry, they are transformed to one life, one consciousness and one purpose, wherein everyone seeks the progress, the wellbeing and the happiness of others. (The Sun Of Higher Understanding, 1929)
If I cannot wash your feet we can have nothing in common
November 27 ~ Tuesday 2007

In this spiritual awakening, in this sublime regeneration, the ego within realizes the heavy steel grip of earth life, and in his sense of bitter estrangement in the world, he would, at any cost, break loose from this earth life were it not for the realization of his evolutionary advancement or for his divine mission in the world. ~ Hanna Jacob Doumette (The Sun Of Higher Understanding, 1929)
Waking up, one emerges out of the darkness of the subconscious into the Light
November 26 ~ Monday 2007

We discover that in ancient times the Mysteries worked upon Man through their outer formation and developed him as an outer physical being. We see now how the Mysteries must work on him directly, with their inner meaning and spirit, if they are to cause him blessing and further increase his development. Otherwise, they will be vitiating to his soul and mind. As with the Mysteries, so with life itself---since the spirit of the Mysteries is life enacted. It is the unveiled mystery of life and its molding process that has been given man through the Mysteries. The work of the Mysteries and the work of life upon him are identical. ~ Hanna Jacob Doumette (The Sun Of Higher Understanding, 1929)
Mystery Schools still exist and offer the initiation of awakening consciousness
November 25 ~ Sunday 2007

As you stretch your physical hands forth and see the shadow of the cross formed by your outstretched arms, your physical body, you shall say, "O cross of flesh, you no longer crucify me! I AM the resurrection and the life. I AM God's child. You deceive me no more, O physical cross. I no longer hang upon you. I am FREE. You, O physical cross. I no longer hang upon you. I am FREE. You, O physical cross. I no longer hang upon you. I am FREE. You, O physical cross, are now subservient to me! And ere long you too shall be dissolved. Unto the elements from whence you came, I have arisen! Truly the Father and I are one. I have experienced Gethsemane. I have experienced Life over Death. I LIVE." ~ Frater Achad (Melchizedek Truth Principles: From the Ancient Mystical White Brotherhood, 1963)
Even before Abraham ever was, I AM
November 24 ~ Saturday 2007

When you admit you are responsible for your behavior and that it's you who makes the choices in your life, you will be taking the first and most important step to becoming a person of self-control. ~ William Backus and Marie Chapian (Telling Yourself The Truth, 1985)
Say yes when you mean yes, no when you mean no
November 23 ~ Friday 2007

The "still, small voice" may reach one through the intuitive centers or it may seem to form actual words in the consciousness of the person entertaining it, and to give information that has been desired. It is the Inner Knowing faculty in man (in animal as instinct). The "still, small voice" is a poetical phrasing for that divine guidance which is within every created thing. The Universal Intelligence, which is at the center to every living creature, may be consciously called into immediate use. If one asks this guidance he will be conscious in some way of the response. He will probably experience an "impression," a definite decision in a matter may make itself felt within him, or, in some cases, he may hear with his inner ear the actual words spoken for his guidance. Reality speaks within the consciousness of man when man allows It to do so, or whenever man calls upon It, and consciously waits for Its response. ~ Ernest Holmes (Questions and Answers On The Science of Mind, 1933
Be still and know that "I AM" God ("I AM" = Self realizing Divinity)
November 22 ~ Thursday 2007

In the opening of my school in 1986, in a talk that I gave called "The Work", which is a well known term used by Fourth Way mystic G. I. Gurdjieff, I quote him saying: "Remember, you come here having already understood the necessity of struggling with yourself - only with yourself. Therefore thank everyone who gives you the opportunity." This brings the concept of "Thanksgiving" a whole new meaning. If everything is your consciousness and if we all get back what we put out, then it is in the mirrors of life which we discover ourselves and learn where we need to do our "Work". In this manner we salute those people and those moments for helping us to achieve escape from our sleep. Those people and those moments may not do it consciously but still they operate as our consciousness and in the end they are our friends in the sojourn of development that we are on. This does not make them our "Teachers" but we use them as reflections of our own need to know and also recognize that we are perceiving our own consciousness unfold. Thank you. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
To be thankful is to have gratitude for the blessings we receive
November 21 ~ Wednesday 2007

