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December 31 ~ Monday 2007
As bad as it seems we are on the edge of a new age. That is irony. And yet it is keeping with principle: darkest before dawn, alpha and omega, the first and the last, out and back, observe one's perception and allow the Mind of Truth to have its way with you. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
In order to give up suffering, one must realize perfection is waiting behind the curtain
December 30 ~ Sunday 2007
A desire to know the Truth is a prerequisit for spiritual breakthroughs. A need to work through the pain of one's life is the necessity for opening the doorway to the Light of Wisdom. A willingness to let go of things no longer important pave the way to the dedication needed to focus on one's Spiritual quest. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
Walk or if need be, crawl to the light shining in the distance, behind you is only darkness
December 29 ~ Saturday 2007
Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it. ~ Helen Keller
To suffer is to become aware of the pain inside, feel it and let it go
December 28 ~ Friday 2007
Wake up! Seek the Truth! Rise above ignorance!
Search out the best teachers, and through them find the Truth.
But beware! The path is narrow,' the sages warn, "Sharp as a razor's edge." ~ Katha Upanishad (The Upanishads: Translated by Alistair Shearer and Peter Russell)
To awaken is to know everything as your self
December 27 ~ Thursday 2007
It is proposed that the widespread and pervasive distinctions between people (race, nation, family, profession, etc., etc.) which are now preventing mankind from working together for the common good, and indeed, even for survival, have one of the key factors of their origin in a kind of thought that treats things as inherently divided, disconnected, and "broken up" into yet smaller constituent parts. Each part is considered to be essentially independent and self-existent. ~ David Bohm (Wholeness and the Implicate Order)
The notion that all these fragments is separately existent is evidently an illusion, and this illusion cannot do other than lead to endless conflict and confusion. Indeed, the attempt to live according to the notion that the fragments are really separate is, in essence, what has led to the growing series of extremely urgent crises that is confronting us today. Thus, as is now well known, this way of life has brought about pollution, destruction of the balance of nature, over-population, world-wide economic and political disorder and the creation of an overall environment that is neither physically nor mentally healthy for most of the people who live in it. Individually there has developed a widespread feeling of helplessness and despair, in the face of what seems to be an overwhelming mass of disparate social forces, going beyond the control and even the comprehension of the human beings who are caught up in it. ~ David Bohm (Wholeness and the Implicate Order, 1980)
All is One and One is All, Infinite, Eternal and everpresent as the One Mind reading this now
December 26 ~ Wednesday 2007
"(The) quantum theory freed (scientists) to accept the fact that the sold material objects of classical physics dissolve at a subatomic level into wave-like patterns of probabilities. These patterns, moreover, do not represent probabilities of things but rather probabilities of interconnections. The subatomic particles have no meaning as isolated entities, but can be understood only as interconnections or correlations between various processes of observation and measurement. In other words, subatomic particles are not ‘things’ but interconnections between things, and these in turn, are interconnections between other things, and so on. In quantum theory we never end up with any ‘things’, we always deal with interconnections." ~ Fritz Capra (The Web of Life)
All connections symbolize the Oneness of Consciousness
December 25 ~ Tuesday 2007
Democracy arises out of the notion that those who are equal in any respect are equal in all respects; because men are equally free, they claim to be absolutely equal. ~ Aristotle
Inferiors revolt in order that they may be equal, and equals that they may be superior. Such is the state of mind which creates revolutions. ~ Aristotle
The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal. ~ Aristotle
All is created equal for there is but One Mind, but created equal is the key
~ Mele Kalikimaka ~ Felice Navidad ~ Merry Christmas ~
December 24 ~ Monday 2007
There are some things in life that catch your eye, and then there are those that capture your heart. Pursue those. ~ Author Unknown
The scope of the heart sees more than the eyes ~ D.L.
December 23 ~ Sunday 2007
Wholeness is flowing movement. With the hologram, the movement of interference patterns of coherent light enfolds a subtle range of structures and orders. In a similar, but unthinkably vaster way, the whole movement or "holomovement" of the universe carries the implicate order and allows us to see and experience our four-dimensional space-time world." ~ Briggs and Peat (Looking Glass Universe)
In back of time, space and change there is a fundamental reality
December 22 ~ Saturday 2007
Destiny is not something you create, it is something you make room for. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
Unfulfilled categories are those you haven't fully explored.