If one does not believe in God he has nothing to aspire to, not even his own Divine Self. Once this becomes one's belief system it is a downhill process toward depression until one wakes up and climbs back up that hill to see the light rising within one's self. God is not to be denied as something separate but rather reveled in as something we are at One with. In this way we can not believe in human religious Gods but subscribe to a spiritual realization of the Self. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
One God besides which there is nothing else
November 20 ~ Tuesday 2007

God is the universal, man is the individual. Sometimes we hear God, the universal, spoken of as "the macrocosm," and man, the individual, as "the microcosm." Webster defines "macrocosm" as, "The great-world; the universe; -- contrasted with microcosm, or man." And the definition for "microcosm" is give as, "Man, or human nature as an epitome of the great world." This would indicate that what God is in the large, man is in the small. Man, according to this definition, is a miniature universe and has the characteristics and attributes and powers of God, the Universal, individually expressed in him. Does it not also mean that man can and should work, in his individual world, in the same way that God works in the universal? ~ Gladys C. Grier (Foundation Stones of Truth, 1948)
On earth as it is in heaven... As above, so below
November 19 ~ Monday 2007

The reason one embarks on a journey of self-discovery is because they want life to be better. They sense that something is not right inside and feel that there must be something more about life that they are not yet fully aware of. There is probably some pain that they are feeling and they desire to be rid of what is bothering them. Maybe they feel that they should be changing in some way. Perhaps a girlfriend or boyfriend has said something to them, or a co-worker or an employer or a close friend and they accepted it as constructive criticism but the words still hurt and yet they knew it was true. There just had to be some way that they could "grow" into themselves and discover their potential and somehow find a way to make their dreams come true. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
Self-discovery is not a hobby, it is a destiny... make it happen
November 18 ~ Sunday 2007

The religion of the future will be a cosmic religion. It should transcend personal God and avoid dogma and theology. Covering both the natural and the spiritual, it should be based on a religious sense arising from the experience of all things natural and spiritual as a meaningful unity. ~ Albert Einstein
The most beautiful and most profound experience is the sensation of the mystical. It is the sower of all true science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead. To know that what is impenetrable to us really exists, manifesting itself as the highest wisdom and the most radiant beauty which our dull faculties can comprehend only in their primitive forms - this knowledge, this feeling is at the center of true religiousness. ~ Albert Einstein
Religious leaders belief in faith to replace their lack of knowledge while scientists require physical proof to answer abstract forces which reveal the essence of life... both must come together in the 21st century. ~ D.L.
November 17 ~ Saturday 2007

I AM a center of Infinite Knowingness; therefore, I choose each experience with wisdom. The One Mind which is God is my mind. Therefore, God Mind knows all that is involved in every decision I make. Those ideas which would not be harmonious nor fruitful, I reject. Those ideas which afford me the opportunity that I require, and bring peace and joy into my life, I consciously choose. ~ Robert H. Bitzer (The Creative Word, 1957)
Infinite Mind is all there is, I think therefore I AM... Infinite Mind
November 16 ~ Friday 2007

Why is it so difficult and uncomfortable to be naked? It's because when you have clothes on, you can always make those little adjustments that people love to do. Hitching, straightening, adjusting. You know, you feel like you're getting it together. "Yeah, pretty good. Feeling good, feeling pretty good." But when you're naked, it's so final. You're just, "Well, this is it. There's nothing else I can do." That's why I like to wear a belt when I'm naked. I feel it gives me something. I'd like to get pockets to hand off the belt. Wouldn't that be the ultimate thing? Picture this. To be naked and still be able to put your hands in your pockets. I think that would really help a lot. ~ Jerry Seinfeld (Sein Language, 1993)
Expose yourself to new things and bare your soul
November 15 ~ Thursday 2007

It is this recognition that must precede the guru's choice of personal students. I have always exercised it since meeting my first personal student years ago. In this case it was a hitchhiker, in California, on the road from Santa Cruz to San Jose. Weeks later the young man turned up at my door looking for work, hundreds of miles away at my ranch near Tucson. In this case, I had "seen" this young man's face about four years before. However, this is not all there is to the matter. Many people have had or possess this "psychic" ability of recognition but it is not sufficient in itself. Equally important, the guru must be capable of transmitting "his great light to light the pupil's little seed of light." This he must do with the most "extraordinary inspiration" that defies, or, at times, ignores all the usual teaching practices. Seldom does the pupil come to the guru in "accepted ways" and the guru must maintain, as a part of "his business," a constant alertness in the most unexpected places, so he will perceive, and, unconsciously on the part of the pupil, awaken the desire to aspire. ~ Thane of Hawaii aka Thane Walker (The Teacher Whispers, 1972)
Please don't be long, for I may be asleep ~ George Harrison (Blue Jay Way)
November 14 ~ Wednesday 2007

It is within the Cosmic Mind that all universal consciousness exists. When you once learn how to tap this vast repository of universal memory you may consort with the immortals of all ages and share their thoughts, emotions and creative genius. ... you may tap this Cosmic Mind and enjoy unlimited freedom of movement in the vast universal realms of great art, music, literature, poetry and philosophy. When you have explored all three planes of consciousness, the Conscious Mind, the Subconscious Mind, and the Cosmic Mind, you have at your control all of the vast forces which man may tap and use for his physical, material, mental, emotional and psychic needs. There is still one other plane to be explored; this is the Fourth-Dimensional Plane of pure Spirit or essence, which flows in, through, and around the physical and material, giving it its form and substance, but never being imprisoned by matter. ~ Anthony Norvell (Metaphysics: New Dimensions of the Mind, 1967)
I opened my heart to the whole universe and found it was loving ~ Roger McGuinn
November 13 ~ Tuesday 2007

The pain of loss is the price of love. ~ Mark R. Levine (Rescuing Sprite: A Dog Lover's Story of Joy and Anguish, 2007)
Loving an animal is discovering your self whom no one knows
November 12 ~ Monday 2007

We all think we're experts on our own bodies. I was in the drug store the other day trying to get a cold medication. Did you ever try to pick one of these out? Not easy. There's an entire wall of products that you need. You stand there going, "Well, this one is quick acting but this is long lasting . . . Which is more important, the present or the future?". ~ Jerry Seinfeld (Sein Language, 1993)
It was just today I remembered thinking yesterday that tomorrow never comes
November 11 ~ Sunday 2007

Seems to me the basic conflict between men and women, sexually, is that men are like firemen. To us, sex is an emergency, and no matter what we're doing we can be ready in two minutes. Women on the other hand, are like fire. They're very exciting, but the conditions have to be exactly right for it to occur. ~ Jerry Seinfeld (Sein Language, 1993)
This is so demeaning... and what is demeaning?
November 10 ~ Saturday 2007

"...While I was walking along a steep mountain-side path with a swami, we came to a place where the path simply disappeared. Where there had been a firm shelf of soil, now there was only a sharply slanting edge of rough gray stone. I paused, looking at the drop of at least five hundred feet below the ledge. The swami chuckled. 'Don't look down', he warned. 'Look straight ahead. Now, do as I tell you.' On his instructions I removed my sandals and buckled them to my belt. 'Go slowly', he advised, 'and remember---look only ahead.' After the longest minute of my life, I reached the other side, and soon the swami was beside me. After a short search we found the path again. Then we sat down to rest.
"'Look only ahead,' I mused aloud, putting on my sandals. All at once I smiled, struck with the fact that the swami's words were the answer to a problem I had been discussing with him earlier. The swami nodded, laughing quietly. 'Yes, even when the way seems to be lost, look only ahead,' he said. 'The path will be found again. Remember this, my son, in moments of difficulty.' It wasn't until later, when I saw a broader and safe path far below us, that I realized the swami had deliberately chosen the more difficult path." ~ Simons Roof (Journeys on the Razor-edged Path)
The way is not only to follow, but to be drawn ~ D.L.
November 9 ~ Friday 2007

If one finds it difficult to illumine his vision, to quicken his spirit, let him bring forth more faith. Let him go off to the hills, or by the rippling brookside, or into the fields of flowers and birds to get in vital touch with universal Life Itself. How can one feel God as within him, except he recognize God as without him? Beholding universal Omnipresence and the manifested wonders and glories of Nature, inspires the heart, quickens the Spirit and touches the cord that thrills with the harmony of the Universe. ~ Lillian DeWaters (The Finished Kingdom, 1924)
The hills are alive with the vision of miracles
November 8 ~ Thursday 2007