December 21 ~ Friday 2007
There are two ways to spread the light; to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it. ~ Edith Wharton
What if in Reality we are both the candle... and the mirror?
Principle in operation reveals that as consciousness we are Mind giving ourselves "out" and receiving ourselves "back" again... simultaneously... Let there be Light... and there is... what you sow shall you reap... you get back what you put out... what goes around comes around... as above so below... on earth as it is in heaven... I AM... I AM THAT I AM... I am the first and the last, the alpha and the omega... I am the eternal male and female principle of MIND knowing itself throughout all Eternity ~ D.L.
December 20 ~ Thursday 2007
The day will come when, after harnessing space, the winds, the tides, and gravitation, we shall harness for God the energies of love. And on that day, for the second time in the history of the world, we shall have discovered fire. ~ Pierre Teilhard De Chardin ~
Mind, the burning bush which does not consume itself, I am that I am
December 19 ~ Wednesday 2007
I try to convey to people that God or Reality or Beingness is actually a matter of mathematics. It isn't some anthropomorphic concept of divination wrapped in morality and subjective indifference and haphazard condemnation. Nor is it some complicated geometric or algebraic or quantum mechanical formula tied up with a string theory that only a mathematician could understand on a good day. It is the principle of mathematics and the essence of understand that formula as it applies to an ancient understanding of "As Above, So Below" but added to that the wonders and inexplicable marvels of a Universe of Infinity. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar (Quantum Metaphysicist)
A mental exercise is adding 2 + 2 and getting 4 and knowing it was before you added it
December 18 ~ Tuesday 2007
Within certain intellectual circles there continues a discussion which poses the need for a belief system that operates cohesively with science and religion where all questions are answered and there are no opinions which find themselves in constant opposition. This exists today and it has for some time but those in science do not study philosophic or metaphysical data and those involved in spiritual matters do not study science, the world and the universe. An advanced ontology can bring together the mathematics of Mind and the infinity which makes up reality in such a way that the formula proves a Higher Power and also reveals the workings and meaning of science. Ultimately it all rests on the desire to know. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar (Quantum Metaphysicist)
Just as the mind operates so does the Universe
December 17 ~ Monday 2007
Whatever you think expresses. You build your Consciousness with your I AM, by the things you think and do all day long. As a man thinketh in his I AM, so are his circumstances. Do you grasp that principle, you who are looking for better jobs, more income, greater freedom? If you do, the circumstances in your life will have to change. Did you ever stop to consider why it is that a man who has made a fortune and lost it can make another one faster than the man who never had one? It is because his Consciousness is greased in that direction. ~ Robert A. Russel (You Too Can Be Prosperous, 1950)
One's Mind Is The Value One Uses To Attract Worth Into Their Life
December 16 ~ Sunday 2007
The OJB also provides its members with correspondence course and a reference library comprising over four thousand sources in magic and occultism, paganism, mythology, and Nordic and Greco-Roman culture. The library also acts as a deposit library for the rituals of other Nazi-satanic orders, including the ONA, the Ordo Sinistra Vivendi and the Black Order, and the homosexual Ordo Templi Baphemetis led by James M. Martin (aka Jim Martin). ~ Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke (Black Sun: Aryan Cults, Esoteric Nazism and the Politics of Identity, 2002)
The paths of mind unfolding is a straight line which winds around itself
December 15 ~ Saturday 2007
Thane Walker is known for teaching on Consciousness. His method was basic metaphysics but specifically Ontology and Fourth Way. The ontology aspect brought into focus the mathematics of Reality and the Oneness that Mind and Truth interchangeably are being all there is. Fourth Way was used to educate the concept of self-observation and student/teacher relationship as well as the need to observe and let go while being in a state of stillness. Psychology rounded out this teaching allowing the student to better self-observe and unravel the machinatons of one's human consciousness to create a vacuum for Higher Thinking. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
The paths of self discovery are many but none stop you from running away
December 14 ~ Friday 2007
Thane Walker memorialized his contact with the Hollywood Thelemites in a privately printed work, I Saw Hitler Make Black Magic. He referred to Crowley as a "notorious black magician" and the Gnostic Catholic Mass he witnessed "the damndest performance of the Black Mass in Southern California, I had never hoped to see". Walker mistakenly thought that the correspondence between H. Spencer and Crowley "was based on Crowley's claim that (Rudolf) Steiner, on his deathbed, passed full authority of the leadership of world-wide Rosicrucianism to Crowley". Crowley in fact wrote Lewis that Steiner "had been very useful in opposing the fantastic claims made by Annie Besant for Krishnamurti, but weakened about the O.T.O. when he discovered the terrific power of the secret of which he was the guardian." ~ Martin P. Starr (The Unknown God: W. T. Smith and the Thelemites, 2003)
Mysteries upon mysteries as the unfoldment of the New Age dawns upon us
December 13 ~ Thursday 2007
The grand mystical mirror which reflects to you is all you are. This too you must sort out over time but for now you must know you exist, you are mind, you are truth and you are all there is. You can hear an inner voice speak to you and it says: I will take you to the center of your soul and out the top of God's head. You're the I AM that I AM. You are the mystery of the ages. You are the mathematical table. You are the boundless stars stretching across the sky. You were never born and you will never die. You are the great I AM. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar (The I AM Connection: Journey Into The Template of Infinity, 2002)
Even before Abraham ever was, I AM
December 12 ~ Wednesday 2007
Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing to the best of my ability. I know that the law of growth requires the full expression of my talents. As I put my whole self into each thing that I do I not only complete that individual task, but I open new channels for a larger expression of my talents. ~Robert H. Bitzer (The Creative Word, 1957)
When one expresses oneself fully, they are expressing Wholeness
December 11 ~ Tuesday 2007
In and by the One Mind you are known as a Point of Consciousness; therefore, you have the power to KNOW whatever you choose to know. Your knowing is done, with and in, this One Mind, since there is no other mind. Consequently, you and this Mind are One and the same thing. That is WHAT YOU ARE. Since this Mind is everywhere, It is within me; It knows everything; therefore, I realize that It knows my right business activity. Being One with It, I know now, with this inner Knower, what I am best fitted for. My success is assured, because my way is opened by this Knower, which is also the only Actor -- I rest easy in anticipation, sure of my good. ~ Ernest Holmes and Alberta Smith (Questions and Answers on the Science of Mind, 1935)
The conclusion is the realization of the Whole Truth in the Now
December 10 ~ Monday 2007
What is everything in your Universe but what you think about it? It is all happening in your mind. It IS MIND. It is Consciousness. Reality is thought. There can be no physical Universe which emerges out of Mind. What would be the point? It couldn't emerge unless there was Intention. And if there is Intention then there is Intelligence and if there is Intelligence there is Mind and if there is Mind then Mind is all there is. Now, did that hurt? ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
I think therefore I AM Thinking... I AM Mind
December 9 ~ Sunday 2007
The Law of Attraction is misunderstood by many people. There is nothing we need to do to receive what our mind reaches out into the Universe for. Everything that happens to us is already being visualized in our subconscious mind. We already get what we put out. The key here then is to understand the Truth and let go of all of the error which causes our filtering system to clog up and prevent our destiny from issuing forth. We must let go of the negative programming within us and allow the preexisting consciousness to fulfill what it was always designed to do. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
I think therefore I find its affects in my life everyday
December 8 ~ Saturday 2007
Just because you are unique does not mean you are useful. ~ unknown
I know it is tacky but there is something to be learned there. To many people have gotten the impression that their uniqueness is enough to get by on and it isn't. We are all unique but we are not all equal. We are all equal in our spiritual reality but not as we perform our existence in this mayan madness we call earth. My Teacher made it clear that the phrase "All men are created equal" is true... we are "CREATED" equal. This means that our pure Essence that we are working toward realizing is all EQUAL but not the shadow we present to the world. Everyone needs to do the best they can and not worry if they are as good as or better than someone else; that is where the comparison brings in insecurity and self esteem issues. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
I think therefore I find it useful
December 7 ~ Friday 2007
You would have a completely different kind of healthcare system if practitioners whatever their specialty or technical skills understood that the consciousness which with they were interacting with the patient was going to be part of the therapeutic treatment the patent was getting. What if by making such a perspective a part of medical training you could reduce the need for medication for each patient by only one prescription or even one sequence of one prescription? And it wouldn't cost anything because it's all about changing attitudes. Ultimately, the biggest contribution the Therapeutic Intent studies may make is to awaken us and quicken us to the idea that our consciousness, our beingness is an important factor in what we are doing. It's the nature of who we are that
makes a difference.