Divine Mind is independent of any personal mind, thought or belief. Inevitably, the fact must be faced: The Divine cannot be found by way of demonstration. Perfect, Divine Mind and imperfect, finite mentality can never be unified or harmonized. All efforts in this direction are in vain. In the Kingdom of God there is no room for a single finite mind; no place for one personal effort; or even the smallest human desire. What a pity that one would remain as outside the Kingdom --- rather than to remember the lesson of the prodigal son, to humble himself; and abandon the illusion of separateness. ~ Lillian DeWaters (Light of the Eternal, 1945)
Oneness is the ultimate reality and infinite is its nature
November 7 ~ Wednesday 2007

The world is like an empty hall which is filled with the ghosts of imagined lives moving from here to there, struggling to make sense out of the chaos we call life, and even though it is confusing and painful and a part of us feel that it makes no sense, the frightening part is that it makes way too much sense to most of us and we believe it so intensely that it makes it almost impossible to break the chains of bondage within our consciousness which hold us in this dream we so intently believe to be real. But Reality is something altogether different and once in awhile we catch a glimpse of what that is, and when it happens, it happens deep inside. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
Reality is not the light which creates shadows but the knowing of the Self
November 6 ~ Tuesday 2007

What distinguishes the pupil of the spiritual life from the student? Or to put the question another way, what are the qualifications for a chela who wishes to begin the most difficult, although the most rewarding disciplines and studies of "the razor-edged path?" He should act in a manner reflecting his realization that his body, emotions, and mind, his desires, fears, and ambitions, belong to the phenomenal realm. He should perceive that beyond the changing is the unchanging, and that the Self within is identical with the Absolute (often referred to as Christ Consciousness but usually very abused in this connotation), which, Sadanada declares, "alone is the permanent Substance" and "all things other than it are transient." Because of this insight into where truth is to be found, the pupil is not deceived by mundane distractions. Or should not be, that is. ~ Thane Walker (The Teacher Whispers, 1972)
The stillness of the self is filled with the Being of Reality
November 5 ~ Monday 2007

Those fingers in my hair, that sly come hither stare that strips my conscience bare, it's witchcraft
And Ive got no defense for it. The heat is too intense for it. What good would common sense for it do?
Cuz' it's witchcraft, wicked witchcraft. And although, I know, its strictly taboo, when you arouse the need in me
My heart says yes indeed in me, proceed with what your leading me to
Its such an ancient pitch. But one I wouldnt switch cuz' there's no nicer witch than you (Witchcraft by Frank Sinatra / lyrics: Carolyn Leigh, music: Cy Coleman, 1957)
The power of the mind can seem like witchcraft. ~ Derek Lamar
November 4 ~ Sunday 2007
One of my pupils recently wrote to two other aspirants admonishing them of this very fact. She said, "Thane has had to drag, haul, push, scream, cry, beg, bleed and a great many other things for me to come along --- don't be the stupe that I was..." Spiritual teachers work continuously to teach their pupils to look for spiritual significance latent in every moment of life. Rarely do they miss an opportunity to make a point that may awaken new insight. Sometimes, when the pupil's Moment of Truth, or moment of deeper understanding arrives, he senses suddenly that the guru had carefully planned the occasion long before. ~ Thane Walker (aka Thane of Hawaii, 1972)
To Teach is an inspired moment, to learn is a miracle ~ Derek Lamar
November 3 ~ Saturday 2007

But what is unique about Gurdjieff's philosophy is that it is full-blown. Orage states, "He calls us to open our eyes. He asks us why we are here, what we wish for, what forces we obey. He asks us, above all, if we understand what we are. He wants us to bring everything back into question." According to Gurdjieff and Ouspensky, there are four levels of human consciousness and most people live in only two of them. They are either awake or they are asleep. But Gurdjieff urges his disciples to explore higher levels of consciousness, levels which he calls self-consciousness and objective consciousness. ~ William J. Peterson (Those Curious New Cults, 1975)
To dream that one is awake is to learn about healing by studying disease
November 2 ~ Friday 2007

How can the world be crumbling if it has nothing to do with our consciousness. Our "world" is where we live and exist therefore it reflects who we are and our state of mind. As the "world" begins to disintegrate and shift it reflects the inner turmoil of the collective unconscious. As we change within, so does our world change without. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar (Q.M.I. founder)
As a man thinketh, so does the world breathe
November 1 ~ Thursday 2007

Nothing is easier than to denounce the evildoer; nothing is more difficult than to understand him. ~ Fyodor Dostoevsky (Russian novelist 1821 - 1881)
To denounce is to deny, to understand is to discover one's reflection ~ D.L.
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