There's a wonderful story about the last interview Gandhi gave before he was assassinated. A young reporter from the Times of India came to the ashram to interview the Mahatma. He said, "My editors have sent me here with one question. How did you get the British to leave India? You have no money. You are not a public person. You have no corporate position. You hold no office in government. You have no armies. The British have been in India for 350 years. How did you get them to leave?" Gandhi's response was, "It's not what was said that mattered, although that mattered. It isn't what we did that mattered, although that mattered. It was our beingness, the nature of our character, that made the British choose to leave India."? I think that lesson is inherent in what's going on in Therapeutic Intent. The nature of our beingness, as both healers and patients, has a huge effect on the outcome of the disease or health process. Indeed, it affects our entire society, and the environment in which we live. ~ Stephan A. Schwartz
Ontology: the science of being; developing an understanding of the "I AM"
December 6 ~ Thursday 2007
Many of the things you can count, don't count. Many of the things you cannot count, really count. ~ Albert Einstein
We cannot be happy if we expect to live all the time at the highest peak of intensity. Happiness is not a matter of intensity, but of balance and order and rhythm and harmony. ~ Henry David Thoreau
One doesn't discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time. ~ Andre Gide
Nothing that appears is really what it seems
December 5 ~ Wednesday 2007
The individual mind did not originate itself. What is it that causes the individual mind to be able to think? The Supernal One, the I AM that I AM. Hear the voice of this One: "I am the first, and I am the last; and beside me there is no God. I, even I, am the Lord; I have made the earth, and created man upon it. I have stretched out the heavens. Look unto me, for I am God; and there is none else." ~ Lillian DeWaters (The Finished Kingdom, 1924)
I AM God and besides me there is nothing else
December 4 ~ Tuesday 2007
In the dimension of the mind there are vast forces latent. When once stirred into dynamic action through intense concentration, the mind is capable of projecting thought forms which can lodge in space and which other people are able to pick up and discern. The power of projecting thought forms is very much the same as the principle which causes sounds and pictures to be transmitted by electrical pulsations and projected into the atmosphere and then to be received by the television tube.... think how much more powerful your brain is than these machines! ~ Norvell (Metaphysics: New Dimensions of The Mind, 1969)
Move this mountain from here to there... speak the word
December 3 ~ Monday 2007
The spiritual path is one where a person chooses to know more about what really is going on all around himself or herself as well as what is going on within. Bob Dylan said: "He who is not busy being born is busy dying," and I say that "He who is not busy seeking is busy hiding." Knowing is an ongoing process and it is a living state of consciousness. It is not simply retrieving what is known but it is an active awareness of what really is. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar (Quantum Metaphysicist)
Seek and ye shall find, ask and it will be given... welcome to my world
December 2 ~ Sunday 2007
"The man named his wife Eve, because she was the mother of all living. And the Lord made garments of skins for the man and for his wife, and clothed them." (Genesis 3:20-21)
Now stop right here and look at this picture of God! God is personally making little coats and skirts and things for Adam and Eve. It's a very different God from the one who says, "Let there be, and there is." This is not God saying, grandly, "Let there be Levis!" No, God is personally sitting down and sewing little clothes out of skins for Adam and Eve. Does this look like a God who suddenly hates humanity? On the contrary. It looks like a God who is still taking care of this man and woman. In the tender image of God as tailor, there's a world of love and caring between cocreator and creation. ~ M. R. Ritley (God of Our Mothers, 2006)
In the hands of our mothers' God, now is Mary Ritley... November 30, 2007
December 1 ~ Saturday 2007

It is no longer possible for us to hold the naive view that our senses give us an accurate or complete picture of the world. We know now that we are surrounded by frequencies of light and sound, from which our eyes and ears intercept only a small fraction. At this very moment, radio and television waves are passing through the room in which you are setting; but unless you have a receptor mechanism which is turned on, you have no awareness of the messages being transmitted.
We are acquainted, then, with only a narrow band of reality, a creature with a differing awareness mechanism. A dog, for example, can hear sounds which the human ear cannot. A cat, touring your house and garden, smells things which completely escape you. Owls and other forest creatures can see things in the dark which human beings cannot see. ~ Gina Cerminara (Insights for the Age of Aquarius, 1973)
In my Father's House are many mansions; infinite states of consciousness
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